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Jupiter Opposite SaturnThe final Jupiter opposite Saturn in this series of three occurs on March 28 2011. The Jupiter Saturn cycle has been the biggest deal in astrology for thousands of years. As Robert P. Blaschke explained in a TMA article last year, The Jupiter–Saturn Cycle: 2010–2011 Opposition and Global Changes, “Every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in the heavens and mark the beginning of a new cultural, political, and economic era.

These alignments have historically been described as “Grand Conjunctions” or “Royal Conjunctions” [1]. So with the current Jupiter Saturn oppositions we have reached a turning point in the global cultural, political and economic cycle.

The first opposition (see chart) was on May 23 2010. As far as major turning points, the only big news story from back then came a week later with the Gaza Flotilla Clash. Interestingly, in that TMA article, Robert explained the significance of Israel in these Jupiter Saturn cycle. The the last conjunction in 2000 did coincide with the Israeli withdrawal from Southern Lebanon after a 22 year occupation.

The second opposition was on August 16 2010, and this one was really hyped up by astrologers (including me) because of the “Cardinal Cross”. Pluto in Capricorn was square Jupiter and Saturn by less than a degree. As far as major turning points, it was a total fizzer, no big news in August at all recorded on the 2010 Wikipedia Page. The explanation given by most of us was that there were longer term effects playing out. Still, like many others, I became a little disillusioned after all the hype.

So what was the reason this heavy-duty astrological transit turned out to be a major dud? After researching the upcoming Uranus Pluto Square’s, I found a lot of value in looking at heliocentric charts for these major planetary aspects. There is only one exact aspect when viewed from the Sun (Helio), and the last time Uranus was square Pluto was back in January 1933. This was the height of the Great Depression, the stock markets were was bottoming out, and unemployment was peaking. In January 1933, Adolf Hitler cemented his power, becoming Chancellor of Germany.

The heliocentric Jupiter opposite Saturn event occurred on February 23 2011. Well now the shit really hit the fan with the global cultural, political and economic situation. These are some of the turning points:

February 11, president Mubarak was forced from office in the Egyptian Revolution
February 17, deadly escalation with the Pearl Roundabout massacre in the Bahrain Protests.
February 22, two Iranian warships passed through the Suez canal, putting Israel on high alert.
February 23, the first time “Civil War” was mentioned regarding the Libyan Revolution [2].
February 25, the “Day of Rage” kills 30 people and escalated the Iraq Protests.

The mayhem continues to spread with unrest all over the Arab world, including even Saudi Arabia, and this unrest is spreading East all the way to Pakistan. America and her allies are on the back foot, losing influence in the region, and oil is back over $100 a barrel. So the heliocentric Jupiter Saturn opposition has most definitely heralded a major and dramatic turning point in the global cultural, political and economic situation.

Why this region? The shadow of the of the Solar Eclipse of January 2011 passed from West to East over this region, starting in Tunisia and ending in Pakistan. We wouldn’t normally expect such upheaval in the region under the path of an eclipse, the are about 5 eclipses every year. What made this one so extreme was where is occurred in the sky, at 13 degrees Capricorn, square the heliocentric Jupiter Saturn opposition. The opposition triggered these dramatic events and the solar eclipse made them more extreme because of the square aspect, and made them occur where they did because of its path.

The fixed stars in the Heliocentric chart give an accurate description of the events. Jupiter was on Alderamin, the brightest star in Constellation Cepheus, the King. Jupiter, King of the Gods, in the constellation of the King. The constellation rules over presidents and kings, and opposite Saturn, kings and presidents have fallen, and the ones who haven’t are biting their fingernails. Saturn was on the fixed star Algorab in constellation Corvus the Crow. The “Kill or be Killed” star brings agitation, attacks and terrorism. When the first plane hit the Twin Towers on 9/11, Mercury was rising on this star.

I am certainly not discounting geocentric astrology. I see the heliocentric charts valuable when looking at mundane world events, and for pinpointing the climax of these major planetary aspects. The geocentric Jupiter Saturn opposition of August 2010 was square Pluto, but there was not much in the way of fixed star influence.

The final Jupiter Saturn opposition on March 28 2011 does however have some heavy-duty fixed star involvement. Looking at the chart below for this final Jupiter Saturn opposition we can see that this turning point is influenced by the challenging Sun square Pluto, ruthlessness and power conflicts. Pluto is coming with orb of a very powerful star called Facies. As I mentioned in an article on Adolf Hitler, who had Moon conjunct Facies, this star is associated with an extreme and sometimes violent and ruthless focus to achieve aims.

For those interested in Uranian astrology, the hypothetical trans-Neptunian planet Zeus (13°35′) is conjunct Saturn (14°21′) in Libra. Apparently Zeus represents “Controlled, directed energy…leadership. All things military…Compulsion. Drive … Zeus is like a loaded gun that is aimed. It signifies well planned efforts”[3]. Well that does fit the story!

Jupiter rules belief systems and religion, and these are in conflict with Saturn, the conservative way, tradition, stability and governments. There is also a very spiritual influence from the pile up of planets, Venus, Ceres, Chiron and Neptune. Chiron being on the very important fixed star Fomalhaut, one of the archangel stars, or Royal stars of ancient Persia, “very fortunate and powerful and yet to cause malevolence of sublime scope and character, and change from a material to a spiritual form of expression…either very good or very bad” [4]. Chiron is associated with the healer/teacher and with prophets, as in Christ and Muhammad.

The danger here given the challenging aspects is that we may see the “very bad” manifestation coming though with Pluto extremism in the spiritual sense. Mercury, the messenger of the gods is on a star called Kurdah, in the constellation Cepheus, the King. The association is with leaders. Put all this together and we could see the emergence of a voice which unifies the popular need for freedoms and change, with a spiritual message that sounds appealing, but which may have dangerous consequences. Perhaps even a female voice with Venus, Ceres and Lilith in on the action.

Well that’s my take on world events, now to the personal story. Just as this opposition represents a major turning point in world affairs, so it does in our personal lives. Growing pains is a good description, Jupiter hope and growth, fighting with Saturn fear and restriction. This can be very positive though, marking a culmination in your life. Hard work over the years can really pay off now. If it’s not aspecting anything in your chart you probably won’t feel it that much. If you get trines and sextiles then the benefits should flow more easily. If you get the conjunctions or square, then you may face some test, have to fight harder to get ahead, or just to hold your ground.

If you have any planets or personal points between 12 and 16 degrees in the cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) then you may be in for a bumpy ride. This would be most strongly felt with the Ascendant, Midheaven, Moon or Sun in these degrees. Don’t panic though, this turning point can work well for you because you know it’s coming. That’s the beauty of astrology, self awareness and acknowledgement of any serious issues in life is half the battle won, and astrology gives us the awareness of what’s happening in our lives, or to us.

Jupiter opposite Saturn requires that we remain cautious and patient while working hard to attain those things which mean the most to us. It’s the meaning of life, as the Dalai Llama says, “happiness and usefulness”.

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73 thoughts on “Jupiter Opposite Saturn Natal

  1. I have gone to a heliocentric ephemeris and found on April 30 8 deg 41 Aries, Jupiter 18 deg 37 Aries and Uranus 0 deg 58 Aries. Saturn at 14 deg 44 Libra.
    What I’ve picked up on is Jamies article about Uranus square Pluto, November 2013 because I saw the pattern developing.
    Now I am going through this with using my intellect the best I can but the conflict we are seeing seems to be able to go either towards the better or to deteriorate into something not so good.
    As I read and learn I will continue to do the things I know work for betterment- prayer, meditation and spreading joy and good will.
    This site gets more appreciated every day.

  2. what does the Saturn opposition Jupiter mean for me. I am a Sagittarius.

  3. “Now I am going through this with using my intellect the best I can but the conflict we are seeing seems to be able to go either towards the better or to deteriorate into something not so good.”

    I can concur with this – while the balance between Saturn and Jupiter is being stoked up by so many other influences at this time, the balance itself is open to interpretation – all energies are available to be worked with, their messages seen as useful markers and indicators for adjustment to the optimum course of action, or no action – the balanced POV remains open to and connected with the whole

    I have checked on this dynamic outside of astrology as well – I work with different types of divination, each roughly corresponding to a ‘direction’ and ‘culture’ – got a call to ask the East using the I Ching – I asked for an overview and the symbols presented were (h3) ‘Difficulty’ transforming to (h42) ‘Increase’ – the images attached to the first is ‘Water above, Thunder below’ (h3) – the celestial contained within and held back by the mundane – when operating in the midst of danger, to nurture the celestial one should not act at random, timing is key and holding back becomes protective so that things find their appropriate place within (this reminds me of Saturn acting with/containing the Jupiterian energy) – it is an image of holding to the beneficial within difficult circumstances, by employing stillness (Saturn) as the basis for hightened awareness in anticipation of action (Jupiter) – we know the storm is brewing but the rain has not yet begun to fall

    the moving line that produces the transformation is the top line – the end of difficulty, knowing it is time to act, finding difficulty in acting and knowing one is small in the face of the great challenge – it is an image that contains suffering and seeming impotence, but, the latter, the recognition of our smallness in the face of great difficulties, leads to the impulse to gather together and from this comes ‘increase’…….

    ‘increase’ (Jupiter) (h42) – thunder carried on the wind – the wind is the people entering into action, our smallness becoming a great movement containing the celestial energy – thus the small becomes great and achieves the great thing – this is the image of increase – the gust before the sweet rain

    it means we can, by diligent use of our energies, right mind and knowing the time for action when it arrives, increase the influence of the fructifying energies of Life without them being conditioned by the mundane – before is danger, during is protection and waiting, after is expansion of the beneficial – so, preserving those energies is key, timing is everything, but, the way can open for increasing the influence of the medicine if we first hold to the center with spirit

    interestingly Jupiter and Saturn are represented in Chinese astrology by two Dragons, yellow earth dragon and white wood dragon respectively, so the earth dragon (Saturn), being central amongst the five elements, is grounding the influence, pulling everything inwards, and the wood dragon is the conductor that feeds the energy into new growth forms and patterns (Jupiter) – while Saturn holds back Jupiter, Jupiter transforms Saturn

    thought I’d share this for another view – as said its all open to interpretation and we can also read a negative or positive picture into it, but, I was struck by the correspondences – hope its of interest

      • rob- your writing is of interests..When you speak of stillness-Saturn and Jupiter as the active… Saturn as the contracting, Jupiter as the expansive.. What I understand is the Divine dance of Shiva and Shakti. But they are not separate entities. They are aspects of the One Reality. When that One moves that becomes Shakti. The ancient cultures describe this and the planets and there is an amazing synchronicity in what they observed… some of that ancient wisdom will do “modern” people a lot of good in being in touch with those elements that foster life and understanding ourselves.

        When you say “first hold to the center with spirit”- spirit is enthusiasm/faith? that inner quiet space that holds each of us together?

        All energies are certainly available to be worked with– in astrology the reference is to influences/ sensing, vibrational, sometimes even able to smell something / this is a more subtle level of life not gross or physical. Not being aware of these a person may suddenly feel like doing this or going there but not understand why. And maybe not thinking about what they are about to do before doing it.. Self-control is certainly something to be achieved but there is nothing like a spontaneous movement in tune with the forces prevalent in the moment.
        Being in the moment, feeling and sensing the “vibes” acting and living in accordance with this.. this seems to be the best way to go..Harmony..
        Thanks for this.
        One other thought comes.. Uranus square Pluto or Jupiter opp Saturn could mean difficult days ONLY because of the way our lives and societies are presently organized.. if we were living in Harmony with the Earth and the Universe these influences would represent something quite different. Keep the faith.

    • rob- this deserves a more thought out response which hopefully will come tomorrow. For this moment initially.. the intellect is that part of our inner psychic instrument which we use to decide, decipher, choose right from wrong etc. That energies are open and flowing so true as I am able to channel Reiki energy.
      The biggest thing I ever could share with any one is that the Divine exist within each and every one of us.. and She in the human body is called Kundalini. Way past by bedtime. Keep the faith.

  4. Beverly – Jupiter is also known as the Azure dragon of the East and is associated with Sagittarius!

    • Cool. Sag should have a good time with this opposition, especially birthdates between 3-13 Dec.

  5. What does this March 28th opposition mean for Leos? I have a Mediation Meeting with my co-workers on Monday, and I’m scared. We’ve all been bickering since August, 2010, and now it is coming to a head. What should I expect on Monday?

    • Hi Emily, this opposition should not have much effect on your Sun in Leo, only the minor quinxunx aspect involved. But if you were born between 3 – 10 August it would be causing tension. The quincunx from Saturn to your Sun in this case would cause a buildup in tension which would be very unsettling.

  6. on a lighter note – in the office where I work we have 2 printers: one designated ‘SATURN’ the other ‘JUPITER’ (I had no influence in the naming).
    On 28 March Saturn refused to function; it just flashed up stern instruction to ‘call for service’, leaving Jupiter triumphantly spewing forth paper whilst it dwelt in stillness. It always makes me laugh when astrology plays out in the detail of daily life!

  7. My son has Jupiter Conjunction Saturn, but here there are no references to this important aspect…

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