Fixed Star Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse at 28°45′ Gemini has an orb of 2°40′
Fixed Star Betelgeuse

Orion Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Betelgeuse on June 20

Fixed star Betelgeuse, Alpha Orionis, is a 0.5 magnitude variable super-giant red star located in the right armpit of the Hunter, Orion Constellation. Spectral type M1–M2 Ia–ab. Betelgeuse is labeled alpha Orion even though it is the second brightest star in Orion star behind Rigel.

Constellation Orion is drawn as a hunting man, and Betelgeuse sits on his right shoulder. The traditional name Betelgeuse was derived from the Arabic يد الجوزاء Yad al-Jauzā’ “the hand of al-Jauzā’ [i.e. Orion]”

Betelgeuse is one of the largest stars known and is rapidly shrinking in size at an increasing rate. Betelgeuse is 15% smaller than it was fifteen years ago. [1] This has led to predictions that Betelgeuse will explode into a supernova in the next few years. Astronomers say it will turn into a supernova at some stage but cannot say when, but when it does it will be as bright as the full Moon. [2]

20002050Fixed StarOrb
24♊4725♊29Al Hecka1°50′
03♋2604♋08Tejat Prior1°40′

Betelgeuse Astrology

Fixed star Betelgeuse gives martial honor, preferment and wealth. It is of the nature of Mars and Mercury. [3]

α Orinis. A variable orange star on the right shoulder of Orion. “The Giant’s Shoulder.” Spectral class M2. The native can receive honors, and gain wealth. The native can be obstinate, combative, rash, energetic, and changeable. Fame is possible. [9]

War and carnage are presaged by Betelgeuse. The star is indicative of great fortune, martial honors and other kingly attributes. [4]

Betelgeuse is on the Right Shoulder of Orion, and corresponds to the meaning of Mars with a touch of Mercury. The effects of these properties are more propitious than those of Bellatrix, especially if Jupiter is also connected to it. [5]

Betelgeuse is a mighty star on the main muscle of Orion that wields his sword. It is of Mars-Mercury classification and never fails to reveal immense strength in a horoscope. How that serves or fates the person in question depends on how he uses his strength. Nothing happens by halves with this great star. [6]

Fixed star Betelgeuse rules the navel. [7]

Constellation Orion

The most important constellation in the heavens outside the zodiac is Orion. In judicial astrology this is the constellation of war. In the Middle Ages this constellation was said to be a direful influence to agriculture, being the “the veri cuttrhrote of cattle” and presaging violent storms and much rain. In genethiacal charts the indications are for arrogance, rebellion, strength, and courage. Tetrabiblos lists the stars in the shoulder of Orion to have a nature similar to that of Mars and Mercury, and the other bright stars in the constellation to be similar to the natures of Jupiter and Saturn. [4]

According to Ptolemy the bright stars with the exception of Betelgeuze and Bellatrix are like Jupiter and Saturn. It is said to give a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety, prosperity in trade and particularly by voyages or abroad, but danger of treachery and poison. It was thought by the Romans to be very harmful to cattle and productive of storms. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Aleph and the 1st Tarot Trump “The Juggler.” [3]

Betelgeuse Star, Alpha Orionis

Betelgeuse Star, Alpha Orionis []

Fixed Star Betelgeuse Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Betelgeuse: A superior athlete, being endowed with outstanding agility and speed of body. Variable moods and the mind always anxious with the immediate problems of the day. Honors and titles will be given to the native during his lifetime. [4]

Preferment, luck, success and everlasting fame are promised. If also in conjunction with Mars, there is danger of death by lightning, fire, explosions, firearms or similar things. [5]

A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. [8]

Susan Boyle 0°03′, John Townley 0°06′, Ally Sheedy 0°18′, King Umberto II of Italy 0°26′, Alan Villiers 0°52′, RuPaul 1°01′, Timothy McVeigh 1°21′, LeBron James 2°06′, Theodore Roosevelt 2°10′.

Ascendant conjunct Betelgeuse and born in the day: Bold, ferocious, repentant, false, thieving, godless, friendless, pretender, insolent, guilty of murder, counterfeiter, swindler and sometimes do not have a good death. [8]

Susan Boyle, Ally Sheedy, Timothy McVeigh, LeBron James.

Ascendant conjunct Betelgeuse and born at night: Military leader, valiant, energetic, versatile, shrewd, capable of many and varied activities, sensible, high-pitched, deceitful, have a happy outcome, stubborn, impetuous and insatiable in their desires, corrupt both boys and girls, perjurers. [8]

John Townley, Umberto II of Italy, Alan Villiers, RuPau, Theodore Roosevelt.

Midheaven conjunct Betelgeuse: Great military fortune, command, invention, ingenuity and helps in the perfection of arts and sciences. If at the same time with Sun, Moon or Jupiter, ample fortune and great honor. [3]

A superior athlete, being endowed with outstanding agility and speed of body. Will have variable moods and a mind always anxious with the immediate problems of the day. [4]

Preferment, luck, success and everlasting fame are promised. [5]

A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity from youth and in own city. [8]

Will Young 0°12′, Walter Koch 0°19′, Raymond Merriman 0°19′, David Duke 0°23′ (and Mercury), David Copperfield 0°35′, Silvio Berlusconi 0°40′, Alexei Navalny 0°46′, Dave Chappelle 1°02′, Bruce Willis 1°04′, Rudy Giuliani 1°45′, Emma Watson 2°23′, Walt Disney 2°28′, Hugh Hefner 2°32′.

Descendant conjunct Betelgeuse: Mind always anxious with the immediate problems of the day. These anxieties may lead to a disturbed mind. Honors and titles will be given to the native after death. [3]

Preferment, luck, success and everlasting fame are promised. [5]

A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities; bountiful resources; well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity around middle age or through marriage or women. [8]

Sylvester Stallone 0°33′,Jimmy Swaggart 0°56′, Prince William 0°59′, Oprah Winfrey 1°33′, Olivia Rodrigo 2°09′, Stormy Daniels 2°14′, Warren Buffett 2°16′.

Imum Coeli conjunct Betelgeuse: A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions. Prosperity in old age or through savings, investments or pensions, death will be famous and known to all. [8]

Part of Fortune conjunct Betelgeuse: Alicia Silverstone 0°25′, Patch Adams 0°29′, Ann-Margret Olsson 0°42′, Mel B 0°46′, George Clooney 1°19′, James Woods 1°25′, Clarence Thomas 1°47′ (and Uranus), Bill Clinton 1°48′, Kourtney Kardashian 2°03′

Sun conjunct Betelgeuse: Interest in and the ability for occult and mystical subjects, acute diseases, fevers, honor, and preferment ending in final ruin. [3]

High preferment in sports, legal, martial and matters dealing with the public. With this conjunction there is the ever present danger of losses of one fell-swoop. The native can gain fame and wealth. [9]

Paula Abdul 0°08′, Anne Murray 0°08′, Boris Johnson 0°12′, Xanana Gusmão 0°20′, Brian Wilson 0°32′, Jay Rockefeller IV 0°32′, Errol Flynn 0°46′, Holly Parker 1°09′, Salman Rushdie 1°14′ (and Moon), M. C. Escher 1°16′, Paul McCartney 1°20′, Prince William 1°36′, Lana Del Rey 1°51′.

Moon conjunct Betelgeuse: Active mind, strong will, turbulent, rebellious under restraint, military success but suffering through quarrels with superiors, the likelihood of great power, honor and wealth. [3]

A splendid and illustrious life; great, distinguished and opulent nature. [8]

The native can exhibit strong determination, high honors are possible. The native can gain high popularity and enjoy lasting happiness. These natives are mentally active. Turbulence or unexpected losses a possibility. The native can suffer through disagreements. [9]

Barbara Hand Clow 0°03′, Spike Milligan 0°11′ (and S.Node), Anna Freud 0°16′, Doris Day 0°36′, Tom Jones 0°40′, Salman Rushdie 1°30′ (and Sun), Nicholas Culpeper 1°43′, Catherine the Great 1°50′ (and Venus)

Mercury conjunct Betelgeuse: Serious, studious, scientific and literary, fame through writings or engravings in metal, favorable for health but liable to accidents. [3]

The native is of a serious demeanor, studious, and this conjunction is good for advancement in legal and financial professions. There is fame, good or bad possible. More negative natives will have a tendency to self-destruct. [9]

Christopher Lee 0°07′, David Duke 0°07′ (and MC), William Wyler 0°18′, Martin Boyd 0°22′, Kylie Minogue 0°30′, Sandra Bernhard 0°32′, John Hinckley Jr. 0°52′, Nikola Tesla 1°22′, Judy Garland 2°28′.

Venus conjunct Betelgeuse: Somewhat retiring and reserved, great ability as a maker of fine ornaments, favorable for gain, some sorrow connected with the family or marriage. [3]

This is a good conjunction for popularity. However, there is the danger of domestic or family problems. These natives must exercise caution not to create their own sorrows. [9]

Rick Castro 0°03′, Alan Turing 0°07′, Casey Donovan 0°12′, Boris Johnson 0°30′, Larry Christiansen 0°38′, Dean Martin 0°42′, Ernie Dingo 0°43′, Catherine the Great 1°05′ (and Moon), Priyanka Chopra 1°44′

Mars conjunct Betelgeuse: Cautious, reserved, good leader and organizer, honor and preferment in martial matters. [3]

Natives with this conjunction can develop into good leaders, become popular and well respected. Outwardly they might appear to be of a cautious nature, even reserved and there are times when they can maintain this posture, even tho they are seething inwardly. Generally they will not stand for any interference. They can be explosive however. The negative natives while having the same attributes, are more inclined to openly resent authority and can become explosively rebellious. [9]

Coco Chanel 0°00′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 0°06′, Henry Kissinger 0°07′, James Joyce 0°09′, Ian Anderson 0°24′, Sean Connery 0°29′, Novak Djokovic 2°34′, Sirhan Sirhan 2°34′

Jupiter conjunct Betelgeuse: Serious and studious mind, shrewd and profitable business dealings, great honor in the Church or law. [3]

The native can develop an astuteness in public matters, sports, and writings; great honors are possible, also high public preferment. [9]

Charlie Sheen 0°11′, Charles Dickens 0°21′, Dane Rudhyar 0°29′, Tom Brady 1°30′, Volodymyr Zelenskyy 1°17′, The Weeknd 2°17′.

Saturn conjunct Betelgeuse: Shrewd, cunning, craftily dishonest, treacherous to friends, eventful life with many ups and downs, eventual wealth but little comfort, unfavorable for domestic matters. [3]

Monica Lewinsky 0°34′, Billy Tipton 0°38′, Billie Holiday 0°45′, Sigmund Freud 0°48′, Rudy Giuliani 0°51′.

Uranus conjunct Betelgeuse: Quick, active and evil mind, clever criminal, notorious as forger or counterfeiter but rarely caught, quiet pleasant manner, generous and not bad at heart, possesses hypnotic and thought-reading powers. [3]

(No orb): These are persons who would rather have friends than anything else in life. They give their all to their friends, and in return, they are usually very well taken care of. They will usually have a group of friends, or an organization, that helps them and takes care of all their needs. There is only a slightly negative side to this energy. These persons may have a slight nervous disorder through the small intestine, but there would be no pain connected with it. Uranus is at peace in this position. [6]

Donna Summer 0°01′, David Cochrane 0°10′, Steven Forrest 0°12′, Billy Joel 0°13′, Cat Stevens 0°13′, Richard Simmons 0°15′, John Belushi 0°54′, Clarence Thomas 1°19′ (and POF), Charles III 1°53′, Stephen King 1°54′, Hillary Clinton 2°06′, William Butler Yeats 2°20′.

Neptune conjunct Betelgeuse: Ingenious, mechanical ability, may invent mechanical device, spiritualistic interests, some physical ailment or affliction or mental derangement, not good for gain but greatest success in partnership, favorable for marriage and children but disharmony with brothers and sisters, liable to some serious or fatal accident in middle age. [3]

Hirohito 0°11′, Reinhold Ebertin 0°13′, Rosamond Lehmann 0°22′, Clark Gable 0°24′, Lord Louis Mountbatten 0°37′, Ernest Hemingway 1°35′, Heinrich Himmler 1°52′, Josemaría Escrivá 2°10′.

Pluto conjunct Betelgeuse: This causes havoc with the internal system of the body. These persons tend to get fevers and aching around the naval, stomach and intestinal areas. There would be a buildup of gases that would make these persons very uncomfortable. They experience gas in abundance from the foods they eat, and they are at a loss to know what to eat. Drinking comfrey tea and small amounts of warm milk will help soothe the area. [6]

Alan Turing 1°02′, Richard Nixon 1°06′, Josef Mengele 1°36′, William S. Burroughs 1°45′, Barbara Hutton 2°10′, Noor Inayat Khan 2°20′

North Node conjunct Betelgeuse: Sara Aldrete 0°42′, Billie Eilish 1°43′, Liza Minnelli 1°58′, Kamala Harris 2°29′

South Node conjunct Betelgeuse: George Washington 1°45′, Ernest Hemingway 1°55′, Spike Milligan 2°07′ (and Moon)

Betelgeuse Star in Mundane Astrology

Because Betelgeuse is a red star, so has been associated with war and carnage. In August 1914 when Saturn was on Betelgeuse, Germany declared war on Russia (06′), and Britain declared war on Germany (25′), starting WWI. After going retrograde, then turning direct again, Saturn was on Betelgeuse in April 1915 for the allied landing at Gallipoli (18′).

One Saturn cycle later, in June 1944, the invasion of Normandy marked a major turning point in WWII. Saturn was on Betelgeuse (10′). I’ve taken Anne’s research further to look at the most recent Saturn, Pluto, and lunations on Betelgeuse.

The last time Saturn was on Betelgeuse was in 2003. A civil war started in the African nation of Côte d’Ivoire which killed over 1,800 people (08’). In Indonesia, a Bali nightclub bombing killed 202 people (18′). The US Congress authorized President George W. Bush to use military force in Iraq (12′). The resulting Iraq War has killed over 200,000 people, half of them civilians.

The last time Pluto was on Betelgeuse was in 1911. The Mexican Revolution started, lasting 35 years and killing over 2 million people (01′). Japan annexed Korea, starting 35 years of Japanese rule (11′). The Agadir Crisis began with the arrival of the German warship Panther in Morocco, escalating pre-WWI tensions (12′).

The last time the Sun and Moon were conjunct on Betelgeuse was the New Moon on 23 June 1993 (05′). Six days later the USA destroyed the Iraqi Intelligence Service headquarters in Baghdad with 24 cruise missiles, killing 8 civilians

The last time the Moon was on Betelgeuse while opposite the Sun was the Lunar Eclipse on 21 December 1991 (25′), the same day the USSR ceased to exist. Two weeks later Bosnian Serbs declared their own republic, leading the Bosnian War three months later which killed nearly 100,000 people.

Australia – Neptune conjunct Betelgeuse (08′).
Egypt – Sun conjunct Betelgeuse (43′).
Japan – Moon conjunct Betelgeuse (13′).
Iraq – Venus conjunct Betelgeuse (51′).
Taiwan – Pluto conjunct Betelgeuse (15′).


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

56 thoughts on “Fixed Star Betelgeuse

  1. Hi Jamie – “The 21 December 2010 Lunar Eclipse is conjunct Betelgeuse by 35?.” – well that made me sit up and take notice! The chart for this looks awesome and just a little spooky – I haven’t done a thorough trawl of national charts but there is a lot of activity around the Iran MC and this eclipse is very close

    if the Sabians are anything to go by for 30 Gem “The SHOW is over. Now comes the hour of decision.” and 30 Sag “PERSONALIZED WORSHIP. It can be a blessing or in some cases, a curse.” we could expect someone big to come acropa – the “flag bearer” (Sun in Sag) could be eclipsed by the divided people (Moon in Gemini)

    you’ve put together a really great resource here – thanks!

    • Thanks Rob, I intentionally wrote this blog now because Marina is working on the December eclipse one. I still may tidy it up a bit, maybe add some more interpretation. I like having the famous people in there to see how Robson’s interpretations play out.

  2. or even the other way round (derr)….and then we’d get a show of strength from the leadership, a clamp down?

  3. I agree with Rob – you’ve done a very good job here. It must have taken quite a bit of time to do this kind of research!
    Something I hope you can clarify Jamie:
    You said: “I use an orb or influence for Betelgeuse of 70 minutes”.
    You may have wanted to say something else rather than minutes?

    A personal observation regarding this fixed star – I seem to recall that the JU/UR conj of September had made an exact square to this star (?) – if
    Betelgeuse is conjucta personal dispositor, in this case Mercury on 29GE15, and although the orbis is a little wide – would such a square to ME conj Bel. be enought to cause an abrupt end of a relationship?
    And would you take into an account such a square at all, or only a conjuction?

    Second question: I read in your above research that Betelgeuse conj Mercury is rather favourable as an influence. Is the 1964 position of Bet. to wide to be considered important for ME which is on 29GE15?

    If yes – would this be the reason for the opposite effect on an individual (save the ‘accidents’ bit)?

    Thanks in advance.

    • OK, is the minutes thing confusing because of time?Technically i think it should read 70 arc minutes = 1 degree, 10 minutes.

      Yes, Jupiter Uranus conjunction was at 29 Pisces square Betelgeuse.

      1964, Betelgeuse was 28gem15, exactly one degree from your Mercury, so that is still a conjunction because this is a major fixed star. With the Jupiter Uranus conjunction squaring your Mercury, this sudden relationship breakup could have been due to communication difficulties, sudden changes in your thinking on the relationship, arguements, impulsive decisions.

      • Thanks for this Jamie… yes, the clarification on ‘minutes’ helped. I was getting confused.

        Its not mine Mercury (I was born 1967). Its my ex partner’s Mercury.
        Mercury is extremely important to his chart, but odly – he could not talk and had major issues with communication when I comes to emotions and deep personal stuff. His saying was ‘I’m not talking… I’m just not saying anything’… otherwise, he could talk for England.
        What I find bizare, is the indication of this major fixed star on Mercury (as per your research above), turning its self on its head.
        I attribute this to the weak 29th degree of ME in his chart.
        What is interesting and quite staggering is that we finished the night the conjuction JU/UR occured and squared his ME/VE + Betelguese in Gemini.
        It was most interesting for me to observe the influence of JU/UR happen. I always thought I’d win lottery when it happens! After all, maybe I have ( but not in money!) &;-)

  4. with my ASC at 27.55 degrees Gemini.. its approximately 25’… still awaiting that promised success I think I have good strong shoulders though.. but I recall that when I have read about Betelgeuse was “Fame possible AFTER death”. (dealing with the Orion mythology) however I like this interpretation much better 😉

    • Bugger… I hope that doesn’t mean my Betelgeuse Part of Fortune comes after death also. I don’t want to be like Van Gogh!

      • Jamie’s evidence of people who didn’t die before they were known is a good solid list, I am going to have to trust that one!

        And you, No cutting off your ear and sending postage due to Australia! 😉

    • The fame after death I think might be if Betelgeuse is setting (conjunct Descendant). Noonan wrote “Honors and titles will be given the native during his lifetime if the star is rising at birth. If setting, these honors and titles will not come until after death.”

      I decided to draw the line somewhere and not search for people with this star setting, though maybe I should look into it.

      • Would the placement of the star above or below the horizon also have some kind of difference of effect as well in theory to its placement conjunct the ASC?

        I mean, for me it would be minutes above the horizon (ASC) rising just after Mercury (and BML) but if it were UNDER the horizon (but rising)and still conjunct the ASC would this possibly create a difference?

        • This is a good question. I have read somewhere that there is a difference in the effect of a fixed star depending wether the planet or point is applying or seperating.

          There is a difference here between planets and points. A planet before a star is applying, but the AC before a star (in degrees longitude) is separating. Planets move counter-clockwise throught your chart, the AC and MC “move” clockwise

          This theory I have heard says that the full effect of the star won’t be manifested in the applying stage, it’s more of a potential kind of effect. The full effect manifests once the planet has passed the star.

          So in your case, Betelgeuse had already risen, so according to this theory, you would be more eaily able to manifest the full influence of the star.

          I’m not sure if I agree or not with this theory, though it’s pretty well established that in mundane astrology, effects of planetary conjunctions are more noticable during the applying phase. We saw this with the first two conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus that were apllying in conjunction to Scheat. A greater number and intensity of severe storms and flooding during the applying phase.

          • Thank you for your reply to that..

            I was considering the powerful sectors of the 12th house.. then I was thinking maybe the “applying” conjunction from the ASC would be more relevant to the physical effect of 1st house..

            Then I realized.. damn.. if the star was at 28.18′ and my ASC is at 27.55′ -its still approaching, in my case (I got things backwards!) however with my husband’s ASC at 28.35′ Gemini which is past 28.16′, it means that he has MORE access to these qualities.. and I can see it, his build and his combative nature 😉 it seems to express itself very easily.. but still, he has no desire for fame…as of lately, although he, like I used to be in a band.. studied art briefly.. but then went in a completely different and frighteningly “professionally” grown up type of job.

            Still.. I was going to use his music in some of my animations.. eventually, when he lets me. (Our son wants to be his publishing agent ;)) (Our son has Psyche at 27.57 Gemini..)

            Thanks again.. there is always hope.. if not me, then those other two who I share my living space with 😉

  5. Lovely explanation about the Orion Star

    But what means when you have Black Moon Lilith on Betelgeuse ?

    • Well this will add strength to your Lilith energy. I’m guessing that any ability for the occult would be strengthened, and perhaps have an aggressive side. Lilith is a dark, mysterious influence, witchy, and Betelgeuse is strong and fortunate.

      Just did a chart search, others with Lilith on Betelgeuse:
      Poet Guillaume Apollinaire (03′)
      Astrologer Zane Stein (13′)
      Author John Fox, Jr. (21′)

      • Thought so , but this is not me
        I’m Venus on Betelgeuse ( my ruler cause I’m Taurus Sun on MC ) , but my karmic contact is Jupiter/Lilith on Betelgeuse (well know misstress hidden in the shadow of Jupiter , let say the great honor with hidden secret force of sexuality and occult ) .

        Thanks Jamie , this is very unique match.
        Very powerful Orion Star .

  6. I just went out to look at the stars and Betelgeuse seems to have changed appearance since the last time I noticed it. Flashing very brilliant red at the moment where usually it is more of an orange color. Anyone else noticed a change?

    • Yes! Over here in the north, we’ve been watching, even with a telescope out an open window the other week–

      It looks like long rays are flying off of it.. like an aura, really interesting.. but it looked orange that day..

      With the naked eye on Sunday, while my son was climbing on a hill of snow, we looked up and saw the star pulsing with a bright red which changed between that and orange-tinted white… really pretty and gemy.

      P.S. Mr Betelgeuse also got to see this star in the telescope.

  7. Jamie – with Egypt Sun so close to Betelgeuse and progressed Sun conjunct prog Pluto I decided to check the current fluctuations you are seeing in Betelgeuse – too much cloud cover last night – seen close to the horizon will change spectrum of star and magnify it, but, seen over a few nights any inconsistancies will show – but, the most extra-ordinary thing!… the exact moment I started to write this there was a crash outside my window!! Two police cars (one unmarked) formed a pincer on a stolen car and this hit a tree and the wall opposite my house!!! The energy is intense and electric – time to space clear….but, bloody hell!!!

    • Crazy! This energy from Betelgeuse is amazing, really getting a feel for it now, Uranus about to square Betelgeuse, exact February 20. I had a look tonight and it seems back to normal. Will look again at the same time I did last night though. Fascinated by the effect from the lunar eclipse on Egypt (natal Sun) and Australia (natal Neptune). Even on Marina (natal Part of Fortune), hoping to ride on her coat-tails of success at the moment. She is making some great leaps in spiritual understanding through astrology. I worked out her conception chart as a birthday present which can be a mind blowing experience.

      • It is indeed – but, just clocked this on the beeb – uncanny or, perhaps not…

        asking public in UK to look at Orion!

        • Oh My god!! I saw Betelgeuse for the first time in my back garden just now. Since star gazing in Australia and knowing where everything was Southern Hemisphere it really moved me to see it twinkly red and from my London view point. Felt very emotional!
          But lord the light pollution in London compared to when I first looked up at the skies in the countryside in Sicily, pitch black, no lights, just stars, I even saw some shooting ones, I nearly fainted.

          • Yeh – went up to the common earlier – only place with open space and no lights, but, still the light pours upwards – Betelgeuse looks same as ever – Jupiter so bright tho – you’ve gotta feel the stars too and wonder – does us good to get our bearings – your Sicilian skies, good memories…

  8. I’ll be lucky in April when going to Jämtland in the mountains, we have no light but the sky itself and you can see every detail of the night sky, and things that don’t make any sense at all, but sadly, we may have to get up really early if we want to see Betelgeuse then… being that its going to be closer to Sunrise at that point.

    • I have heard that the cold air is good for viewing stars, plus no air pollution up there I imagine, sounds great.

  9. He’s a speeded up animation of the surface activity, with an eerie soundtrack.

    • Perhaps the brilliant red I saw and the aura or long rays you saw AlterEgo of the flares in that animation, like our solar flares.

      • I believe that the aura substance that seemed to be literally flying off the star is like what happens on our sun.. and when we look at the sun, even if its covered by partial eclipse we mostly see the corona, in fact normally even if its covered 80% you have to look carefully to see anything covering it at all.

        I figure that its the majority of light which comes off of any stars but with Betelgeuse its really wild..and considering that its a large star, its corona must certainly expand millions of kilometers out.. and I know I can’t get a view of the star that even resembles that animation, but I have observed that the corona is acting very erratic..

        Maybe if I get the correct kind of filter, and the right magnification, I may be able to see the star itself, but I don’t think my son’s telescope is powerful enough.

        It is powerful enough to see craters on the Moon though and we are having a great time when we have clear sky but its been rare so far. 🙂

    • there is no way why we fear about this Betelgeuse. It is atleast ly from us.secondly not all the matter from Betelgeuse travel at speed of light
      finally even if we accept the fact then we still have a lot of time > years to run

  10. The star Betelgeuse, which is 600 light-years away, will already have exploded – and we’ll soon be in for a spectacular, and perfectly safe, interstellar fireworks show. If it is going to go Super Nova, well, it already has…somewhere around 1411. We just can’t see it yet. Funny how that works, huh One thing about the Super Nova. It will rise in the sky at midnight on Sept 22, 2011. It will light up the Eastern sky as if it were dawn. And at dawn we are going to see 2 suns in the sky.

  11. So Betelgeuse will soon be at the Cancer Aries Point??

    Betelgeuse is on my IC then 29* 36′ Gemini. Good. Maybe it can sprinkle some of it’s fairy dust magic there!
    Hmmm…Betelgeuse on Desc tends to have more influence after the native has passed. Maybe on the IC the energy will manifest in similar way??? Oh well…it still sounds like a pretty positive influence on this axis?! Actually, didn’t Martin Luther King have Betelgeuse on the IC?

  12. My moon is in 27.02 Gemini n i was born in july5,1986. So is my moon.conjuct to betleguese??? 🙁

  13. Hello Oscar, conjunction between a fixed star and a planet must be very closed, a very thight orb, a distance of seconds between the star and that planet for you can be able to feel/see the influence of the planet in a chart. So you your Moon is not conjunct Betelgeuse, sorry if this disapoints you.
    My Venus is instead conjunct Betelgeuse because is located on the precised orb of the star, at 28,58 Gemini, so you can see the difference of seconds between them, and i can even say i don’t have a conjunction because Venus has no great impact on my chart as a hole, it affects in a somewhat matter the domain of the house in that is located.

  14. As living the conjunction with Venus in my 6th house i can say descriptions of Robson are quite a good guide in discovering the potent facts in your life. For example, my last employer was retiring and reserved with a great ability for making fine ornaments and was favorable for gains but had a sorrow with familiy and marriage, never got married and stood all life long living with his origin family, sharing the same house, thow had one of his own, never lived alone. Now i have quite a similar situation at work instead is my own family’s affair, so the sorrow is in my family and connected with the marriage and separation. Shitty and whitty, what can i say….

  15. Lupe Velez, (Old Hollywood star who committed suicide or so they say), was said to have been born under a tragic star… I had a look at her chart and what stood out was Scheat cj DC and Betelgeuse cj MC…. The latter explains where her artistic talent came from (compounded with her 10th house stellium) … Very informative post o fixed stas – many thanks!

    • Ditto debbie! 0Cancer50….ending in ruin…oh how wonderful! LOL Better make the most of the fortunes while they last – the challenge will be keeping them!

    • I will look into that when I research the conjunction. I will post about Saturn conjunct Pluto in the coming months.

      • Looks like it may explode right when Saturn and Pluto conjunct. Will the USA be attacked again?

  16. jamie my mercury is conjunct Betelgeuse in 7th house near Dc and trine jupiter what do you say about this

  17. Curious to know the exact position for Betelgeuse May 30 1954, as my Mercury is at 0 Can 11 and My Jupiter 1Can 25. In the 9th very close to MC (7 Can 35- Venus 8 Can 37). Sun is 8 Gemini trine Asc 6 Libra. It looks as though Mercury/Jupiter may be within orb of conjunction? Fascinating website!!!

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