Venus Trine Mars Mars Natal and Transit

Venus Trine Mars Transit

Venus trine Mars maximum orb 5°30′.

Venus trine Mars natal gives a passion for life and social popularity. Your balanced nature allows you to enjoy life to the fullest while not drawing on the energy of others. People enjoy being around you because you love sharing your true self. There are no mysteries or hidden intentions for others to worry about. You are comfortable being yourself in any situation and will have no trouble making genuine friends.

Without trying, you entertain people simply because of your playful and youthful nature. You may have many friends, but in more intimate relationships will most likely prefer a long-term partnership where loyalty is essential. You can have many lovers as you grow up, but commitment will give you the most satisfaction and contentment in life.

Although you are very passionate and charismatic, the overtly sexual nature of Mars is not as strong here as it is in other Venus-Mars aspects. The harmonious nature of the trine aspect allows the softer nature of Venus to show more strongly than in related aspects. Venus and the trine aspect have an affinity for one another. So although you may be a sexy person, you are less likely to flaunt this quality and will be more concerned about showing love and affection and appreciating beauty.

On the other hand, this aspect tends to stress your creative talents more than other Venus-Mars aspects. You can show your creativity in all areas of life, from your animated nature to your hobbies and career. Art, drama, and music are not the only professions where your creativity can be expressed.

Venus Trine Mars Transit

Venus trine Mars transit increases your desire for social contact and enjoyment. This is one of the better transits for dating because your softer, loving side balances your raw sexual desire. Thus you can be direct without coming on too strong. You will genuinely be interested in friendship, not just for sex but also for companionship.

Increased personal beauty and charisma make for popularity in social situations and increase the odds of finding the perfect partner. Existing love relationships should also flourish; this is the ideal time to discuss lingering tensions.

Your creativity will be stimulated; this is an excellent time to start creative projects or anything you are passionate about. Creative projects that combine beauty with action are ideal, such as redecorating a room, sculpture, dance or painting. Creating something of beauty will give you much enjoyment and satisfaction. Going to parties, amusement parks or entertaining at home are all favored.

Venus Trine Mars Celebrities

José Mourinho 0°14′, Catherine Zeta-Jones 0°16′, James Earl Jones 0°18′, Jenna Bush Hager 0°19′, Barbara Bush (1981) 0°19′, Arthur Ashe 0°26′, F. Matthias Alexander 0°28′, Alois Trendl 0°42′, Geraldo Rivera 0°45′, Alfred Jarry 0°46′, J. Paul Getty 0°55′, Tucker Carlson 0°57′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°00′, Juan Manuel Fangio 1°09′, Augusto Pinochet 1°20′‚ Mick Jagger 1°21′, Victoria Sackville-West 1°21′, Cheryl Crane 1°23′, James Durbin 1°32′, Natasha Richardson 1°33′, Amanda Bynes 1°36′, Josef Schovanec 1°46′, Britney Spears 1°49′, Elon Musk 1°50′, Andrew Tate 1°57′.

Venus Trine Mars Dates

January 9, 2023
October 8, 2024
January 25, 2025
April 6, 2025
May 22, 2025
February 7, 2027
May 14, 2027
February 11, 2029
May 4, 2029

7 thoughts on “Venus Trine Mars Mars Natal and Transit

  1. I think this is a very good description. I have a Venus / Mars trine [2 degree orb, with Venus exalted at 0′ Pisces]. In my chart it’s also part of a grand trine with Uranus [Exalted in 11th house Scorpio & also trine Mercury in Pisces]
    I’ve known three people with Venus square Mars & they’re all very competitive sexually. I’m starting to be able to spot the difference in the two energies in other people..

  2. The first part of the description doesn’t seem to fit me (about people liking me and me being the “life of a party”) but the second part is bang on. Is there any aspect out there that would explain why I get strong opposition from other males but no opposition at all from women? (I’m male) It kinda sucks because at my profession I rely on other males for financially supporting myself but I can’t develop male alliances anywhere I go (this seems to be getting worst with age too, the opposition is getting stronger and even dangerous half the times)

  3. Does the sign or house either of the Planets is at affect this aspect? I have Venus in Capricorn 4th House and Mars in Taurus 8th House.

  4. Following the logic of researching aspects when only under 1.5 degrees – I literally have only 3 relevant aspects, haha 🙂 Venus trine Mars, Venus square AS and Saturn conj MC. (Not counting the minor aspects, such as semisquares etc.) Does that mean these are the most relevant?

  5. Patti Hansen, wife of Keith Richards also has a tight trine between the 2 planets.

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