Fixed Star Armus

Armus at 12°44′ Aquarius has an orb of 1°00′
Fixed Star Armus

Capricornus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Armus on February 2

Fixed star Armus, Eta Capricorni, is a 4.8 magnitude binary blue star located in the shoulder of the Sea Goat, Capricornus Constellation. The traditional name Armus is from the Latin word for Shoulder.


05 ♒ 10
11 ♒ 43
12 ♒ 44
13 ♒ 51
20 ♒ 12

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Fixed Star Armus Astrology

Fixed star Armus is of the nature of Mars and Mercury (high enterprise, combative, destructive.) It gives disagreeableness, contemptibleness, instability, shamelessness, nagging and a troublesome and contentious nature. [1]

Armus, η Capricorni is at 12°44′ Aquarius, and the name (Latin) means Shoulder, its position in the figure. It is a Mars-Mercury type by Ptolemy. Like all Capricorn stars, it features prominently with those people who engage in statesmanship, politics, religious and humanitarian causes, and this includes the kind of author and poet who consciously writes with the social impact of his work in mind. After the steady falling-off of initiative, from Giedi (or really from Altair before it) to Bos, we find Armus returning to the fray with great vigor. The image of the Shoulder symbolizes well the willingness of Armus people to ‘shoulder the burden’ at times of crises. [3]

Fixed star Armus rules the front of the left leg 7 inches below the knee in the human body. [4]

Constellation Capricornus

Capricorn has a great influence over human affairs portending major changes in such areas as climate and political customs. Along with the sign, the constellation is also noted as the “Mansion of Kings”. Unfavorably situated with regards to lunar eclipses, it indicated major storms, especially at sea. [2]

22nd Arabic Manzil – Al Sa’d al Dhabih

Helps the escape of servants and captives and the curing of diseases.

With Moon: Take medicine, travel, but do not lend money or marry.

10th Chinese Xiù – 女 (Nǚ) Girl

Disputes and quarrels within the family. Fights disturbing the peace. Epidemics and illnesses, particularly of the bowel, will follow a funeral injudiciously arranged on this day.

Armus Star, Eta Capricorni

Armus Star, Eta Capricorni []

Fixed Star Armus Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Armus: Rash, very obstinate, ruined by headstrong and precipitate conduct. [1]

Marguerite de Navarre 0°33′, Heinrich Himmler 0°53′.

Midheaven conjunct Armus: Changeable in business. [1]

Jeane Dixon 0°12′, April Ashley 0°19′, Amy Winehouse 0°31′, JonBenét Ramsey 0°57′.

Descendant conjunct Armus: Johnny Depp 0°12′, Prince Andrew, Duke of York 0°36′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Armus: Yuri Gagarin 0°15′,Boris Johnson 0°59′.

Sun conjunct Armus: Franklin D. Roosevelt 0°02′, Lorraine Warren 0°35′.

Moon conjunct Armus: David Koresh 0°01′, Britney Spears 0°05′, Billie Eilish 0°06′, Muhammad Ali 0°30′, Pope Francis I 0°41′.

Mercury conjunct Armus: Martin Luther King 0°00′, Rihanna 0°43′, Bill Maher 0°43′.

Mars conjunct Armus (2° orb): This position affects the health. It causes damage to the bone structure of the left leg. There is pressure at this point that also brings about a chemical change which dissolves the bone this causing a ripple affect on the bone structure through the loss of calcium. Later in life, the leg can be shortened somewhat, however, the real problem to the individual is the hot, flashing pain they experience when walking. The pain is sporadic and is directly related to these persons’ anxieties. They experience this difficulty throughout the life. Cool packs with mint herbs on the leg will help as well as consumption of mint teas. In addition, they must learn to control their anxieties and impatience. Impatience and anxiety is the key here. If not controlled, the circulation at this point can be affected as well as the nerves. The diet of these persons must include calcium, or calcium taken daily in small amounts. [4]

Charles de Gaulle 0°16′.

Saturn conjunct Armus: Otto von Bismarck 0°04′, Roman Polanski 0°17′, Miley Cyrus 0°25′.

Uranus conjunct Armus: Augusto Pinochet 0°40′ (and N.Node).

Neptune conjunct Armus: Paul Cézanne 0°49′.

Pluto conjunct Armus: Edward VI 0°39′.

North Node conjunct Armus: Augusto Pinochet 0°05′ (and Uranus), Emma Watson 0°18′, Kristen Stewart 0°37′.

South Node conjunct Armus: Jordan Peterson 0°48′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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    • Hi Amber. I just checked all my files and only found one: Edward VI born 1537. No one from the last Pluto cycle around the late 1770’s.

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