Saturn Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit

Saturn Opposite Neptune Transit

Saturn opposite Neptune maximum orb 5°30′.

Saturn opposite Neptune is a significant planetary aspect that occurs every 36 years. People born between May 1971 and May 1972 have this challenging aspect, as do younger people born between August 2006 and July 2007.

Natal Saturn Opposite Neptune

Saturn opposite Neptune natal confuses relationships with others or your relationship with your environment and the outer world. You may have problems determining where your rights stop and the rights of others begin. Your duties and responsibilities can get you down due to misunderstandings, self-doubt, and pessimism. You may feel you can’t live up to other people’s and society’s expectations, leaving you feeling scared, frightened or depressed.

You can project your fears, anxieties, and nervousness onto others, making you look scared of others or situations. A suspicious attitude can attract the kinds of people and circumstances you are afraid of. Learning to trust is a big lesson, and you must work hard to trust others and yourself. Otherwise, you will end up trusting bad people and being suspicious of good people. Negative thinking can manifest disappointment.

With trust comes self-reliance and self-discipline. Be accepting of the teachers who come into your life. A non-materialistic approach will make your life simpler. Too many possessions, debts or responsibilities will make your life too complicated, confusing and scary. You are probably more vulnerable than most to deception, scandal, and negative psychic energy. You can protect yourself by being as honest as possible and avoiding mind-altering drugs, alcohol, gambling, cults, gurus, magic, the occult and conspiracy theories.

Saturn Opposite Neptune Transit

Saturn opposite Neptune transit is a time of self-doubt and confusion, which can hurt relationships. You will likely become confused about your responsibilities and what others expect of you, and you may have difficulty figuring out what to expect of yourself.

The best approach is not to expect too much of yourself because you will probably be less realistic, practical and efficient than usual. You will also feel insecure and tend to judge yourself harshly. Fear, pessimism, guilt, depression, and paranoia are all possible during this challenging phase of life.

It is best not to rely on or depend on others because disappointment is more likely now. Also, don’t make significant commitments or take on debt because you will find it harder to live up to your obligations or fail to meet the expectations of others. If you fall behind or things get complicated, be honest with yourself and others because secrets and lies will only compound the problem.

You may have nightmares or supernatural experiences that make you question reality. Saturn opposite Neptune transit can manifest your darkest fears that are more illusion than reality. However, previous misdeeds may catch up with you now. This may even relate to past life experiences, or you may feel the effects of negative energy from secret enemies. This makes it harder to understand whether your guilt is justified or you are the victim of a psychic attack.

This is not a good time for expressing your psychic energy. You should avoid mind-altering drugs and take a defensive approach at the spiritual level when interacting with groups of people. Although you will probably feel disoriented and confused, you should not seek answers from psychics or self-understanding through occult studies. Also, stay clear of cults, gurus, conspiracy theories and gambling. Protect yourself by limiting your responsibilities and keeping to the basics. This will lower the risk of disappointment, loss, embarrassment, deception, and scandal.

Saturn Opposite Neptune Celebrities

Gabriele D’Annunzio 0°02′, Carmen Electra 0°07′, Heinrich Himmler 0°09′, Noel Coward 0°11′, Christina Applegate 0°12′, Cornelia Stuyvesant Vanderbilt 0°17′, Leonardo Conti 0°19′, Karl Kaufmann 0°20′, F. W. de Klerk 0°22′, Elon Musk 0°24′, Monica Seles 0°31′, Walther Wenck 0°34′, Silvio Berlusconi 0°35′, Fred Astaire 0°40′, Vladimir Nabokov 0°43′, Oliver Baldwin 0°50′, Gustav Simon 0°54′, Julian Assange 0°58′, Sylvia Browne 1°21′, Antonin Scalia 1°22′, William Blake 1°27′, Vanessa Redgrave 1°28′, Noel Tyl 1°35′, Mary Tyler Moore 1°45′, Dwayne Johnson 1°52′.

Saturn Opposite Neptune Dates

25 June 1971
27 November 1971
19 April 1972

31 August 2006
28 February 2007
25 June 2007

6 January 2042
9 March 2042
29 October 2042
29 June 2043
15 August 2043

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    • Not at all. To find when you have transiting Saturn opposite your Neptune you will need to make your own chart and work out your transits which I think you can do at

      • In 1972 I was very much in love with a guy, and while we were standing outside, holding each very tigth “it were as our head jump of” and we were taking by big hands up in some white ligth over us, and then nothing, we were both confuse. Do you know what kind of energy that was, or have you ever meet other ppl who have told you things like that, first now I think of maby it was som spiritual connection we had, neptun/saturn ??

  1. Very helpful Jamie. I have a few charts from 1971/72 and 2006/2007.

    Do you have an Age of Aquarius chart by any chance? I use a January 11, 1996, the ingress of Uranus in Aquarius. It is Geocentric, so maybe not the definitive chart.

  2. I was researching the effect of Stationary planets, and found this:

    “Dick Cavett was born on November 19, 1936, the same day Saturn went direct in Pisces, while opposing Neptune in Virgo. Despite gaining acclaim both as a comedian and talk show host, Cavett confessed in later years to a lifelong struggle with depression.”

  3. Same article: Hidden Power of Stationary points:
    “Film director (The Sixth Sense) M. Night Shyamalan was born on August 6, 1970, while Neptune was stationing in Scorpio and opposing Saturn in Taurus. ”
    This aspect is strong Summer 1970, especially August.

  4. This looks like another draining transit Jamie. How long it last? I am having already a Saturn transit in opposition to natal Sun and Mercury and a Uranus conjunct Chiron ….and I will also have a Uranus transit opposition natal Uranus in June…it seems that I only getting the bad transits. The eclipse on 14 October will fall over my natal Pluto and IC…is there anything good of having all of them at the same time?

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