Neptune Sextile Midheaven Natal and Transit

Neptune Sextile Midheaven Transit

Neptune sextile Midheaven maximum orb 3°00′.

Neptune sextile Midheaven natal gives a gentle, graceful and non-combative disposition. You are generally not ambitious in the sense of wanting to scheme for power and to amass material possessions. And this can make you appear unambitious, sleepy, or even lazy. Early in life, this may have been so and could have resulted in mediocre results in school.

Yet you do have aspirations to make a difference in your career. This aspect helps you achieve your dreams and your ideals through your career. A strong intuition gives you confidence that things will work out for you. You should also enjoy the sensitive support of your parents and superiors. But to others, it may seem as if you achieve success with the minimum of exertion. Perhaps fate plays in part in rewarding your altruistic intentions to serve others and not yourself.

Whether it be entertainment or public service, you can have a positive, healing, and spiritually uplifting effect on others. Just as you share a special spiritual bond with your family members, you feel a spiritual connection to work colleagues, your community, the public, your fans, and perhaps even the entire mass consciousness of humanity. You can also likely connect to the ordinary person on the street.

As mentioned earlier, Neptune sextile Midheaven gives a non-combative disposition. But you can be very rigid on matters of principle. So you will learn how to deal with hostile reactions to get your point across. But you often use your courteous and gentle nature to negotiate and compromise to succeed.

Sometimes you will sacrifice your career goals to assist your family. And if you have to, you will sacrifice time with family to focus on your career, but usually only to help others. Your success does not generally arouse envy in others, and though you seem to attract more than the average amount of satire and scandal.

Neptune Sextile Midheaven Transit

Neptune sextile Midheaven transit harmoniously influences your home and professional life. This is because you are becoming more relaxed and spiritually centered while less assertive and competitive. You may appear less ambitious, making coworkers feel less threatened.

You still desire to succeed but perhaps for different reasons than before. You are seeking greater meaning or spiritual satisfaction in your career now. But being more selfless and non-material does not mean you have to sacrifice your comfort level or status. This transit helps you achieve your dreams and your ideals through your career. Your altruistic intentions could even be rewarded with fame and glory.

Your intuition is heightened now and should be more reliable. Any psychic abilities or lucid dreaming can be fine-tuned, or you may experience psychic phenomena for the first time. Listen to your intuition to help make decisions about your home, family life, and career. You will likely become more interested in occult subjects, religion, and spirituality.

This is an excellent time to find your dream job or change your profession to better suit your spiritual ideals or creative potential. Some areas suited to this transit include public service, politics, social work, arts and entertainment, environmental or human rights causes, amusements, nursing, and healing.

You could even start a small business in an esoteric field like astrology. But this is a perfect time for working with others because you will likely attract people who share your ideals. Your colleagues should be more willing to cooperate and sacrifice for the greater good.

Your home life should be balanced with your career, but some exceptions exist. You may need to sacrifice time with family to further your career. Alternatively, you may need to make sacrifices in your career to support a family member, with nursing care, for example.

At home, you should enjoy the sensitive support of family members. Greater spiritual bonding is likely with family members but also close friends and partners. This is an excellent time to introduce ceremony or prayer in the home, to seek spiritual guidance from elders, and to honor your ancestors.

Neptune Sextile Midheaven Celebrities

Vladimir Putin 0′02, David Spade 0°02′, Prince Albert Victor 0°04′, Alec Douglas-Home 0°05′, Ted Kennedy 0°06′, Princess Beatrice of the UK 0°08′, Ilona Staller 0°11′, Lisa St Aubin de Terán 0°12′, Robert Berdella 0°15′, Diane Arbus 0°18′, Yoko Ono 0°20′, Carole King 0°26′, Cheech Marin 0°29′, Jane Fonda 0°30′, LeBron James 0°31′, Andrea Dworkin 0°40′, Juliette Drouet 0°40′, Oliver Stone 0°42′, Johnny Weissmuller 0°49′, Anthony Eden 0°50′, Sarah, Duchess of York 0°53′, Chester Kallman 0°55′, Larry King 0°59′, Willie Garson 1°08′, Allan Kardec 1°10′, Rutherford B. Hayes 1°13′, Isabel Hickey 1°16′, Wolfgang Mozart 1°24′, Rufus Wainwright 1°26′, Winston Churchill 1°28′.

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