Mars Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Mars Square Midheaven TransitMars square Midheaven natal gives an independent spirit and strong will. You have an intense desire to achieve some great ambition and generally know what you want. Self-confidence, motivation, initiative, organization, sex appeal, and a straightforward approach are your keys to success.

You can also be innovative, experimental, and spontaneous, and develop your own very distinct style. People are often magnetically drawn to you, finding you passionate, seductive, romantic, and even erotic. Willing to challenge convention and tradition, you are not afraid to address social problems and make bold statements.

Your competitive, assertive and direct approach can inspire others but it can also ruffle some feathers. You may be accused of bullying, being too demanding, provocative, or offensive. This can lead to criticism, controversy, notoriety, and difficult relations with superiors and subordinates. Speaking up for what you believe in can make others feel threatened and even jealous. Earning a bad reputation can adversely affect your career prospects.

When you feel you have been mistreated or jilted, you can react with devastating power, sometimes using personal criticisms vindictively. Acting impulsively out of anger, suspicion or revenge will always make it harder to reach your goals. You may find the best response to criticism is to never complain and never explain.

Sometimes Mars square Midheaven can result in aggression or estrangement from family members. You could have a particularly close relationship with one parent but a very difficult relationship with the other, often your father. You may have been raised by just one and felt anger toward a step-parent.

Mars Square Midheaven Transit

Mars square Midheaven transit makes you very competitive with an intense desire to achieve a certain objective. You know what you want and have the motivation and initiative to make it happen. Being direct and assertive can be an asset now but it is most important to focus your energy on a specific goal without letting your enthusiasm spill over into impulsive actions.

Self-assertiveness could easily turn to aggression, especially if you feel that you are being criticized or worked against by others. And this could be true if your actions threaten others like superiors or colleagues. Even though you may feel like you are being unjustly treated, you may be accused of bullying or being too demanding.

You may also feel the urge to speak up about some injustice or social cause. However, fighting against convention or authority is likely to cause conflict and lead to controversy or damage to your reputation. Mars square Midheaven transit often leads to an increase in sexual urges. But flirting or affairs at this time could also lead to scandal or problems in your work or home life.

This is a good time to work hard on something you are passionate about. But you must do so with patience and self-control. Keep your eye on your long-term goal and avoid causing unwanted attention. Channel any frustration at lack of progress or resistance toward something physically or mentally demanding.

Mars Square Midheaven Celebrities

Gustave Courbet 0°05′, Giorgio Baglivi 0°12′, Herb Ritts 0°18′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 0°21′, Bill Clinton 0°22′, Anne, Princess Royal 0°25′, Kenneth Williams 0°25′, Glenda Jackson 0°27′, Rush Limbaugh 0°29′, Gary Hart 0°36′, Sissy Spacek 0°38′, Raphael of Urbino 0°40′, Gerry McCann 0°44′, Truman Capote 0°45′, Gérard Depardieu 0°46′, Cheiro 0°47′, Charlie Sheen 0°49′, Gordon Jackson 0°53′, Xiao Qian 0°54′, Peter Phillips 0°55′, Louis XII 0°57′, Keith Richards 1°12′, Bette Davis 1°18′, Marcel Proust 1°25′, Sydney Pollack 1°28′, Josh Homme 1°31′, Billy Bragg 1°39′, Nikola Tesla 1°59′.

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