Lunar Eclipse May 2013

Lunar EclipseThe Lunar Eclipse on Saturday the 25th of May 2013 is at 4 degrees Sagittarius. As with other full moons, the earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, creating a polarity between subconscious feeling and conscious intent. This disconnect can cause disorientation, or feelings of vulnerability and heightened sensitivity. This is felt stronger with lunar eclipses because the earth blocks the Suns life force from illuminating the Moon. The result is a resetting of our emotional or intuitive focus, and aligns it with our conscious goals as described by the previous solar eclipse. So the lunar eclipse ends up giving us a fresh perspective so we can find balance and feel emotionally secure. It integrates the conscious and subconscious so we can progress through the five or so months of this eclipse cycle.

Strongly influencing this eclipse series is the exact square between Uranus and Pluto on May 20, falling between this lunar eclipse and the previous solar eclipse. The Uranus Pluto square relentlessly grinding away means we have adapt to some unsettling changes by making and evolutionary leap. The balance we have to find relates to the May 9 solar eclipse theme of improving physical health in response to increasing pollution and contamination of the food supply.

Lunar Eclipse May 2013 Astrology

This ongoing theme of toxicity I have been noticing, from the solar eclipse, Pluto retrograde, and potentially from comet ISON, is supported once again in the chart for the May 25 Lunar Eclipse. The major aspect from the eclipse is the Moon square Neptune. To start with, this adds to the emotional sensitivity that a lunar eclipse brings. It makes it more difficult to cope with feeling of disorientation and vulnerability. Harder to trust the intuitive inner voice, to accept the reality of the solar eclipse health theme.

The square means we have to work hard on this, to overcome pessimism and feeling like a helpless victim. We may be tested by the allure of drugs to sooth emotional suffering or nervous anxiety. It won’t be easy but that’s the deal. Moon square Neptune can increase sensitivity to drugs and alcohol, further clouding intuition. It can also increase susceptibility to infection and environmental pollutants. The Moon rules stomach, digestive system and lymphatic system

lunar-eclipse-may-2013The Moon is in the Head of the Scorpion on the fixed star Acrab, associated with “pestilence, and contagious diseases.”. Interestingly, when comet ISON was discovered, the Moon was on the Nadir with this star. Neptune rules the pineal gland, they third eye associated with pyschic healing. Keeping this healthy will help overcome the challenges posed by the square aspect: Toxins to avoid and foods to eat. Neptune on the mystic fixed star Fomalhaut encourages a spiritual transformation.

Ceres rules environmental changes, nutrition in general and cereal crops like wheat, rice and corn. This is of importance in this eclipse cycle as I mentioned in the May 9 Solar Eclipse post, it was with comet ISON, opposite Pluto and square Uranus. “these challenges we have to adapt to, involve the environment and food. We are bring poisoned by pollution, radiation, plastics and other new chemicals. We don’t know the long term effects of genetically modifies plants and animals.”

Ceres comes under a lot of pressure in this lunar eclipse chart too. The dotted red lines to Ceres from the Moon Neptune square form a very challenging aspect pattern called Thor’s Hammer, or the Fist of God. It can indicate danger to the apex planet which activates a powerful survival instinct. At the mundane level this supports the themes of increasing pressures on crops from contamination. At the personal level it means good nutrition is key to improving health to safe guard against contamination and infection, ready for that evolutionary leap.

May 2013 Lunar Eclipse Times

Los Angeles California USA, Vancouver Canada – 21:24 PDT, Fri 24th.
New York and Florida USA, Toronto Canada – 00:24 EDT, Sat 25th.
London UK – 05:24 BST, Sat 25th.
New Delhi India – 09:54 IST, Sat 25th.
Bangkok Thailand – 11:24 ICT, Sat 25th.
Sydney Australia – 14:24 EST, Sat 25th.

11 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse May 2013

  1. I can really use my Pluto trine Sun Venus, sext. Nept. now!

    Following these old pacts, what I *signed* to play was the victim. And it is so true that I have held victimized, revengeful and resentments… Having hard times to release all these… !


  2. Thankyou Jamie.

    The whole stellium will be transiting my 12th H. I have the feeling that for me it will force me to dig deep and bring treasures out. I do feel somehow more clever 😉


  3. Personally sensing a good feel about this eclipse for me, neptune is conjunct natal chiron which is natally conjunct Formalhaut, the eclipse is trine and sextile MC and IC/jupiter conjunction. I am a spiritual healer and have done the hard work on that chiron wound during my chiron return, i have trained all my life with the guidance of a powerful alchemist, many have discounted my understandings as I am humble happy to be behind the scenes and I am grateful for that guidance to remain so, this also has Sedna and Mars conjunct my vertex, my sedna and chiron habe been huge influences in my natal blue print and now I do feel I am coming into my own, where I will be able to serve fully as a a good example of the beliefs that have served me so well. I am actually quite overjoyed just now, the freedom from the solar eclipse a few days ago although tinged with a little grief that I no longer identify with who I used to pretend be, is wonderfully good. The last eclipse in Taurus back in 1994 triggered my no longer being able to deny my real self or pretend to be as I was taught I had to be any more as I was losing the connection with that true self quite frightening, yet needed to practice in order to understand all that I knew as a child I in order to serve well. It seems my time is only now upon me. Namaste to all of you working equally hard on your healing and as the secretive knight, Alexandre Dumas so wisely said, “All for one and one for all”!

  4. No coincidence then that the worldwide protest against Monsanto is being held the day of this eclipse… 25th May. If you are in a city with an event be there!

  5. Já! From the 23rd. may ´till 31st. may, my natal jup. in 3rd H. will be challenged on a quadrate with jup. transiting 12th H. Astrodienst says that this means a feeling of poverty, like the victim you describe here, Jamie, and that I have always so well acted. And states that it means a great cake with lots of butter and cream, building dreams out of clouds and not comming to reality.

    Either way, I have the feeling that I will have to be very observant. The projects we are supporting as a group are very avant-garde… let´s just hope they are not on air (one of my colleagues on one of them thinks that *money* should follow our *ideas* and I have made it clear -at least, have opened my mouth- to say it isn´t so! That good ideas have to be anchored with inversion and that there is a lot of dialogs to be made…).

    On the other hand, father of my children is facing 6th bankruptcy… what a capacity to stand and not change stubborness! Though, now my children are kind of sad… and they miss their father -small though present- support. I do feel challenged. Now -again- I have the whole responsability. And I cannot sign that reality will obey my dreams (though, I do remember the forecast 2013, with that Starun Trine).

    So, all in all, I feel deeply confused… (to say the least). And while breathing it all, I just don´t feel either like being judgin all and everyone, as I had before.

    I do feel guilty, because being so for justice -plain and high- I conformed myself with the judges and did not make so much to change it (I sure learned to have powerful enemies…). And so, I always came back home (no matter where), to relax *because others are so mean…!*

    Not easy to get rid of all this!

    * And I miss Darkastrology! She said on Fb that she is moving to a server which will better support her work and all the readers comments (we are many..). So, I hope we will be able to walk with some calmness…



  6. Thanks for the reminder to not feel the helpless victim and to keep the intuition clear.

  7. This interpretation of the lunar eclipse has hit me in the heart. All of April, I have consciously been exercising, trying to incorporate organic food into my family’s diet and actively trying to realign with my intuitive side. Jamie, this was a direct hit, as also with relationship turmoil. Thank you or your thoughts and work. ~celeste DOB 5.29.75

  8. interesting read about eclipse and toxicity.
    Jupiter conjunct my natal moon, I remember the last time this conjunction occured. thanks for posting this Jamie!

  9. This post explains a lot to me. I got food poisoning/stomach flu on the 28th of May that lasted a week, right after the eclipse. When I went back to work I found out that 3 other people had the same thing around the eclipse as well!!

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