Fixed Star Bos

Bos at 05°10′ Aquarius has an orb of 1°00′
Fixed Star Bos

Capricornus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Bos on January 25

Fixed star Bos, Rho Capricorni, is a 4.8 magnitude binary star situated in the face of the Sea-Goat, Capricornus Constellation. The traditional name Bos is a Latin word that means Cow.


Bos Astrology

Fixed star Bos is of the nature of Saturn and Venus (slovenly, very immoral, shameless, revolting, mean, sorrows in love. If rising, good-tempered, healthy, gain by industry and marriage. If culminating, improved health, fame by help of superiors). [1]

Oculus and Bos, π and ρ Capricorni respectively, are only 28′ apart. The first name is Latin for Eye, its position in the figure, while Bos means Ox. It is a little curious that this name turns up in Latin, for it is only known otherwise in that way as the Chinese asterism Kien Niew (Ox). Ptolemy, sensibly considering these two stars as effectively one, rated them as of the nature of Saturn-Venus, so that they virtually extend the range of Dabih before them. But they are a bit further from Giedi, so there is less of a Martian quality. Horoscopes with these well aspected, therefore, will show an ease of command in state, church or business, but with a tendency towards conservatism, and perhaps a lack forward-looking vision in times of crisis. [3]

Bos rules the front of the left leg 4½ inches below the knee in the human body. [4]

Constellation Capricornus

Capricorn has a great influence over human affairs portending major changes in such areas as climate and political customs. Along with the sign, the constellation is also noted as the “Mansion of Kings”. Unfavorably situated with regards to lunar eclipses, it indicated major storms, especially at sea. [2]

22nd Arabic Manzil – Al Sa’d al Dhabih

Helps the escape of servants and captives and the curing of diseases.

With Moon: Take medicine, travel, but do not lend money or marry.

9th Chinese Xiù – 牛 (Niú) Ox

Discord, broken marriages, loss of provisions. In the old days this was an admonition not to leave doors open (lest the animals escape), and the advent of sickness and starvation for animals. Associated with the legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver, whose union was as short as sad. It symbolizes travel, commerce, and roads.

Bos Star, Rho Capricorni

Bos Star, Rho Capricorni []

Bos Star Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Bos: Lionel Messi 0°00′

Midheaven conjunct Bos: Marcel Marceau 0°07′, Queen Victoria 0°14′, Carl Sagan 0°56′ (and N.Node), Joe Rogan 1°00′.

Descendant conjunct Bos: Queen Camilla 0°27′, Charles III 0°57′.

Imun Coeli conjunct Bos: Sidney Gottlieb 0°47′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Bos: Malcolm X 0°25′, Emmett Till 0°53′.

Sun conjunct Bos: Volodymyr Zelenskyy 0°16′, Allison DuBois 0°23′ (and N.Node), John Belushi 0°43′.

Moon conjunct Bos: Tycho Brahe 0°00′, Larry Hagman 0°04′, Moses Annenberg 0°07′, Charles Manson 0°15′, Niki de Saint-Phalle 0°08′, David Frawley 0°21′, David Duke 0°24′, Cecil Womack 0°31′, Alexis Arquette 0°35′, Edgar Mittelholzer 0°39′, Gene Wilder 0°41′, William Gerhardie 0°43′, John Lennon 0°47′, David Letterman 0°51′, David Berkowitz 0°58′.

Mercury conjunct Bos: A clever and piercing intellect. [1]

This gives the individual an extremely quick mind. They have quick flashes of insight that is beyond the normal, and a piercing intellect that enables these persons to grasp a given situation instantly. They are clairvoyant and can invent almost anything their mind focuses upon. However, there is a danger here in that their insight and inventive ability can actually help others misuse the information by creating those things that bring destruction and harm to the world. In a positive way, they can change the lives of people through their chosen fields that would generally encompass electricity, radiation, magnetism, mechanical and other professions closely aligned to these areas. Rarely do they become involved with other energies, such as coal, water and so on, preferring to stay with electrical-type energies. Their keen insight is strictly impersonal and does not extend to analyzing individuals. It is more detached and abstract thereby giving them the ability for scientific and inventive discoveries. They dislike large groups for the most part, and prefer to work alone. Women are excellent at working with children for they can invent or put together things that appeal to the young. [4]

Mars conjunct Bos (2° orb): This position affects the health, It causes damage to the bone structure of the left leg. There is pressure at this point that also brings about a chemical change which dissolves the bone this causing a ripple affect on the bone structure through the loss of calcium. Later in life, the leg can be shortened somewhat, however, the real problem to the individual is the hot, flashing pain they experience when walking. The pain is sporadic and is directly related to these persons’ anxieties. They experience this difficulty throughout the life. Cool packs with mint herbs on the leg will help as well as consumption of mint teas. In addition, they must learn to control their anxieties and impatience. Impatience and anxiety is the key here. If not controlled, the circulation at this point can be affected as well as the nerves. The diet of these persons must include calcium, or calcium taken daily in small amounts. [4]

Richard Ramirez 0°38′

Jupiter conjunct Bos: William S. Burroughs 0°26′, Princess Diana of Wales 0°28′, Dave Chappelle 0°36′

Saturn conjunct Bos: Holly Parker 0°38′

North Node conjunct Bos: Charles Manson 0°07′, Albert Einstein 0°44′

Saturn conjunct Bos: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 0°14′

Uranus conjunct Bos: Marguerite de Navarre 0°19′

North Node conjunct Bos: Allan Kardec 0°02′, Allison DuBois 0°34′ (and Sun), Carl Sagan 0°45′ (and MC), Xi Jinping 0°50′

South Node conjunct Bos: Sirhan Sirhan 0°19′, Vespasian 0°40′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. So spot on – I have exact Bos – Mercury conjuction in 10th house. Yes, I’m working with electricity and clairvoyant energies.

  2. Any idea what Moon conjunct Bos would do? I imagine the similar qualities as the Mercury conjunction..

  3. I have Venus conjunct Bos but nothing written for it…is this an oversight? I am curious Jamie if you have any information…

  4. Hi all – what i dont understand — is bos now a more conservative or progressive star regarding all the descriptions above ???
    “This gives the individual an extremely quick mind. They have quick flashes of insight that is beyond the normal, and a piercing intellect that enables these persons to grasp a given situation instantly. They are clairvoyant and can invent almost anything their mind focuses upon” — this reads more like a description of a mercury-uranus “genius”-aspect and so is more on the uranian side – the stubbornness and unflexibility of a “bos”more saturnian. –> (“but with a tendency towards conservatism, and perhaps a lack forward looking vision in times of crisis”)
    So – in the end is it possible that especially this star has an saturn-uranus character ? Also 4 1/2 inch under the knee is the shifting zone between capricorn and aquarius in human body…
    And what means all this for Zelenskyi who has his sun on this star ??? He was a “comedian” like John Belushi and that clearly shows the uranian influence but where does it come from in the end ? Is it possible that this is due to the fact that this star is walking throug the sign of aquarius ? How do you seperate the influence of a fixed star from that of the sign it is residing at any time ? What do you think about all this Mr. Partridge ?

  5. Well, the conjunction Mars, with regard to sharp leg pain, at times, seems way to specific to what I’ve experienced during my more challenging outer planet transits, in the past. Excellent write up, years later, once again, Mr. Jaimie.

    I think mine is in transit due to the regular rotation of Mars.

    What a great resource on a somewhat uncharted territory of Fixed stars.

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