Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Transit

Jupiter conjunct Saturn maximum orb 6°30′.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn natal makes you a strong-willed and proud person, determined to succeed. This generally positive aspect blends patience with enthusiasm and common sense with aspiration. You are likely very productive and prosperous, but your degree of success can depend on associated aspects and fixed stars.

A well-defined career path is your key to success. You are well organized and systematically acquire the education and experience you need to reach your goals. You understand there are no shortcuts to winning and will generally pace yourself reasonably.

However, when things do not go your way, you may become impatient, unrelenting or stubborn. Do not hold on to frustration and resentment because you will eventually lose your temper. Losing your typically composed appearance would damage your reputation and prospects. It is better to release any build-up of tension through creative self-expression and controlled self-assertion.

On the other hand, this aspect can sometimes make you too conservative. You should always have faith in your abilities and trust your instincts. At your best, you are enthusiastic and optimistic, quietly confident and self-disciplined.

Hard work, training, and life experience will give you a solid foundation to keep growing and succeeding. The secure structures you build will support your family and bring you happiness and satisfaction. You can lead by example and teach with authority.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Transit

Jupiter conjunct Saturn transit is a time of opportunity, growth, and good fortune. You have reached the end of a phase of life and will feel like you have to advance to a higher level. You may feel complete or content with your achievements thus far. Perhaps you realize you can go no further in your current career or feel like a new challenge.

You may find barriers to your progress that you must climb over or go around. But if you have planned well, are self-employed, or have a lot of freedom, you could grow within the existing structures of your life. Either way, you will break through barriers or expand within more significant boundaries.

This is a time of greater self-awareness when you may realize you are not content with things as they are. Too much responsibility, a tedious job, stifling traditions and rules, insufficient time, or a demanding boss or partner may become too much to cope with. You may even realize that your fears and inhibitions are holding you back from happiness and success. If so, this transit will cause you so much frustration that change becomes inevitable.

You will still seek greater freedom and prosperity if you don’t feel restricted. Fated events, lucky breaks, or deliberate actions will create personal and professional growth opportunities. This could involve higher education, the law, religion, spirituality, long-distance travel, a new career, or a new relationship. This might be a good time to borrow for an investment property, buy your home, or renovate. Perhaps you could get financial backing to start or grow your own business.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct, for civil strife. Hunger, Lord, don’t use war, you will be defeated. [Book of Heaves Officials.]

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Harry Secombe 0°09′, Herbert Quick 0°14′, Lleyton Hewitt 0°20′, Gustave Flaubert 0°20′, Linda Marshall 0°23′, John Lennon 0°29′, Paris Hilton 0°30′, Alexandre Dumas 0°31′, Christina Aguilera 0°38′, Justin Timberlake 0°41′, Walt Disney 0°43′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 0°48′, Pauline Collins 0°56′, Michel Temer 0°56′, Paddy Ashdown 0°58′, Bill Medley 0°59′, Placido Domingo 1°00′, Dick Cheney 1°02′, Roger Federer 1°06′, Neil Diamond 1°23′, Proclus 1°52′, Ernesto Miranda 1°53′, Galileo Galilei 1°56′, Bruce Lee 1°56′, Gene Roddenberry 1°59′.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Dates

Feb 18, 1961

Dec 31, 1980
Mar 04, 1981
Jul 24, 1981

May 28, 2000

Dec 21, 2020

Oct 31, 2040

Apr 07, 2060

115 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. You mentioned that in previous conjunctions, there have been assassinations and attempts. Might it make a difference that it’s happening in an air sign as opposed to earth?

    • I have not compared Sun Signs. It may be worth looking at the relationship between the degree of the conjunction and the USA horoscope, or even the individual horoscopes of sitting presidents.

      This great conjunction is conjunct Pluto in the USA Sibly chart. But it does not aspect anything in Trumps horoscope.

  2. https://tinyurl.com/yyjagmum

    This is a photo of my Pop Rivet tool. Stanley model MR100CG

    Purchased in 2015.

    Between 2014 and 2017 I was a cleaner and maintenance man working at a restaurant. In the kitchen the hood vents were failing, the vibration was breaking the welds. So I bought a rivet gun, cut some aluminum, and did up patches. 2015.

    The chefs liked that job. That’s why the Utah Monolith had rivets.

  3. The anticrypt of Pop Rivet Gun, vis-à-vis, Jupiter-Saturn:


    Abundance of Saturn, plenty of Jupiter and Neptune. but no Sun or Pluto.

    So pop Jupiter and Saturn together this coming season, and on January 14, Sun-Pluto alignment, prepare for a vibration that pops them a Part. Then …

    …Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!

  4. Jamie how might Altair conjunct Altair show up in a person’s life if it’s almost exact while simultaneously alongside the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and a 3 degree conjunction of the ascendant?

    • Hi Dawn. Altair will always be in the same position in your natal chart using precession correction. This technique I use moves the planets forward in the horoscope as if they were fixed stars. It ends up being the same as the sidereal zodiac then when calculating transits.

  5. Maybe look at both Jupiter-Mars and Saturn Mars aspects here : https://astrologyking.com/aspects/
    I have the same question about a conjunction with Mars at 0°18′ Aquarius… I suppose we should already see or feel the effect of this Jupiter-Staurn aspect with Mars, as they are only 1-2° away from the exact place. Maybe with some kind of wave effect before/after the exact conjunction, like the sea falling or moving back to gather momentum and rise again (just making that up, this effect would better fit a opposition > trine, or opposition/square > conjunction differential) ?

    • Right on the money S.E. I see the influence of transits similar to that of a bell curve. Staerting gradually from about 2 degrees

  6. Aries Point, monolith Sun, has shown up in the Progressed Composite chart between my Jupiter Saturn conceived kid and myself, also Jupiter-Saturn conceived

    29°Pis56’07” Nov02
    00°Ari00’02” Nov 26
    00°Ari04’07” Dec 21

    Our Composite 6th house.

    In the Age of Aquarius chart, Virgo rules the 8th house.

  7. Hello, your website is my go-to for information regarding aspects in transits and natal charts, for which I want to thank you.

    As an Aquarius rising, what can I expect (roughly) from this conjunction? It coincides with the end of my Saturn return.

  8. Jupiter is totally covering Saturn this time. Should we call this a Saturn eclips?
    I was so happy with my Sun trine MC. But guess what: Jupiter/Saturn will be square MC and quincunx Sun. Don’t know what to expect, but doesn’t look so good. Last time I had Saturn square sun quincunx MC I lost my job and had sciatica.
    For Biden it will be interesting to see what happens, Jupiter/Saturn will be on his Moon which is apex of a YOD in the 5th house (Hunter issues?).

  9. A comparison has been made between the 2021 Pantone colour(s) of the year – Ultimate grey and Illuminating yellow – with the colours in the Comedian sculpture, banana and duct tape! Whoa

    Hmmm.. so, did someone notice my grey and sunshine hair? and the colors in the Monoliths’ pop rivet gun as well?

    Do we call this the Fashion trinity?

  10. Do you see the solution to the riddle? Why the column is called a monolith, and yet assembled like it was put together in the HVA© shop?

  11. Absolutely love🖤 this website, always reading the articles and sharing with friends, they are very informative and well written. It’s been a year of challenges and hard work, I have 5 natal retrogrades(Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and My Midheaven is at Aquarius 0°24’😬….

    • Hi Kristen. Thank you! it sure has been a hard year. Did you read about having 5 planets retrograde on the Uranus retrograde post? “When five or more planets are retrograde at the same time the world appears to slow down. You may attract energy at some imperceptible level and it can feel like you are living in another dimension…”

  12. Fantastic post Jamie! I always enjoy reading your website. You once told me that squares are stroger than trines unless the orb of a trine is tighter so I am right now very intrigued with this conjunction. Is a conjunction stronger than a square?

    This conjunction is making a square with my natal Mars at 29 degrees Libra and Mars rules my MC. Transiting Mars is right now making a conjunction with MC (22.12 Aries). Uranus is transiting on my 10th house while trining my Sun and Mercury and squaring my rising sign. Uranus rules my descendent in Aquarius. Natal Uranus is in 4th house like natal Mars. My IC is in Libra and its ruler Venus on 12th in Cancer. My moon is at 2.32 Aries so wondering if the conjunction will activate all these planets on my chart and what kind of aspects it will make with my moon.

    I have gone through very hard years, despite Saturn and Jupiter training my Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Maybe it was related to the square they did with MC. Maybe it was Pluto squaring MC or Neptune opposing Sun, Mercury, Jupiter (still at 1orb degree) but I have lost hope that better times could come. So what this conjunction could throw at me now with the square to Natal Mars and the aspect to Natal moon?

    Thank you🙂

    • Hi Meli. I used to think squares were stronger than trines, until I started using the suggested aspect orb in the Buber book on aspect patterns. My readings have improved and I am getting better feedback since using this method. A conjunction is definitely stronger than a trine. A conjunction is the strongest of all aspects, followed by the opposition.

  13. Interesting :)! So in this case the square to Natal Mars at 29 degree Libra could just act as stronger trigger of professional change (as Mars rules my MC) in which something ends (29 degrees) and something bigger and solid (Jupiter and Saturn) starts (conjunction in very early degrees) in relation to Aquarius matters?

  14. I have my natal venus in aquarius at 4 degrees 40 minutes in my first house. how would the energy apply to my venus?

  15. So, from looking at the table, Biden will be assassinated if his election fr**d puts him in office? Some astrologers claim we will never have another scorpio president. both hillary and joe biden are scorpios. are we looking at a trump death or biden death because all signs, even astrological ones here on this post, point to biden dying.

  16. Since Biden now is refered as “:president elect”, then it’s his cross to carry now…

  17. This conjunction was in Libra (air sign) when my son was born in 1980. I would’ve thought something DRAMATIC would happen?? But nooooo.
    The conjunction was in Libra/air as a sort of visit or precursor of the next 200 years of conjunctions. Apparently this often happens with the Great Conjunction, I’ve read..

  18. I dont I know anyone in my personal life I can even mention the other worldly experiences I’m having lately. My Asc is 00.07 Aqu and Venus 01, I’m 62 yrs old, just off second Saturn return. Pisces Sun, I’ve been awake since 1979, my life has lead me through a lota “beyond this reality” experiences but nothing like lately. Like a taste of spiritual ascension as in a momentary merging into a higher open collective (6D?) until I identified as the collective without losing my sense of self’s unique individuality and it literally felt as if beings who were called Olympic Gods by the ancient Greeks stood by on each side of my inner self during the immersion. Could only enter it all through the heart, too far of a reach for the mind at first.
    Open heart, super high vibration, extremely open, totally vulnerable, unconditional love, to a point of regaining pure innocence, its as simple as breathing now, falling in love with everything everyone everywhere, the beauty of the perfect precision of the synchronicity in it all, I can’t hardly go out in public anymore yet, burst out crying at everything at any moment lol so much has happened there’s no way I can talk about this within the confines of normal conversation. But I believe this is where we are all heading

    • Absolutely beautiful Ken, i got chills and goosebumps reading and aligning with your words… i esp resonate with the experience of the Greek Gods being on standby next to the veil or whatever you want to call it, i don’t have this aspect but i’m researching and came across your comment and have to say i’ve intuitively felt this way for a while on that subject and am moving into the unconditional love space as well ;

  19. Wow Hi Jessica, I have a similar Venus at 01 Aqu along with 00 Aqu ascendant and have been experiencing very extra ordinary spiritual/identity transformation experiences they started Dec 19 and are ongoing still. Extra ordinary transformation doesn’t even come close for a description but it’s the best I got. I left a comment below about it

  20. Hi Jamie
    Are you familiar with the Rendlesham UFO in Suffolk Eng, January 26/28 1980?

    There was a Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction, 9Libra

    This is my progressed chart for that day, with the January 26 midnight transits.

    by 3am on the morning of the 26th, the Moon is 29Leo, exact transit with Regulus and Uranus, 29Leo, in my progressed chart. Chiron is transiting conjunct the Mid Heaven.

  21. The Rendlesham UFO was reported December 26/28 1980, not January. The charts emphasis is also the Progression to January 30, 1962, since we are ‘going through a variant of the 1962 Soup Cans at the moment, as mentioned at the Full Moon thread.

  22. ref Art in Astrology article, astro.com, L.Clemens

    Renaissance Jupiter-Saturn, 25 January 1405


    This chart is similar to 21 December 2020 for observation purposes. The Sun is set, the conjunction in the 7th house, angular descendant. Full Moon about to rise. Perhaps think about having a big family after this conjunction, 616 years ago?

    March 4 midnight, EST.

  23. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

    Jupiter 10°Vir44’8″
    Saturn 18°Vir19’35”

    Philip saw 6 Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. And it wasn’t long ago the Queen completed 5 Lunar Node cycles, on her ascendant-descendant axis, during the Noble Tree stellium January 2020.

    I’d say that’s pretty good symmetry. Stars have been very good for the Monarchy the last few years.

  24. Ronald Reagan Fires Aircraft Controllers
    August 5, 1981, noon EST, Washington DC

    6Lib52, Jupiter
    5Lib58, Saturn

    26Sco03, Uranus
    25Tau54, Algol


    Originally posted Apr 27, 2021 at 7:05 pm, somewhere else on the internet..

    Remember Reagan firing the Aircraft Controllers?
    Prior, wage demands exploded, rising an order of magnitude never before seen during that era, except maybe baseball salaries. Interest rates peaked too, that August 1981.

    I propose 1970s wage inflation is symmetrical to our recent eras financial assets.

    This can only be proved by todays financial Ghost of Reagan, reversing his previous labour (labor) of love.

  25. 1961 Jupiter Saturn Heliocentric Conjunction, shares the same day on the calender with the 1981 Jupiter Saturn Heliocentric

    April 16

    the butterfly

    the paper airplane

    You may wish to commemorate these dates, in an unusual way.. for instance, to recognize we learn from our mistakes, and certain outcomes fortuitous.

  26. Long John Baldry,

    January 12, 1941 – July 21, 2005

    Blues musician, Jupiter conj Saturn.
    Mars, Pluto, Eris, Grand Fire trine in octaves. Rare.

    Chart with January 12, 2024 transit

    ‘Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On The King of Rock & Roll’

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