Venus Sextile Midheaven Natal and Transit

Venus Sextile Midheaven TransitVenus sextile Midheaven natal gives a romantic and ambitious nature with a desire to leave your mark on the world. You are an honest and decent person with respect for yourself and others. Highly aware of your public image, you aim to always be a good role model. You are a good judge of talent and character.

Although you are engaging with good social skills and a strong presence among others, you may be quite moody and sensitive, with a somewhat reserved personality. Yet your pursuit of admiration, status, and power will most likely lead to a high social standing, a prominent and successful career, and wealth.

You should have grown up in a pleasant environment and had good relations with at least one of your parents. Your home base can be a refuge from the bustle of work or busy scenes of public life. Or you may sometimes feel a longing to return home.

Your appreciation of art, music, beauty, and comfort may have been instilled from an early age. And you could easily have a successful career in such Venus-related fields. Even with a busy and successful career and social life you should always find time for entertainment, amusements, leisure activities, games and novelties. You may enjoy the feeling of inebriation but only in moderation. A dislike of swearing, gambling, and immorality, in general, is associated with Venus sextile Midheaven.

A dislike of conflict and willingness to compromise may also be due to parental influence. Your impartiality and skill as a negotiator could see you act as a go-between or facilitator of peace. Your toleration of other views and non-partisanship brings the respect of your peers, and your seniors and juniors.

It is important to you to have the approval of your parents and other authority figures. This is not a bad thing because people in positions of power are likely to assist you throughout your life.

Venus Sextile Midheaven Transit

Venus sextile Midheaven transit is a time of peace and harmony at home and at work. This is an excellent time to resolve conflict because of mutual respect, honesty, and a willingness to compromise.

Good negotiation skills and non-partisanship means you could also act as a go-between to find peaceful settlements to disputes between others, especially between family members or between your workmates.

You will project a very positive image which makes it easy to win the approval of others, especially superiors. So this is a good time to ask for favors, borrow money, and to make presentations. It is also a good time to find a business partner, financial advisor, or other professional to assist you.

You should enjoy a more prominent and attractive public profile and social media image. This could be used to further your career, to advertise, sell or gain support for a worthy cause.

While this is an ideal time for self-promotion, wealth creation, and career success, it is also a good time to retreat from the limelight to the comfort of home. You could relax with loved ones and recharge your batteries. But this is also a good time for leisure activities, entertaining at home or going out to a restaurant, nite club or amusement park.

Venus Sextile Midheaven Celebrities

Howard Cassady 0°04′, Sylvester Stallone 0°05′, Molly Ringwald 0°09′, George Washington 0°10′, Benjamin Disraeli 0°12′, Renée Zellweger 0°14′, Mary Tyler Moore 0°19′, Romana Acosta Bañuelos 0°33′, Erich Fromm 0°35′, Kenny Rogers 0°41′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 0°43′, Billy Joel 0°43′, Robert Helpmann 0°57′, Serena Williams 0°59′, Kenneth Williams 1°01′, Al Pacino 1°01′, Jeffrey Dahmer 1°04′, Kurt Daluege 1°09′, Bob Denver 1°12′, Timothy Leary 1°17′, Donald Trump 1°23′, Chelsea Handler 1°25′, Samantha Fox 1°30′, Carrie Fisher 1°31′, Larry Christiansen 1°35′, Mark Wahlberg 1°36′, Keith Richards 1°38′, Doris Day 1°40′, Micheal Douglas 1°41′, Micheal Bloomberg 1°46′, Violette Szabo 1°47′, Charles Manson 1°54′.

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