Mars Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit

Mars Opposite Uranus Transit

Mars opposite Uranus maximum orb 5°30′.

Mars opposite Uranus natal creates exciting, sparky, unpredictable, and sexual energy. You tend to take risks and thrill-seeking actions that gain the attention of others. This can earn you a reputation as someone out there, which may attract adventurous people.

However, your more outlandish and rebellious actions may earn you a dangerous reputation. More conventional and reserved types of people will stay clear of you, or worse, challenge you or take action to curtail your activities, making life very difficult.

You thrive on independence and acting as you see fit, regardless of tradition or society’s expectations. If you do piss other people off and they give you a hard time, this will cause a strong reaction as you feel your freedom is threatened. The more you stir things up, the greater the threats to your way of life will become.

You are a freedom fighter with all the electric sex appeal that comes with that. You may even get a kick out of starting conflicts or taking up a challenge when provoked. It will be vital for you to learn how to moderate your impulsive energy and choose your fights carefully. Acting too rashly without considering the consequences can increase your risk of losing, and it may even lead to accidents that cause harm to yourself and others.

Mars Opposite Uranus Transit

Mars opposite Uranus transit can cause outbursts of anger directed at those who have upset you in the past. The anger and resentment may have been building for some time; now, you cannot resist the temptation to lash out and attack. Impulsiveness and disregard for tradition can also lead you to break free of your responsibilities and obligations.

Just as you may express the anger and frustration of Mars unexpectedly and explosively, you may be subject to unexpected attacks on your character or goals from other people. Either way, whether you are attacking your enemies or your enemies attacking you, the resulting disruption and nervous irritability are bound to upset the routine of your life, most likely in a negative fashion. This is not a helpful transit at all.

The best use of this disruptive energy is to think twice before lashing out and to use some tact and strategy before reacting to provocation. If you use these tactics, you can find the freedom from the restrictions you desire. The likelihood of defeat in any battle can also be lessened by using more forethought and seeking guidance from trusted friends.

Mars Opposite Uranus Celebrities

Rufus Wainwright 0°02′, Sarah Bernhardt 0°03′, Eddie Arcaro 0°14′, Andy Murray 0°24′, Tyra Banks 0°26′, Holly Marie Combs 0°29′, Hunter Biden 0°32′, Lorenzo Carcaterra 0°32′, Jeffrey Wigand 0°35′, Doc Antle 0°36′, Vera Atkins 0°37′, Tegan Lane 0°39′, Tama Janowitz 0°40′, Jose Maria Carreras 0°41′, Jacques Cousteau 0°43′, Monica Lewinsky 0°53′, Tobey Maguire 0°54′, Allison DuBois 0°55′, Herman Boerhaave 0°57′, David Hilbert 0°59′, Chris Brown 1°01′, Cindy Crawford 1°18′, Jeff Green 1°21′, Antonio Salieri 1°22′, William Wyler 1°29′, Gianni Versace 1°36′, Ferruccio Lamborghini 1°50′, Roseanne 1°59′.

Mars Opposite Uranus Dates

November 14, 2021
November 11, 2023
November 4, 2025
October 28, 2027
October 18, 2029
October 6, 2031

10 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie,

    Great website. I’m new to astrology and am wondering how long would the effects of this transit be felt?

  2. It was time! I got rid of my cat vet!
    Just because I have health insurance on my cat the vets were always harassing me with continuos blood test for my cat, wanted to perform an operation or an iodine radiaton injection and withheld the medications for his hyperthyroidism comfitions. Sometimes they didn’t have the pills at all and with a temporary prescription I had to go around asking to other vets!
    I made an appointment for my 2 cats yearly boost vaccination, the blood test for Mr Fluff and I asked to make sure they had the medications also ready for Saturday when at over 5pm an unpleasant person rang me to tell me he couldn’t have the full bottle but barely for one month because he had to go back in a minth time for another blood test.
    I just changed vet and I felt so mad at that rude woman on the telephone! Enough is enough!
    It was an impulsive decision but I wanted to change for so long! Blackmailing me to withold medications on a hold cat and continuos blood test it’s just appalling! aAnd I want a whole bottle becase how do I know they are giving me the right amount after all the pills look exactly the same, infact on his second blood test after the diagnosis the T4 test went dramatically down and then dramatically up again! So thank you Mars

  3. Here it is again eek! Have become aware that this (at least in my experience) is not a helpful transit. Perhaps being aware and using Mars before one gets used by Mars can raise us above the sparks and triggers. All the best. We are worthy.

  4. I enjoyed this transit! Normally, if I am intentionally inconvenienced by someone, I tend to swallow it, or at most, write a discreet letter of complaint. Not this time:

    When on the early afternoon of 23/12/19 I tried to report to my residential company’s stupid chav manager that the lock on the communal front door to my flat will not open, and there is nobody at home to open it from the inside, I found that he and his had already knocked off for Christmas, and left no emergency contact number.

    I asked for a neighbour’s help. He kicked the door open for me. I then emailed our directors to ask for swift emergency help. It turned out that, at their leisure after Christmas, they would ‘source their trades’ on the subject of the lock.

    From 23/12/219 to 26/12/2019, I slept behind a front door that I dared not lock in case it does not open from the inside. (I live in a port city that is no stranger to crime.) I was so frightened out of my tiny mind that I all but suffered a nervous collapse. Then, on 26/12/19, I rolled up my sleeves, found a top-notch Yale lock for external doors, and a highly qualified locksmith to fit it. All done on 27/12/20!

    The stupid chav manager began to squeal like a stuck pig the moment he heard what I had done. I think he is still squealing. I am grinning from ear to ear. But there are three more days of this transit to go. I sure hope mine remains the last laugh!

    Thanks, Jamie, for this illuminating piece. It fits me like a lovely warm glove.

  5. I have been visiting this website for some years now, but have not done for 12 months or so. I’m surprised and bit disappointed to see almost every article talking about ‘sex’ and giving advice on sex, that it may be more or less or good or bad etc. Astrology is an ancient science and back through the ages the word used was ‘love’ not ‘sex’ which is one of those new age type words invented in more recent times, much like HIV, AIDS, condoms, and abortion, and even new types of marriage. just my opinion of course but it is off putting to me, like I’m reading some sort of adult dating site, or worse. Thanks,

    • Mars is sex. It’s not love and it never has been. It’s carnal passion and anger, lust, etc. Also, abortion and contraception as well as homisexuality have all been in existence in some form for millenia. You should probably pick up an ancient history book at least once in your life if you think any of those things are new concepts. Lmfao Ignorance isn’t an excuse to spread misinformation. 🤣

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