Jupiter Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

Jupiter Opposite Saturn

Jupiter opposite Saturn maximum orb 6°30′.

Jupiter opposite Saturn natal creates an inner tension that makes you charismatic and diplomatic. However, this tension can also cause many ups and downs and make you insecure, overly conservative or rigid, and lacking in imagination. The cause of these good and bad effects is the internal conflict between your enthusiasm and your more cautious nature.

This aspect could make you feel constantly weighed down or that you have to struggle against the flow. Sometimes, you may experience growth spurts with good luck, frantic activity and success. At other times, you may face severe tests and challenges with misfortune that leave you idle and depressed.

You may not know whether to advance or retreat or whether you are coming or going. This might lead to hesitation, indecision, and procrastination. Alternating between go and stop or fast and slow can result in intermittent progress. It could even have manifested physically in your speech as a stutter as a child.

If you are usually enthusiastic and happy, you must learn self-discipline. Otherwise, you may become reckless, waste energy and resources, and fail to reach your goals. If you are overly cautious and severe, you must loosen up and take more risks. Otherwise, you could miss many opportunities for growth, happiness, and success.

With self-awareness of this dynamic, you will channel the inner tension into outstanding achievements. Combine your strengths of patience, enthusiasm, personal charisma and constancy of purpose. Education, discipline, self-confidence, cross-training and high moral standards will lead to lasting success and security.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn Transit

Jupiter opposite Saturn transit limits your growth opportunities. You may feel you are moving sideways due to finances, especially if you have overextended recently. Restrictions now would make you feel restless and impatient. It would be best to have patience now, but it is probably in short supply. If you have recently undergone rapid growth or expansion, this will be a period of readjustment. It’s time to make sure you are heading in the right direction. If you have strayed off your soul’s path, then events will happen now to put you back on track.

Other people may hold you back now at work. If so, you must build your case so they cannot say no. Any laziness or sloppy thinking will be pointed out to you. Starting new projects is not such a good idea now. It is better to make your current situation more stable and secure first. If you are too over-optimistic, you may experience disappointment, but the reasons will be clear.

Personal relationships may be strained now as it can feel like others are holding you back. If your independence or freedom is threatened, you may end a relationship and be better off for it. Perhaps too much recent growth necessitates a cooling-off period. Such a reality check may not be fun, but it will be helpful.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn Celebrities

Léon Blum 0°07′, Gustavus Adolphus 0°21′, Tania Zaetta 0°22′, Lari Pittman 0°24′, James Stirling 0°42′, Sir Hugh Greene 0°43′, Vita Sackville-West 0°43′, Leopold I of Belgium 0°46′, Tyga 0°51′, Snoop Dog 0°57′, James Ingram 1°08′, Alden Ahreneich 1°25′, Francoise Rosay 1°33′, Mark Wahlberg 1°35′, James Earl Jones 1°37′, Charles Fourier 1°41′, Robert Louis Stevenson 1°45′, Noah Wyle 1°48′, Wilhelm Eitel 1°54′, Jeb Stuart 1°54′.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn Dates

29 December 1969
8 March 1970
17 November 1970
11 June 1971
16 October 1971

10 September 1989
14 November 1989
13 July 1990
15 March 1991
15 May 1991

23 May 2010
16 August 2010
28 March 2011

23 December 2029
23 April 2030
19 November 2030
1 August 2031
6 October 2031

76 thoughts on “Jupiter Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Although I am no astrologer I have a keen interest in astrology and find your posts enjoyable and helpful. What interests me is that on 16 August 2010 you were a bit bummed that nothing of any real news happened on the global stage. However on a personal level for me on 16 August 2010 I pulled the door shut on an intimate relationship with my soul mate due one major factor remaining unchanged. This was devastating for both of us and resulted in myriad energy shifting. On 22 February my communication with him was reassurance that when he makes that change I am available for us to begin a new relationship. This has again resulted in great energy shifts for both of us. Even though major astrological movements don’t seem to appear as energy shifts ‘out there’ on a global scale when expected, it would seem they are having a profound effect on some of us at the ‘local’ level. Which all adds up to good for the universe. 🙂
    Thanks again for your posts.

    • Thanks Paulene, you brought up something I was thinking but forgot to write about. Although I find the heliocentic charts good for looking at world events, the normal geocentric ones are definitely the best for the personal interpretations.

      • mid august 2010 i got a one way ticket back to the usa after 28 years living in egypt. big door shutting, paulene.:D re helio vs geo, i handle them kind of like you, jamie, i always look at the helio may tend to give it more weight on character issues. i finally got ripped off and betrayed by enough people to get a sampling ;D and found, of the 30 or so charts in my database, 4 had venus neptune hard aspects, and those were for the only 4 people known to lie, steal and cheat, and are incredibly charming, intelligent and fun to be with. the 2 who have the square in their geo occasionally show some remorse but are unable to change their behaviour (so far), the other 2, one sq, one opp, on helio, are so hard-wired into that mindset that remorse or even acknowledgment of unethical action is unimaginable for them. the pisces among them is a junkie, the aquarian retired early, the leo a pr specialist, the cancer a plumber. ;D i like your point about forwarned is forarmed! alhamdulilah!

        • Excellent feedback Gina. good to see someone else has been looking at helio charts, definitely gives you another perspective.

  2. On the 21st of August, a Swedish tabloid announced that Julian Assange was being charged with rape. What was happening with the US state cables and much more on August 16th was massive and unprecedented, whether you and Wikipedia knew about it or not. The next most important date for the revolutions was December 17th, the self immolation of a fruit seller in Tunisia. The dates you are listing in February are just a tiny part (read the news archives at wlcentral.org to see how tiny) of the tidal wave that resulted from actions on August 16th-ish and December 17th.

    • Yes Nadia, like AlteEgo mentioned, the effect was like the grips of a vice or a pressure cooker. I guess that’s why I mentioned astrologers explained the lack of explosive or dramatic events by saying that longer term effects were playing out. But we all like to these major transits reflected in big news stories, example Pluto on the USA AC with Saturn on the DC for 9/11. It’s only the major events that get recorded, the ones that directly affect lots of people, wars, revolutions. I know there is a lot going on behind the scenes that lead up to these events, and maybe that’s what the outer planet transits point to, especially Pluto in that August Jupiter Saturn opposition.

      • the grand cross left an imprint, just like the Jupiter/Uranus conjunct 8th Aug and the eclipses – all these have remained within sphere of influence through this time

      • Jamie…whats that picture above???…is it male..eating a woman? is it Satan???…it’s giving me the creeps!, tell ,me what it is!!! Regards Barb

        • That’s a painting by Goya (1920) of “Saturn Devouring His Son”.

          “It was prophesied that one day Saturn would lose power when one of his children would depose him. To prevent this from happening, each time Ops delivered a child Saturn would immediately devour it.” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_(mythology)

        • Barb. I know its horrid isnt it? Its actually supposed to be Saturn by Goya. In the myth he ate his children. I just thought it was very symbolic of dictators like Gaddafi being so scared of having their power taking away from them that they go to the extremes of eating or destroying the next generation and the future.

            • Marina that picture may be perfect for this mad March. This could be one gnarly month.

            • Marina the picture you posted has been perfectly prophetic unfortunately, in light of warfare terror and the 9 mag quake and tsunami at Japan as Saturn is opposed Jupiter. They think 20,000 souls may have perished there and thousands in Libya as well.

      • I suspect when a hot planet gets in the mix, like Mars or the Sun, then wit will be time to watch the fireworks, because there is still this unquestionable (and powerful) “venting” and expansion going on..

        All anything needs now, for that release is a bit of a spark.. this will last a while it seems. 🙂

  3. Nice to know I’m not alone, with my North Node at 14 degrees Aries– Venus 12.35 Cancer… I’m feeling the pinch already, its not very comfortable, but nice to know many people in the forefront of things also are feeling the pinch of Saturn/Jupiter opposition too.

    But Neptune and South Node with Angelina Jolie? That doesn’t sound right, she’s much younger than that! Is it Uranus or Pluto that may be the planet in question for her?

    • P.S. I don’t believe that the grand square, although hyped as gloom and doom was actually a “total fizzer”.. I think it was likened to a pressure cooker, some of the effects and pressures are still yet to be released! It could have been “explosive” but thinking about the nature of the planets with Pluto on the top of it AND Saturn, it was very unlikely it would be no more explosive than watching grass grow.. but its effects are unquestionably like the grips of a vice or a pressure cooker!

    • That’s my mistake, Angelina has Moon at 13 Aries, will fix up the post. Thanks for picking that up. It was Benjamin Netanyahu with Neptune and South Node at 15 Libra.

  4. In end July Pakistan hit worst floods in history and it changed his course and elevate emotions in people of pakistan. They r now ripe for revolution and want to change their destinies and want to get rid of US policies.
    I really like ur articles. In end of March we will witness major street movements in pakistan which will change its course. I wish u write more on Pakistan future with respect to Imran Khan. His data is 5th oct 1952 11:45am. People are looking to him that he may change their lives. Thanx

    • Wow, I got Imran’s autograph when I was a kid at the MCG. I didn’t know about his influence, will put his birth data in my file now.

      • I have written about Pakistan a couple of times, the last one was Pakistan Flood 2010. I we are right about what’s going to happen, then I will be writing another one! I’ve also mentioned the chanec of increasing unrest in the March Forecast.

    • Looks like I have some research to do. What is the source for your time? Just found this:

      1) November 25, 1952, at 6:45 am, Lahore
      2) November 25, 1952, at 3:20 pm, Lahore
      3) October 5, 1952, at 9:35 am, Lahore
      4) October 5, 1952, at 11:55 am, Lahore


      • Yes my source is same. He wrote this blog on my request and his birth data in d option is correct. As he verified his data according to life events. His analysis is according to vedic astrology. Yours will be western astrology. Imran Khan has started his party in April 1996. He is honest and non corrupt and even his enemies think that he is nice man. Nelson mandela and Dr. Mohatir Muhammd like leaders praised him but the dilemma is that he didnt get success in politics uptil now, reasons are same that r in those Arab countries or third world countries where the biggest criminal will be on highest rank. Pakistan structure is totally poisoned by corruption.
        We have planned countrywide protests against all hereditory political parties and against corrupt system on 23rd March and we will struggle until this govt goes, complete consensus against all corrupt, caretaker govt,election reforms and strict guidelines for candidates. People are fed up with all politicians who have ruled us. Their US slavery has destroyed pak roots. Those Arab countries have only one family ruling them but in pak there are more than 22 families and religious pundits r ruling them, they r so wealthy no one can imagine. But after these leaderless movements in thos countries and will Pakistan inshallah people end up with one dilemma to whom they finally give reign to rule them. Here comes then Imran Khan, only one honest person, his colleagues in other parties laugh at him, defame him. so here my comes my big question after these movement, will pakistan finally have competant govt which will be prosperous. thanx for ur time.

        • Well I have a lot of respect for rectification work done by Vedic astrologers, The chart that M. Imran settled on is for
          October 5, 1952, at 11:55 am, Lahore. If this is correct, then Saturn is about to hit his Sun MC, with Jupiter on his IC. North Node transiting his Ascendant in March also.

          You know more than me about politics in Pakistan. I haven’t seen much in the news about Khan’s political party lately. If anything comes of it then later this month would be the time.

          • His party name is Pakistan tehreek insaf or insaf.pk
            I am not astrologer but I know pak politics because I am pakistani.

            Imran Khan is always in news recently he went to Davos for world economic forum

          • will he be able to become prime minister , is there any hope for next govt of Pakistan can be nice honest and sincere?

            • I’m still trying to find the date for the presidential election, is it in 2012?

            • according to rules next elections r due in jan-feb 2013 . pakistan elections are not presidential, they r mainly basically for prime minister.

            • nationwide protests have been started today in all Pakistan after raymond davis release we are very angry now. Imran Khan will be leading protests.

  5. I really love this. I especially like the use of heliocentric charts to give a the cosmic perspective.
    And I think its true the geocentric charts certainly are far more relevant to peoples personal lives. I know of two long term couples who had a really rough August 2010 around the time of the T square. One of them split up and it was really ugly and nasty. The other couple are still together, but it was a really hairy time for them. One of them actually moved out for a while.

    • Good point. I do find the helio charts excellent for mundane astrology with these major aspects, general influences in world affairs. For personal charts and even looking at transits to national charts, I still rely on the standard geocentric charts we are all familiar with. They are much more personal, for example, heliocentric charts do not include the Moon or Ascendant.

  6. Goya -1920?
    And it does strongly look like the body of a woman.
    From all I’ve read, “modern” astro interpretations seems to have a far more benign opinion of what Saturn is and it’s effect.
    I stick with Goya: I you have that mf planet rule your finances – halleluja!

    • Good one Paul. Saturn got a face lift from psychological astrologers like Liz Greene, but some old timers like Axel Harvey have said there’s still no getting away from the fact that hard Saturn aspects are not pretty.

    • Surely you mean 1820, not 1920.

      Also, it should be remembered that the ancients believed that there were four basic temperaments. The melancholic or saturnian was one of these, and it ruled artists along with doctors, scientists and academics. Thus these types were thought to be creative, interested in knowledge, perfectionist and prone to depression. Each of the four temperaments ruled one of the ‘humors’ in the body, for melancholia it was believed to be present in the body as black bile. The other types were the sanguine, choleric, and phlegmatic.
      Artists often depicted Saturn as he was the ruler of their ‘type’.

      • Ah yes, 1820 for Goya. I still think there is some merit in the temperaments, that description of Saturn is still fitting.

  7. Hi Jamie

    Another great article , thanks for that, you have answered a couple of questions. I am so grateful.

    I want to comment quickly on the August opposition in 2010. I spent a lot of time on the Grand Cross and came up with a tarot interpretation that had the Emperor opposing the Empress.

    What came to me, intuitively, is that during August people were looking within at the things that were not working in their lives especially with regards to romantic relationships. I can not even count the marriages and established relationships that were ‘on the rocks’ leading up to, and after that opposition in August. Even people I knew who were single were taking a good look at the lack of relationship in their lives. If there was a trend it was that people were digging deep into their dissatisfaction and reaching personal critical mass.

    Truth is, I am grateful that there were not more major world events in August. Everyone I know was ‘going through it’ at home. One spark could have started a significant fire.

    Something gave us a respite back in August and I am wondering if there were any additional influences, like fixed stars, that were players in keeping this a more internal opposition rather than global?

    Thanks again for this website, the info here totally Rocks!


    • Thankyou Kjerstin, this is good confirmation about the effects of the August 2010 opposition. That’s a few of you now who have reported the relationships theme. I also like the Tarot interpretation. I might ask Marina to start doing them for these major aspects we cover, they work so well, hand in hand with astrology.

      Just checked out the stars in the August 2010 Jupiter Saturn opposition. Venus was conjunct Mars, so there’s our relationship focus. Venus was on the fixed star Videmiatrix ‘The Widow Maker’ in constellation Virgo. Robson say with Venus “Trouble through love affairs, loss of friends, danger of scandal.” And Mars on Porrima “trouble with opposite sex, marriage partner and public.”

      Looks like a no-brainer, wish I had have picked that up before, always learning!

      • In regard to Kjerstin’s comment that something gave us respite back in August, could Uranus moving back to Pisces (13/14 August) been that respite? The past 6-7 months a period of reflection, re-assessment, consolidation, in readiness for the action Uranus supports/demands by moving into Aries today?

  8. Thanks much Jamie for your response!

    The stars in this were a missing piece for me. Vidamatrix and Porrima confirm why the relationship issues were so unbelievably intense! Wow!

    Perhaps the incredible intensity of the focus on relationships was a respite in itself in that people were so focused on personal relationships that there was not a lot of time for anything else.

    As to Marina doing some Tarot astrology correlations I would LOVE that! I find that when I want to have an in depth conversation with someone on the major aspects the tarot correlations are invaluable.

    Thanks again for an amazing website! I link people to your page often!


    • Lovely comment 🙂 Marina does already use tarot in her client readings and I would add something to the blog for sure.

  9. Fascinating post, especially the use of helio charts. It seems to me that the Tee Square last year played out on very personal levels rather than on the world stage. The vast majority of people I know (including myself) described it as the year from hell!

    As for the Jupiter-Saturn opposition, let’s just say I’ll be watching it very closely! Jupiter will be conjunct my natal MC-Venus conjunction in the 9th house (both at 14 Aries). Natal Saturn is at 17 Aries and Natal Node at 18 Aries – I’m thinking this might be an interesting year, lol.

  10. ProudMum

    “nationwide protests have been started today in all Pakistan after raymond davis release we are very angry now. Imran Khan will be leading protests.”

    I just saw this on the news. This is definitely going to cause anger. I wonder if the family’s forgiveness was bought?

    • Jamie

      Yes their pardon was bought and pressurized. they are now nowhere else. I wonder if Pakistan ever see good times or good honest govt. How would u see upcoming 2-3 years for Pakistan. Did u have a chance to look at Imran Khan chart,can he become prime minister. He is so honest and other politicians are so corrupt , they use every tactics to win elections. I am always get so much angry when Hillary clinton or other US officials praise these corrupt politicians because they r literally their puppets just like these Middle east countries. I am hoping this revolution wave become successful in Pakistan.

  11. I am trying to get this. Am I reading the chart correctly? that Black Moon Lilith and Uranus are also in Aries plus Mercury and the Sun? This is something more than a volatile mix!..Any one who would choose to get into a knock-down drag out fight under this influence needs to have his head examined, if not his heart! This smacks of delusion.. displacement.. opens the door for all kinds of morbid thoughts because rationality is no where to be seen. The last gasps of the old order?

    • it’s crazy, isn’t it? crazed. i think uranus guarantees pervasive change, but in reaction to what? sparked by what? could it be one big nasty thing, or just reaching the pitch with all the local nasty things? i tend to believe that monetary reform would be the most widely felt change that could come about. but we may get disasters and keep the banks… tsk, but they’d bust having to loan out all the billions necessary for rebuilding… or own the world? tsk.

  12. gina- we may unfortunately keep the banks but maybe banking can be reformed? as with every other industry a more people positive standard could be employed?
    Yesterday there was a bus explosion at one of the busiest bus stops in Jerusalem. As I begin my looking at astrology in a deeper way I noticed that on the 23d as Ceres was exiting Pisces, Chiron was entering. Maybe it was the influence of the “healer” that kept the number of casualties so low? There are four bus stops very close together at this location and at 3 p.m. ther could be easily more than 100 people entering and exiting buses; while others are waiting for theirs.
    The bomb was reportedly tied to a pole. That would make the bundle appear to be part of a “work” item and therfore people would not see it as a “suspicious object” and notify police.
    But I guess with Jupiter, the Sun and Uranus all in Aries we should expect more diabolical tactics in the future. With the 28th approaching things seem to be getting quite extreme and intense all around the globe.

    • I skipped saying in the above that Ceres was exiting Pisces it was entering Aries.
      Hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

      • Jim – I’m a little confused by this – I have Ceres entering Aries a week or so after the July 1st New Moon – this chart is a stinker btw with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun+Moon forming a grand cardinal square with a yod embedded in it, Chiron sextile Jupiter with Saturn at the sharp end and Uranus at the reaction point – ouch, very ouch! But, please enlighten…..

        • rob- on July 1 I see Ceres at 11 deg 9′ Aries. I’m trying to get a grip on all this. My focus was on the 28th as I am living in the “V-ring”. My sensitivity has been very good but sometimes I am not sure of what I’m picking up. So I want to use the astrology as a helping tool..
          But listen prayer is THE best protection. After I posted about the bombing I posted what I came across for April 30- May 1. Which looks as volatile as the 28March.
          Now I’m really looking at the rest of the year because as we get to October 28 the intensity of things should be picking up. Jamie was right on the mark to look at earthquake possibilites for 2012-13.. nature based upheavals.. the thing I ask is what does those planetary interections mean for people in general. Like to cast a chart for the $,Euro,… you see European countries can solve their individual monetary problems in term of their own coin.. the Euro is another entity. Makes for a lot of chaotic tendencies.. anything but the stability every one claims they want. Makes me think that they don’t want to live by the laws that govern economics but just to have things the best way they think things ought to be. Keep the faith.

          • jim- what about a chart for the petrodollar? hmmm. googled and find nixon took usa off gold standard august 15, 1971. term petrodollar came into parlance in 1973, but the fact was much before… just positing… fixed chart at 8-15-71, 8am ny time. transit shows today’s jupiter-saturn opposition conjunct a chiron-uranus opposition, with today’s neptune grouping forming a square with 8-15-71’s jupiter-neptune conj and its saturn. wow. i won’t even try to interpret that except to say what we already know- trouble. never thought of doing a chart for a thing like money, but i think we’ve got something here. ps: no asteroids on my little app, can anyone recommend another?

          • “I noticed that on the 23d as Ceres was exiting Pisces, Chiron was entering.”

            this, from the 24th, was what confused – no matter, I appreciate your inner knowing, and, Faith no problem….

    • “Maybe it was the influence of the “healer” that kept the number of casualties so low?”

      Makes sense. The earthquake that hit Burma/Thailand border yesterday fell on a least populated spot.

      • Jamie I was following your comment about the possible significance of 10 degree Aries as a connection between Fukushima,Three Mile Island and Chenobyl and I came across this:
        Not noticing anything directly on 10 degree I went to the Moon.
        The Moon would be at 10 degrees Aries between 14:30.23 on April 30 and 14.34.19 May 1. Guess what you also have in these hours?
        April 30: May 1
        Mercury at 14 deg-37′ 15 deg 10′
        Venus at 10-41 11 54
        Mars at 21-27 22 12
        Jupiter at 22- 4 22 18
        Uranus at 2- 41 2 44
        Ceres at 4- 13 4 19

        I am working on the meaning of conjuctions, and oppositions etc. and will try to draw up a chart after this but wanted to get this out to you and people here.
        This may be I have been feeling such a push to investigate.

        • Interesting chart. I get Saturn as a Yod apex, quincunxes to the Sun and Ceres. Moon and Venus at the reaction point.

  13. Have no idea where that thing from skype came from.. as I don’t have skype!
    Mars at 21 deg. 27′ April 30 and 22 deg 12′ May 1

  14. I have gone to a heliocentric ephemeris and found on April 30 8 deg 41 Aries, Jupiter 18 deg 37 Aries and Uranus 0 deg 58 Aries. Saturn at 14 deg 44 Libra.
    What I’ve picked up on is Jamies article about Uranus square Pluto, November 2013 because I saw the pattern developing.
    Now I am going through this with using my intellect the best I can but the conflict we are seeing seems to be able to go either towards the better or to deteriorate into something not so good.
    As I read and learn I will continue to do the things I know work for betterment- prayer, meditation and spreading joy and good will.
    This site gets more appreciated every day.

  15. what does the Saturn opposition Jupiter mean for me. I am a Sagittarius.

  16. “Now I am going through this with using my intellect the best I can but the conflict we are seeing seems to be able to go either towards the better or to deteriorate into something not so good.”

    I can concur with this – while the balance between Saturn and Jupiter is being stoked up by so many other influences at this time, the balance itself is open to interpretation – all energies are available to be worked with, their messages seen as useful markers and indicators for adjustment to the optimum course of action, or no action – the balanced POV remains open to and connected with the whole

    I have checked on this dynamic outside of astrology as well – I work with different types of divination, each roughly corresponding to a ‘direction’ and ‘culture’ – got a call to ask the East using the I Ching – I asked for an overview and the symbols presented were (h3) ‘Difficulty’ transforming to (h42) ‘Increase’ – the images attached to the first is ‘Water above, Thunder below’ (h3) – the celestial contained within and held back by the mundane – when operating in the midst of danger, to nurture the celestial one should not act at random, timing is key and holding back becomes protective so that things find their appropriate place within (this reminds me of Saturn acting with/containing the Jupiterian energy) – it is an image of holding to the beneficial within difficult circumstances, by employing stillness (Saturn) as the basis for hightened awareness in anticipation of action (Jupiter) – we know the storm is brewing but the rain has not yet begun to fall

    the moving line that produces the transformation is the top line – the end of difficulty, knowing it is time to act, finding difficulty in acting and knowing one is small in the face of the great challenge – it is an image that contains suffering and seeming impotence, but, the latter, the recognition of our smallness in the face of great difficulties, leads to the impulse to gather together and from this comes ‘increase’…….

    ‘increase’ (Jupiter) (h42) – thunder carried on the wind – the wind is the people entering into action, our smallness becoming a great movement containing the celestial energy – thus the small becomes great and achieves the great thing – this is the image of increase – the gust before the sweet rain

    it means we can, by diligent use of our energies, right mind and knowing the time for action when it arrives, increase the influence of the fructifying energies of Life without them being conditioned by the mundane – before is danger, during is protection and waiting, after is expansion of the beneficial – so, preserving those energies is key, timing is everything, but, the way can open for increasing the influence of the medicine if we first hold to the center with spirit

    interestingly Jupiter and Saturn are represented in Chinese astrology by two Dragons, yellow earth dragon and white wood dragon respectively, so the earth dragon (Saturn), being central amongst the five elements, is grounding the influence, pulling everything inwards, and the wood dragon is the conductor that feeds the energy into new growth forms and patterns (Jupiter) – while Saturn holds back Jupiter, Jupiter transforms Saturn

    thought I’d share this for another view – as said its all open to interpretation and we can also read a negative or positive picture into it, but, I was struck by the correspondences – hope its of interest

      • rob- your writing is of interests..When you speak of stillness-Saturn and Jupiter as the active… Saturn as the contracting, Jupiter as the expansive.. What I understand is the Divine dance of Shiva and Shakti. But they are not separate entities. They are aspects of the One Reality. When that One moves that becomes Shakti. The ancient cultures describe this and the planets and there is an amazing synchronicity in what they observed… some of that ancient wisdom will do “modern” people a lot of good in being in touch with those elements that foster life and understanding ourselves.

        When you say “first hold to the center with spirit”- spirit is enthusiasm/faith? that inner quiet space that holds each of us together?

        All energies are certainly available to be worked with– in astrology the reference is to influences/ sensing, vibrational, sometimes even able to smell something / this is a more subtle level of life not gross or physical. Not being aware of these a person may suddenly feel like doing this or going there but not understand why. And maybe not thinking about what they are about to do before doing it.. Self-control is certainly something to be achieved but there is nothing like a spontaneous movement in tune with the forces prevalent in the moment.
        Being in the moment, feeling and sensing the “vibes” acting and living in accordance with this.. this seems to be the best way to go..Harmony..
        Thanks for this.
        One other thought comes.. Uranus square Pluto or Jupiter opp Saturn could mean difficult days ONLY because of the way our lives and societies are presently organized.. if we were living in Harmony with the Earth and the Universe these influences would represent something quite different. Keep the faith.

    • rob- this deserves a more thought out response which hopefully will come tomorrow. For this moment initially.. the intellect is that part of our inner psychic instrument which we use to decide, decipher, choose right from wrong etc. That energies are open and flowing so true as I am able to channel Reiki energy.
      The biggest thing I ever could share with any one is that the Divine exist within each and every one of us.. and She in the human body is called Kundalini. Way past by bedtime. Keep the faith.

  17. Beverly – Jupiter is also known as the Azure dragon of the East and is associated with Sagittarius!

    • Cool. Sag should have a good time with this opposition, especially birthdates between 3-13 Dec.

  18. What does this March 28th opposition mean for Leos? I have a Mediation Meeting with my co-workers on Monday, and I’m scared. We’ve all been bickering since August, 2010, and now it is coming to a head. What should I expect on Monday?

    • Hi Emily, this opposition should not have much effect on your Sun in Leo, only the minor quinxunx aspect involved. But if you were born between 3 – 10 August it would be causing tension. The quincunx from Saturn to your Sun in this case would cause a buildup in tension which would be very unsettling.

  19. on a lighter note – in the office where I work we have 2 printers: one designated ‘SATURN’ the other ‘JUPITER’ (I had no influence in the naming).
    On 28 March Saturn refused to function; it just flashed up stern instruction to ‘call for service’, leaving Jupiter triumphantly spewing forth paper whilst it dwelt in stillness. It always makes me laugh when astrology plays out in the detail of daily life!

  20. My son has Jupiter Conjunction Saturn, but here there are no references to this important aspect…

  21. I got a Jupiter in my ic transiting opposite my Saturn conjunct mc soon along with opposite Pluto right now also conjunct mc. I hate materialism and wealth as these is so much fakery that causes a lot of doomers to see nothing great behind money and people who worship it so much. I’ve killed a lot of friendships off and business connections as well as money making opportunities because of my misanthropic personality as I can’t stand toxic optimism or fake people who say money is happiness when it’s not as this is why I hate money so much as it’s not a from of happiness to me nor is fake people only for money.

  22. Taiwan earthquakes 21 Sep 1999, 3 Apr 2024
    Davison Relationship chart

    Jupiter opposite Saturn

    Two significant earthquakes 25 years apart, and in close co-ordinate. Part of Fortune at street roses 05Leo. The individual Part ‘s of Fortune also tell a story.

    • Astrology to establish diplomatic currency and trade carbon credits.

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