Fukushima Disaster

Fukushima Disaster AstrologyIn this post we look at the horoscope of the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear plant as a result of the Japan earthquake. As was mentioned in the discussion on the Japan Horoscope posts, the trans-Neptunian planet Sedna was included in the chart because it may well be linked to the earth changes we are experiencing. I don’t care anymore about the statistics and what the increasingly marginalized skeptics might say, we are definitely seeing and increase in the number and severity of natural disasters in the beginning of the 21st century.

The explosion which blew the lid off the Fukushima I nuclear plant occurred on March 11, 2011 at 3.36 pm [1]. You can see in the chart below that Sedna is conjunct the Midheaven. Conjunct the Descendant is Ceres, associated with environmental concerns.

There are a couple of stars rising which describe the event very well. The Alphard star in Hydra the Water Snake. Astrologers have always associated this star with poison, so these days nuclear radiation would fit the interpretation. The other rising star is Adhafera in constellation Leo. The Adhafera star is associated with “suicide poison, corrosive acids, liquid explosives, liquid fire” [2].

Update: I’ve been chatting with fellow Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin. He made a prediction at the beginning of this year:

“The January Eclipse has an explosive effect as it falls on the Mars degree of Ivy Mike – the first hydrogen bomb, Chernobyl, and the US invasion of Afghanistan. It also activates the Sun position of the 1608 Jamestown fire, the Jupiter of the Bhopal gas explosion and Saturn of the Great Fire of London. This fiery eclipse may accompany an increase in explosions and fires, either planned or accidental, in the early part of the year.” Ed Tamplin – Astrology Predictions 2011

Fukushima Disaster AstrologyI’ve added some pages with charts: Three Mile Island Disaster – Chernobyl Disaster

10 degrees Aries looks to be one link between these three nuclear disasters:
10°22′ Aries – Fukushima Jupiter
10°58′ Aries – Chernobyl Mercury
10°29′ Aries – Three Mile Moon

Ceres, associate with environmental concerns look to be important:

Fukushima accident: Ceres conjunct DC.

Transits from Fukushima accident to Japan Horoscope:  Ceres conjunct MC

Transits from Fukushima accident to Three Mile Island accident:
Solar Eclipse sextile Ceres
New Moon conjunct Ceres
Mars conjunct Ceres
Vertex square Ceres

Transits from Fukushima accident to Chernobyl accident: Chiron opposite Ceres

Chiron also look to be important:

Transits from Fukushima accident to Japan horoscope:
Pluto opposite Chiron
Chiron conjunct Mercury

Transits from Fukushima accident to Three Mile Island accident: Pluto trine Chiron

Transits from Fukushima accident to Chernobyl accident:
Chiron opposite Ceres
Moon conjunct Chiron

1. theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/crisis-explosion-rattles-fukushima-nuclear-plant-in-japan/
2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.117.

717 thoughts on “Fukushima Disaster

  1. Jamie,
    I was wondering if the above chart figures in the Uranus/Pluto transit which you say will peak November 1st, 2013. In other words, can you look at the above chart as an entity vulnerable to this transit – just as we individuals are influenced by transits.

    The 10 degree Jupiter in Aries and the 7 degree Pluto in Capricorn are of interest. The mainstream news is reporting what many have been saying for years now – including NBC, Bloomberg, BBC, and CNN. There is doubt that this can ever be fixed.

    Any thoughts & reflections on the future of this catastrophe?

  2. Tepzilla,
    I showed this ‘fukureport’ to someone more knowledgeable than me – and he doesn’t think the science is very sound. I am not qualified to judge. There are plenty of lies and secrets to be sure, but I’m hoping you will be around far longer than you may today imagine.

  3. Actually it was the entering of Uranus into Ram that allowed me to ‘predict’ this event. Weeks before this I told my colleges that some sort of disaster would occur on that data. Since it was Uranus, I should have added ‘something nuclear’…

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