Sun Sextile Moon Natal and Transit

Sun Sextile Moon Transit

Sun sextile Moon maximum orb 5°00′.

Sun sextile Moon natal gives a charming and exciting nature. You are sociable, popular, and attractive because you express yourself well. You have a creative spark that makes you enthusiastic about life. This beneficial aspect’s creative self-expression, energy, and ambition mean you will likely enjoy happiness and general success. You should also have a very acute intuition, if not psychic ability.

A sense of calm and balance means you should find it easy to make friends and enjoy harmonious relationships. Your ability to get along well with others and to cooperate and compromise make you a good team player. You work well in partnerships and groups because you have a steadying, grounding influence.

This aspect’s equilibrium, impartiality, and fairness mean you should have enjoyed a harmonious childhood. But if other aspects in your chart indicate disappointment or conflict, Sun sextile Moon brings the opportunities to find your footing again and return to a balanced state.

Sun Sextile Moon Transit

Sun sextile Moon transit gives a positive boost of emotional energy. It gives a more outgoing attitude and encourages more harmonious relationships with friends and family. You should feel so good because your brain’s conscious and subconscious sides are balanced.

It will be easier to relax, and you can be comfortable just being yourself, with fewer cares and worries. This is the perfect time to take the initiative to deal with any relationship problems you have been having lately, especially with someone of the opposite sex. It is also a good time to promote yourself and ask for favors because others will sense your self-confidence and balanced focus.

This interpretation for Sun sextile Moon transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon sextile Moon.

Sun Sextile Moon Celebrities

Jayne Mansfield 0°00′, Neal Cassady 0°03′, Klaus Barbie 0°05′, Jennifer Aniston 0°06′, Ronaldinho 0°08′, Bill Cosby 0°10′, Mark Hamill 0°12′, Petrarch 0°13′, Albert, Prince Consort 0°13′, Josef Schovanec 0°16′, Francis Galton 0°16′, Alfred, Lord Tennyson 0°18′, Angelina Jolie 0°20′, Robert F. Kennedy 0°26′, George Patton 0°26′, Noor Inayat Khan 1°31′, Matthew McConaughey 0°32′, Elsbeth Ebertin 0°35′, Leonardo da Vinci 0°36′, Danilo Kiš 0°38′, Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor 0°42′, George Eliot 0°43′, Venus Williams 0°52′, Bette Davis 0°54′, Marie Becker 0°55′, Montgomery Clift 0°59′, Kal Penn 1°02′, Billie Jean King 1°08′, Steve McQueen 1°19′, Indira Gandhi 1°27′.

6 thoughts on “Sun Sextile Moon Natal and Transit

  1. Me, me! Modesty prevents me from commenting on my alleged charm and/or “exciting nature.” However, I’ve always had a strong creative urge, and I do make friends pretty easily. And sadly, I am a lot more ambitious than one might guess from looking at my negligible achievements.

    Another dimension of Sun/Moon aspects that is interesting to consider is that it seems to describe the relationship you observed between your parents, and how that impacts your own romantic relationships. My parents had a stormy relationship early on, but by the time I came along they had a friendly, convivial, chatty relationship with each other. From watching their marriage I got the idea that your partner should be your best friend. Just a theory – it would be interesting to see what others have observed.

    Thanks for the db project, Jamie!

  2. Hi Jamie and Marina

    What a great idea to make a databank like this. I have the sextile: Sun on 1 Cancer in the 7th house, Moon on 7 Virgo in the 9th house. Jupiter at 10 Cancer in the 7th house on the cusp of the 8th house, as ruler of my Rising.

    To me it’s a fortunate aspect. I do not have an easy chart nor life but this aspect keeps me in balance.
    Also I do not have any confusion on male/female issues:
    It just flows easily.

    Jupiter as ruler of my Rising also makes a sextile with my Uranus/Pluto on 16 Virgo in the 9th house. Which is in conjunction in a wide orb with my Moon. While my Sun Makes a Quintile with Uranus/Pluto

    Black Moon Lilith makes an opposition to my Moon and a trine to my Sun and Jupiter.

    The Sun/Moon sextile definitely is the glue that keeps it all together because it‘s such a basically ok connection between the two lights and the male/female principle’s.

  3. @April
    Yes, the parental relationship is represented there too. Convivial and chatty seems right for the sextile. I read somewhere that it has a Chironic feel about it which I see as an Earthy Mercury which is definately chatty. Chiron can be stormy.
    I think the sextile has a very maverick, innovative energy too. Thanks for your input April.

  4. My number 1 son has this aspect, Capricorn Sun to Scorpio Moon and whilst he is still waters running deep emotionally, he is generous, industrious, courteous, has always been incredibly well liked by his friends, teachers, just everyone and is the perfect child. Slight bias in the last few words.

  5. I have a sextile from my natal sun in Gemini in 2nd house to my moon in intercepted sign of Aries in 12th house. I feel that the moon in this hidden room represses that fire typical for Aries. Also, I have Chiron in wide orb of 7 degrees conjunct moon. Would this repress this description? Self undoing is a typical theme for my crowded 12th house.

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