Jupiter Conjunct Saturn December 21, 2020 – The Great Conjunction

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Jupiter Conjunct Saturn TransitJupiter conjunct Saturn is also known as the Great Conjunction that happens on average every 19 years. Throughout history, it has been closely observed by astrologers and been linked to the rise and fall of royalty, leaders and great people. Some believe that the biblical “Star of Bethlehem” was the great conjunction of 7 B.C. [1]

According to astrologer Daniel T. Ferrera, when a great conjunction occurs during an election or inauguration year, the president is likely to die in office. [2] The table at the end of this article shows this has been the case since 1940, except for the last two great conjunctions. However, there were assassination attempts against both those presidents.

The next great conjunction is on December 21, 2020. The next United States presidential election is on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. President Donald Trump is seeking reelection to a second term. Before I show the chart for Jupiter conjunct Saturn 2020 I will discuss the natal aspect and then Jupiter conjunct Saturn transit.

Natal Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

Jupiter conjunct Saturn natal makes you a strong-willed and proud person, determined to succeed in life. This generally positive aspect blends patience with enthusiasm and common sense with aspiration. You are likely very productive and prosperous but your degree of success can depend on associated aspects and fixed stars.

A well-defined career path is your key to success. You are well organized and take a systematic approach to acquire the education and experience you need to reach your goals. You understand there are no shortcuts to success and will generally pace yourself well.

However, when things do not go your way you may become impatient, unrelenting or stubborn. Try not to hold on to frustration and resentment because you will eventually lose your temper. Losing your normally composed appearance would damage your reputation and prospects. It is better to release any build-up of tension through creative self-expression and controlled self-assertion.

On the other hand, this aspect can make you too conservative at times. You should always have faith in your abilities and trust your instincts. At your best, you are enthusiastic and optimistic while also being quietly confident and self-disciplined.

Hard work, training, and life experience will give you a strong foundation on which to keep growing and succeeding through life. The secure structures you build will support your family and bring you happiness and satisfaction. You can lead by example and teach with authority.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Transit

Jupiter conjunct Saturn transit is a time of opportunity, growth and good fortune. You have reached the end of a phase of life and will feel like you have to advance to a higher level. You may have a feeling of completion or contentment with your achievements thus far. Perhaps you realize you can go no further in your current career or just feel like a new challenge.

You may find barriers to your progress which you need to climb over or go around. But if you have planned well, are self-employed or have a lot of freedom, you could grow within the existing structures of your life. Either way, you will be breaking through barriers or expanding within larger boundaries.

This is a time of greater self-awareness when you may realize you are not content with things as they are. Too much responsibility, a boring job, stifling traditions, and rules, not enough time or a demanding boss or partner may become too much to cope with. You may even realize that your own fears and inhibitions are holding you back from happiness and success. If so, this transit will cause you so much frustration that change becomes inevitable.

Even if you don’t feel restricted you will still seek greater freedom and prosperity. Fated events, lucky breaks or deliberate actions will create opportunities for personal and professional growth. This could involve higher education, the law, religion, spirituality, long distance travel, a new career or a new relationship. This might be a good time to borrow for an investment property, to buy your own home or to renovate. Perhaps you could get financial backing to start or grow your own business.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Harry Secombe 0°09′, Herbert Quick 0°14′, Lleyton Hewitt 0°20′, Gustave Flaubert 0°20′, Linda Marshall 0°23′, John Lennon 0°29′, Paris Hilton 0°30′, Alexandre Dumas 0°31′, Justin Timberlake 0°41′, Walt Disney 0°43′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 0°48′, Paddy Ashdown 0°58′, Bill Medley 0°59′, Placido Domingo 1°00′, Roger Federer 1°06′, Neil Diamond 1°23′, Galileo 1°56′, Bruce Lee 1°56′, Gene Roddenberry 1°59′, Ringo Starr 2°12′, Zara Phillips 2°39′.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn 2020

At 02°03′ Aquarius, fixed star Altair conjunct Jupiter and Saturn brings boldness, confidence, bravery, ambition and wealth. [3]

Juno sextile The Jupiter Saturn conjunction suggests this is a good time for marriage and unions. Juno is a lunar goddess who oversees women of childbearing age, from puberty to childbirth and marriage. Juno also rules soul mates, true love and commitment. At a deeper level, Demetra George suggests asteroid Juno symbolizes the mystical union or state of spiritual consciousness you can reach when you transcend your ego. Overcoming separateness through union and becoming one with the universe.

“Juno symbolizes the yearning for full mystic union that is emotionally, sexually, and psychologically fulfilling…In the horoscope, Juno represents the emotional and psychological needs that motivate us to seek marital union” [4]

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn 2020

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn 2020

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Dates

Feb 18, 1961

Dec 31, 1980
Mar 04, 1981
Jul 24, 1981

May 28, 2000

Dec 21, 2020

Oct 31, 2040

Apr 07, 2060

Presidents who were elected around a great conjunction
Election YearPresidentDied in office?Date of Death or IncidentCause of Death / Detail of Incident
1840William Henry HarrisonYes4 April 1841Pneumonia
1860Abraham LincolnYes15 April 1865Assassination
1880James A. GarfieldYes19 September 1881Assassination
1900William McKinleyYes14 September 1901Assassination
1920Warren G. HardingYes2 August 1923Heart attack
1940Franklin D. RooseveltYes12 April 1945Cerebral hemorrhage
1960John F. KennedyYes22 November 1963Assassination
1980Ronald ReaganNo30 March 1981Shot but survived.
2000George W. BushNo10 May 2005Thrown a live grenade which did not detonate.

The next United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. President Donald Trump is seeking reelection to a second term.

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46 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Saturn December 21, 2020 – The Great Conjunction

    • Gerald – I have my second SR at 00°Aqu56 – conjunct a natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction (born late March 1961).

      Why is nobody – no astrologer – talking about US?
      It’s not just the two of us, after all.

      • Look at Jupiter-Saturn conjunction from Heliocentric view: April 18, 1961, it filters out the retrogrades.

        Jupiter 23Cap49
        Saturn 23Cap44

        Notice the Sun/Moon at 27Libra?

        Saturn and Pluto would conjunct here when we are 20/21 years old.

        Look at the Heliocentric View of the Move Event “Day After” 20 Nov 1982

        Pluto 27Lib05
        Saturn 26Lib14

        Sun/Moon 28Tau
        Algol 26Tau
        Chiron 25Tau

        Galactic Centre 26Sag
        Neptune 26Sag

        This is the heaviest heliocentric yod I’ve Ever seen. The Fulcrum Planets: Jupiter, Mercury, Pallas, Uranus, and Venus.

        • Incidentally, 18 April is my Fathers birthday, and my conception reckoned at this time, 0Tau 1961. Birthday, 21Cap 1962.

          Thanks for your post, learned something new today.

        • Correction,

          ie. The Earth/Moon conjunction at 27 Libra and Earth/Moon at 28Tau

          The Sun, of course, is Helio.

          And there is a New Sun Cycle 25 commencing with two reverse polarity sunspots counted the last 24 hours. spaceweather.com

          • Thank you very much, Gerald. That’s a LOT of information.

            While I am usually credited with an extraordinary memory (touch wood), I don’t remember anything “bad” happening when I was 20/21 (or for a long time afterwards, for that matter). Not that you said or implied it should have – I am just “thinking aloud” here.
            (One significant thing: my father’s fortune increased considerably practically overnight in that period, which had materially positive repercussions in my own life.)

            Interestingly, too, my first “Saturn return” seems to have been so uneventful that I have to think hard to come up with any significant events.

            I hope it turns out to be a good time – or at least uneventful.
            Or maybe, with THOSE stars, we become the king and queen of the universe. :-))

            The best of luck, Gerald. XX

            • Sounds very fortunate, or what the educated street dudes here call the ‘hermetically sealed life’

              The conjunction? Ahhh it affects me deeply, the defining periods.

              As mentioned, I was conceived during the 1961 heliocentric conjunction.

              My one child is conceived during the 2000 helio conj

              The 1981 conjunction was a period of career exploration and first independance:

              I worked in a paint lab, steel mill, cleaned chimneys, restaurant kitchen,and even a one month stint on welfare, the only time in my life. Lennon died, experimented with drugs, had a few very beautiful girlfriends, went to many concerts, and shared an appt with my best friend in Hamilton, On. Did a lot of stuff, listened and bought awesome records. Was at Heatwave, in the middle of it, saw and heard it all. The Aquarius stellium was progressing through my blood like a banshee.

              Best of the holidays!

  1. This is AWeSOME! Great writing. Thank you so much! And it is close to my Ascendant 4,5 degrees Aquarius and opposite my Mars and Saturn, squaring Uranus. What a boom. Wow

  2. My sun and mercury are on altair. Uranus has been squaring and making changes, its been preparing me.

  3. It must be accurate, sidereal 0 degrees Aries.This is 30 degrees away from the Spring Equinox.

  4. Thomas Jefferson was elected on March 4, 1801 around a great conjunction. He ruled for 2 terms, didn’t die in office. James Monroe was reelected in 1821 around a great conjunction and successfully completed his term. William Mckinley’s election year has been shown to be 1900 but he was elected in 1897 and died in September, 1901. Theodore Roosevelt who came to office in 1901 ruled for 2 terms. The point is that half truths should not be presented. And more importantly, that astrology never manifests itself in linear deterministic ways. It could also be seen that most of the presidents elected around great conjunctions have been charismatic. ask a layman to name 5 great American presidents. Arguably, 4 of the 5 if not all 5 would have been elected around a great conjunction. So, it does not merely augur assassinations. Astrology moves in mysterious ways. Its significance is almost never linear and deterministic.

    • Thankyou for that, I am so tired of misery in astrology, instead of some positivity.

    • The Jupiter Saturn conjunction indicating the death of a leader was when it occurred in a cardinal sign. The election of Reagan was as the conjunction moved into the fixed sign – literally spanning both the cardinal and the fixed hence his “brush” with death. Astrology is literal and will describe every detail of every day if you are willing to follow the indications to their conclusion – it is a tremendous amount of work but it can be done.

    • Thank you Rajesh, I wish I could have said that half as well as you did. You are completely correct in all you say. Astrology is the Gods, not a deterministic religion, with no leeways. Did you know that Uranus means Heaven? That says it all for me. Uranolgy is an ancient word for astrology from tens of thousands of years ago. There is a lot more to interpretation that main stream astrologers let on, none of us can wholly understand, ever, or we would be Gods and Goddesses.

    • I would agree with that Rajesh with the exception being the Saturn return.
      These periods seem to bring a type of judgement and life change that seems fated.Of course it will be of different intensity for each individual depending on the con
      duct of the individuals life prior to the return.
      There seems to be given a pass on poor behavior leading up to it and the individual will feel some amount of invincibility. ( after all they’ve gotten away with it so many times before.) and then WHAM !!! the hammer comes down !
      An example would be someone that got away with robbing banks for many years.Now comes the Saturn return and they’re captured and convicted.This is an extreme example but most people go through some sort of life stress and radical shift from the previous life paradigm they were so familiar with.
      Even when I was aware of it on my second round and thought I had my bases covered as how I needed to conduct myself to make it thru unfazed , circumstances occurred that were beyond my control anyway.The upside was once I reached the back side of it.Things opened up for me in a very positive way.
      Sometimes I think joining a monetary for this cycle would be the best option. ! Lol !!!

    • We need more people like you to keep them accountable.
      That part was copied and pasted straight out of Wikipedia, errors included.
      So tacky that I’m glad it was called out. Hard.

    • Well said, Rajesh Mishra. I was quite taken aback to see this scaremongering prediction of a death in office for President Trump, as such a pronouncement is a highly irresponsible and unethical misuse of astrology — and as you point out, is actually a hoax, based on misinformation.

  5. Have mercury 2 degrees Aquarius and Venus 29 degrees Capricorn, so this conjunction will also conduct my conjunction. Wondering how this will play out.

  6. So I’m 26 but I went back to college late which means that I’m around a bunch of 18-year-old freshmen who were born in 2000, the last time this conjunction occurred. I’m 8 years older than these 18-year-old kids so I don’t tend to find myself having anything in common with them, but I did become friends with one girl who sat next to me in my public speaking class. Her birthday happens to actually be May 28th, 2000 which was the last day Jupiter was in exact conjunction to Saturn. Even though she’s only 18 she has already achieved a black belt in karate, become an accomplished musician, formed her own small jewelry making side business in addition to an unpaid law firm internship AND in addition to a part-time job and if that all wasn’t enough she also somehow manages to juggle volunteering at an animal shelter and an active social life as well. That is Jupiter conjunct Saturn in action for sure!

      • You’re very welcome. It’s important for people to see how these things play out in real life. I’m glad I was able to meet this young girl as a real-life example!

  7. Richard Tarnas suggests using wider orbs, especially planets with longer period cycles. So if someone has a tight conjunction, it may mean the influence of the two energies are simply New, like a birth. Only after a 10-15% orb do we really know what we have on our hands. Therefore Saturn-Jupiter Dec 21, 2020 will realize itself a year later.

    • Imo the 1961 conjunction was about the influence of television on transforming population growth. Ie, the debate, election, assassination and Beatles.

      2000 was same thing, only the media was the Internet. 1980/81 was music, musicians, and audio technology. Little more complex than the conjuncture before and after.

      The orb of inflence stretches over 1,2,3 years.

  8. great info. Saturn and Jupiter will be within 2 degrees of my NN in Aquarius-interesting.

  9. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction aspects every exact five degrees.

    August 11-29 2019 – 30 degrees

    October 7-12 2019 – 25 degrees

    November 21-23 2019– 20 degrees

    December 25 – 30 2019 15 degrees apart

    February 7 to 9 2020 – 10 degrees

    April 6-7 2020 – 5 degrees apart – Very powerful but transit beyond 5 degrees

    June 16 -22 2020 – 5 degrees apart – stays within 5 degrees till 0 degrees conjunction

    November 1-7 2020 5 degrees apart

    December 20 -23 2020 0 degrees apart

    February 1-3 2021 5 degrees apart –

    Conjunction over February 2, 2021

  10. I’m thinking of wedding dates for next year and am considering Dec 19, 2020. Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct with a sextile from Venus and Juno. Should I be concerned about the mars/Pluto square? I wanted to get married in the fall but the transits for October and November 2020 are dreadful.

  11. I have my second SR at 00°56′, in Aquarius – conjunct a natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction (born late March 1961).
    So, the conjunction hitting the natal conjunction, at almost exactly the same degree.

    Any thoughts, please?

    • likewise H (my SR at 27°49′ Cap and Jupiter 00°Aqu46 here). My natal Venus squaring the conjunction too – so it looks ouch. (?)

      • We’re practically twins. 🙂
        Hey, it may turn out to be the BEST thing ever!
        But it is annoying to see that such an interesting, extraordinary situation as ours is attracts no attention from astrologers – nary a word. Go figure.

        Stay jolly – and the best of luck.:)

  12. The last Jupiter & Saturn conjunction was in Taurus: Wealth and Nature. It must conclude with a way to have our planetary home survive climate change, devastation of our rainforests, water, oceans. Like Today at Davos, Greta Thunberg bravely defying the arrogant leaders who deny or belittle it all (and her). Once that comes to some resolution, the next one in Aquarius can come to foreground.


  14. “The next great conjunction is on December 21, 2020. The next United States presidential election is on Tuesday, November 3, 2020”


    the link above is for the Heliocentric (tropical) Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, November 2, 2020, 18:18 UTC

    Settings are similar to the helio Jupiter-Pluto conjunction chart, posted on the Jupiter-Pluto conj. thread. Except Regulus is swapped for Sirius.

  15. When this conjunction will be smack on my natal Venus in my second house and square my Scorpio ascendant. Any insights to this? I also have Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in my natal 10th house Libra.

  16. oh this happens on my birthday , so conjuncting my Pallas.
    It is said I’am a doible-sign a SAGICORN Sag Jupiter, Capricorn Saturn and yes both influence my life strong as well as the 21th dec know as that dark energies can enter the body and causing illness . Being aware – I care, even using incense in some moments and I do not let me vaccinate. However I expect this day as a positive in view that both contrair energies come togehter for an very objective very broad view.

  17. like in movie ” 5th Element ” : when the 3 planets darken behind the sun , an evil planet entering … ..
    I thought of this about the Pluto-Saturn-Mercury-Ceres conjunction 12th Jan 20, and the 21st december could be a result of that .

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