Fukushima Disaster

Fukushima Disaster AstrologyIn this post we look at the horoscope of the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant as a result of the Japan earthquake. As was mentioned in the discussion on the Japan Horoscope posts, the trans-Neptunian planet Sedna was included in the chart because it may well be linked to the earth changes we are experiencing. I don’t care anymore about the statistics and what the increasingly marginalized skeptics might say, we are definitely seeing and increase in the number and severity of natural disasters in the beginning of the 21st century.

The explosion which blew the lid off the Fukushima I nuclear plant occurred on March 11, 2011 at 3.36 pm [1]. You can see in the chart below that Sedna is conjunct the Midheaven. Conjunct the Descendant is Ceres, associated with environmental concerns.

There are a couple of stars rising which describe the event very well. The Alphard star in Hydra the Water Snake. Astrologers have always associated this star with poison, so these days nuclear radiation would fit the interpretation. The other rising star is Adhafera in constellation Leo. The Adhafera star is associated with “suicide poison, corrosive acids, liquid explosives, liquid fire” [2].

Update: I’ve been chatting with fellow Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin. He made a prediction at the beginning of this year:

“The January Eclipse has an explosive effect as it falls on the Mars degree of Ivy Mike – the first hydrogen bomb, Chernobyl, and the US invasion of Afghanistan. It also activates the Sun position of the 1608 Jamestown fire, the Jupiter of the Bhopal gas explosion and Saturn of the Great Fire of London. This fiery eclipse may accompany an increase in explosions and fires, either planned or accidental, in the early part of the year.” Ed Tamplin – Astrology Predictions 2011

Fukushima Disaster AstrologyI’ve added some pages with charts: Three Mile Island Disaster – Chernobyl Disaster

10 degrees Aries looks to be one link between these three nuclear disasters:
10°22′ Aries – Fukushima Jupiter
10°58′ Aries – Chernobyl Mercury
10°29′ Aries – Three Mile Moon

Ceres, associate with environmental concerns look to be important:

Fukushima accident: Ceres conjunct DC.

Transits from Fukushima accident to Japan Horoscope:  Ceres conjunct MC

Transits from Fukushima accident to Three Mile Island accident:
Solar Eclipse sextile Ceres
New Moon conjunct Ceres
Mars conjunct Ceres
Vertex square Ceres

Transits from Fukushima accident to Chernobyl accident: Chiron opposite Ceres

Chiron also look to be important:

Transits from Fukushima accident to Japan horoscope:
Pluto opposite Chiron
Chiron conjunct Mercury

Transits from Fukushima accident to Three Mile Island accident: Pluto trine Chiron

Transits from Fukushima accident to Chernobyl accident:
Chiron opposite Ceres
Moon conjunct Chiron

1. theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/crisis-explosion-rattles-fukushima-nuclear-plant-in-japan/
2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.117.

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  1. [Can it be that the Russian HAARP, aka Woodpecker, has in fact been behind so many weather weirdness events and earthquakes and … ? ]

    WIKI: Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky (born 25 April 1946)
    Sun 4 Taurus square Mars 1 Leo conj. Pluto 9 Leo
    Stars for his Sun:
    Sharatan -Violence, defeat, accidents, injury, danger, honours 3° Taurus 49 Unfortunate Mars/ Saturn
    Caph-A troublemaker for Islam 5° Taurus 07 Unfortunate Saturn/ Venus
    Mercury 7 Aries trine Mars 1 Leo conj. Pluto 9 Leo
    Anyone want to look at his stars more?
    He could have a Grand Trine: Moon/Uranus/ Neptune.

    Russia’s scalar transmitters are called “Woodpeckers” because of the woodpecker type tapping transmissions detected from them on the radio band.

    rob – That is a beautiful image from your emergent series – ‘Prayers for Fukushima’ – called ‘undauntable Peace’ Thank you. Balances out this thread. Necessary.

    • …..quite serious about the balancing/healing potential we have here, it just needs communication & engagement…..Yeh I caught this disclosure as it was breaking and first thought was back to scaling condensation across frequencies creating fusion entrainment, the ultimate meltdown (cf HAARP, previous comment) – midtone focus in the heart frequency @ 528hz balances creates wave ‘reflection’ buffer that reverses fusion (x doppler, expressed as pulse with wavelength @ vesica pisces geometry, petal of Flower of Life)……Earth hz is increasing again after some years of decrease to very low levels and is now v close to a harmonic to 528….timing is everything…..there have been over 2,M EQs in the last 6 months worldwide…this is plazma proliferation, manifests fundamental consciousness across field…..will look at the geeza’s chart….very Algolian events….been feeling very focused on working with it today (this Moon on my Asc, Sun on DC, squ natal Pluto!) and encountered many extra-ordinary souls out and about today….we are not alone! 🙂

      • Rob- am not a teacher but sharing experiences and learning.
        Sanskrit has been tested in laboratories that the sounds it generates will alter the formation of sand in a closed environment. Second strongest vibration was from Hebrew. Underlines the importance of clear, correct enunciation.
        The vibrations of Sanskrit for me are beyond discussion. It’s either that one enters into study and inquiry and then recognizes the truth of it or one misses it and goes to something else. However people need to establish awareness of the Ultimate Reality in whatever terms one chooses… this is key. From this connection (or lack of) our destiny unfolds..
        I am not familiar with all of the esoteric readings you have done.. it seems to me that the close relationship I have had between my Saturn and Uranus has kept me relatively grounded.. even though my Neptune can get hyperactive..That’s why I see all the planets in terms of coordinators of one basic energy. There are pulls and rubs for sure but so there is in a process with carbon (anthracite) becoming a diamond.
        My focal point for last comment was that on this plane of existence where it is sometimes called the “plane of opposites” there needs be an opposite to the poison of radiation- cesium or plutonium- there must be a counterpoint.. the ominous aspect of what is taking place is the sense of so much being “staged”… which leads one into conspiracy theories… which I prefer to avoid… in Yoga we recognize Tamas guna- darkness as in evil. Evil clearly exists and hides itself very well… through perpetuating ignorance and confusion. See how things are? Here is spirituality becoming political. But best to stay within the spiritual understanding… and know of the “unseen universe”.
        When connected through prayer (Sanskrit mantras) that vibration can give one insight and understanding beyond ones formal education.. in short it can save your butt from stuff you don’t even know exist. This is developing Satvic (guna) qualities to offset the Tamasic (evil).
        Understand we have two eclipses taking place in June- total lunar on the 15th. Key to all the radiation discussion is the economic status of the players… reserves are being spent– wealth is being lost and with it the ability to act.. this is a concern beyond the “will-ingness) anyone may have to actually do anything. This are the key aspects I see as regards the eclipses.
        There is a one world program in action these days how it will be constructed is still in the works and a lot of the players are not democratically oriented. Back to the beginning of this discussion.
        Hope all is well. Keep the faith.

        • Ok Jim – and thanks for your insights – yeh, I got the meaning of your comments, hence the response….

  2. Chris- Holy Spirit=God the Mother;In Yoga= Kundalini. There is protection but the paradox is your destiny- which also can be altered.. through prayer, meditation and right effort- living by the Law which is to apply Virtues to daily behavior..
    I was saying that there must be within nature some thing or combination that can neutralize radiation as this is the plane of opposites.
    Keep the faith.

    • I’m sorry I missed your point Jim.

      My esoteric knowlege is a hodge-modge of many,many books I have read throughout my life (mercury on Antares = speed reader perhaps?).
      My terminology is also a hodge-podge and probably a bit confusing to everyone but me!

      Pretty much if it uplifts me and increases the love and understanding/compassion I respond to whatever is being presented.

      Also feel that the spoken/writen word leaves itself for misinterpretation…so bring on collective conscious telepathy please.

      Let’s have more scientists (establishment and alternative) seeing the light and listening to their hearts to create these much needed miracles.

      (still going to practice finding that frequency Rob described too! covering all bases thanks chaps).

  3. Nuclear Physicist: Most of the fallout from plutonium-containing MOX fuel will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it elsewhere
    May 18th, 2011 at 05:08 AM

    Interview with Akira Tokuhiro, Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima and the Mass Media, Vivian Norris for Hufffington Post, May 17, 2011:

    […] Fukushima differs from other nuclear reactors in that it uses a dirty fuel or MOX which is banned in many of the countries where nuclear power is a major energy source. My Swedish-Russian nuclear physicist friend is sending me links for reliable radioactivity readings and weather/wind patterns. We must remember some of what is posted on the internet are simulations, not actual readings. But he did add this:

    The most terrifying fact is that the Japanese power plants are using ‘dirty’ fuel, which most countries have rejected and banned. Needless to say that the Americans built them. Since the Earth is moving Counterclockwise most of the fall-out will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it somewhere else. […]


  4. Sorry guys but the way these comments are coming are in no particular sequence and feels like its “getting away” from me.
    Chris best I can put together- what I said to you was intended to reinforce your inner feelings.. was only mentioning The Holy Spirit as God the Mother. Christian. Kundalini is the Divine Power within as worshipped in Yoga. A good on line magazine is Knowledge of Reality. You can find discussions of this point there. This is the same power from different paths of worship.
    Rob- something must be in my natal chart with Mercury opposition my Moon so misunderstanding through unclarity can arise. “Grounding” has come to me mostly through Saturn. Many time when I wanted to read various esoteric literature in times passed I was forced by circumstance to deal with “practical” matters. It seems to continue into my “golden years”.
    I found answers to questions I had from outside of the orbit or “socially acceptable” references my whole life- so not being grounded refers to my private experience of having to take care of “daily chores” or “work situations” and not having the pleasure to look into more meaningful stuff.
    Sue- your contributions here are amazing as far as I am concerned. But now we are getting into very extra-ordinary things and these need to be scrutinized very carefully. China is in my opinion the next number one. Russia does have extraordinary weapons few know about. All one needs do is get friendly with some of the younger generation among which are whizzes in the cyber world.. and they will make statements that amaze you as to what Russia has and can do.
    Fact is both China and Russia have more money to spend than Europe and America.. this alone can tilt the scales. Notice how in movies the US is joined on an equal level with both countries… which signals that they are coming on and the US is hanging on..
    The situation at Fukushima does not improve, continues to warrant our attention but updates astrologically may be appropriate as current transits may be able to say something about our future.. aside from physical measurements- which we also need to keep abreast of.
    More than enough to be busy 24/7.
    Keep the faith.

  5. jim hoagland: Sanskrit has been tested in laboratories that the sounds it generates will alter the formation of sand in a closed environment. Second strongest vibration was from Hebrew. Underlines the importance of clear, correct enunciation.
    The vibrations of Sanskrit for me are beyond discussion. It’s either that one enters into study and inquiry and then recognizes the truth of it or one misses it and goes to something else.

    Ah, Sanskrit. How do I love thee… let me count the ways. I read translations of the Sanskrit texts for many years before I found the courage to study the language of the gods. Two years ago I began in earnest, first learning the 48 Devanagari letters, 33 consonants and 13 vowels. These letters are not in the same order as ours; in fact everything about Sanskrit is completely different and therefore requires intense concentration. I understood this necessity for intense focus to be of enormous benefit to my consciousness.

    The reason why so few westerners have taken up Sanskrit is that it takes around 18 years to actually master this ancient mystery. I probably will not live that long! The grammar is unbelievably complex and perfectly reflects metaphysical reality. You cannot imagine how many Sanskrit texts there are – most of which have not yet been translated. More texts are written on spirituality, metaphysics, and mythology in Sanskrit than any other language; poetry, drama, and philosophy are also part of the treasure of Sanskrit.

    Sanskrit is said to have been created by Lord Shiva who then played on his drum, the damaru, and the sounds that emerged became the basis of the grammar later codified by Panini in the 5th century B.C. Perhaps Shiva and what we call the gods of myth, are simply beings from other dimensional realms or planetary systems.

    Writing itself is a symptom of the Kali Yuga – a symptom, like a sickness. In the previous cycles of time we did not require such material tools of expression and communicated mind-to-mind, as the ETs are said to do and through other means such as remote viewing; this is why archeological finds of ancient languages are pictograms and symbols, not alphabets. It is only in the Kali Yuga that the solidification of matter leaves us at the mercy of the five senses. And as any online forum will prove, we still have great difficulty understanding one another.

    The actual process of teaching myself Sanskrit has given me a kind of joy, happiness, a subtle pleasure that nothing can compare with. If you give yourself to this language, Sanskrit will draw you into a higher frequency of consciousness by the sheer force of her vibratory power, Spanda-Shakti.

    My expression of spanda-shakti

    As for following the activities of the demonic, I must admit they are endlessly fascinating. You cannot have a drama without the bad guys. In the Sanskrit epic the Mahabharata, Yudhisthira the king of Dharma and his brothers the Pandavas would never have realized their Cosmic Destiny if they had not needed to conquer the blind King Dhritarashtra and his wicked son Duryodhana – and the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna would never have taken place, thus the sacred amazing Bhagavad Gita would not exist.

    We are all pieces of the One, veiled in our own intentional Forgetting because we want that. Until we are weary, we like to play here in this polarity universe. The words pleasure & pain are often written as one word in Sanskrit, sukha-duhkha. The ancient Seers understood that everything is cyclical – or as we say, all good things must come to an end.

    We are in coming to another end, the end of yet another temporal illusory hologram. I have always been curious as to how the Creator will draw the curtain. After all, it must require an enormous quantity of demons to destroy 6000 years of civilization. So here we are watching the final act, the end of the Twilight of the Kali Yuga. Know that your higher consciousness will indeed extend time out so that more of us will have the opportunity to Remember our inner Divinity, to wake up and Realize that we too are, and always have been the Oneness. Self-Recognition.

  6. [“They say that before the M9 earthquake, the total electron content of the ionosphere increased dramatically over the epicentre, reaching a maximum three days before the quake struck.” This is a HAARP signature. Is MIT by chance, unintentional or otherwise, proving the use of HAARP?]

    From godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1494924/pg1
    *HAARP skips the first steps of the chain reaction and goes directly to the heating stage and continues from there. The first part of the chain reaction which is radon release, ionization & water condensing isn’t required as HAARP can skip directly to the heating stage and bypass all that. Basically they are admitting the basic jist, but misleading you on how the heating initially starts. Again look at the image of the heat signatures… you really think those perfect circles are in any way natural?

    MIT: Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake
    Infrared emissions above the epicenter increased dramatically in the days before the devastating earthquake in Japan, say scientists.
    KFC 05/18/2011

    Geologists have long puzzled over anecdotal reports of strange atmospheric phenomena in the days before big earthquakes. But good data to back up these stories has been hard to come by. In recent years, however, various teams have set up atmospheric monitoring stations in earthquake zones and a number of satellites are capable of sending back data about the state of the upper atmosphere and the ionosphere during an earthquake.

    Last year, we looked at some fascinating data from the DEMETER spacecraft showing a significant increase in ultra-low frequency radio signals before the magnitude 7 Haiti earthquake in January 2010. Today, Dimitar Ouzounov at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland and a few buddies present the data from the Great Tohoku earthquake which devastated Japan on 11 March. Their results, although preliminary, are eye-opening.

    They say that before the M9 earthquake, the total electron content of the ionosphere increased dramatically over the epicentre, reaching a maximum three days before the quake struck.

    At the same time, satellite observations showed a big increase in infrared emissions from above the epicentre, which peaked in the hours before the quake. In other words, the atmosphere was heating up.

    These kinds of observations are consistent with an idea called the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling mechanism. The thinking is that in the days before an earthquake, the great stresses in a fault as it is about to give cause the releases large amounts of radon.

    The radioactivity from this gas ionises the air on a large scale and this has a number of knock on effects. Since water molecules are attracted to ions in the air, ionisation triggers the large scale condensation of water.

    But the process of condensation also releases heat and it is this that causes infrared emissions. “Our first results show that on March 8th a rapid increase of emitted infrared radiation was observed from the satellite data,” say Ouzounov and co.

    These emissions go on to effect the ionosphere and its total electron content. It certainly makes sense that the lithosphere, atmosphere and ionosphere are coupled in a way that can be measured when one of them is perturbed. The question is to what extent the new evidence backs up this idea.

    The Japan earthquake is the largest to have struck the island in modern times and will certainly turn out to be among the best studied. If good evidence of this relationship doesn’t emerge from this data, other opportunities will be few and far between.
    Ref: arxiv.org/abs/1105.2841: Atmosphere-Ionosphere Response to the M9 Tohoku Earthquake Revealed by Joined Satellite and Ground Observations. Preliminary Results.

  7. Sue and Co.- If you give yourself to this language, Sanskrit will draw you into a higher frequency of consciousness by the sheer force of her vibratory power, Spanda-Shakti.
    The truth of this was the basis of my dream last evening. As a response hope to go on a three day retreat and get my daily schedule back to what it was… short course on Sanskrit— learn to pronounce the prayers- some mantras.
    Sue- if you would like something to hear very beneficial- 2004 SYDA message. I’m going swimming for awhile.

  8. Feel like a radiated sitting duck? Things you can do to mitigate the problem.

    … we can’t “just say no” to radiation in the air all around us coming from Japan, and through oceanic contamination resulting from the BP Gulf incident. So, the difficult question is not how do we avoid this contamination, but rather, how we mitigate our exposure.

    Personal detoxifying – people and animals

    Unless we live in a bubble, our bodies will be contaminated with radioactive particles, so don’t just wait until someone tells you that you have been exposed, do something about it now. There are certain materials that will help detoxify the body without ill effects whether or not you have been exposed to these harmful materials.

    Some of these are:
    Zeolite Clay
    French Green Clay
    Bentonite Clay
    Baking Soda
    Certain foods

    full article

  9. Radiation tests lacking / Nuclear plant workers unsure of internal exposure levels
    The Yomiuri Shimbun

    Nearly two months after the start of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, only 10 percent of workers there had been tested for internal radiation exposure caused by inhalation or ingestion of radioactive substances, due to a shortage of testing equipment available for them.

    Tokyo Electric Power Co., operator of the crippled nuclear compound, is finding it impossible to use testing apparatus set up inside the facility because of high radiation levels recorded near the equipment.

    A number of personnel working to overcome the nuclear crisis at the facility are increasingly alarmed by their lack of internal exposure testing. Some have said they may have to continue to work at the facility without knowing whether their radiation exposure levels have exceeded the upper limit set by the government.

    On Tuesday, the government revealed a timetable for ending the nuclear crisis. The road map called for increased surveillance of the workers’ radiation levels, including a measure requiring TEPCO to periodically report such data to the government.

    Internal exposure is caused by taking radioactive substances into the body via eating, drinking or breathing. Its unit, counts per minute (cpm), indicates the amount of radiation emitted per minute.

    Regulations on preventing health problems caused by ionizing radiation require operators of power plants to conduct internal exposure tests every three months on plant employees who enter areas designated by laws and regulations on radiation-related health problems.

    “My measured value [of radioactive exposure] exceeded the standard value by a double-digit factor. That’s never happened before,” said a plant worker in his 20s, recalling the time he saw the results of a test he took outside Fukushima Prefecture in early May.

    The man, an employee of a company that works with TEPCO, installed power cables near a reactor building at the plant for a month beginning at the end of March.
    The test is conducted by a device called a “whole-body counter.”
    While a normal internal radiation level would range from several hundred cpm to 1,000 cpm, he was told his level was 30,000 cpm.

    High levels of radiation emitted by debris were measured in his work area.
    Although the masks worn by workers are supposed to be changed every three hours, he was told by a management company that he did not have to change his if there was no radioactive contamination.
    He therefore used a single mask for five to six hours.
    He ate in a building that houses an emergency headquarters and accommodates plant workers. At the end of April, he was notified that the building was also radiation-contaminated.
    “I’ve probably taken in radioactivity while eating,” he said.

    After the crisis at the plant began, the central government increased the maximum limit of radiation exposure from 100 millisieverts to 250 millisieverts exclusively for workers at the Fukushima plant.
    However, the amount is a total of internal and external exposure doses. Workers can learn only their external doses via the measurement equipment they carry with them, and it is necessary to also measure their internal exposure level to verify whether their total exposure doses exceed the limit.

    According to TEPCO, there are only three whole-body counters available near the plant. Some workers had to be tested as far away as the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant in Niigata Prefecture.
    As of May 8, 630 workers, or just 10 percent of all workers at the plant, had taken the test.
    The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry’s Industrial Health Division has advised TEPCO to provide more tests. TEPCO has said it will increase the amount of test equipment on hand to 14 whole-body counters and will also raise the frequency of the test to more than once in three months.
    (May. 19, 2011)

  10. I was wondering (again…) whether there was a possible chart for the HAARP technology discovery?

    I am sorry that I don’t have much to add astrologically, I am a novice compared to some of you guys.
    However,compared to most people I know/work with I am an expert!

    Keeping the faith,love to you all (mmmm… mabye that’s my moon opp jupiter- I can get quite emotional!!! note the use of exclaimation points!) 🙂

  11. Chris: whether there was a possible chart for the HAARP technology discovery?

    Gee Chris, I doubt it. It was/is a secret project and the technology originated with Tesla, so …
    Down the rabbit-hole.
    Hmmm… looking for an answer to your question, I found this:

    Thomas E. Bearden is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army who is “active in the study of scalar electromagnetics, advanced electrodynamics, unified field theory, and overunity systems”.
    Tom Bearden website: cheniere.org/

    Colin Andrews. Posted March 4, 2010: I asked Tom Bearden what he thought about the strange patterns that
    appeared on the Australia Bureau of Meteorology radar system during the exact same period the weather dramatically shifted gears over that continent ?

    excerpts from Tom Bearden:
    So, yes, much of the weather and earthquakes and tsunamis now are being artificially induced,
    with several major nations having that capability.

    They also seem to be “leaning over backward” not to induce hostility and warfare between them,
    so SOME sort of coordination is apparently going on also.

    … The new weapons and projects are here now, multiple
    nations are involved, and so as time goes by, we will continue to see more and more deviations
    from the sad old “electrical engineering” textbook.

    Also, be aware of “precursor engineering” actually discovered by P.A.M. Dirac in 1930 or so. By
    Dirac Sea vacuum tickling with patterns of little tiny pulses, one can directly engineer physical
    reality itself. We have some explanations of this process on my website, and also on Vlad’s
    Russian website.

    … This effect can be occasionally involved in earthquakes, tsunamis, strange
    effects on the weather and atmosphere and winds etc., and detrimental effects on humans and
    animals etc. such as in weird diseases or physical effects. And all this “digital pulsing” and its
    Dirac Sea vacuum tickling effects increases every year as the population and the “digital pulse
    generations” increase. Thus there is a totally unknown but increasingly important threat to our
    environment, water, oceans, life forms, etc. on the entire planet, and it is not as yet even
    recognized and understood by our scientists.


    Thanks for thr rense.com report. Good one.
    I believe astrology is an art which we can all keep learning and learning from throughout our lives.
    My best to you, lady!

  12. Hey guys!

    Check this one out..

    New Discovery

    We also might want to keep our eyes on this new discovery by Russian scientists:

    Russian scientists in the Khibinsky Mountains in the Arctic Circle have made an important scientific discovery. They’ve found a new mineral which absorbs radiation.

    It does not yet have an official name and is known only as number 27-4. It can absorb radioactivity from liquid nuclear waste.

    “It can extract radioactive substances from any water-based solution and so has a very important practical significance,” said Yakov Pakhomovsky, the head of the Kolsky Research Institute.

    After coming into contact with the mineral, radioactive water becomes completely safe. Had this mineral been available to physicists after the Chernobyl or Three Mile Island disasters, the consequences might have been very different, as both accidents resulted in contamination from radioactive water. (RT)

    Sounds promising… an anti-radiation mineral,almost sounds to good to be true,however… open mind,open heart,keeping the faith X

    (Once again,this info comes from the Rense site,should have writen the link down first,oh well,next time).

    • This is the actual article from Russia Today :

      “Russian scientists in the Khibinsky Mountains in the Arctic Circle have made an important scientific discovery. They’ve found a new mineral which absorbs radiation.

      It does not yet have an official name and is known only as number 27-4. It can absorb radioactivity from liquid nuclear waste.

      “It can extract radioactive substances from any water-based solution and so has a very important practical significance,” said Yakov Pakhomovsky, the head of the Kolsky Research Institute.

      After coming into contact with the mineral, radioactive water becomes completely safe. Had this mineral been available to physicists after the Chernobyl or Three Mile Island disasters, the consequences might have been very different, as both accidents resulted in contamination from radioactive water.

      However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Scientists say they need tonnes of it and so far they have only discovered a few grammes. But they are confident that they can chemically reproduce it on a much larger scale.

      “We need to learn its properties and so that chemists can reproduce it on an unlimited scale,” said Grigory Ivanyuk, from the Kolsky Research Institute.

      Every year ten new minerals are discovered in the Arctic Circle, and one third of all worldwide mineral discoveries are on the Kolsky Peninsula.

      The latest find may prove to be extremely significant for the nuclear industry. ”

      Who knew that new minerals are still being found in the Arctic circle?!

      • Oops! The report is dated from 2007 – so what happened to it ?
        Will try and find out any more info.
        The internet is a tricky sea to navigate sometimes.

  13. Chris thanks for the info. This is pointing to the question I asked- question came from understanding a yogic teaching. Doesn’t matter if it was discovered in 2007… it exist and in the Arctic so maybe more than one country knows of it… and now the question would be how and when could it be used?
    Good to keep the faith.

  14. Also natural zeolites (discovered in 1756 by Swedish scientist) are pretty good at removing toxins (heavy metals/radioactivitiy) from a host of things from people to the soil.

    Found a report that said they were dumping it into the ocean at Fukushima to try and help,also after Chernobyl people were eating zeolite cookies to absorb the radiation.

    Interesting descrption here of how they are created:
    (From Superfood living)

    “zeolites are naturally created as an alchemical gift from God,combining the four elements air,water,earth and fire. Zeolites are formed as lava and ash erupt and flow into the sea. The combination of the ash and the salt from the sea,as well as the lava,cause a chemical reaction that forms zeolites.”

    Just formed an interest and affection for zeolites…now where to get it? (thinking to myself)-has to be locally/ethically/environmentally sourced distributed and packaged,hard call but up to the research) 🙂

    By the way, I’ve started e-mailing people who have written something on-line which has touched/reached/made me want to be a better person.

    We all need to know that our efforts are appreciated and that we do not stand alone.

    Keeping the faith- and speading it around as much as possible!

    • Someone on my Facebook profile was talking about zeolite just after the disaster, apparently you can buy it at farming supply places and spread it around your veggie garden.

  15. As I have said before, I am a newbe to this site.. What is HARP?? and how is it affeting us? Is it causing all the tornados going on in the US? Please explain in as simplimple languge as possible..thanks..Kelly

  16. This is for Chris, Rob, AET, UQW, and those of you who care and want to prepare.
    Just ask yourself WHY there has been almost a complete media blackout on this story now.
    South Korea has been blasted by this stuff [see the animated map above] and if you google “radiation dispersion from Japan in South Korea” the last reports are in early April. Nothing in May!

    So this is an excellent assessment of Fukushima from a Lady in Tacoma WA.
    and there are more of her posts here:

    What we can tell from what we all now know, Is a clear indicator to what we could easily infer. It is a good time to start reading between the lines…
    The situation is as I told you earlier. A slinky.

    At this point in time the chain reaction has just started to begin. The fuel has likely metamorphosised into an evenly distributed pile of molten clots, that have all slowly melted its way through the reactors outer containment, through the reactors turbine room, and now finally is penetrating out into the soil of fukushima, through the freshly melted steel and concrete holes, it ruptured in the reactors core and outer containment.

    Though this is a good thing, as the fuel has not all collected into a molten mass the situation. once again, is a slinky. So what can we infer…
    Well I will now explain nuclear mechanics in another simple antidote…

    Nuclear fuel is much like a basket ball, passing through a large spring. and every time the ball makes its way from start to finish, the spring creates four new basket balls, with four new springs, and this process repeats its self, over and over and over… Googles, upon googles of times, instantly. This process, creates heat. Tons of heat… Don’t think of a bic lighter, or a light bulb for that matter… Think of the sun, and how the nuclear reactions, constantly taking place light the planet earth for thousands of millions of years.

    This is the process that humanity took advantage of to create thermal nuclear electricity. By capturing the nuclear fuel in an active coolant. They were able to harness and power, Massive cities globally.

    The problem now, is quite simple… The basketballs and springs (neutrons and atoms), only fulfill that one function. Now that the active coolant, is not containing the fuel, the fuel is reacting. And violently! It is doing what its intended to do, create that 500,000 megawatt power source.

    Meaning each molten mass inside the reactors, are literally, vaporizing any coolant, concrete or mass for that matter; into particles of radioactive isotopes by the trillions… While traveling deeper into the planets crust. And in some time will rest at the zone known as the water table.

    The water table will act react with the nuclear fuel like it is bacon, on a frying pan. And the process will release plumes upon, plumes of radioactive steam… This process will last thousands of years, without any intervention. Though once it begins, as stated previously before. Tepco will be “forced to abandon the restoration efforts at fukushima…
    (FYI: If you covered it, it would explode from the pressure collecting inside).

    So that is in short a china syndrome.

    So infer from what I told you all. The releases of steam will get greater, this is because I said: it is now evenly distributed.
    Then I said its a slinky: Headed down the stairs full speed, and almost to the bottom…

    Meaning what can go wrong will go wrong. (because you cant intervene).Once the fuel is all in the water table. It will do what the sun does, react with its self… Violently. We will have a miniature sun resting in a crater, vaporizing trillions upon trillions of particles into the atmosphere, potentially, for thousands of years.

    Well remember those three options I wrote about earlier… Those were after tepco evacuates, and the mess goes all fooey. Those are the events I predict to come, once the situation grows into a 6 reactor event… Maybe someone could reply with a copy of those…

    reality, and start preparing. We are simply facing an extinction level event. While the media is locking you out of information, I advise you inferred what that meant as well.

    Learn about all the types of radiation, and their effects on health. Make backups, on a laptop that is charged. Find information on survival guides, take screen shots. Have a plan. The situation should pan out rather quickly from here. In all of nuclear physics, there is no viable way to counter react the events, to come.

    So I suppose, its not a time to panic. We past that part. Now… Now, its time to prepare. (do it educationally, and in tact. Have emergency supplies, and a safe spot for shelter planned in advance…
    You have time… But the situation… The situation is NUCLEAR… Welcome to reality…

    [posted May 26]
    Can we the reader now infer (speculate with open conversation) that the next batch of information to be released likely within 1-3 days is that the suppression chamber in unit 1 fukushima daiichi, has been breached.

    Tepco working conditions will then be determined only as a:“in need to go” basis. This limiting the contamination in the line of defense. While hampering tepco’s efforts in the cooling operations of reactors 2-4.

    Here’s the facts / supporting arguments:… Reactors may be “riddled with holes” — Experts suspect full meltdown at No. 1, 2 and 3
    I mean lets face it… Sometime between now through Friday; “This is going to be the next reality”… This now being known, They are practically telling the reader that: The Fukushima Dai Reactor 1 is now releasing 200 Sieverts an hour atmospherically. Thats 75% of Chernobyl’s atmospheric release… Chernobyl also only lasted 8 days…

    Reactor 1 is at 4 days.
    So now we can infer that the worst has truly come. As the nuclear fuel is likely completely covered in water, its obviously growing in mass, and is currently in a state of full criticality. This is because we all fail to remind our selfs the reactors basements are in 3 – 4.5 feet of “highly contaminated water”. Water that just weeks earlier Severely burnt a Engineer in the early days of the crisis.

    Here is another red flag / insight…
    Is tepco’s road map to death still to achieve cold shut down, by repairing this reactor? Take a look!
    They cant pull the lid off of it, the fuel is in the basement, the fumes are lethal, the water, is lethal. The suppression chamber is riddled with holes, the outer containment is in the pacific ocean, the fuel is in molten lumps in a basement like sauna irradiating a likley 500 – 1000+ sieverts. The walls need reinforcment, there is no roof, the gauges, turbines, meters, dodas, and flimsies, are all completely farked…

    Not to mention they dropped tons of water on the machine from a helicopter. (this isn’t a building; Its a machine…) If you dropped a ton of water, let alone 40-50ton loads on your microwave would it work fine if you plugged it in?

    This breach will be determined to have been caused by both the pressure building inside the reactor 1 breaching seals inside the reactor… (as reported earlier this week) Mixed with references to the altercations created during operations of nitrogen being injected; the reactor passing its structural limits in thermal nuclear heat decay; and last but not least: molten Fuel that has breached the core and suppression chamber…

    This all basically means we are farked. bottom line farked…
    Sadly it will just take anyone about another two to four weeks to spell it out…
    Like I said. Did you buy water yet?

    • Thanks Susan – you really got to the bottom of it here – no one is in control, never has been, never will be – cue plan B, reality check……there is no plan B….back to plan A then….there never was a plan A……enjoy!

      • Thanks rob … I realize this is not a ‘popular’ topic.
        But I do believe that those of us want the truth and have the courage for it, deserve to know.
        People could be learning how to protect themselves and their children. Now.


        Not to mention screaming and yelling at the evil tyrants who are enforcing the silence.
        But that will come. And maybe soon.

        • ….reminds me of the end of Dr Strangelove……just so long as we don’t lose our sense of humour….heres that quote again….

          ‘Since things neither exist nor do not exist,
          are neither real nor unreal,
          are utterly beyond adopting and rejecting –
          one might as well burst out laughing’

          (Longchenpa Rabjampa – Tibetan Nyingmapa Buddhist ‘master’ – C14th)

  17. Well, screaming and yelling at the Tyrants won’t get you or anyone anywhere. They will just ignore you. Truth is one thing. We all know the truth. That especially after this event in Fukushima. Nuclear power has and never will be safe. We have to come together as a community and do something about it. Not just worry, complain about it, hoard all the products we can get and then hide. We need people to rise up together. We need to take control of our future. Not by blaming anyone or any government cause we are all part of this whether we want to admit it or not. If not then, why do you drive a car? Or why do you use electricity. Or why do you buy food from people who make it under very bad conditions.
    Maybe you don’t. Maybe your squeaky clean. Freaking out is not the answer.
    Being aware of what is going is. Seeking the truth is good. Sharing it is fine. But sitting around not doing anything but complaining is not okay. It is time for change so we must come together as concerned citizens and take the steps to change things. There is not a thing we can do about the damage that has already been done. Except use every means possible to clean up the mess and stop using the the things that made the mess in the first place. In order to that, we all need to make a huge paradigm shift.
    The way we live has a lot to do with why still have some of the things in place that contribute to the destruction and continues to contribute to the destruction of our planet. That is all from me for now.

    • I’m with you all the way there Micheline and can’t help wondering, what if some people are here to scream and shout and that in doings so they might actually aid and abet that huge paradigm shift…..but, look, I don’t want to up the anti here, just, I also wonder if seeking to control the future is a part of the problem and how ‘squeaky clean’ we have to be in order to exert control that doesn’t dictate anyway – better to put aside notions of right and wrong, good and bad, dirty and clean, and, as you say, take steps, get down to work, by doing what each of us know in our hearts to be right without trying to dictate what that might be to others – a certain amount of ‘trust’ (oh gawd, do we have to) is not a bad thing, but, its the more it is relied upon the more it becomes like the much over rated form of sleeping while awake that it can be – informing each other keeps us alert, is also a great way to take steps and help us prepare and dialogue is a way of working together – all those countries that are opting out of nuclear power are setting up a long overdue dialogue that will create its own critical mass……perhaps

  18. Susan: …..having his abode in the lotus, drinketh those terrible winds and goeth to sleep!

    Blimey, time to hit the lotus (terrible winds not necessary, but, quite likely) and get some zzzzs

  19. Micheline: It is time for change so we must come together as concerned citizens and take the steps to change things. There is not a thing we can do about the damage that has already been done. Except use every means possible to clean up the mess and stop using the the things that made the mess in the first place. In order to that, we all need to make a huge paradigm shift.
    The way we live has a lot to do with why still have some of the things in place that contribute to the destruction and continues to contribute to the destruction of our planet.

    I completely agree with you. We need change. And this horse is out of the barn. However, with the news blackout most people are not even aware of a small fraction of what you have just said. Until we are permitted to know the facts of this catastrophe, people will remain vulnerable. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be good to tell people how to protect themselves from the current radiation dispersion? Instead of cutting off any and all reports. Educate people and at least give them a chance. Surely your passionate state of mind is a justifiable reflection of what many are feeling in Japan.

    TOKYO — A new poll showed Monday that more than 80 percent of Japanese voters do not trust government information about the country’s nuclear crisis.

    As the above article states:
    There are two great misunderstandings about the crisis at Fukushima.
    One, most people think the releases have stabilized, whereas the releases have not even stopped one bit.
    Two, people are being led to think by media and the way information is being presented to them by authorities that radiation exposures are temporal, like a poison that will be flushed from the body with no lasting harm. This is wrong.

    • Hi Susan!
      Interesting times to say the least..

      Had a dream the other night that my son had cancer,
      the next day I read the “letter from a Fukushima mother” and thought – yeah I know!

      Saw an article on(internet/Rense)news today-

      About how they are getting schoolchildren near Fukushima to wear long sleeves to school to minimize radiation exposure-I mean really! longbloodysleeves?!!

      Here is a paper on radiation exposure treatment that I think is pretty good really:


      Somehow feel that this (Fukushima) is all part of the Great Plan and we are now boarding what is going be one hell of a ride,so hold on to your hats friends!

      Also liked this article (not sure what Sahaja Yoga is but hey,if it works!)


      Love and Strength to all

  20. Hello

    I want to speak you about the nuclear central in usa Fort Calhoun/Nebraska.
    The energy is also in water because the Mississipi. (danger = 4/7)
    I have some dates:
    water and electric fire an dexpulsion of people: 07 june 2011
    Natal date of the nuclear central: 04 august 1973 (wiki)
    41N31’33” – 096w04’44”

    If that interest you
    Sorry for my english and thanks for all

  21. Do you have any predictions for Japan?….as they are currently being hit by earthquakes (over mag 7)…USGS are dumbing down figures as usual…

  22. Thanks for the link …what are your thoughts around this meltdown being associated with the rejection of Pluto as a planet. Would the chart of when Pluto was officially rejected be significantly linked with this event I wonder. It was known or at least made public at the time, that this nuke reactor was actually a Plutonian reactor!! apparantly the most deadliest, ot was kept very secret. …. there seems to soooo many Plutonian overtones around this, really blew the doors off the world families skeleton closet, which the ghosts are still falling out from!! …cheers from David

  23. Jamie,
    I was wondering if the above chart figures in the Uranus/Pluto transit which you say will peak November 1st, 2013. In other words, can you look at the above chart as an entity vulnerable to this transit – just as we individuals are influenced by transits.

    The 10 degree Jupiter in Aries and the 7 degree Pluto in Capricorn are of interest. The mainstream news is reporting what many have been saying for years now – including NBC, Bloomberg, BBC, and CNN. There is doubt that this can ever be fixed.

    Any thoughts & reflections on the future of this catastrophe?

  24. Tepzilla,
    I showed this ‘fukureport’ to someone more knowledgeable than me – and he doesn’t think the science is very sound. I am not qualified to judge. There are plenty of lies and secrets to be sure, but I’m hoping you will be around far longer than you may today imagine.

  25. Actually it was the entering of Uranus into Ram that allowed me to ‘predict’ this event. Weeks before this I told my colleges that some sort of disaster would occur on that data. Since it was Uranus, I should have added ‘something nuclear’…

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