Mars Conjunct Uranus on Algol – July 15, 2024

Mars Conjunct Uranus on Algol 2024

Mars conjunct Uranus maximum orb 5°30′.

Mars conjunct Uranus 2024 in Taurus aligns with the notorious fixed star Algol. Find out what this means following descriptions of Mars conjunct Uranus natal and transit.

Natal Mars Conjunct Uranus

Mars conjunct Uranus natal gives exceptional creative talents and excitement. You have engaging and sexually attractive energy that draws in people and attention.

Whether at work or play, your motivation, enthusiasm, and electric energy can excite, inspire, and entertain other people. You thrive on the adrenaline rush you get from pushing the limits, and this strong desire for excitement makes you a thrill seeker and sometimes a rebel.

You love the attention you receive for your actions and works, and you can feed off this recognition and appreciation. Your intense desire to act without restriction can make you very independent. A stable family life is possible if you can be your eccentric self.

Mars conjunct Uranus gives strong desires for anything unusual. You may collect rare objects or have a passion for the occult. In following your passions, you are not restricted by the rules of a particular culture or religion. You must satisfy your peculiar desires despite the criticism. If you do not use your great energy stores, unexpected things may happen.

Being a rebel and stirring up trouble comes naturally, but you must channel this erratic and fiery energy into constructive activities. Use your creative genius to burn up this raw energy and satisfy you.

You may have bursts of extremely potent energy like a volcanic explosion. It could be in a boxing match like Joe Frazier or a guitar solo like Jimmy Page, and it can even be a witty and cutting political speech or writing a poem. Afterward, you need rest to recover from your exhaustion.

Mars represents your goal-directed energy. You can avoid extra negative attention by focusing on your personal and professional goals. You may gain popularity and will always create a stir by being so different. Expect to have some nasty critics because being controversial is just your style.

Mars Conjunct Uranus Transit

Mars conjunct Uranus transit strongly urges you to break out of limiting situations in your life. You need change and excitement to spice up your life. However, a tendency to act spontaneously or erratically can cause unwanted surprises that upset your life.

Risk-taking is not the best option now, even though you will feel like it. You should still follow your passionate desires and instincts but with self-control and a particular goal. Making and sticking to plans will not work, so there is a narrow path between recklessness and missed opportunity.

The more erratic energy you use to chase your desires and goals, the better. You want to find new and stimulating adventures, work, and relationships. In this way, you reduce the risk of unexpected events happening to you.

You can fully express your kinky side now and enjoy it. You may wear crazy clothes or try something different in the bedroom. Flashes of insight or experimentation could lead to excellent new opportunities in your life.

Mars Conjunct Uranus Celebrities

Vito Genovese 0°02′, Joe Frazier 0°04′, John Denver 0°08′, Paul Keating 0°08′, Marjoe Gortner 0°10′, Lord Alfred Tennyson 0°12′, Ava Gardner 0°18′, Blanche d’Alpuget 0°19′, Sylvia Townsend Warner 0°27′, Jimmy Page 0°28′, Edward Kelley 0°40′, Bethany Hamilton 0°44′, Tommaso Palamidessi 0°52′, Rodney King 0°56′, Eddie Kidd 0°56′, Chester Kallman 0°56′, Herman Boerhaave 0°57′, Rutger Hauer 0°58′, Teri Hatcher 0°59′, Valerie Solanas 1°00′, Robin Williams 1°03′, Boy George 1°13′, L. Ron Hubbard 1°16′, Robert Downey Jr. 1°18′, Tom Chambers 1°21′, H. G. Wells 1°36′, Johnny Depp 1°38′, Usher 1°39′, Michael Richards 1°43′.

Mars Conjunct Uranus 2024

Mars conjunct Uranus at 26°19′ Taurus on July 15, 2024, will cause exciting events. Positive aspects could bring sudden promotion and success, while challenging aspects could bring unexpected danger.

Fixed star Algol at 26°30′ Taurus adds determination, courage and fearlessness but increases the risk of impulsiveness, accidents and aggression. Algol causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence. This combination could cause sudden assaults, military attacks, explosions and assassinations.

Mars Conjunct Uranus 2024

Mars Conjunct Uranus 2024

Celebrities with Algol in their charts include Donald Trump (MC), Kamala Harris (Jupiter), Tucker Carlson (Sun), Johnny Depp (Mercury, Venus) Prince William (Venus) and David Beckham (Mercury, AC).

The Sun sextile Mars-Uranus is positive. But the Sun aligns tightly with a dangerous star:

Sun conjunct fixed star Pollux at 23°32′ Cancer: Blows, stabs, serious accidents, shooting, shipwreck, murderer, extreme sickness and diseases, fevers, injuries to head and face, quarrels, rape, banishment, imprisonment for embezzling, violent death, decapitation.

Donald Trump has Saturn conjunct Pollux (1°20′), Sun sextile Mars (3°50′) like the current chart, and Mars square Midheaven (2°25′). These factors increase the risk of assassination from Midheaven conjunct Algol (1°03′) in his natal chart.

However, Mars conjunct Uranus 2024 on Trump’s Midheaven will more likely boost his popularity and election prospects because he has Venus sextile Midheaven (1°23′) and Saturn sextile Midheaven (0°32′).

Mars Conjunct Uranus Dates

August 1, 2022
July 15, 2024
July 4, 2026
June 23, 2028
June 15, 2030
June 6, 2032
May 30, 2034
May 22, 2036

24 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Uranus on Algol – July 15, 2024

  1. OH BOII first a full moon @ 22 Cancer opposite my natal mars (2nd House) and now transiting mars conjunct uranus exactly on my natal mars

    I think i m gonna act all out of character that day.. *locking my self down in dungeon*

    • I would agree that it is a wise decision Ann. It is better to keep it safe and do not take unnecessary risks in such placement. All the best !

  2. Yep, that’s me. And I have the Mars-Pluto conjunction as well 🙂 Extremely independent and I have creative flashes of insight all the time, or plans coming out of the blue about what to do next. People say I want to be seen as different but tbh I really don’t care what other people think about me! It’s just the way I am… I recognise the ‘electric attraction’ thing as well. Sometimes unwanted, when I feel caged in I just go away haha. What really helps me to thrive on this kind of energy is to drive my Duc motorbike, (yep I’m a woman) or go for a ride on my racing bike, or to learn new things about ‘weird’ interests like Evolutionary Astrology, or to create art! The biggest challenge for me is to stick to repetitive and boring tasks and I will evade those whenever I can. But in those instances when I feel it’s needed, I will follow through to the very end. Greetings from Planet Zork!

  3. Serious question. What orb for Mars conj Uranus? I’ve Mars at 26 Aries opp Uranus. It will also exactly trine Sun and also Moon. Which I’ve been managing so-so. Just feels like Mars could overload the ‘spit and duct tape’.

  4. Mars conjunct Uranus in the Natal chart: Can anyone tell me if both planets are 7 degrees apart in a natal chart does that count as a conjunction. Also Mars is in my 12th house and Uranus is in my 1st house, both conjunct my Ascendant. Does that division weaken the conjunction? Thanks in advance

  5. Errr my natal Lilith is 20 Cancer so LOOK OUT! Ha! As a multi Virgo with a stellium in Libra with Merc conj Jupes (big mouth strikes again) will try and focus the energy into creative design and love making!

  6. Hi! What iif i have Mars, Pluto and Uranus conjunct in Virgo in the 7th H and an Aquarius Rising conjunct Saturn.
    Will this be hard in relationship if my bf have a Leo Moon/Rising ?Thank you

  7. Welcome to my chaos. Natally Mars conj Uranus in Sagittarius. 1st house. Midheaven trine in Leo.
    These are in the midpoint of my trined sun and moon and fortunately there are no afflicted planets.
    So accidents.. Dare i list them. 9/10 of them are passively caused. I would like to know if soft aspects to these overwhelming energies in my chart are an explanation to why i haven’t broken a major bone, or severed a major artery yet have had so many close calls with all kinds of near death experiences, i could write a horror movie. Are a lack of squares and oppositions the reason.
    Almost every day i am involved in something that would frighten someone to the point of taking time off work or spending a lot of time with a therapist, only to give their therapist ptsd.. Murphy’s Law is my middle name.
    Someone explain to me what i exist for. To be in the red tape business??

    • Thank you Theresa. I have added him now. I didn’t use him before because there are so many celebs with this aspect so I kept the orb to under two degrees.

  8. Hi Jamie,

    How this transit would play if this conjunction (on my 10th house) makes an exact opposition to natal Mars (ruler of MC) and Pluto transit is at the same time making an almost exact square to MC (it would be exact on 20 Feb)…
    Natal Mars is at less than 7 degrees from IC (22.12) and natal Pluto (19 libra) at less than 3 from IC
    should I be really scare? Could it bring for once a good thing? (Uranus rules descendent natally)
    Thanks for your interesting posts.

  9. Hi Jamie new to you”re website & think it”s awesome. Somewhere I came across a place where I could enter my Birthday and do my natal chart where you could click on the wheel to look up about yourself. Does that make sense to you? Because now I can’t find it. Please help me.
    Thanks Susan Yacovella

  10. Looking forward to your commentary on Mars conjunct Uranus 6 Taurus on the day of the next US presidential inauguration.

  11. interior designer, William Morris, b. March 24, 1834

    Mars 24Tau17
    Uranus 24Tau48

    “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

    Hopes and Fears for Art “The Beauty of Life” (1882)

    Progressed Jupiter 18Tau48
    Progressed Sun 19Sun40
    4th house

  12. Hi, i need your insight about having a tonsillectomy and deviated septum surgery when Mars and uranus are 2:40 degree apart on January 15. It is quite appreciated🙏

  13. The inauguration could not be at a worse time on a worse day.

    Divine intervention.

  14. I would agree that it is a wise decision Ann. It is better to keep it safe and do not take unnecessary risks in such placement. All the best !

  15. Someone close to me has the NN Uranus MARS in his solar return chart very close to exact, within hours. This is also sextile venus. His natal mars is conjunct his SR CHIRON.

  16. Hello. I have this conjunction as a part of a stellium in my 2nd house ruled by Saturn. What does that mean?

  17. Fascinating insights about those with this fixed star prominent natally. There are certainly plenty of folks who want destruction to Tucker and Trump. I am not one of them. We need to take this country back! Will be interesting to see how this window plays out. Interestingly (or terrifyingly) this aspect takes place on my natal Algol. I’m not leaving the house, haha.

  18. The RNC Convention begins on July 15. So a lot of energy (Mars) on Trump’s MC.

  19. Clock just ticked over to July 12 ut

    Progressed age of aquarius, 12 July transits

    Chart suggests an Airburst, the Tunguska effect, but within a kite pattern it might just come out as theatrics initially, The Biden Subjective Completion, a theme of self undoing.

    Biden archetype, mentioned before mostly on

    umm seriously, at the three quarter moon Sunday, or Mars conj Uranus Monday, a possible meteor airburst

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