Moon Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit

Moon Conjunct Uranus Transit

Moon conjunct Uranus maximum orb 7°00′.

Moon conjunct Uranus natal stimulates (Uranus) your hypothalamus (Moon). The hypothalamus is a gland in the brain that regulates parenting and attachment behaviors, hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleep, and circadian rhythms. It is directly linked to and equally important as the pituitary gland (Sun).

The stimulation of primal instincts has a tremendous impact on your life. With parenting and attachment behaviors, one of your parents may be odd, absent, or emotionally detached. A family history of sudden events, accidents, or psychic phenomena may exist. Your ancestry may be peculiar or noteworthy in some way.

Sudden onset of emotional volatility can be expected, verging on hysteria. However, these episodes usually pass as quickly as they started. Your relationships can be affected with an initial intensity or fascination. However, maintaining this interest over the long term often proves difficult.

Moon conjunct Uranus strongly correlates to 7-year cycles. 7 x 12 = 84 = orbital period of Uranus. The seven-year itch is also a psychological term. The Moon rules family and emotional attachments, while Uranus rules detachment.

Satisfying your strong need for stimulation is vital in dealing with the impulsive nature of this aspect. The Internet is an ideal source of this stimulation as the Internet and computers are ruled by Uranus. Acceptance of and family support of any psychic abilities were essential growing up. It is crucial for you not to feel like an outcast. The major religions have demonized many of your special skills or talents over the last 2000 years.

Most importantly, you want to feel like an integral and valued part of your family, social circle, and community. This is also the area that requires the most effort to achieve.

Moon Conjunct Uranus Transit

Moon conjunct Uranus transit is felt as subconscious impulsiveness. Sudden events may result in relationship upsets, family disputes, or a significant change in direction regarding close relationships. Other changes may include primal urges such as appetite and sleeping patterns. You may fluctuate between extended periods of wakefulness, then periods of lethargy.

Acting on instinct during this period is best because psychic talents are being stimulated. Overthinking or trying to be patient probably won’t work out so well. Flashes of insight should be taken seriously, so take a chance and back yourself. You must express yourself as much as possible and not be held back by tradition or society’s standards.

Some eccentric or weird actions may not turn out well, but one or two may prove valuable. Expect to feel somewhat isolated or detached from your loved ones during this period. This is the standard for any astrological aspects or transits associated with psychic ability.

This interpretation for Moon conjunct Uranus transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon conjunct Uranus.

Moon Conjunct Uranus Celebrities

Emanuel Swedenborg 0°07′, Gordon Ramsay 0°11′, Woody Paige 0°20′, Ann-Margret 0°21′, Amélie Mauresmo 0°22′, Robert Watson-Watt 0°28′, Angus Young 0°29′, Jessica Savitch 0°39′, Richard Carpenter 0°56′, Jim Bailey 0°57′, Andreas Badder 0°53′, Van Morrison 0°57′, Barbara Hutton 1°14′, Christine Keeler 1°14′, K.D. Lang 1°20′, Joe Montana 1°34′, H.P. Lovecraft 1°35′, Violette Szabo 1°41′, Jodie Foster 1°43′, Rosa Bonheur 1°49′, Dmitri Shostakovich 1°50′.

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  1. Please put your links for this blog on linked in. I had to search to find you
    Also your twitter account did not work.
    Blessings and
    Happy Birthday Jamie!
    In Joy!
    Janet StraightArrow

  2. This article got me thinking…my natal Mars (and ruler of my ASC) is in my 4th house. As an adult, I move every 2 years or so – sometimes it’s a choice, other times it’s out of my control (like one apartment building being turned into condos)…Mars cycle is 2 years…hmmm…

    Food for thought! Thanks Jamie!

  3. Hi, how is this different to Moon Opp. Uranus natally? I recognise a lot of these issues about for the conj. in the opposition. Can you recommend any ways for an individual to cope positively with their emotions when they have the opposition? Many thanks! 🙂

  4. Fun fact: My mum consulted a clairvoyant about me many years ago. She told her that I should be careful with the sea especially at the ages 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, and so on.
    I didn’t notice this had some coincidental link with my natal Moon conjunct Uranus until I read this post.

  5. Hi, I have the conjunction near 0 degree orb in my natal chart. I’ve changed schools and residences 7 times as a youth before the age of 16. Born on July (7) 16th(7). Friends are more like family. I am a libertarian socialist. I love metaphysics but at the same time question everything about it. Naom Chromsky and Jiddu Krishnamurti are two people I can really identify with. I abhor dogma in religion and politics. I don’t understand how people can put so much “faith” in authority. I’ll take the opinion of a beggar over Donald Trump if it makes more sense. I don’t fit into this world of status, wealth, and power overall. I’d love to contribute to society in a meaningful way; Yet, I am quite cynical of my species. I want to change things for the state of equality. Although, I wonder if my thoughts are a waste of time or too utopian.

    • I have it in the 4th with my Moon, we think a lot alike. Also moved a bazillion times as a child, at home with my Mom in infancy, and as teen though state care, I was un- adoptable. So spent all my time in Group Homes. Far more violent than foster, and fitting for a Uranus, Scorpio 4th. Too much of a ” PTSD problem child”. I do wonder what sort of experiments were done to me in this house.

      It bewilders me when people talk about visiting old classmates and family reunions. Just don’t happen with me.

      My Mom was a hyper Virgo, square Gemini Moon, Mars opp Moon conjunct Antares.

      Not “Uranian energy” but disruptive doesn’t tell the half of it.

    • Interesting! I have Moon in 4th conjunct Uranus in 5th with a 5 degree orb. I went to 6 different schools my first 6 years of school due to frequent moves. A philosophy major and love metaphysics and am the ultimate skeptic. I also don’t fit into the material world one iota and have utopian ideals. Family members do not act like family and friends are replacement family.

  6. Moon conjunct Uranus in 6th near 0 degree orb.

    Do you know how much we are conditioned everyday? What if we were free from this conditioning? What would be possible?

  7. Thank you Jamie, I like your web site. I have moon in close conjunction with Uranus in the fourth house, and as someone else stated I regard close friends as important as birth family .I have also moved home many times in life.

  8. I just had a shocking emotional experience with this transit. We were out having fun at the skating rink (recreational activities, uranus is in my fifth house) and my step-sister (family) broke her arm as a result of a sudden collision when a fast roller-blader hit her. I was oddly detached, but I remained calm and was able to inform my step-mom of the situation and to come quickly. Although bystanders were being stupidly frustrating (“Is she ok?”), I was able to ignore them and do what I needed to. I couldn’t help but feel guilty for my detached reaction, yet I am glad that I handled the situation well. I hope this helps to enlighten everyone on the kinds of experiences that this transit can bring.

  9. Uranus in the 5th sextiles Moon/Sun/Marz in the 3rd and I seem to fall pregnant unexpectedly every 6 or 7yrs!

  10. Not sure if this will resonate with anyone but I have this aspect with an almost 0 degree orb.. my mom had a brain aneurysm immediately after giving birth to me. She also passed away from from leukemia when I was 14.

    • Wow that’s interesting my mom passed away from Cancer when I was 14 as well, I have my sun and moon conjunct Uranus.

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