Saturn Sextile Midheaven Natal and Transit

Saturn Sextile Midheaven Transit

Saturn sextile Midheaven maximum orb 3°30′.

Saturn sextile Midheaven natal gives a supportive early home environment and a solid grounding for a successful life. Even if your parents separated, you likely received guidance from a father figure. Throughout your life, you can expect good relations and favoritism from teachers, superiors and leaders who appreciate your hard-working, reliable and diligent nature. They will help you realize your full potential.

You are sensible, moderate, realistic and self-controlled. A stable and structured environment makes you comfortable, but you may struggle with hardship, disorder and conflict. This makes you diplomatic and willing to compromise to keep things together. You restore some organization and pace from the chaos.

Although you respect superiors, elders and tradition, you will not betray your loyalties, family or ideals. So you are willing to rebel or disobey as you see fit, which makes you respected by superiors and subordinates. You judge people only on their merits but are loyal and considerate to those who prove reliable.

You are highly ambitious and will take advantage of opportunities to promote yourself and rise. Saturn sextile Midheaven makes you determined, motivated, diligent, resourceful, productive and efficient. You are full of drive in times of success. However, you can become easily discouraged when things get tough.

As a perfectionist, you can be very strict. You expect a lot from others but are also devoted, gentle and fair. Your encouraging, guiding and instructive nature brings out the best in others. You would make an excellent teacher and parent and will often take on mentoring roles.

You have the leadership qualities and organizing skills to head a large corporation or government department. But you also have the motivation and sense of responsibility to work under minimum direction or have a successful solo career.

You will likely earn a lot of promotions and praise in your career and have a positive influence on many people. There may be public recognition of your achievements, and you could even be famous in your lifetime and earn a lasting reputation.

Despite being publicity-friendly, you like to keep your personal and home life private. You may be shy and even introverted, keeping most relationships formal. Yet you displayed a surprisingly passionate and devoted side to a very small few with whom you drop the seemingly impenetrable barriers.

Saturn Sextile Midheaven Transit

Saturn sextile Midheaven transit makes you more ambitious and motivated to succeed. Promotion in your career and achieving your long-term goals come through your hard work, the assistance of others, and a more stable environment.

Determination, persistence, patience and single-mindedness help you become more efficient, resourceful and productive. Favoritism, respect, recognition and promotion are likely from superiors. Your home and family life should be encouraging, and less disruption and distraction will make it easier for you to focus on your professional goals.

This is an excellent time to promote yourself and show your leadership qualities. Diplomacy and the ability to compromise make you an influential team member. You also have the self-discipline and confidence to work under minimum supervision or for yourself.

Younger people may come to you for advice or mentoring. You can effectively teach, train and instruct. Valuable advice can come from elders and superiors; this is an excellent time to undertake training or education related to your career.

This transit is good for applying for work in teaching, government or large corporations, building or renovating a house, and promoting your public or social media profile. You can expect recognition and advancement now. But this is also a building phase for your career, reputation, and family will bring returns in about five years.

Saturn Sextile Midheaven Celebrities

Erwin Rommel 0°03′, John Fogerty 0°05′, Herman Melville 0°10′, Al Parker 0°14′, Jacques Cousteau 0°18′, Georges Seurat 0°19′, Mike White 0°23′, Donald Trump 0°32′, Michelle Pfeiffer 0°33′, Gustave Courbet 0°34′, Harold Holt 0°35′, John Howard 0°37′, Antonio Salieri 0°37′, Lady Louise Windsor 0°37′, Ewan McGregor 0°38′, Georges Clemenceau 0°39′, Johannes Morninus 0°47′, Bret Easton Ellis 0°47′, Jackie Weaver 0°48′, Juan Carlos I 0°51′, Gloria Star 0°54′, Edgar Degas 1°00′, Robert F. Kennedy 1°02′, Red Skelton 1°02′, Adele 1°03′, Raphael of Urbino 1°05′, Gore Vidal 1°18′, Henry III of France 1°21′, Irene Cara 1°25′, Mac Miller 1°26′, Whitney Houston 1°36′, Nancy Reagan 1°37′, Edith Piaf 1°39′, David Icke 1°41′, Justin Alexander Shetler 1°46′, Gigi Hadid 1°57′.

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  1. The mid-heaven is not a home environment?
    So, how is the father figure involved?
    Maybe I am missing something….

    • Hi Gerzan. The Imum Coeli (IC) is the home environment, and it positively aspect by Saturn because it is opposite MIdheaven.

  2. I loved reading that. So few sites look at aspects to MC or ASC.

    • Hi Angela. Thank you. I love researching them too. I feel like I’m the first to discover something new. Older astrologers didn’t have the resources we have now. So many charts and the ability to read about people online.

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