Japan Horoscope

Japan Horoscope

On March 11 2011 a 8.9 earthquake and tsunami struck Sendai, Japan causing the worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl. We look now at the astrology and the fixed stars in relation to this disaster. The December 2010 Lunar Eclipse was on the massive fixed star Betelgeuse in the Orion Constellation. As mentioned in that blog, the Japan horoscope has Moon conjunct Betelgeuse (13′). By comparison, Australia has Neptune (floods) on Betelgeuse, Egypt has the Sun (president) on Betelgeuse. The Moon in the Japanese chart represents her people, so the masses are directly impacted by the Lunar eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipse activated the Japanese Moon, conjunct by 40′. At the time of the earthquake, Uranus was putting more strain on the people, being square the Japanese Moon (76′). Uranus brings unexpected, shocking events. Uranus also rules earthquakes and the nuclear industry. Update: Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explosion.

With Uranus on the fixed star Scheat, the events can involve catastrophes, especially concerning the ocean and water – tsunami. The Lunar South Node was conjunct the Japanese Moon (03′). I’m using the precession correction value of 102′.

Japan HoroscopeOther transits to the Japan chart worth mentioning:
Pluto opposite Chiron (29′).
Jupiter conjunct Venus (34′).
Chiron conjunct Mercury (04′).
Ceres conjunct MC (78′) quincunx Ceres (09′).
Ascendant conjunct Saturn (25′).

Now to the chart for the earthquake itself, data from USGS [1]. As mentioned above, Uranus is on catastrophic Scheat. Lilith is also on Scheat, and exactly square the Nodes. Lilith the baby killer in this case, the square tearing apart family relationships.

Mercury, the messenger of the Gods is square the Vertex, or destiny. Mercury is on a fixed star called Deneb Kaitos (04′) in the constellation of Cetus, the Sea Monster (the Kraken in Clash of the Titans). Deneb Kaitos gives “misfortune and compulsory change” [2], and “Inhibitions and restraints in every way, psychologically and physically” [3].

There is a major aspect pattern in this earthquake chart called the Fist of God, or Thor’s Hammer. The technical name is the Quadriform aspect configuration. It is the triangle with the red lines. Moon square Neptune, both sesquisquare (135°) Saturn. With a Fist of God, the tension from the square can lead to violence or destruction at the apex planet.

Japan HoroscopeMoon square Neptune puts the population against the ocean, Neptune is the sea god Poseidon. Neptune in hard aspect like this also represents suffering and victims. The Moon is on a major fixed star called Alcyone (02′) in constellation Taurus, part of The Pleiades Star Cluster. The Pleiades are prominent in the Cherokee Prophecies about the major changes ahead for us. “The Pleiades causes bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies” [4].

So the Moon and Neptune focus their energy down on Saturn, the earth, the land. Saturn in mundane astrology rules infrastructure, buildings and property. Saturn also rules the economy, and the Japanese economy was already teetering, this might tip it over. The Fist of God in this mundane chart points to destruction from an act of God. Remember the Ascendant in the earthquake chart is conjunct the Japanese Saturn.

1. earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqinthenews/2011/usc0001xgp/
2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.162.
3. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.12.
4. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.39.

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  1. And here’s a lovely picture of the Moon conjunct Pleaides just before the quake.

  2. Strong geomagnetic storm slams Earth on Wednesday
    The solar storm has a Kp-Index of 6, out of the 0-9 scale.
    This is higher than any previous solar storms of this cycle, including the March event.
    What caused this without a flare?
    “This solar storm is likely a flare caused storm,” TheWeatherSpace.com Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin said. “It may not have been Earth directed but a blast from the sun a couple days ago hurled a lot of material into space. This material sometimes does not follow a straight line, but can curve with the influence of magnetic fields and gravity.”
    A busy day so far…. earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_big.php
    MAP 7.1 2011/04/07 14:32:42 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 6.5 2011/04/07 13:11:25 VERACRUZ, MEXICO
    MAP 5.1 2011/04/07 07:16:12 OFF EAST COAST OF THE SOUTH ISLAND, N.Z.
    IIB. Geophysical Activity Forecast: The geomagnetic field is
    expected to be at quiet to unsettled levels, with isolated active
    levels at high latitudes, on day one (07 April). Activity is
    expected to decrease to predominantly quiet levels on day two (08
    April). Quiet to unsettled levels are expected, with isolated active
    levels on day three (09 April), due to expected coronal hole high-speed
    stream effects.
    III. Event Probabilities 07 Apr-09 Apr
    Class M 01/01/01
    Class X 01/01/01
    Proton 01/01/01
    PCAF green

  3. Jamie – Thank you for your very interesting report on Comet Elenin: “our planet earth was between the comet and the Sun during the Japan earthquake.” I have no doubt that this force is contributing. Perhaps what we are experiencing is a confluence of electromagnetic fields. We will see what happens at the first real CME of this Solar Cycle.
    Major earthquake danger period 6-9th April, says astrophysicist Western US “probably more vulnerable than for decades”
    5 Apr 11 – “The 6-9th April is our first major (Trial) Earthquake risk period of April,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn.
    “We expect an increase in the serious M6.0 and above quakes in quake vulnerable locations (and related increases in lower level activity) around the world such as the Pacific ‘ring of fire’.
    This includes the WEST USA which in this time period is probably more vulnerable than for decades.
    With the Myanmar M6.8 Earthquake of 24th March providing dramatic confirmation of Piers Corbyn’s warning of HIGH RISK of a major Earthquake between 23-27 March, this forecast takes on new meaning.
    “It appears to us that it is always the case that extreme weather and earthquake events are preceded by extreme events on the sun and historically proton events which are usually associated with X flares are an especially reliable warning of extreme weather, storm formation and earthquake events,” says Piers.
    ‘On average an M6.0 or above (mostly at the lower end) happens every ~2.4 days or so somewhere in the world,” Piers adds.

  4. It appears to my limited powers of observation that the 7.1 EQ hit during the CME.

    MAP 7.1 2011/04/11 08:16:16 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 5.0 2011/04/11 07:55:10 JUJUY, ARGENTINA
    MAP 5.0 2011/04/11 04:51:46 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 5.2 2011/04/11 02:01:20 FIJI REGION


    • this link takes you to a regularly updated EQ monitoring site with clear visuals and info of the activity around the globe – sorry Susan if youve already been posting this link


      there are EQs everyday, lots in the 4.5 to 6.5 range, as well as minor ones but EQ activity in the last 10 years is equal to that in the last 100 yrs – Honshu has been very active over the last month and especially in the last week and its not only the Ring of Fire thats lighting up either – central Indian Ocean meeting point of Antarctic/African/Asian plates has shown some activity this year prior to Japan’s biggie and this will be strongly triggered by the June 15th total lunar Eclipse – recently northern Himalayan region, Central Pacific, Mexico and Carribean have been very active too

  5. Japan warns of massive earthquake and volcanic explosion after the April 7 earthquake
    By Gang Phan | 04/09/2011 10:30 AM HKT
    Japan’s Meteorological Agency on Friday warned the country’s 20 volcanoes has become alive due to the massive March 11 earthquake, and a study said earthquake over 9.0-magnitude might hit Japan.
    … quakes of the country’s 20 volcanoes occurred more frequently after the massive March 11 earthquake, especially, the Fuji, Hakone, and Aso-San.

  6. Japan: Is the northern portion of the island sinking … ?


    • I just keep seeing the words of Edgar Cayce – “Japan must go into the sea…”

      • Oh…. my…. chilling ….
        I had forgotten that one. Sure enough… UQW, you are correct.


        There is one reading (out of 14,306) that mentions changes in Japan. Here is the quote:
        “As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye …” Edgar Cayce reading 3976-15

          • Tempting to go and borrow a lot of money and blow it on something fun… before it all sinks!!

            • I understand!
              It may make one hell of a tsunami here in New Zealand!!!
              Maybe all around the Pacific.
              I’m so cheerful….

              Hey, UQW… are you the one with the stellium of fire in the 12th?
              I found that mind blowing.

            • Yes, that’s me! Six planets in Leo, from 13 degrees to 26…5 of them in the 12th… I’m a scorcher! But mostly behind the scenes…!

        • About 443 square kilometers of territory in the earthquake and tsunami submerged in the water, equivalent to half of Tokyo, Japancould become “narrower”

          Factory Pier sunk in the sea

          “Japan may become more narrow, the ground was flooded down, the map may have changed.” Day, “Asahi Shimbun” in this title, reports the earthquake triggered by the “territorial loss.” Reported that, in the hard-hit Miyagi County, Sichuan Tianjin port, after the bustling factories, docks have completely disappeared, only one sea. The local government said the earthquake and tsunami, ground Sichuan and Hong Kong Chi-chun, general subsidence, sinking up to 75 cm.

          According to the Japanese Geographical Survey Institute, the magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami, resulting in northeastern Japan from north to south, about 443 square kilometers of land swallowed by the sea, with a total area of more than Tokyo, Qi Cheng. Although some areas may take drainage approach “to return to the land”, but whether all the “sunk in” restitution, is still unknown. “Is to make these places has since become a sea, or land reclamation again, or re-cultivated, I am afraid we have to wait several years before coming to a conclusion.” A person in charge of the Geographical Survey Institute said.

          Land changes, smaller coastal cities, but also changes related to the map and the Japanese central government to local government finance investment and other issues. However, the Geographical Survey Institute, said now is not related to the investigation commenced immediately, as it would hit the local cities and towns more sad.

          Harbour 24 meters south east

          Land subsidence, sea is also moving. 6, the Japan Coast Guard announced a large undersea earthquake off Miyagi Prefecture Sea record major changes occur, submarine moved 24 meters to the southeast.

          Japanese media reports, the Coast Guard on 28 to 29 on the setting in Miyagi, Fukushima waters of the three “submarine base points” were investigated. The survey found that setting in the sea 120 kilometers southeast of Miyagi’s “submarine benchmark” the most significant changes occurred. March 11 waters in Miyagi earthquake, leading to the seabed here, move 24 meters to the southeast, sea height increase of 3 meters. Hall said the security aspects, which may be on record in Japan observed by the earthquake that triggered the biggest changes in the crust.

          The other two “submarine base point” has also undergone a change, set at a distance of 70 kilometers underwater Miyagi reference point moved 15 meters to the southeast, setting the sea waters in Fukushima from the source to distant reference point, move about 5 meters.

          The earthquake in Japan to push eastward

          Moving in the seabed, while the Japanese archipelago to the southeast by the earthquake also “push.” 19th of last month, according to Japanese Geographical Survey Institute announced the findings of Yamada-cho, Iwate Prefecture earthquake to move to the southeast 25 cm, Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture, is moved by 17 cm. Observations at the time also showed that grazing deer Miyagi moved to the southeast peninsula, 5.3 meters, and also sank by 1.2 meters.


  7. Volcano in southern Japan explodes.


    4/12/2011 — Sakurajima Volcano – Japan – continues eruption — LARGE explosion ejects lava
    From: dutchsinse | Apr 11, 2011 | 303 views
    here is the main sakurajima webcam site: volcanosakurajima.web.fc2.com/

    • Do you know when it started Susan? The combination of noxious gases from volcanoes and nuclear fall out is going to render some very toxic atmospheres. Doesn’t Elenin manifest as poison? And isn’t Japan a Virgo country?

  8. The Part of Fortune in the earthquake chart is 27.33 Libra. The April 18 Full Moon is 27.44 Libra. Don’t know what that means but hopefully it’s good.

  9. UQW: “Yes, that’s me! Six planets in Leo, from 13 degrees to 26…5 of them in the 12th… I’m a scorcher! But mostly behind the scenes…!”

    WOW! I love it! I was thinking … you are like a Super Nova inside a Faraday cage/shield!
    You must have a fascinating life. God forbid people should “cross” you.
    You are the stealth Queen of Wands!

    • I love the “stealth” addition! I’m never sure if I’m having a life or am being projected in someone elses dream. As for crossing me… With Pluto and mars conjunct the sun within a two degree orb… In the 12th? Don’t even think about it! Actually I’m very laid back most of the time, 12th house is neptune’s home too but I can manifest that super energy which can put anniversary twice my size through a window! Thank god for my highly civilised Virgo ascendant!
      I’m happiest in deep meditation, writing, painting or shouting my head off at a football match. As a former colleague put it, a mass of contradictions!

      • UQW: “I’m never sure if I’m having a life or am being projected in someone elses dream.”

        That is a totally Cosmic observation. The Sanskrit texts see this entire universe as God’s Dream!
        My Moon is in the 12th and I am also happiest in deep meditation – what I call Home.
        Very cool, Lady … or should I say – your Stealth Highness…
        Thank you for sharing.

  10. Strain from Japan earthquake may lead to more seismic trouble, scientists say:
    A new calculation by American and Japanese scientists has concluded that the March 11 event might have heightened the stress on faults bracketing the ruptured segment of the Japan Trench.

    “There’s quite a bit of real estate on which stress has increased, by our calculations,” said U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist Ross Stein. “The possibility of getting large, late aftershocks to the north and south of the main shock is real.”

  11. uberqueenofwands on April 12, 2011 at 6:13 pm
    “Tempting to go and borrow a lot of money and blow it on something fun… before it all sinks!!”

    Better hurry because it may not be long before international trade comes to a halt.

    Nuclear fears keep shippers wary of travel to Japan
    SINGAPORE, April 13 (Reuters) – Foreign crew members remain hesitant to travel near Japan’s quake-crippled nuclear plant, including to some ports outside the exclusion zone, forcing shippers to use Japanese vessels instead to transport goods, senior industry executives said.

  12. Speaking of Edgar Cayce…
    “Edgar Cayce predicted that dramatic physical changes would affect the Earth … would begin with the eruption of Mt. Etna.”
    *Etna has sprung back to life as April opens, with new eruptions from the Southeast Crater Cone. Friday and Saturday (April 8-9), the Italian volcano produced some ash and a 3-km lava flow, but then quieted. However, the seismicity under the volcano continued and late tonight into today (April 10), Etna starting producing small strombolian explosions from the Southeast Crater Cone (see below). You can check out a full description of the renewed activity on the INGV-Catania website (written by, surprise, Dr. Boris Behncke – be sure to follow him on Twitter for all sorts of updates). This is now the third eruption at Etna since the beginning of 2011. Eruptions reader Pgen Pgen also posted a timelapse of some of the April 9-10 activity at Etna.

  13. Susan: Speaking of Edgar Cayce… “Edgar Cayce predicted that dramatic physical changes would affect the Earth … would begin with the eruption of Mt. Etna.”

    Looks like that eruption has settled down, still awaiting the big one. I just learned the other day from Marina’s post on the Persephone Myth, that Pluto came out of Mt. Etna to abduct Persephone.

  14. Some have wondered if this event was “triggered” by HAARP. While I have no idea myself, this webpage presents evidence that it was. Takes a while to load.
    article & images here:


    The HAARP magnetometer data provides proof that the Japan earthquake was not a naturally occurring quake – it was triggered. This data shows us that a HAARP military installation was broadcasting the known earthquake signature frequency in order to trigger a major earthquake. The broadcast was most likely being transmitted from a floating HAARP system like the floating Sea-Based X-Band Radar platform that can be moved anywhere in the Pacific or Atlantic ocean under the protection of a carrier strike group – like the USS Ronald Regan. Where was the USS Ronald Reagan on the morning of March 11, 2011? According to a Stars & Stripes March 9, 2011 report – Reagan carrier group steams toward South Korea to join exercise.

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