Arabic Lunar Mansions – منازل Manzils

Arabic Lunar Mansions – ManzilsThe Twenty-Eight Arabic Lunar Mansions are part of the Arabic astrological system. The Arabic Moon Manions are called Manzils, which comes from the Arabic word manzil منازل (house).

These mansions correspond to the longitudes along the ecliptic that the Moon crosses during its 27.32-day journey around the Earth and serve as a way to track the Moon’s progress.

The Arabic Manzils are similar to others forms of lunar stations used in astrology including the Chinese Xiù and the Indian, or Hindu Nakshatras.

The 28 Arabic Lunar Mansions

The determinant star positions are set for the year 2020 and the dates are set for New York time.

1. Al-Sharatain03 ♉ 28β ArietisApr 23
2. Al-Butain21 ♉ 08δ ArietisMay 11
3. Al-Thurayya00 ♊ 15η TauriMay 20
4. Al-Dabaran10 ♊ 04α TauriMay 30
5. Al-Haq'ah23 ♊ 59λ OrionisJune 14
6. Al-Han'ah09 ♋ 23γ GeminorumJune 30
7. Al-Dhira20 ♋ 31α GeminorumJuly 12
8. Al-Nathrah07 ♌ 33M44 CancriJuly 30
9. Al-Tarf18 ♌ 09λ LeonisAug 10
10. Al-Jabhah28 ♌ 11η LeonisAug 20
11. Al Zubrah11 ♍ 35δ LeonisSept 03
12. Al Sarfrah21 ♍ 53β LeonisSept 14
13. Al-Awwa27 ♍ 26β VirginisSept 19
14. Al Simak24 ♎ 07α VirginisOct 16
15. Al Ghafr04 ♏ 04ι VirginisOct 26
16. Al Jubana15 ♏ 21α LibraeNov 07
17. Iklil al Jabhah02 ♐ 50δ ScorpiiNov 24
18. Al Kalb10 ♐ 02α ScorpiiDec 01
19. Al Shaulah24 ♐ 17λ ScorpiiDec 15
20. Al Na’am10 ♑ 27φ SagittariiJan 01
21. Al Baldah16 ♑ 31π SagittariiJan 07
22. Al Sa’d al Dhabih04 ♒ 19β CapricorniJan 24
23. Al Sa’d al Bula13 ♒ 20μ AquariiFeb 02
24. Al Sa’d al Su’ud23 ♒ 40β AquariiFeb 12
25. Al Sa’d al Ahbiya06 ♓ 59γ AquariiFeb 25
26. Al Fargh al Mukdin23 ♓ 46α PegasiMar 13
27. Al Fargh al Thani09 ♈ 26γ PegasiMar 29
28. Al Batn al Hut00 ♉ 41β AndromedaeApr 20

1st Manzil – Al-Sharatain

The Two Signs
03 ♉ 28 to 21 ♉ 07
Star: β Arietis, Sheratan
Days: April 23 to May 10
With Moon: Buy cattle, plant and take voyages.
General: Causes discords and journeys.

2nd Manzil – Al-Butain

The Belly
21 ♉ 08 to 00 ♊ 15
Star: δ Arietis, Botein
Days: May 11 to May 19
With Moon: Buy and sell but avoid the sea.
General: Helps the finding of treasures and retaining of captives.

3rd Manzil – Al-Thurayya

The Many Little Ones
00 ♊ 15 to 10 ♊ 03
Star: η Tauri, Alcyone
Days: May 20 to 29
With Moon: Plant and sow but do not marry or travel by water.
General: Profitable to sailors, huntsmen and alchemists.

4th Manzil – Al-Dabaran

The Follower
10 ♊ 04 to 23 ♊ 58
Star: α Tauri, Aldebaran
Days: May 30 to June 13
With Moon: Pursue business, travel, marry and take medicine.
General: Causes the destruction and hindrances of buildings, fountains, wells, gold mines, the flight of creeping things, and begets discord.

5th Manzil – Al-Haq’ah

A White Spot
23 ♊ 59 to 09 ♋ 22
Star: λ Orionis, Meissa
Days: June 14 to 29
With Moon: Begin war but do not sow or undertake any good.
General: Helps the return from a journey, the instruction of scholars, building, and gives health and goodwill.

6th Manzil – Al-Han’ah

A Brand or Mark
09 ♋ 23 to 20 ♋ 30
Star: γ Geminorum, Alhena
Days: June 30 to July 11
With Moon: Plough, sow, but do not travel.
General: Favorable for hunting, besieging towns, and the revenge of princes, destroys harvests and fruits, and hinders the operation of the physician.

7th Manzil – Al-Dhira

The Forearm
20 ♋ 31 to 07 ♌ 32
Star: α Geminorum, Castor
Days: July 12 to 29
With Moon: Travel and take medicine.
General: Favorable for gain and friendship and for lovers, and destroys magistracies.

8th Manzil – Al-Nathrah

The Gap or Crib
07 ♌ 33 to 18 ♌ 09
Star: M44 Cancri, Praesaepe
Days: July 30 to August 9
With Moon: Navigate.
General: Causes love, friendship and society of fellow travelers, drives away mice, afflicts captives and causes their imprisonment.

9th Manzil – Al-Tarf

The Glance (of the Lion’s Eye)
18 ♌ 09 to 28 ♌ 10
Star: λ Leonis, Alterf
Days: August 10 to 19
With Moon: Plant, build, marry, but do not travel.
General: Hinders harvest and travelers and causes discord.

10th Manzil – Al-Jabhah

The Forehead
28 ♌ 11 to 11 ♍ 34
Star: η Leonis, Al Jabhah
Days: August 20 to September 2
With Moon: Sow, plant, release prisoners but take no purgatives.
General: Strengthens buildings, promotes love, benevolence, and help against enemies.

11th Manzil – Al Zubrah

The Mane
11 ♍ 35 to 21 ♍ 52
Star: δ Leonis, Zosma
Days: September 3 to 13
With Moon: Plant, marry but do not navigate.
General: Good for voyages, gain by merchandise, redemption of captives.

12th Manzil – Al Sarfrah

The Changer (of the weather)
21 ♍ 53 to 27 ♍ 25
Star: β Leonis, Denebola
Days: September 14 to 19
With Moon: Travel, navigate, sow, plough, marry and send messengers.
General: Gives prosperity to harvest and plantations, hinders seamen, good for the bettering of servants, captives and companions.

13th Manzil – Al-Awwa

The Barker
27 ♍ 26 to 24 ♎ 06
Star: β Virginis, Zavijava
Days: September 19 to October 15
With Moon: Sow, plant, take medicine but do not travel or marry.
General: Gives benevolence, gain, voyages, harvests and freedom of captives.

14th Manzil – Al Simak

The Unarmed
24 ♎ 07 to 04 ♏ 03
Star: α Virginis, Spica
Days: October 16 to 25
With Moon: Dig but do not marry or travel.
General: Causes marital love, cures the sick, helps sailors but hinders journeys by land.

15th Manzil – Al Ghafr

The Covering
04 ♏ 04 to 15 ♏ 20
Star: ι Virginis, Syrma
Days: October 26 to November 6
With Moon: Unfortunate for anything.
General: Favorable for extracting treasures, digging pits, helps divorce, discord, the destruction of houses and enemies, and hinders travelers.

16th Manzil – Al Jubana

The Claws
15 ♏ 21 to 02 ♐ 49
Star: α Librae, Zubenelgenubi
Days: November 7 to 23
With Moon: Buy cattle but do not navigate.
General: Hinders journeys and marriage, harvest and merchandise, favorable for redemption of captives.

17th Manzil – Iklil al Jabhah

The Crown of the Forehead
02 ♐ 50 to 10 ♐ 01
Star: δ Scorpii, Dschubba
Days: November 24 to 30
With Moon: Build, sow, plant, navigate but do not marry.
General: Improves misfortune, makes love durable, strengthens buildings and helps seamen.

18th Manzil – Al Kalb

The Heart
10 ♐ 02 to 24 ♐ 16
Star: α Scorpii, Antares
Days: December 1 to 14
With Moon: Plant, sow, travel and go to war.
General: Causes discord, sedition, conspiracy against princes and rulers, and revenge from enemies, but frees captives and helps building.

19th Manzil – Al Shaulah

The Sting
24 ♐ 17 to 10 ♑ 26
Star: λ Scorpii, Shaula
Days: December 15 to 31
With Moon: Buy cattle, hunt but do not marry.
General: Helps in besieging cities, taking towns, driving men from their places, destruction of seamen and captives.

20th Manzil – Al Na’am

The Ostriches
10 ♑ 27 to 16 ♑ 30
Star: φ Sagittarii, Al Na’am al Sadirah
Days: January 1 to 6
With Moon: Build, ask favors but do not marry.
General: Helps the taming of wild beasts, strengthening of prisons, destroys the wealth of societies and compels a man to come to a certain place.

21st Manzil – Al Baldah

The City or District
16 ♑ 31 to 04 ♒ 18
Star: π Sagittarii, Albaldah
Days: January 7 to 23
With Moon: Take medicine, navigate and put on new clothes.
General: Favorable for harvest, gain, buildings, and travelers, but causes divorce.

22nd Manzil – Al Sa’d al Dhabih

The Lucky One of the Slaughterers
04 ♒ 19 to 13 ♒ 19
Star: β Capricorni, Dabih
Days: January 24 to February 1
With Moon: Take medicine, travel, but do not lend money or marry.
General: Helps the escape of servants and captives and the curing of diseases.

23rd Manzil – Al Sa’d al Bula

Good Fortune of the Swallower
13 ♒ 20 to 23 ♒ 39
Star: μ Aquarii, Albulaan
Days: February 2 to 11
With Moon: Marry, sow, take medicine and lead an army.
General: Causes divorces, liberty of captives and heals the sick.

24th Manzil – Al Sa’d al Su’ud

The Luckiest of the Lucky
23 ♒ 40 to 06 ♓ 58
Star: β Aquarii, Sadalsuud
Days: February 12 to 24
With Moon: Build, marry, make friends and travel.
General: Gives marital happiness, victory of soldiers but prevents the execution of government.

25th Manzil – Al Sa’d al Ahbiya

The Lucky Star of Hidden Things or Hiding Places
06 ♓ 59 to 23 ♓ 45
Star: γ Aquarii, Sadachbia
Days: February 25 to March 12
With Moon: Unfortunate for everything except taking medicine.
General: Favorable for besieging and revenge, destroys enemies, causes divorce, helps prisons and buildings, hastens messengers, hinders childbirth and hinders the action of the body.

26th Manzil – Al Fargh al Mukdin

The Fore-spout (of the Water-bucket)
23 ♓ 46 to 09 ♈ 25
Star: α Pegasi, Markab
Days: March 13 to 28
With Moon: Plant, sow, bargain, marry but do not navigate.
General: Causes union, health of captives, and destroys buildings and prisons.

27th Manzil – Al Fargh al Thani

The Second, or Lower, Spout (of the Water-bucket)
09 ♈ 26 to 00 ♉ 40
Star: γ Pegasi, Algenib
Days: March 29 to April 19
With Moon: Marry, take medicine, pursue business but do not travel or lend money.
General: Increases harvests, revenues, gain, heals infirmities, hinders building, upholds prisons, causes danger to seamen and destruction of enemies.

28th Manzil – Al Batn al Hut

The Belly of the Fish
00 ♉ 41 to 03 ♉ 27
Star: β Andromedae, Mirach
Days: April 20 to 22
With Moon: Travel and take purgatives.
General: Increases harvest and merchandise, helps travelers through danger, strengthens prisons and causes marital happiness and loss of treasure.

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