New Moon November 13, 2023 – Endless Struggle

New Moon November 2023 Astrology

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023, aligns with Mars. So, the meaning of the New Moon November 2023 astrology is harnessing your energy through hard work to achieve your goals.

The November 2023 New Moon is also opposite Uranus. This creates a struggle to control aggressive and impulsive urges. Patience, self-discipline and flexibility will help you avoid reckless behavior, instability and conflict.

New Moon November 2023 Horoscope

The New Moon on Monday, November 13, 2023, is at 20°43′ Scorpio. The horoscope below shows that the New Moon is conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus. The other highlighted aspect is Mercury sextile Venus. But its harmonizing influence is overpowered by the disrupting effect of Mars opposite Uranus.

New Moon in Scorpio 2023

New Moon in Scorpio November 2023

New Moon November 2023 Astrology

Sun conjunct Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. It gives a refreshing burst of energy and initiative. But it also brings emotional balance, not irrationally emotional, and not too cold and calculating.

So, the New Moon in November 2023 is excellent for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs while searching for new and inventive ways to progress.

New Moon Aspects

New Moon conjunct Mars gives you the energy, motivation and initiative to work hard and achieve your professional goals. It gives you the courage, assertiveness and passion to play hard and fulfill your private desires.

The Sun, Moon and Mars alignment favors business, sport, exercise and sex. But without a constructive outlet, this hot energy can make you restless, angry, and impulsive. This could lead to conflict, violence, accidents, and injuries. Patience is essential.

New Moon opposite Uranus has an unpredictable and destabilizing influence that brings the risk of tyranny, revolution, chaos and anarchy. It makes the November 2023 New Moon a technically challenging moon phase, even before it unleashes Mars’s more impulsive and aggressive nature.

This aspect can create a need for independence and freedom that causes eccentric, disruptive or rebellious behavior. A sudden, unexpected or unusual change, event, separation or encounter could make you anxious, upset and uncertain. Flexibility is required.

Mars opposite Uranus makes you assert your independence and chase your desires more aggressively and selfishly. It lowers inhibitions and reduces self-control to make you even more impulsive. This can cause explosive outbursts of anger and increase the risk of conflict and violence.

Patience and flexibility will help you moderate this spasmodic energy. Focus on your responsibilities and long-term stability to reduce the risk of reckless, thrill-seeking or provocative actions. Don’t stir up trouble. Radical change will cause chaos and be difficult to undo.

The Constellations

The November 2023 New Moon is in the Sign of Scorpio. But as the image below shows, it is in the Constellation of Libra. The Signs and the Constellations do not match up. Over the last 2000 years, the Constellations have moved nearly 30° out of alignment with the Signs because of the precession of the equinoxes.

The Zodiac was invented only as a measuring device. The ecliptic line in the image below matches the degrees in the horoscope above. Like the original astrologers, I use the Constellations and fixed stars for interpretation, not the Signs.

New Moon November 2023 Meaning

New Moon November 2023

By degree, the New Moon and Mars sit between two significant fixed stars. They have the same brightness but very different natures. Zubeneschamali has a positive Jupiter influence, while Unukalhai has a negative Mars influence.

  • 19♏41 – β Librae, Zubeneschamali
  • 20♏44 – Sun and Moon
  • 22♏11 – Mars
  • 22♏24 – α Serpentis, Unukalhai

The North Scale of the Balance

Thankfully, Zubeneschamali is the dominant stellar influence. The New Moon is closer to Zubeneschamali than Unukalhai. Plus, the Sun, Moon and Mars have already passed Zubeneschamali. The superior conjunctions unleash this star’s full potential.

Fixed star Zubeneschamali brings ambition, good fortune, happiness, wealth, and honor. [1] Spiritual and mental forces. [2] Positive aspects give a powerful psychic quality, but challenging aspects (opposite Uranus) could make it psychotic. [3]

With Sun: Great good fortune, high position, transitory difficulties eventually proving beneficial. [1] Favors civil servants, lawyers and scientists. [2] Authority, organizing ability, benefits from associates, success with legal, religious, sporting, martial and public matters. Challenging aspects can cause legal problems and involvement in unusual situations. [4]

The Heart of the Snake

Meanwhile, the inferior conjunctions to Unukalhai release only part of its energy. But the opposition to Uranus makes this negative star more effective. So, it will still impact the New Moon astrology, primarily through Mars.

Fixed star Unukalhai gives immorality, accidents, violence and poison. [1] Crime, boldness, shamelessness, and a rise followed by a fall. [4] Possible chronic disease requiring operations. [2]

With Mars: Violence, quarrels, lying and crime. [1] Outspoken, pushy, shameless, obnoxious, and family problems that never really surface or explode [4] (the opposition to Uranus could test that theory.)

New Moon November 2023 Meaning

Mars has a powerful influence on the astrology of the November 2023 New Moon. Its proximity to the Sun and Moon creates energy, initiative, courage and desire. But a polarizing aspect to Uranus makes this hot energy erratic, unpredictable, difficult to control and potentially explosive.

The November 13 New Moon aligns with a Jupiter-like star to bring ambition, good fortune and success with intellectual and spiritual power. But the harsh Uranus aspect could create unusual problems, psychic disturbance or psychotic behavior.

Mars aligns with a Mars-like star associated with criminal and immoral actions. It increases the risk of disputes, violence and conflict.

The Endless Struggle

The recent eclipse themes of polarities and contradictions continue with the November 2023 New Moon. The endless struggle between good and evil is shown at all levels, from the planets to the stars.

The New Moon with Mars gives the energy and initiative to work and achieve things. But the opposition to Uranus brings a struggle against aggression and chaos. The positive star, Zubeneschamali, brings order, hope and generosity, while the negative Unukalhai brings violence, immorality and crime.

Ophiuchus and Serpens

Ophiuchus and Serpens

This endless struggle is depicted perfectly with the star Unukalhai. It represents the Serpent, struggling vainly in the powerful grasp of Ophiuchus.

The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on equal terms with equal powers. [5]

The influence of the November 13 New Moon lasts four weeks up to the December 12 New Moon. The best time for starting new projects is during the two-week waxing moon phase, from November 13 to the November 27 Full Moon.

If the New Moon November 2023 astrology directly affects your Sign, you can read about it in your free Monthly Horoscope. Finally, see Sun Transits for more details about how it affects your natal chart.

New Moon November 2023 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – November 13, 1:27 am
  • New York – November 13, 4:27 am
  • London – November 13, 9:27 am
  • Delhi – November 13, 2:57 pm
  • Sydney – November 13, 8:27 pm
  1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923.
  2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928.
  3. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988.
  4. The Power of the Fixed Stars, Joseph E. Rigor, 1979.
  5. Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, p.31.

41 thoughts on “New Moon November 13, 2023 – Endless Struggle

  1. Unukalhai star being close to snake’s head is probably enhancing its negative aspect I guess.

    Israel/Palestine crisis is somehow ringing a bell when “The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on equal terms with equal powers” is read isn’t it ?

    I’m going to have a closer look at Zubeneschamali star. That looks so interesting.

    Is this new moon bringing anywhere near Ophiucus debate as 13th sign or not at all ?

    Thank you Jamie.
    I look forward reading from you.

    • Hi Pedro. Thank you for your continued support. Ophiuchus constellation sits mostly within the Sign of Sagittarius, and the constellation of Scorpius. I am not sure where it is mean supposed to fit as a 13th Sign. There is no gap between the Scorpion and the Archer.

  2. I see a quick goring by the bull’s horns (blitzkrieg) and and a strong and righteous counter-strike from the scorpion’s stinger (after a pinscher manouver) in this moon cycle.

  3. Which two STARS sang this tune?

    “Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated”

    you gonna do artwork?

  4. The new moon in opposition to Uranus is square my natal Pluto, at 20 degrees Leo. Any advice on how to handle what seems to be a potentially difficult transit?

  5. The struggle to write the Echidna sequence, or put another way, how we arrived at New ‘gold’ Standard.

    Echidna is your Hedgehog in the news, the animal totem that cobbles together three unique-to-the-artwork charts with the natal…. and Launch, baby!

    Neptune Discovery, 24 Sept 1846
    Natal, 11 January 1962
    Street Roses, 14 February 1997
    Astrologyking Hedgehog Concept, 4 November 2023

    Since the natal is essential to making the sequence complete, I won’t bore you with claims of Dominion: it is from Heaven, upon whose name, Art.

    Ref. Jupiter trine Pluto, Natal synastry AHC.

  6. I have not set new moon intentions for a very long time. Going to meditate on that as I realize all too well that intentions take care so they things don’t happen in destructive ways.

    On the quirkier side, the new moon is near my Asc. I feel like strutting my stuff, but can’t remember where my stuff is, or what it is.

  7. Very constructive pass you made the day before Halloween, Vic, In the days after I read Wynonna Judd started speaking in tongues…

  8. One of the observations with the Echidna Sequence is the absence of solar or lunar progressions. It has strong geological and morphological elements, for instance Street Roses was created during pioneer reminisce; a specific geographic and social challenge, which was then adopted quickly by ME players? AHC was created under duress of technological driven morphological dystopia.

    If your discord is with astrological progressions this sequence may be for you. But the solution is still a type of progression, more like a fractal.

    It’s common ancient knowledge to see Asia Minor and Asia Major as fractals of one another. One is Turkey, the other is Asia proper. The Mediterranean has been looked at in a variety of ways, one is as the Atlantic Ocean on its side. Asia has been compared to Oceana too, with mass population in the South East.

    The future? Study deserts in each, and consider another go around in Musical Chairs. Bring an excavator and promise of rain, or let the rain be the settler, whatever works.

    ref astrolab, Scorpio New Moon; a time when new things come into being… instinctive awareness … intuitive initiatives and decision making.

    time stamp: 12 Nov, 1:00 pm Eastern Std time

  9. Concerning this mars-uranus opposition i have to remark that it is not wide away from israels sun which is far more sitting on capulus than on algol. Interesting enough that irgun’s label (former jewish terror organisation including menachem begin the later prime minister of israel) was showing a sword…this organisation perpetrated mass murder and terrorism against palestinian villages similar to nowadays actions of hamas also killing women and children. So nothing really new under the sun since 1948…

  10. Also this new moon is square putins pluto/midheaven. I guess intensifying russian actions.

  11. DP World Ports in Australia putting on the Ritz

    “The Australian government is aware of a cyber incident affecting ports operator DP World Australia,”
    DP World has since launched an investigation and has restricted landside access to all ports.
    “The company took immediate action, including disconnecting their internet connectivity, which stopped any ongoing unauthorised access to their network,” DP World Australia said in a statement.

    Another cord unplug caper Jamie. Optus getting all this free advertisement, it’s an abomination of capitalism. DP World Ports gateways digital currency too, and tap,tap, fill my jar?

  12. About Wynonna. Animals behave strangely before earthquakes. Tennessee has a fair amount of seismic activity. While the human animal is not as sensitive to those things, Wynonna might have picked up on some seismic activity.

  13. Thanks for the tip

    may be wise to run only one device at a time during Sun – Mars square Saturn

    Nov 23, 04:45 am – Sun square Saturn
    Nov 25, 11:57 am – Mars square Saturn

  14. Oh my gosh. Have to get a new laptop so deleting files before data transfer from old to new. Reviewed old photos. I was right back there with each and every one. Those were indeed kinder gentler days. I might remember my stuff yet. It’s been buried under the stress of all the chaos going on.

  15. New Moon Synastry Cosmogenesis

    Eureka Vic; kinder, gentler Scorpio new moon in Synastry with Cosmogenesis shows Parts of Fortune sextile. That these two charts work well together, gives veracity to Lunar eclipse synastry, posted at 28 Oct Lunar eclipse. Indeed, we’ve reached a new Artwork Epoch: the New Moon opposite Uranus in an ambivelant Neptune aspect, a Neptune Discovery with taste and aspirations.

  16. Hi jamie – endless struggle…one astrologer wrote concerning this theme ” the fight between man and the snake”. In this case about hard uranus – pluto apects. But i think this theme about the endless struggle between light and shadow is astrological shown on many levels…

  17. Also when we think of stars like unukalhai or algol some plutonic (transformation)or neptunian (poisons) properties of such stars are possible.

  18. Endless proof of the artwork?

    Cosmogenesis Synastry, Kind and Gentle Scorpio New moon.

    The view matches the comparison used at Lunar Eclipse, emphasis Part of Fortune sextile Part of Fortune aspect. Nearby is transiting Venus conjunct Makemake, trine Cosmogenesis Venus rx. Those Venus’ are in Air signs, use your head and heart in matters of love. Your search will feel endless, like 18 months, but the struggle will be worth it.

  19. A study of the synastry Vertex, yields an interesting moment for our times:

    13Tau56, only 4 arc minutes from 14Tau00, Midheaven.
    Being the second decan of Taurus, “defender of the defenseless” Although you will have mixed results with this. A long term sense of righteousness.

    23Sag59, only 1 arc minute from 24Sag00, Social Media 3rd house
    Being the third decan of Sagittarius, “clash of the titans” A draw, or disengagement. You’ve heard of the May-December relationship?

  20. Decan analysis is a fascinating subject, especially for the young and young at heart.

    Dig down deeper, fractal each decan into thirds, with mode assignment. Your element is already fixed.

    Taurus ,Virgo, Capricorn

    Sagittarius, Leo, Sagittarius

    This is what i get, “concept”. Now proof, or not proof, the “work”. Adjudicate, and collect your token.

  21. Hi Jamie,

    I like the detailed explanations and charts that you provide, very accurate. However long I have been seeking, I could not find any alternatives to this website.
    What bothers me is the highlighted duality of the interpretations… As if these aspects mean that there is no door for positive events throughout this moon phase.
    I am not sure if this is exactly what you are seeking to express, having been reading your posts for more than two years, have made this observation: things in the sky are either absolutely brilliant or are just about to collapse.
    To say shortly, more positive content, please!

    Thank you

  22. Czech Film Crew robbed at APEC, San Francisco, just before 5pm Sunday November 13.

    Time of robbery Synastry natal, orbs reduced to 3%

    Kozelský 8229 conjunct Gajduśck 3603, square Pluto

    František Kozelský, Czech telescope maker, well-known for his work in collaboration with Gajduśck.

  23. Priapus (i) conjunct Neptune. You’re in your 30s and looking. Use the seagoat beer to indicate intentions? You could be the server of the beverage, 6th house Venus, or buy it on someone’s behalf to share. The Czech Apec Film Crew caper, a Neptune clue?.. More crisis actor material brought to the circus? 18,000 smiling laughs of bread, gone to Heaven Weston.

  24. You’re a perceptive Sagittarius, and know your way around a chess board. Apec Film Crew Priapus-Neptune model, Mercury opposite Kozelský conj Gajduśck: is this Czech Mate? Moon is void, friendly game, nothing comes of it.

  25. 30s Sagittarius doesnt concede so easily: A Czechmate Kozelský conj Gajduśck, certainly. But more of a priority, and more serious now, Priapus Neptune: Checking for, and checking out your mate. And the two of you would agree to a draw, and split the tab.

  26. Hey Christopher, my waxing square was good. I was basically still pretty much a kid taking the next step to realize my dream. Transiting Pluto was moving to conj with Neptune. Uranus opp natal
    Pluto was a nightmare. I stood up for myself and all hell broke loose, the worst revenge imaginable was unleashed on me. Soon I will be in the waning Uranus square natal Pluto. ???? Let me know how yours goes. I am basically dealing with the horror of how full of revenge people can be and how far they go. It paralyzed me.

  27. Kozelský and Gajduśck at APEC appears to have opened a gateway. Add Achilles 588 for more context. Consider the Rapinoe crisis.

    It wasn’t that long ago, March 24, 2023, when Kovrig and Spavrov were fêted in Washington during diplomatic exchanges between USA and Canada, and during the reappearance of the Fourier feminism astrology. Now it’s more apparent that the China tango, that predates the Artwork presentation, was more princess blush and now even less bluster.

    Algol Star and Evolution, check out this section of Algol, mates.

    Computer technology, heavenly religion, genome project, a very live representation at astrologyking and Who in the espionage Corp.

    here is a chart of natal progressions to March 23, 2023 with the candidate that was conceived June 2000, outer wheel.

    Karmic release the kids ascendant.

  28. 20 Nov 2023 and 1st Quarter Moon territory….

    J6 in the news, its namesake chart at astrologyking: Henge Proclamation

    Progressed to Nov 20, Moon void of course, 29Sag20, it won’t be until July 30, 2025, 20 long months, before we see a Progressed New Moon. 23Cap13. But don’t have to wait that long, things will start resolving itself favourably for the diminished, August 2024, one year prior to Progressed New Moon, once we ‘move into orb’

    Progressed to Nov 20, void Moon

    New Moon Progressed

    I humbly propose the origins of headline Scorpio New Moon: Endless Struggle. In the meantime, if you dare, skootch over next to Liz Cheney and share the Greatest Hits of the Artwork.

  29. The venerable football game, a stadium production, conducive to re-uses of a spiritual henge, its been noted before. Ongoing as I type, the Canadian Grey Cup just a few blocks away. Earlier today i was wondering.. will it be Montreal that shoots the rapids, or will they portage?. The same can be said for Winnipeg. Or will we have match like Bread and Circus? Will it be Manitoba Wheat Germ or Quebec Circ de Soliel that takes the cupcake? And on a deeper level, is it the Americans talking about J6 because im an easy lay-up today, and wouldnt feel like fighting for a rebound?

  30. A f**cking struggle with NO GAIN would fit better in my eyes…it is all so sad – germany shouldnt sent a single penny to the UNHOLY land any more and i mean both sides !!!

  31. I was meditating on comet 12P Pons Brook this evening, 7:30pm EST 20 Nov, This peculiar active comet …. exhibiting Algol-Unukalhia type behaviour?

    The heavens gave us a Hexagon on Grey Cup game day, heliocentric

    ‘Delta Crateris is sometimes called Labrum, which means “the lip” in Latin. The name is associated with the story of the Holy Grail…’

  32. Alternately, take out Labrum, substitute Alkaid

    Take the tail of the bear. Swing him around and around, and toss him the middle of a blackberry bramble. Make sure he picks a 5 gallon bucket. This solves your tic toc problem.

  33. Dear paul – chit ‘n’ chat – every f***ing atom in the universe has a meaning – so conclusion is in the end: if the planets are inside of us and all the stars and asteroids too and so on then we ARE the universe either physical and/or in an
    ocult/esoteric sense…you cannot KNOW all anyway…only accept and BE !

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