Zosma Star – The Oracle

Zosma is at 11°19′ Virgo with an orb of 2°00′
Fixed Star Zosma Star Astrology

Leo Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Zosma on September 4

Fixed star Zosma, Delta Leonis, is a pale yellow, blue, and violet triple star on the back of the Lion, Leo Constellation. Zosma is from the Greek for Girdle. The other traditional name is Dhur, from the Arabic Al Thahr, The Back. Along with θ Leonis Coxa, it was called the Backs, or Al Háratan, The Ribs.


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Zosma Star Astrology

Fixed star Zosma is of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It causes benefit by disgrace, selfishness, egotism, immorality, meanness, melancholy, unhappiness of mind and fear of poison, and gives an unreasonable, shameless and egotistical nature. [1]

Its reputation is that of giving an alert mind, but also inclination to melancholic moods. Conjunction the malefic, danger by poison and disease of the intestinal tract are indicated. These interpretations have to be considered with utmost caution and restraint. [2]

The Venusian star Zosma indicates those who have the ability to prophesy. On the Euphrates the star, along with Coxa, was the god Kua, the Oracle. In medieval times this star was also considered to portend many of the problems connected with the planetary Venus. [3]

It has Ptolemy’s fairly unusual classification as a Saturn-Venus type, like Denebola not too far from it, and thus therefore be considered as of somewhat the same nature. It holds a position of quite some strength in the Lion’s anatomy (along with Coxa, of course) and can thus be seen as a source of strength in a horoscope… showing a somewhat critical turn of mind but with a constructive intent behind it so long as the aspect and the planet on it in the horoscope are in harmony with it.

If that not be the case then Zosma is calling for the cultivation of constructiveness if the subject of the horoscope wants to live life harmoniously. Given that proviso, it is generally held to be ‘benefic’ by any authority, most of whom go so far as to promise high government or managerial office on account of it. Mars seems to be the one planet not to welcome in conjunction with Zosma, the critical ‘ I know better than everyone else’ attitude being hardest to overcome then. But if it is overcome, then this star as a source of strength in situation demanding hard work can well be at its very best. Like all else in the heavens, it only shows what we have to use wisely and beneficially; it does not force us in how we actually use those tools. [4]

Zosma rules the left side of the body to the back of the lungs in the human body. [5]

In mundane astrology Leo Constellation is associated with royal events especially the ascension or death of kings and queens, the election or death of heads of state, assassinations, uprisings and massacres, currency and the stock exchange, the Vatican and European Union.

Zosma Star, Delta Leonis

Zosma, Delta Leonis [www.nikomi.net]

Zosma Star Conjunctions

Moon conjunct Zosma: Can cause depression but also good instincts and visions. Drug addiction or sensitivity, motion sickness or anxiety felt in stomach.

Mercury conjunct Zosma: This causes weakness in the lungs such as pleurisy on the left side of the lungs. There is a weak energy flow to this area which brings mucus and infected poisons that weakens the capacity of the lungs. Wrapping a cloth containing chamomile around the chest and back would greatly help this weak area. Also, drinking chamomile tea would bring much relief. [5]

Mars conjunct Zosma: The critical ‘I know better than everyone else’ attitude is hard to overcome. [4]

Saturn conjunct Zosma: This is similar to the placement of Mercury at this degree. With this planet. there is more restriction in the breathing. If both Mercury and Saturn are conjunct at this degree, the restriction here would cause collapse of the lungs. Wrapping a cloth containing both ginseng and chamomile herbs would help this weakness greatly. Drinking the two herbs as a tea would be of great benefit also. [5]


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* All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

55 thoughts on “Zosma Star – The Oracle

  1. I have my ascendant on Zosma at 11’18”. It’s really hard for me to hide if I am sad and unhappy. I can’t fake being happy at all. I wouldn’t be a good actress because it is so hard to hide the way I feel, especially if it’s a negative emotion. I feel like people can see me wear this emotion very clearly. My negative emotions seem to come across way clearer to people than my positive emotions and this can happen without me even speaking. I feel like people don’t see my positive emotions that much.They don’t tell me what they are thinking about me exactly, but I can sense what they think of me. I pick up on people’s unspoken thoughts and I can catch glimpses of their personal life without them telling me. I just need to be with them for about five minutes to start seeing it. I receive a lot of stand-off vibes from people like my energy alone throws them off. Sometimes the tone of my voice sounds sad or beat down. The ones I attract the strongest and get to know the deepest are really unhappy with their lives and they come to me feeling relieved, like I can make it all better for them. But often times they become parasitic to me and drain me of my own energy. They feel like I can relate to their problems. I’ve always been a cushion to fall on. I’ve always been a receptive ear for people’s deep unhappiness and unlucky stories. Something negative that often occurs, is my feeling that my presence alone can put one in touch with their unconscious negative emotions and that makes them uncomfortable or freaked out by me so they distance themselves.

    • I can really relate to this with Moon on Zosma and not being able to fake my moods. As for being drained by psychic vampires, you can turn that around but it is not natural for us to turn a cold shoulder, its takes effort and feels uncomfortable at first. I think it tool a Pluto transit to bring out that ruthless nature in me.

      • Interesting about the Pluto transit. I hope that goes the same for me because I have one coming up soon. It really isn’t in my nature at all to be ruthless and it’s hard for me to reject people even if they are sucking energy from me. After so many negative experiences in relationships you would think I would be able to handle this dynamic better but it’s a pattern that can’t seem to break itself.

        • I am heading for 50 and this is only a recent change. but still not a ruthless person at all, having kids also taught me to be more selfish with my energy, to save energy and resources for them and not give it away for free to leeches.

          • Zosma feels like an ancient pure female soul. An overlooked gentle being. Unable to be tainted.

  2. I have Saturn, Moon and N. Node on Zosma (all of them within 1° orb) and I can only confirm every single point from depressions, great visions (this one the most!!), sensitivity and with Saturn also breathing problems, tension in the chest and asthma too. Too bad you don’t have any info about the node on that point.

    • Excellent feedback Madonna. We are developing an accurate picture for this star now. With lunar nodes I usually combine any interpretations for the Sun and Moon. In your case this star is all about your past and your karmic journey. You must have been a very significant oracle back in the day. I would even say in a major temple of the major temple of a great civilization at the height of its power.

  3. hey jamie, i have zosma Conjunct Venus in my Midheaven. In your opinion how would you interpret thatConjunction?. I have also hit some major “stormy seas”I have been in some major struggles since the September 1st solar eclipse + I have studied all the fixed Stars you gave me aswell. Thanks 10-15-80

  4. I have Uranus on Zosma what would that do. Would it increase the effects of a sharp mind perhaps or mental instability?

  5. I have this star exact on my ascendant also exactly conjunct my Virgo moon. This post is beyond accurate.

    In the past when I’d just start dating, a woman’s name would suddenly start running around my mind and when I’d spew it out loud, so randomly at times, sometimes incorporating a story about a celebrity with the same first name….whichever man I was with would look a bit different.

    Any time that happened I started knowing, the guy would still be in another relationship while trying his luck with me, and the name in my mind was the exact name of the other woman. I’d move on right away as these things happened…and when I was in the long term relationship, near its end I also could here another woman’s name, and easily understand why he was suddenly so nice…and that is who he left me for…depressing right? or maybe that is why the star is also attributed to depression.

    same happened when there were job interviews and I’d know if i got it or not as i’d sense the exact words the interviewer would use, and in social settings my friends attributed me knowing what they are about to say before they say it, to me being very attentive or caring…and I am towards people in general,

    but the way the words randomly come with a feeling attached to them begging me to say them out loud, as if I was getting possessed was strange until I found your post about Zosma here now…

    would you expect a stronger activation of this stars energies for people with a conjunction of sorts to this star,
    this coming full moon, or a stronger challenge by the Sun and Neptune opposition towards it where some events or people may try even harder to make you have doubts against your strong intuition to further their own ends, because in truth this star, is a tool to move forward at a faster speed than others?

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