Jupiter Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

Jupiter Opposite SaturnJupiter opposite Saturn natal creates an inner tension that makes you very charismatic and diplomatic. However, many ups and downs in life can leave you feeling secretly insecure. The cause of these good and bad effects is the internal conflict between your enthusiasm and your more cautious nature.

Sometimes you experience growth spurts with good luck, frantic activity and success. At other times you face severe tests and challenges with misfortune that leaves you idle and depressed. You may end up not knowing whether to advance or retreat, or not knowing whether you are coming or going. This might lead to hesitation, indecision, and procrastination. Alternating between go and stop, or fast and slow, can result in intermittent progress. It could even have manifested physically in your speech as a stutter for a while when you were a child.

If you are mostly enthusiastic and happy you will need to learn self-discipline. Otherwise, you may become reckless, waste your energy and resources, and fail to reach your goals. If you are overly cautious and serious you will need to loosen up and take more risks. Otherwise, you could miss out on many opportunities for growth, happiness, and success.

With self-awareness of this dynamic, you will channel the inner tension into great achievements. Combine your strengths of patience, enthusiasm, personal charisma and constancy of purpose. Education, discipline, self-confidence, cross-training and relatively high moral standards will lead to lasting success and security.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn Transit

Jupiter opposite Saturn transit limits your opportunities for growth. You may feel you are moving sideways due to finances, especially if you have overextended recently. Restrictions now would make you feel restless and impatient. You need patience now but it is probably in short supply. If you have recently undergone rapid growth or expansion then this will be a period of readjustment. Time to make sure you are heading in the right direction. If you have strayed off your soul’s path then events will happen now to put you back on track.

Other people may hold you back now at work. If so, you need to build your case so they cannot say no. Any laziness or sloppy thinking will be pointed out to you. Starting new projects is not such a good idea now. Better to make your current situation more stable and secure first. If you were too over-optimistic then you may experience disappointment but the reasons will be clear.

Personal relationships may be strained now as it can feel like others are holding you back. If your independence or freedom is threatened you may end a relationship and be better off for it. Perhaps too much recent growth necessitates a cooling-off period. Such a reality check may not be fun but will be useful.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn Celebrities

Léon Blum 0°07′, Gustav Adolf the Great 0°21′, Tania Zaetta 0°22′, Lari Pittman 0°24′, James Stirling 0°42′, Sir Hugh Greene 0°43′, Vita Sackville-West 0°43′, Leopold I of Belgium 0°46′, Tyga 0°51′, Snoop Dog 0°57′, James Ingram 1°08′, Alden Ahreneich 1°25′, Francoise Rosay 1°33′, James Earl Jones 1°37′, Charles Fourier 1°41′, Robert Louis Stevenson 1°45′, Noah Wyle 1°48′, Wilhelm Eitel 1°54′, Jeb Stuart 1°54′, Rosa Praed 1°525′, Neil Armstrong 2°26′, Paul Ryan 2°35′, Grace Kelly 2°36′, Bob Geldof 2°36′, Erik Menendez 2°47′, Sam Cooke 2°55′.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn Dates

29 December 1969
8 March 1970
17 November 1970
11 June 1971
16 October 1971
10 September 1989
14 November 1989
13 July 1990
15 March 1991
15 May 1991
23 May 2010
16 August 2010
28 March 2011

23 December 2029
23 April 2030
19 November 2030
1 August 2031
6 October 2031

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