Sun Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit

Sun Conjunct Mars Transit

Sun conjunct Mars maximum orb 7°30′.

Sun conjunct Mars natal makes you energetic, heroic, courageous, fierce, and fearless. You are militant and warlike, with good organizing skills and leadership ability. However, you can also be defiant, intolerant, over-confident, cruel, and vindictive.

You are passionate about asserting your identity. You will fight at all costs to be yourself. Your instinct is to look after number one, yet you are great in an emergency, with focus, fast impulse, and reaction time.

Highly sexual, you should enjoy the conquest. This aspect gives incredible energy and initiative, but endurance might not be your strength. Mars is raw, untamed, brash, bold, and sometimes vulgar.

The creative fire of the Sun combined with the forceful speed of Mars still makes you driven and ambitious. However, you may not react well to rejection. But your rampant self-assertion can be awe-inspiring, and you will achieve much with noble aims.

When acting impulsively, there is a danger of accidents, violence, cuts, abrasions, and injuries to your eyes. You would do well in a physical or competitive career like business, politics, surgery, metalwork, the armed forces, and law enforcement.

Sun Conjunct Mars Transit

Sun conjunct Mars transit brings abundant energy and initiative, which must be burnt constructively; otherwise, there can be damaging consequences. If this hot energy were to build up in the body, it would be spontaneously released without control. Such a release of uncontrolled hot energy would be rapid and destructive, hurting yourself or others. Although the manifestation of this transit can be positive or negative depending on how it is used, I consider it generally harmful because of the potential for damage.

Remaining unaware of the energy buildup can lead to accidents, aggression, temper tantrums, and even violence or rape. You will initially notice the energy buildup as irritation, annoyance or impatience. At this stage or beforehand, the best option is to apply yourself to a positive form of activity consciously. This transit gives great potential to transform the hot energy into something constructive and productive.

The creative nature of the Sun conjunct Mars can be applied to art or, even better, sculpture and other creative pursuits such as dance. Physical activity is preferred, but the brain can also burn much energy. Sex drive can go through the roof, and babymaking fits the role as both creative and productive, enjoyable too. You can express your identity through physical actions.

A high degree of assertiveness and initiative is ideal for starting new projects. An inflated ego should be contained if working with others at this time. This, together with your direct or abrupt attitude, means that working alone is preferred. Staying conscious of how others perceive you in your relationships is essential. They may feel threatened or dominated and react with aggression or spite. If you feel an argument brewing or are provoked, it would be wiser to back down to maintain harmony.

If you or your loved ones are threatened and endangered, this is an excellent transit for going on the attack. Your muscles are primed to act on instinct when the Adrenaline kicks in. In a fight, you don’t need to think; just do.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Mars transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Mars.

Sun Conjunct Mars Celebrities

Blake Lively 0°03′, Ethan Cohen 0°05′, Vito Genovese 0°05′, Will Young 0°05′, Kevin Smith 0°05′, Napoleon III 0°08′, Al Franken 0°09′, Matthew Manning 0°10′, John Seale 0°11′, John Daly 0°12′, Natalie Maines 0°12′, Bertrand Russell 0°16′, Chris Farley 0°16′, Matt Dillon 0°18′, Julius Streicher 0°19′, William Bonin 0°28′, David Bowie 0°30′, Leo Varadkar 0°32′, Eva Perón 0°34′, Anthony Burgess 0°43′, Willie Garson 0°45′, Johnny Weissmuller 0°46′, Danny DeVito 0°51′, Upton Sinclair 0°41′, Lucky Luciano 0°52′, Violette Szabo 0°52′, Richard Kleindienst 0°55′, Antonio Salieri 0°56′, Helen Duncan 1°04′, Alberto Fujimori 1°04′, Meghan Trainor 1°10′, Sybil Leek 1°16′, Billy Tipton 1°20′, Peter Jennings 1°25′, Kimmy Granger 1°27′, Mata Hari 1°46′, Peter Sellers 1°47′, Liberace 1°48′, Ivan The Terrible 1°50′.

Sun Conjunct Mars Dates

8 October 2021
18 November 2023
9 January 2026
10 March 2028
25 May 2030
11 July 2032

48 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit

  1. He even had red hair in the original clip!

    • I have Sun conjunct Mars at 28 degrees Virgo. Honestly, learning the subtle skills of diplomacy has been a life’s work. I will also say that physical movement such as dance is essential to a Sun/Mars person, helping to even out the flow of energy. My worst nightmare is being in a crowd and loosing independent movement.

      • I have Sun conjunct Mars at 28 degrees Virgo too! Were you born in ’57? My Sun is applying, 8 seconds away.

  2. I have this one. I am all or, nothing. If I don’t think I can win, I don’t fight However step on someone that I care about and, it doesn’t matter if I lose. I will go down fighting.

  3. wonderful. You describe my Sun/Mars well.
    …and what would you say if it was also conjunct Chiron on the MC opposing Jupiter/Uranus to the degree, on the IC????

  4. Well Soma, as Chiron is healing and MC is your path, I would say “A Path of Healing” 🙂 Jupiter Uranus – lots of awarenss.

  5. I have an exact sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius and I am a firecracker. Being a woman I have difficulty with men because I am very outspoken, blunt, and opionated. I like to be in charge and resent anyone telling me what to do especially if they have no credentials to stand on. This article is right on and also describles my ugly brother who has also has an exact sun-Mars conjunction but in Aries. Is it a surprise we can’t be alone 5 minutes without a fight? Lol

      • Lol, I knew a Gemini with this placement, either he had assbergers, or was just a asshole.
        Thumbs up on the sex though for about 8 years. His Mars on My Sun. Sun- Mars. My Scorpio Moon never budges though, alas, spreading truth is more important to my Aquarius Sun than Sex, too abad. Married now anyway.

  6. I have Sun mars Conjunct in Virgo and Moon Sextile Mars…and I am crazy
    I wish I could tame it…lol

  7. Ihave sun conjunct mars 9 degrees apart and mars square moon and mars is 11 degrees from IC close to square ascendant, and my sun square ascendant, what does it meens

  8. For you sun conjunct mars ppl it’s smilier to having a sun in Aries or sun in the 1st house

  9. I too have Sun conjunct Mars, but in Pisces. It does give me fire and determination, but I am all or nothing. It definately makes me highly sexed and i’M never likely to say I’ve got a headache!!

  10. I have sun conjunct mars in scorpio 5 degree aparts in 10th house .i have very fiery power in me and i like sports and sex.

  11. I have sun conjunct mars in cancer and I am very strong and very brave in times of emergency.And its in these tough times that I realize my potential.

    • I have sun with mars in cancer. Being straight forward n aggressive always bring bad luck in life. As it is in cancer in my lagna is due to my decision only

  12. I’m mars/sun/Taurus…11/hs cancer AS so I’m really nice quiet friendly but soon the tyrant shows up, good at sizing up situation for a win and won’t bother if I can’t. Have good instincts, sense of direction, danger, checking out exits ect. protective of family, don’t like violence…actually faint, nausea over gruesome but always believe I can take it, rush into help and recoil, have hard time visiting hospitals, anxious

    • I’m a terrible foe as I do nothing, A family member who I hired with a open heart believing in him betrayed me awfully. now what?. I did nothing but wait… a year later he did lose his job and as consequence his house. amused me because he tried to trick me out my wealth, home, security and the children’s inheritance, he was the trusted family lawyer, high position in local society so nary a peep out of me. They move to northern Vermont. good luck w/ winter.

  13. I’m sun-mars in sagittarius (the traveler adventurer one) I chose airplane pilot as a career and the accident/violent death thing made me nervous 🙁

    • Not all sun/mars conjunctions indicate violent death. I like to think these folks have better self control which leads to fewer accidents. They usually channel their energy better than you might think.

  14. I have a Mars-Sun conjunction, whereas my Sun is 29 Libra and my Mars 3 Scorpio, in the 11th house. There’s a super deep drive in my consciousness to help others be truthful with themselves, and i struggle with being able to do that diplomatically and not dictatorially. I’m reeeeally sensitive to when I may be cmoing off like an asshole or a jerk (sometimes I even ask), and other times I need to learn how to hold true to what I’m saying/feeling and continue to speak truthfully to the person, because some people will deny deny deny, and then come to a breakthrough if you have staying power with your intensity.

    lol, okay, rant over.

  15. I have Sun 29 Libra conjunct Mars 28 Libra in 10th house conjunct MC. I am a tireless, hard worker and never give up until I have accomplished what I set out to do. I have been successful in my professional life. I am always on the go and cannot stand inactivity. There is a lot of nervous energy in me. I am somewhat of a control freak and like to have my own way.

  16. I have Mars-Sun conj in Leo/H7. I can relate to some of the comments here about being a natural asshole and it’s mainly because I see the potential in others that they don’t. I have proven this time and time again when I have got behind a friend and encouraged them to embark upon whatever they may have put aside in the past. Since a very young age I was involved in sports and excelled. I continued to compete into my 20s but mainly did so for my own passion. It was never to beat anyone, it was camaraderie for me, I am good sport. While relationships are important to me, it is vital my partner reaches his maximum potential, whatever it may be. This does not equate to monetary success in the least, that is irrelevant to me. My nervous energy is expressed through art and poetry and have since childhood. The only complaint about my sun/mars is that it is opposite my ASC and while I like a good debate, I don’t care for the strong personalities I attract. I don’t like to retaliate, but if I have to be a bigger asshole then them to get them off my back, I will!

  17. This isn’t very helpful for you, but i’m sure i got Nick Cave’s birth time came either from a biography or article i was reading. I’ve had it in my system for a long time. It is probably accurate, as his son was killed last year when transiting Pluto & progressed Venus were tightly conjunct his AC……

  18. I can guess your birthday within a few days, because I have this too! I was born May 30 1983.

  19. Yes Mars Sun conjunction removes all logic and any sense of personal responsibility…

  20. No matter what my fellow Mars/Sun conjunct family, the varietal of aspects with their pros and cons are what we find in the natal chart. Use this conjunction and the power of it to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Realize what the energy is (you know) and keep it in the center. Anything could be “malefic” but don’t let this conjunction go to waste. Find a fixed star or a comet or asteroid or point with ‘potential’ in the chart and focus the sun/Martian energy there. Never let fatalistic ideas bring you down. Understand only the potential. Surmount the obstacles that only a Martian can surmount 🖖

  21. This conjunction on 18.11.23 is exactly on mu serpentis at 26°scorpio which is always opposite algol… Mu sepentis is in the head of the snake and in chinese asterism called tianru = celestial milk. Also named “leiolepis” on which means lizard. What do you think about this star ?

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