Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy

The Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy, also called the Chickamaugan Prophecy, is part of the Cherokee prophesies of 1811 made by “Charlie” and two women of the Cherokee tribe. They had visions in early February of 1811 near Rocky Mountain in Georgia. These prophesies are all over the internet, and from what I can gather, they were originally documented by missionaries and then finally published in 1993 in the American Indian Quarterly [1].

The Rattlesnake Prophecy contains reference to planets and stars, and shows similarities to Mayan astronomy, with emphasis on Venus and Jupiter, Orion and the Pleiades. Their calenders were similar, both apparently marking 2012 as a major cross over point. I will go through some of the detail and see how it relates to modern astronomy and astrology. You can see the entire Cherokee Prophesies at Crystalinks [2].

The Pleiades

The “Rattlesnake” seems to be one of the 13 major constellations in Cherokee astronomy, and at the tip of it’s tail are the Pleiades. The Pleiades is a cluster of seven stars in constellation Taurus. The brightest of them being Alcyone at 0 degrees Gemini. The Pleiades have been important to all cultures around the world, and first documented in China in  2357 BC [3] , and even getting a mention in the Old Testament of The Bible, “Canst thou bind the sweet influence of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?” [4]. Robson says that “sweet” must be a mistranslation, because the astrological influence of the Pleiades is “distinctly evil” [5], and this is the consensus of all astrological writings on the Pleiades. They give tragedies and sorrow, and their association with the tears of the weeping sisters links them to the “traditions of the Flood found among so many and widely separated nations, and especially in the Deluge-myth of Chaldea” [3].


Rattlesnake Prophecy:When the Earth sees the fingers of Spearfinger strike Jupiter, when the ages of the Rings and wheels tell it is the ending of the ages of cycles of 5, this will be the sign for the whole earth, for all the earth will see this thing, to wake up from sleep.”

In July 1994, Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 struck Jupiter “with dramatic effect” in the first direct observation of an extraterrestrial collision of solar system objects [6]. Almost exactly 15 years after the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact, Jupiter took another massive hit in July 2009, leaving a crater the size of Earth.

On 9 May 2010 amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley took a picture of Jupiter and was astonished to discover one of the giant cloud bands had totally disappeared. This happened since June 2009, so it is a fair assumption that one or both of the comet strikes are responsible. The picture above is from The Planetary Society [7].

Transit of Venus

Rattlesnake Prophecy: “In the year 2004 and 2012 an alignment will take place both on the Cherokee Calendar and in the heavens of the Rattlesnake Constellation both. It is the time of the doublehead serpent stick. It is the time of the Red of Orion and Jupiter against White Blue of Pleiades and Venus.”

On 8 June 2004 there was a transit of Venus, when Venus can be seen as a black dot moving across the face of the Sun. This was the first transit of Venus in over 120 years, and was conjunct the Rigel, a bluish white star in constellation Orion.

The next transit of Venus will be on 6 June 2012, and following that not for over another 100 years. The 2012 transit of Venus comes two weeks after a solar eclipse in the Pleiades. The day of the transit of Venus, Jupiter is in the Pleiades. Venus and the Sun are again on Rigel, and Mercury is also in Orion. For both the 2004 and 2012 transits, Venus is retrograde.


I believe there is solid astronomy behind this prophesy, the predicted comet strikes on Jupiter certainly came true with dramatic effect, and the prophesy was published a year before the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact. The prediction of the only two transits of Venus over a 220 year period is testament to the astronomical skills of the the early Americans. Though perhaps something was jumbled in the translation, because the prophesy states “the Red of Orion and Jupiter against White Blue of Pleiades and Venus.” The 2012 transit of Venus has Jupiter in the Pleiades against Venus in Orion.

Venus and Jupiter face off again on December 21 2012 as part of a Yod aspect pattern, apparently the same day as the 5,125 year cycle in the Mayan Long Count calendar comes to an end.

Jamie, 26 August 2009, updated 3 October 2010.

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62 thoughts on “Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy

  1. Hi Jamie,

    Fascinating, isn’t it!!! 🙂
    On the rattlesnake, have you considered the “side-winding” serpentine constellation Eridanus below the Pleiades which is considered a tail in this prophecy, which then curves in a “bowl” (crescent) below Taurus towards Orion.

    beta eridani (cursa) is a “paleface” star and is one of the rare stars that flashes, as the ‘footstool of the central one’, Orion, such a flash also suggestive of a strike/bite to Orion’s left foot – 2012 will be 27 years since it did this last (nearly a Saturn return, 2013 sees return of the year of the Water Snake). Also Epsilon Eridani, and the massive void mapped in 2004 in Eridanus (thought to be the imprint of another universe)

    Water’s so rich in all spiritual traditions – serpents/snakes of both earth & the sea. Eridanus is also indicative of some major rivers directional flows on earth.

    Venus retrograde was considered “masculine” and once it reappears from its union with the Sun was considered “reborn”. 2012 it transitions from evening star to morning star … eg. to the “shining” one, which is also what Phaeton means, called ‘Adymus’ by the Minoans.

    Fascinating all the cross correlations, thanks for such an inspirational blog!!!

    • write “suggestive of a strike/bite to Orions left foot”
      In the bible God says to the serpent,
      ” He shall bruise your head & you shall bruise his heel”
      On the internet the interpretation is that the serpent (Satan) will bruise Christ’s heel…but Christ will bruise the serpent’s head, i.e. a fatal blow.
      This is to do with the second coming / final battle….(all I can say is thank god Christ wins !!!)
      PS Jamie…is Orion to do with Orisis???

      • Forgot to tick the “notify me of followup comments”…so have to do this post.

          • This can depend on who we think Lucifer is. A lot depends on translation and interpretation in the bible. Lucifer the light bearer can be the planet Venus.

  2. Oh god Barabara, everytime I read something you have written I feel I know so little and have to go off studying all these links you find. But thanks so much, off to do some more homework :))

  3. oh this is so weird, tonight i suddenly got way more interested in understand the whole 2012 thing, i started reading more stuff on the mayan calanders….
    as you might know there is the long count haah or tun and the short count i think or the tzolkin

    i have to read this stuff too


    • I’m not really read up on all the Mayan stuff, but I do know they were expert stargazers and had the most accurate calender system of all.

  4. the earliest reference to the Pleiades is in the cave paintings in southern France about 17000 ago, the are depicted above the head of one of the bulls

    • Very interesting, do you have the source? I’d love to use this because I want to write a post specifically about the Pleiades.

  5. Oh the 2012 thing is a repeat of the Y2K thing, it sells books. Oh and Regulus moves into Virgo, the Lion lays down withe the Lanb

    • Yes there is a money making machine around the 2012 hype, but there is much more going on astrologically than Y2K. There seems to be a convergence of phenomena occuring. Even having two transits of Venus so close together, plus the Jupiter Yod of 2012 following the 1989 one. I’m not suggesting doomday in December 2012, in fact the effect may even be subtle and not recognized by many people. However many of us do sense something changing even if we can’t express exactly what that is with words.

  6. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see this and thanks once again for another thought provoking post Jamie

    Robson’s 1923 interpretation of the Pleiades, it has been suggested, derives from prevailing prejudices against men with feminine qualities?! Homosexuality is the buzzword – hopefully we’ve grown well beyond such prejudice…..

    2012 will be hyped to kingdom come and milked by the media for all its negative un-newsworthiness and cheesy fear-mongering – yes, it makes big bucks – the Native American prophecies refer to this as a ‘purification
    time’ – how true! Take an open ear to Floyd Red Crow Westerman talking about this – and remember, in connection with what he says, the Pleiades are associated with rain, water, floods :

    Jupiter on Alcyone has also been given negative press, and, is Jupiter growing?! 🙂

    For a more positive spin on the Pleiades astrologer Barbara Hand Clow, whose book on Chiron is a must read, and who is herself of Cherokee descent, makes strong claims for the transformational and transdimensional qualities of the Pleiades, althought the label ‘New Age’ is also, unfortunately, attached to her approach – don’t be put off…..her book “The Pleiadian Agenda” has some interesting information

    Venus has also been linked with world changes in Native American tradition in relation to axial tilt, tho this is (hopefully) retrospective – I got this first hand from a Cheyenne medicine man, tho the story is too long to include here, and have heard it repeated since, from Mayan sources……

    hang on to your hats!

    • Yes I’ve read about the “evil” meanig gay, and there is something in that because later writers link this star to homosexuality. I know a few guys with this star in their charts and they are not gay, though even they will admit they have feminine qualities. Definitely want to research this star more in personal charts and in mundane events.

      Is Jupiter growing? Well I have an idea that it must appear brighter because there is more white to reflect sunlight since that big cloud band has disappeared.

    • Just cruising end April 2011 these old articles. Isn’t it odd that on a trip to USA with my Native Salish girl friend of many years, that we stopped for a rest in front of a bookstore and the only astrology book was by Barbara Hand Clow on Chiron. Later I noted my native friend had chiron conj. her North Node. It’s just too wierd. The order of things.
      Didn’t know Ms Clow was Cherokee until now. geez. What is it all about?!

      Just dreamt last week on going to visit someone in prison with my daughter and turning to marvel and comment on “how much more water there is now” aloud. It was beautiful and calm. I am tauras so Pleiades.
      I’m wondering now what degree that eclipse will be.

        • Thanks rob:

          A wide orb to Uranus on my cusp 8 20 gemini. Maybe a milder surprise. Not too extreme. ah ha.

  7. When I was a kid, I had a recurring dream about day suddenly turning to night and stars falling from the sky – or at least that’s how it appeared to my childish mind. Then the dreams stopped for many years, but began again when I started attending church (I was in my twenties at the time). I shared my dream with one of the ministry’s interns – a young Native American woman I’d become friends with – who told me that the dream I was describing was very similar to an old Native American prophesy. Reading your post makes me wonder if this is what she was referring to.

    I had the dream again very recently, although certain details had changed and at this point I’m hoping the dream is more symbolic than literal. This was a strange one for me to wake up to this morning, Jamie – especially since you’ve made me aware of December 2012’s astrological connections to my own chart.

    • Hi everyone, I have found this site only recently, and I just like it. I appreciate detailed intelligent work on astrology. Though I am not so talented for astrology, I am still learning and trying to understand by logic what I see in dreams and visions. Why am I writing is that Native American prophesy I am interested in, because I have seen the stars (or rather whole constellations) falling as well. In my dream it was clear that certain holy places and structures on the surphace of the Earth were created to to “hold back” the falling stars, to keep the balance, I will not specify here. The time was reverse in my dream, so that first I saw the outcome (stars falling if…) and then the reason (…if not hold back by…). It was a general feeling that this can repeat itself again, as time is not linear. So LB and others, I would really like to get in touch with people with similar dreams.

  8. As usual – a perfect piece of research presented in a fascinating article. Thank you for enlightening us 🙂

  9. Thanks Alisa.

    LB, I’ve spoken with many people who have had similar dreams. I’ve recently had a few “deluge” dreams, but then it has been raining here for two weeks and there’s flood warnings for the local rivers.

    I’ve had numerous dreams about the heavens though, one in particular stands out from 10 or 12 years ago. I’m pushing a bike, walking along a path with many other people. I stopped an waited for someone to catch up to me. Many people walking on this path up a hill. Once up the top, we all gathered around to watch the sky, then saw Jupiter, really big and bright. No one said anything, but we were all thinking “It’s not such the benefic we thought it was”.

  10. There’s a solar eclipse on the Plieades? Wow. That’s gonna make for some fun.

    I have Jupiter retrograde on that spot.

    The year 29 Taurus was on my solar return ascendant I learned an energy healing modality (from the Pleiades) that was extremely powerful and served to raise my consciousness as well as dissolve dense energetic blockages.

    This was also during the time of the jupiter-neptune-chiron conjunction (in my 8th house).

    Maybe its the influence of Jupiter, but 29 Taurus and 29 Pisces (midheaven) have always been great for me.

  11. Do you think the Rattlesnake Prophecy is referring to Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder, in the 13th Constellation. Ref: the Greek God of Medicine Aesclepius. There is a lot of info on this. Just Google it.

    • Hi Mary, I’m not sure about that and would have to do more research. It does sound very plausible though because there are 13 constellations in their zodiac?

  12. Hello, I am a student and in my Astronomy class my midterm project is on the Cherokee Nation and view on Astronomy. I’m having trouble getting enough information, and thought maybe you could point me in the right direction? Any websites, books? This project is due next Thursday.
    Thank you.

    • Hi there, I had a lot of trouble finding information to write this post. The trouble is in relating the myths to actual stars and constellations. If someone has written about this I haven’t been able to find it. Good luck! This might help, best I could find: You might get it at your library or why not but it, $1.30 used!

  13. Alethea – you might want to check out “The Thirteen Original Clam Mothers” by Jamie Sams – she is a Cherokee medicine woman and this book concerns the female Lunar cycle, the each clan mother corresponding to the year’s moons – one of her teachers Twyla Nitsch has also written some on the celestial traditions but, mostly you have to sieve through books as I don’t believe there are any that are specifically focused on ‘astrology’

  14.’s Friday 9.16pm…the rain is really, really bad here in Melbourne…my son has just gone to St Kilda..he phoned me, he is up to his waist in water…have told him to stay “safe” and stay at his mates house, and fight the floods if needed…they said on the news that it wouldn’t get bad till the weekend…but it’s bad already…Barb.

    • I just checked the radar loop before you posted. looks like the moisture from the cyclone has fed down south and more really heavy rain coming:

  15. Interesting read, thank you for putting it up. Just wanted to mention that i have had a dream somewhat akin to the ones mentioned here. The Stars didn’t appear to be “falling” per se, but they were shifting quickly and oddly.

    In that particular dream, i knew BIG Earth changes were happening, and speeding up.

    • Hi Justin, what you “knew” in your dream is similar to the message I got too. It’s interesting in dreams that you can get what they mean, like the general message without hearing the words specifically. There’s little doubt no that we are already seeing major earth changes.

    • I just saw that article on here, and actually I have stayed away from anything to do with the prophecies of the Mayas (and just heard about the Rattlesnake prophecy here on). Despite my attempts to stay away from that, I also have had a series of recurrent dreams last fall, in which the Pleiades and Orion were figuring quite strongly. In one dream it even appeared as if the constellation of Pleiades was “staggering” and there were big changes within it; actulaly in that dream there were rocks falling from the sky down to earth.

      It reminded me of a dream I was having in early 2005, when I was standing somewhere out in the night, looking up into the sky, and it was visibly changing. The constellations just moved in high speed and changed. It was a little bit creepy.

      • i have had the same dream about the night sky changing at high speed – apparently lots of others have too! I started having these dreams back in the 1980s. Also dreams of the PLeaides. They foigure very strongly in our greeater history and future apparently. Look them up in Alic Bailey’s work and you’ll get quite an illumination.

      • Marina and I were on the beach with the kids over Christmas at night and saw a strange light passing through the Pleiades. Sort of like a satellite or plane but not flashing, then it disappeared.

        • I see those lights (orbish and with varying speed and type of movements) all the time at night where I live near the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California. All the time… lately!!! (They do differ from planes and satellites visually; they have a more “organic” appearance.)

  16. So interesting to hear of these sky is falling dreams. Chicken Little really knew something after all. ah ha.

  17. hey guys what do yu think of jose argulles and the law of time noosphere…

  18. In the Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy, I’m pretty sure that the “Red of Orion” is a reference to Betelgeuse.

  19. So interesting! Those two special Venus days. On June 8, 2004, the day after my 42nd b-day and during my uranus return in leo I traveled to the south Cal. Coast for a hypnotherapy training where I also practiced envisioning meeting my soulmate… March 2011 I met him as my Juno was conjunct the south node at 28 degrees Gemini. During the upcoming second Venus conjunction-June 6, 2012 he, with sun sign in Leo, will be finishing his medical training as an aesthetic surgeon and moving to his S. cal coast beach house. I envisioned living close to the ocean with him- although not too close considering the rising water levels! Uncanny that my hypnotherapy conference was held just a few miles from the coastal city where he grew up in s. Cal. My 50th birthday will fall on June 9, 2012- just a few days after the special Venus conjunction. Gotta love these Venusian unfoldings!!

  20. Hmm. Meant to say – aquarius moon that day was opposite my natal uranus/leo- not my uranus return. I’m hearing that Rigel conjunct one’s sun, moon, MC or ascendant is positive – “quick rise in life is promised on account of a strong, inherent will power, love of action, and a lucky hand in enterprise. A continuous battle to retain an acquired position has to be waged. This fight at the same time stimulates an increase in vigor. Even in spite of unhelpful aspects, success and reaching the set aim can be successful by this powerful concentration. If however the native is not cautious or has an attack of weakness, failure and disappointments, a fall from success will follow”. This fits to a T…..with the exception of the quick rise in life. I haven’t seen this yet, so I’m curious if the continuous battle I’ve waged with my business enterprise -these recent years- will result in a “quick rise” for me. Bring on the ascension!

    • That is amazing Stephanie. I love seeing patterns like this through astrology. Bring it on indeed!

  21. I’m confused to why it mentions that there is a general consensus that astrological writings point to the thought that astrological influences of Pleiades is evil.

    Book recommendation: Phoenix Rising by Mary Summer Rain. : )

  22. May this transit bring harmony, peace, and unconditional love that lasts between the brothers of Aries and Scorpio. To anyone I have wronged, under appreciated I am sooo sorry, my heart is heavy of it. May clarity and foresight of mind allow me the vision to right where I have wronged and to do no further harm, but to bring the aspects of healing, forgiveness, and unconditional love to us all. Brother across the country, I miss you! Namaste, Pheonix

  23. hey … interesting read indeed … I have a question … this year my 33rd birthday falls on the day of the total solar eclipse, I was born 14th November 1979 and am a 33/6 … so my 33rd birthday would be powerful on its own, am curious as to what the eclipse could signify for me.

    • You’re in a three year, Numerology-wise. Overall, how has it been? Emotionally fulfilling? It’s about your natal chart progressions more than transits, which are less powerful, or anything else. Stars are farther away than planets. There’s also the universal law of attraction to keep in mind. If the sum total of your thoughts on any given day, week, or month, at the end of the day, are positive, you are in good shape for whatever comes your way. As far as the Mayan Calender goes, there was a cave uncovered with writings on the wall, I guess, or tablets, that overall, debunk the Dec. 21st, 2012 as being the end of the calender. They found out it isn’t. This info was reported on the news 2-4 months ago. I’m surprised no one has mentioned it. Edgar Cayce also predicted the end of the world at the end of 1999 UNLESS humanity changes its ways. The bornagainers think Jesus is returning in the time of the Baby Boomer generation, EVEN Jesus warned the people that ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS, NOT JESUS, WHEN HE WILL RETURN (“the second coming of Christ”.

      • hmm … to be honest my life has been filled to the brim with hardships and this is the first time in my life that I seem to be accepting things as they are and finding love within for myself … I’ve learnt the power of gratitude and forgiveness too … I’m not what you could consider normal though … life in society is extremely difficult for me … well i say difficult … i mean next to impossible … i have a series of emotional disorders and I’m aspergers as well … so at the moment I’m in this space of trying to find my own path, since the well worn paths people usually follow in life are seemingly off-limits for me … I find interacting with people overwhelming because I’m an empath … whether its to do with the aspergers or not I dunno … but I’m not able to shield myself like other energy workers I know … so out in public I’m bombarded by this constant flow of emotions from everyone I pass … it’s exhausting lol … I started doing reiki over a year ago so it’s led me to understand my gifts alot more … it’s led me to the realization that I’m not just a crazy person lol … apart from that then I’d have to say there doesn’t really seem to be too much difference in my emotional life … apart from the fact that I’ve stopped forcing myself to try to be something I’ll never be and as a result I’m less stressed and anxious …

        I do have a recurring dream though … I see earth and it’s like it has a shadow earth … like a reflection in a dark mirror … they meet but not in a catastrophic world ending thing … it’s like they merge and become one … no idea the significance of that but it’s almost every night now.

        thanx for your response 🙂

  24. Can anyone shed some light on how the pahana prophesies fits into the end of the cycle. I don’t quite understand multi choice prophesy and the Hopi relate this particular event with the life of a lost white brother or perhaps a group of white people. He/they are given a choice. Then life goes on one way or ends another. I was supposed to have a meeting with with Martin Gashwesayoma but in the end he fell ill. I have great trepidation and unrest in my soul about this time. I have had recurring dreams for the last 38 years. Two very different ways. One a world devoid of life, the other one devoid of mans influence but with mankind living in harmony. It seems I still need quidance and input on this matter as it has never left me.

  25. I did find a stack of stone tablets as a child. However they were not the missing corner of the tablet in Hopi prophesy. They, from what I can remember, were more informational, I recall: a bow, a snake, two horn katchina, and three hills the one in the center with a cave. Other than that my mind is foggy and slow.

  26. “the Red of Orion and Jupiter against White Blue of Pleiades and Venus.” <==Maybe the colors had to do with elements instead of locations of stars? Red being "fire" and "love" from Venus (passion) with the white blue being the enlightened version of tamed "emotion" in "water" from Jupiter? This is just a hunch I research behind it. I have both Jupiter in 29 degree Taurus 11th house and Sirius Alpha Canis Major at 13 degree on my Ascendant in Cancer. I am, in fact, homosexual.

    • Oops, my bad. The other way around: male fire from Jupiter against the cool waters of female Venus. I’m guessing it’s the balancing of these two energies that’s at play…hence the homosexual thing 🙂

    • The colours of stars and celestial objects actually show the state of their electromagnetic fields and gamma output. if you read some of the ancient accounts, you find the have changed colours over time and modern astronomy has witnessed some stars drmarically changing magnitude in a few hours. Astronomer Donald Scott is the voice on this.

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