Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Transit

Jupiter conjunct Saturn natal makes you a strong-willed and proud person, determined to succeed in life. This generally positive aspect blends patience with enthusiasm and common sense with aspiration. You are likely very productive and prosperous but your degree of success can depend on associated aspects and fixed stars.

A well-defined career path is your key to success. You are well organized and take a systematic approach to acquire the education and experience you need to reach your goals. You understand there are no shortcuts to success and will generally pace yourself well.

However, when things do not go your way you may become impatient, unrelenting or stubborn. Try not to hold on to frustration and resentment because you will eventually lose your temper. Losing your normally composed appearance would damage your reputation and prospects. It is better to release any build-up of tension through creative self-expression and controlled self-assertion.

On the other hand, this aspect can make you too conservative at times. You should always have faith in your abilities and trust your instincts. At your best, you are enthusiastic and optimistic while also being quietly confident and self-disciplined.

Hard work, training, and life experience will give you a strong foundation on which to keep growing and succeeding through life. The secure structures you build will support your family and bring you happiness and satisfaction. You can lead by example and teach with authority.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Transit

Jupiter conjunct Saturn transit is a time of opportunity, growth, and good fortune. You have reached the end of a phase of life and will feel like you have to advance to a higher level. You may have a feeling of completion or contentment with your achievements thus far. Perhaps you realize you can go no further in your current career or just feel like a new challenge.

You may find barriers to your progress which you need to climb over or go around. But if you have planned well, are self-employed, or have a lot of freedom, you could grow within the existing structures of your life. Either way, you will be breaking through barriers or expanding within larger boundaries.

This is a time of greater self-awareness when you may realize you are not content with things as they are. Too much responsibility, a boring job, stifling traditions, and rules, not enough time, or a demanding boss or partner may become too much to cope with. You may even realize that your own fears and inhibitions are holding you back from happiness and success. If so, this transit will cause you so much frustration that change becomes inevitable.

Even if you don’t feel restricted you will still seek greater freedom and prosperity. Fated events, lucky breaks, or deliberate actions will create opportunities for personal and professional growth. This could involve higher education, the law, religion, spirituality, long-distance travel, a new career, or a new relationship. This might be a good time to borrow for an investment property, to buy your own home, or to renovate. Perhaps you could get financial backing to start or grow your own business.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Harry Secombe 0°09′, Herbert Quick 0°14′, Lleyton Hewitt 0°20′, Gustave Flaubert 0°20′, Linda Marshall 0°23′, John Lennon 0°29′, Paris Hilton 0°30′, Alexandre Dumas 0°31′, Christina Aguilera 0°38′, Justin Timberlake 0°41′, Walt Disney 0°43′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 0°48′, Pauline Collins 0°56′, Michel Temer 0°56′, Paddy Ashdown 0°58′, Bill Medley 0°59′, Placido Domingo 1°00′, Dick Cheney 1°02′, Roger Federer 1°06′, Neil Diamond 1°23′, Proclus 1°52′, Galileo Galilei 1°56′, Bruce Lee 1°56′, Gene Roddenberry 1°59′, Ringo Starr 2°12′.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Dates

Feb 18, 1961

Dec 31, 1980
Mar 04, 1981
Jul 24, 1981

May 28, 2000

Dec 21, 2020

Oct 31, 2040

Apr 07, 2060

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  1. The Rendlesham UFO was reported December 26/28 1980, not January. The charts emphasis is also the Progression to January 30, 1962, since we are ‘going through a variant of the 1962 Soup Cans at the moment, as mentioned at the Full Moon thread.

  2. ref Art in Astrology article, astro.com, L.Clemens

    Renaissance Jupiter-Saturn, 25 January 1405


    This chart is similar to 21 December 2020 for observation purposes. The Sun is set, the conjunction in the 7th house, angular descendant. Full Moon about to rise. Perhaps think about having a big family after this conjunction, 616 years ago?

    March 4 midnight, EST.

  3. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

    Jupiter 10°Vir44’8″
    Saturn 18°Vir19’35”

    Philip saw 6 Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. And it wasn’t long ago the Queen completed 5 Lunar Node cycles, on her ascendant-descendant axis, during the Noble Tree stellium January 2020.

    I’d say that’s pretty good symmetry. Stars have been very good for the Monarchy the last few years.

  4. Ronald Reagan Fires Aircraft Controllers
    August 5, 1981, noon EST, Washington DC

    6Lib52, Jupiter
    5Lib58, Saturn

    26Sco03, Uranus
    25Tau54, Algol


    Originally posted Apr 27, 2021 at 7:05 pm, somewhere else on the internet..

    Remember Reagan firing the Aircraft Controllers?
    Prior, wage demands exploded, rising an order of magnitude never before seen during that era, except maybe baseball salaries. Interest rates peaked too, that August 1981.

    I propose 1970s wage inflation is symmetrical to our recent eras financial assets.

    This can only be proved by todays financial Ghost of Reagan, reversing his previous labour (labor) of love.

  5. 1961 Jupiter Saturn Heliocentric Conjunction, shares the same day on the calender with the 1981 Jupiter Saturn Heliocentric

    April 16

    the butterfly

    the paper airplane

    You may wish to commemorate these dates, in an unusual way.. for instance, to recognize we learn from our mistakes, and certain outcomes fortuitous.

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