Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus on 5-6 June 2012 is a rare event, and is made even more special because of the other astrological events with this Venus transit. We only get two transits of Venus about every 120 years, and they comes in pairs at eight years apart.

So the last transit of Venus was in 2004, and the next one will be in the year 2117. A transit of Venus is your normal Sun conjunct Venus we usually get, but in this case, Venus passes across the face of the Sun. You can see in the picture on the right, taken during the 2004 transit of Venus, that this planets influence on us and the earth must be intensified, just look at her being engulfed by the fire of the Sun.

2012 Venus Transit Horoscope

As mentioned, this transit of Venus is extra special because of a number of other astrological events. We have the strongest influence in over a generation with Uranus square Pluto on June 24. There is the June 4 Lunar Eclipse just a day before, and Venus is retrograde conjunct minor planet Chaos, and square Mars. I have looked back at the charts of previous transits of Venus, and none had the intensity of this one. I believe that June 2012 will really kick off all the drama that has been predicted in our 2012 Astrology Forecast. There is also mention of the 2012 Transit of Venus in the Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy.

How the Transit of Venus Affects Us

Sun conjunct Venus would generally make us “charismatic, charming, and lovers not fighters”, with our love nature intensified by the Sun, we will be much more in need of love and affection, and wanting to express love to those close to us, who we most care about. Venus Retrograde means that “our love lives enter a fated period where we may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues.

Old friends or lovers may reappear and there may be more difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection”. Venus and Sun square Mars will create anger and resentment, we won’t put up with any more crap in our relationships. This is a love/hate aspect, we may sort out the differences through passionate and intense sex, or through screaming and fighting.

Venus is usually thought of as peaceful and loving, but in some ancient cultures such as the Mayan’s, she was seen as the goddess of war, especially when retrograde. Now Sun and Venus square Mars does indicate conflict. Moon conjunct Pluto intensifies our feelings even further and represents emotional compulsion, emotional manipulation, jealousy and even pathological instincts.

Uranus square Pluto will only make this volatile set of aspects even more explosive. The dramatic change is now made very personal with the Moon on Pluto. The Moon also rules our past, and with Venus retrograde, some of us could be in for some intense encounters with old lovers and even current ones.

Neptune is on the fixed star Fomalhaut “enchanted and intoxicated by love”, and square the Moons Nodes would indicate some suspicions and mistrust involving family or other close relationships. It may also mean that we reach a critical turning point with negative habits, mainly drugs, but also keeping secrets from lovers such as affairs. Moon with Pluto also suggests crunch time for negative habits and compulsions. This was a theme that kept coming up in the Venus retrograde post.

The overall picture emerging is one of facing up to reality in our relationships. If you have been deceitful in some way, been playing around or have an addiction, then you will likely face a lot of hostility from your partner or even close friends. If you are with someone whose addictions are putting a strain on your relationships, whether gambling, infidelity, drugs or porn, then you may reach a stage where you cannot let it go on.

The great intensity shown in this chart means that any built up frustrations, resentment or anger, which has been poisoning a relationship, must now be released. It might get ugly, I can’t think of an easy way to deal with such things, Sun and Venus square Mars is conflict.

Venus conjunct the Minor Planet Chaos represents a struggle to find order, the conflict between good and evil, Michael and Lucifer. It opens up a gaping hole where we are confronted with all the fear and confusion of the unknown. It ties the picture together really, intense feelings of love and hate, exposing the evil, fighting it, then filling the void a higher form of love. The light at the end of the tunnel is shown by the Moon and Pluto sextile Chiron, the healing of the obsessions or bad habits which have been the source of the conflict.

The people who will feel the transit of Venus the strongest, and probably find it most difficult will be decan 2 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. However decan 2 Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius should do particularly well out of it.

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    • my birthday too… revving up (or slowing down) for my 1st saturn return as well

  1. Hi Jamie, the sun/venus transit will be conjunt my DC.. would this just intensify the above in regard to my “personal relationships” thanks, Wendy

  2. Hi,advice needed!

    my natal Venus is 1,5 in 6th house in Sagittarius and my ASC is 17′ in Gemini, also my natal Moon in Gemini 28′ in 1th house. How to come over all this long transit Venus retrograde mess in this spring and summer?
    It seems really bad already for me.

    Thanks, Hannes

  3. This transit of Venus will be within a degree and a half of conjuncting my natal, Rx Saturn… which happens to reside in my natal 7th house. I fall into that group of decan 2 Sagittarians, too. With an Rx Venus and a square from Mars, my thought is that for me, this transit combo may be a Massive Relationship Karma Bomb. But I could be wrong. I’m still single, so what it could potenitally blow up is open to debate. It will be interesting to see what happens!

  4. Interestingly,
    t/Venus will be on my /nSaturn & t/Saturn is on my n/Venus.

    What would be the difference, though?

  5. The Venus/Sun transit will be exactly conjunct my elevated Saturn in Gemini. In my natal chart, Saturn forms the handle of a bucket chart and both Venus and the Sun are very prominent in my chart;

    Sun conjunct Venus in Aries

    Sun exalted in Aries

    Venus rules my Libra Ascendant

    Venus rules my 7th House which is in Aries

    Venus is quintile(works like a trine) my elevated Saturn

    Sun is sextile my elevated Saturn

    Looks like another great transit for me.

  6. I am not an astrologer but read this site faithfully. Just wondering, from a lay person’s point of view- I am sensing an underlying theme with Venus retrograde about how women betray each other in triangular relationships. So often younger women willingly enter into relationships with men they know are married, without any regard for the feelings of the spouse. It has always concerned me how easily women tend to betray each other through triangular relationships. As we seek to become more empowered as women, I think this is an important lesson, especially for younger women who may let their Lilith impulses run wild with complete disregard for their older and wiser “sisters”. Any thoughts from the astrologers?

  7. Hi Ig. The coming Lunar eclipse has a triangular relationship theme, though I’m not sure that the Venus retrograde has. We have had a Lilith/Jupiter conjunction, and Lilith/Jupiter can be an insatiable nymph or nymph-bo chaser, but that has passed now.
    Hmmm. Ok you can wonder about women betraying their sisters, but I think that’s a bit of a cop-out. I have not seen much evidence of women willfully out to poach a married man off another woman. That’s way more a Mars thing. Venus attracts, she doesn’t need to get off her beautiful butt to go for anyone. Saying that, in aspect to Lilith, I did find Venus to be involved with triangular relationships, but mainly because she just becomes the luscious forbidden fruit that men would like to seduce.

    • so.. i have VenRx natally and have often had wonderful, short romantic relationships during the VenRx’s.
      recently an almost romantic interest — from the last VenRx— who also has VenRx natally met my partner. she found my partner very attractive with both of them having mutual ven/mars conjunctions. the interest also has the same ASC as me and the exact opposite nodes — both of which square my partner’s nodes.

      the triangle is there in potentia, i don’t think a poaching is planned, but a i am very curious as to what will manifest. i’m trying hard not to fantasize too much about it, but that may be the closest i get, so why not?

      • oh.. and our ASC is 20 and 23 Sag, so Ven goes Rx over our 7th house cusps. all three of us have Nodes at 20º points..

  8. Thanks for writing this…great info! This Venus Rx will station sextile to my natal Aries Venus Rx-SN, though it squares Pisces Sun-Mercury, it will also trine my Aquarius Moon & Mars, and Libra MC. In 2004 when she was last Rx in Gemini was one of the most profound and benefical periods of my life. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one to carry me forth as well. Based on my past personal experiences, I’m inclined to think Venus Rx periods are very benefical for those of us born with Venus Rx. Do you have any further insight into this? I don’t know too many with Venus Rx.

      • That’s interesting! I heard an interview with her on Lilith. I believe she has also has a prominent BML, like myself. I’m actually going to have my Taurus Jupiter (Jupiter conjunct Lilith & Algol)return. I can’t help but think of Venus Rx when I think of Lilith.

        Ironically, my partner’s 7th house Gemini Venus is the same degree of this Venus Rx station. He’ll be experiencing a Rx Venus return, but he does have a strong 8th house cancer moon to help him through. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to hearing about natal Venus Rx from Marina!

        • I am a Venus retrograde too, I have been discussing it with AStrosparkles on facebook and she mentioned it might give shyness with Venus things and I agree with that, but only until it went forward by progression. I do have Venus on the MC so it might makes it more marked for me. The thing about it being artistic I think maybe because Rx venus is more right-brained, intuitive, maybe its less about the material money Taurean side and more Librian? I experience my Venus Retrograde as things never being straight-forward in relationships, maybe its the astrological version of being left handed. in italian sinistra (Sinister?). In the old times it was a sign of a witch!

          • My Venus Rx is also conjunct an angle, the IC. I can very much relate, then add in a 3rd house Pisces Mercury cazimi…very astrologically left handed! Time and time again I find myself very let down in my relationships, yet lately it’s become clearer than ever that it has always been myself who has let myself down. It happens whenever I failed to heed to what my intuition was CLEARLY showing & telling me, but it’s like I thought ‘it’ was lying and deceiving…no that would be him (be that my left brain or my boyfriend). I hadn’t really thought of Venus that way, but that actually put much into perspective for me on Venus. Thanks!

            PS:I really found the last sentence most interesting about it being a sign of a witch. I was also born with a pair of superfluous nipples…freaked my Mom out as in the old days such marks were also said to be sign of witch. I’m just grateful she didn’t may much mind to that. Back in the days a woman could be killed for having such birth marks! Thank heavens for time. Anyways, after reading that comment on Venus Rx, I decided to run the chart of the author of a couple books I’m presently reading. He was known as witch. He had Venus Rx at 27 Gemini, how cool!

  9. Interestingly enough… I began having intense dreams that a current lover was sleeping with my sister… they both deny it… all signs, all of them including they’re composite 12th house moon and fated aspects point to yes. According to the big 365 day Astrological book, they are fatal attractions (actually most of my soul mates are fatal attractions to my sister lol) My dreams are usually very very accurate. But without a confession what do I know for sure?

    I had a dream of him when I first started seeing him, a rattlesnake almost bit me but he caught it and killed it, I’ve held my heart slightly calloused against him because (our whole affair is characterized by Neptune) and my dreams (even before the ones involving my sister) they always depicted him as sinister (and you can’t spell sinister without “sister” or “sin” for that matter). They are decan 2 Gemini and Sag … smh… I am decan 2 Aries… lol so the universe brings further confirmation. Probably with intent to soften the blow if the truth should ever come out however since the gem and I were heavy into astrology anyway we both sensed this coming.

    So I release all tension and I am compassionate and forgiving for we can’t fight fate. Besides I’m going through a few hard saturn transits I have much on my plate. On the other hand (for logical reasons I express doubt) I am open that these contemplations are my extreme delusions formed from my own dream/astrological obsessions, latent jealousy whatever. In any case its a terribly painful romance that I’m breaking free from. And the latter is not likely considering all the evidence both interpersonal and psychic so I accept it and I let it go.

    However it raises for me more questions on the metaphysical and psychic plane of how these events are representative on a far more broader scale of the movements of the planets. Collisions of ego. And before I came to this page I had not known that the “Rattlesnake Prophecy” was thus called, all I ever heard mentioned was the Hopi’s Red and Blue Kachina. I’ve had many dreams of a destruction, but ones that were particularly intense were visions I’ve had both while sleeping and while awake of walls of water engulfing California…. I’m just saying.

    • Since I’m left handed, have to add that sinister comes from the Latin for left and considered evil. Is your sister the Sag? Sounds like coming to it with compassion for self and others is the answer and you are doing that.

      I am really interested in your dreams of water engulfing California. I have friends and family there. Another astrologer I know has said that May 9, 10, and 11 are the most likely days for an earthquake in the Ring of Fire. So, any particular part of California in your dream, 3rdEyeWide?

  10. There’s a little black spot on the sun today… (that’s my soul up there)
    It’s the same old thing as yesterday….

  11. i have natal venus at 22 degrees gemini in 12. what should i expect from this venus transit?

  12. My partner, whom we share a home, has 7th house Venus at 24 Gemini. Last time Venus went Rx his Son’s Mom (a Libra Sun-Pluto-Mars, and Venus in Scorpio)found herself left by her husband and began trying to ease back in my partner’s life. She is extremely manipulative and in a very subtle way. She’s always bounced from one man to the next…not one to be alone. She gave up after realizing he was no longer available for her. Wow, it’s amazing that the same day Venus turned Rx, she has started up again. This time even more sly and deceptive, using the younger children not fathered by my partner. Surely I wouldn’t dare hurt the kids by not wanting my partner to spend more time with her and all the kids? He sees it as for the kids, but the fact she has a lot of Libra and Venus just turned Rx, well I would imagine she feeling quite lonely. I’ve raised three fatherless children on my own. I have natal Venus Rx. I know the feeling all to well…just Mommy and kids. It’s rough, especially considering she has Saturn on her Libra as it opposes my Venus. Her needs are getting in the way of my needs. I’ve tried to take the higher road, be understanding and compassionate that she is very insecure and feeling alone at this time. But, I’m rather fed up at this point. He can’t be there for both of us. If that’s the case I’d prefer an open relationship, one in which I’m available for others not committed to one. That’s only fair. I made my stance. I deserve an equal partnership that’s all. Venus is going backwards in his 7th house to square Pluto, Uranus, AND Saturn for him. Very tough period indeed.

  13. Hi! Cancer Sun 7°31? /Leo asc 1°52? with Rx Venus 17°14? Gemini, (11th house), Vertex 18°52? in Sag, Capri Moon 17°49?, Libra Pluto 18°58…just curious how/if this will affect

  14. I am scorpio bonrn oct 30, 1953 and is having saturn in libre until Oct. I have broken up with my lover in April but really wish to have him back. I am trying very hard and would like to hear from him. Do I stand a chance of making peace with this relationship?

  15. my birthday on 14-9-1981,timing 5.16am.pls tell me about my future, luck , husband name is -inderpreet singh ,dob -9-6-1976,timing-2.56pmpls tell us what is the future ,luck,money,heath

  16. Oh wow, what is going to happen to me? Sag. 12/10/1944 12.30 am Hungary, met a Gemini on 12/7/2011, broke off on 3/31/2012. We email once a week, as “friends”.
    I am not at peace at all, something hurts, want him back, yet i do not, i feel we have un finished bussns. Please any one can shed light on this? Thank you, Eva

    • Hi Eva
      This is very strange. I noticed that your birth date but not year is the same as the one I dated (born 1960)a day after you, ie. Dec 8, also the last time we met was 5 days bef you broke off, ie Mar 26. I checked the axes in both horoscopes and you both have saturn in your house in transit right now. Fortunately it turnes direct June 25, hopefully meaning that we will find each other again. On my part he never called me again after our last meeting where he was strangely aloof, we had every obstacle from Dec till March. Still I have this crazy feeling that we are meant to be and still waiting. Wait for saturn direct June 25 and venus the same a few days after. Also remember that there was a moon eclipse (Dec 10) around your first meeting. Very strong and important aspect. Good luck. BR Eva

  17. Hi Jamie!

    I wonder if you have considered as astrologers the fact that even though we see a very pretty -or ugly- chart with many blue and red lines, planets and stars, houses, et. al, in reality, the whole thing is very dynamic. It happens in 3D, so to say!

    I wonder if those pretty trines and sextile I´ve got with mars, chiron and lillith, would be very dark for me, since mars is on my 12th house and p. of f. aswell as ch. and L. are on my 8th house.

    You know! I feel sometimes so strong and lively going right into a nightmare that leaves me in ashes, were I act as a saving soul of others… and I end up all crushed.

    I remember, as my father -hard and deep abused abuser- would act with terrifying violence against us, he would come to me and ask me for my pardon, crying, explaining that he was ill.

    No shit! I was 5 and he was 37. And I know now that I felt like his very personal angel. Pardon and tenderness -as such an early age- came from my heart so warmly (so, he kept on being violent to us further, until we were teens).

    I just keep reflecting, because in these days, I just keep obssesed with this brilliant scientific (my father was an engineer, a brilliant one). Who told me all sad that (unfortunatly… the tone of his voice) he is married.

    And I just don´t feel I will support/sustain myself if I hear him crying of how disgraceful his life is, while accepting conditions that will only harm me, just as I did when I was little…

    I really feel (afraid), like going step by step, and being the queen, just as Überqueenofwands once said. And not letting my inner (brat) child, act as she did so many years ago!

    These 3D synergias are what worries me the most!



    • check your heliocentric chart for more insight into karmic issues- the dad thing. sometimes it helps. check his charts too. last year i began using fagan-bradley sidereal wheel. it makes no sense to me to look at my chart with the sun at 0lib45 when if someone went outside and looked at it the sun was at 6vir37, this has changed how i feel about myself- rather than libra cap rising, virgo sag rising… i’ve also gained a lot of understanding from the cosmodynes in the astro123 program, tho the planets are weighted non-precessed, aspects it would seem to me, in relationships anyway, are more affective.

  18. Hello, what can expect someone with his natal venus opposed to this conjuction, and both sun venus on trine with natal moon and mercury?

  19. Hi
    Do you think the venus transit will affect my love life. My descendant is 18 degr gemini and venus rules my 4/5/9 house and t. venus is trining my mercury ( house ruler) when meeting the transit sun soon. Also t. saturn conjuncted my venus (25 degr libra, the 2. of 3 times recently. I am still waiting patiently for the man I dated when t. saturn conjuncted venus the first time before going retrograde, after which time everything went wrong/was postponed. Is there a chance now with the strong venus aspects? His sun is 18 degre sagit. = venus/sun opp at the same time(sun = his 7th house ruler). Or will nothing happen till venus turns direct (entering my 7 house) and saturn likewise? Thanks. BR Eva

    • Eva, hello this is the other Eva, i tried to write to you, not sure you got it. I have looked an other scope for houses and such on Gemini and Sags, i think we all have to wait till june 27th, i am a Sag but loyal, we often get bad raps. I think your guy might have some other problem and thinking, thinking, he will have to make decision in June and also the Geminis. It has been a tough year for a lot of us, so what is 3 more weeks. Yeah i know, forever right? Eva W.

      • Hi again from Eva to Eva ..
        You are right we have to wait and what’s another 3 weeks or so. Yes, it has been a terrible year since I dated this man back in Dec. I had been alone for 2 years when I finally saw his photo on a dating site, and there he was. However, I dont know what is going on with him (he lost his wife 8 years ago, maybe still mourning) but I just have “this feeling” with him even if we barely kissed. Really odd stuff! Hope to get back with good news soon. Best reg Eva

      • Hi Eva
        Forgot to mention that when saturn turns direct and squares your venus some new decision making regarding love has to be made by you. Just think back what happened when it went retrograde early this year. At that time it squared your venus and as far as I remember it was on this degree for quite some time. It will return around Oct finally! Can I ask you why you broke off, not in detail but hopefully to understand why my date never contacted me again after our meeting in Mar, since your sun positions are identical and saturn in the 7 house in transit as well as your venus position (though his in aquarius close to yours). I hear you say you are still interested but you broke off? Perhaps the same situation he is in reg me? Only for me to understand. Best reg Eva

        • Good morning Eva, this is Eva W. I was happy to see your post this morning. Before i go further here is my email add ress you can contact me there also.
          This is going to be long one and it is also a validation for Marina and Jamie. The two man in my life i will refer as Libra and Gemini. Let me start with my dates; 12/10/1944 12.35 AM Budapest, Hungary.
          Libra is 10/11/1954 22.30 PM Charleston, SC. Gemini is 6/14/1949,6.30 AM, Chicago Ill. I know they both younger, but i must say thanks to good genes so do i, looking that is.
          It all goes back to 2010, late fall, by than over 3 year relationship with Libra started to fall apart. We both encountered personal stuff, losses, my Mom started to show sign of dimentia at age 93.. i distanced myself away, my concerns for my Mom,separated for 5 years by than trying to get my divorce from an alcoholic abuser, the caring for my beloved horses and dogs. It was too much, i was not able to give him spark, emotional support, refused him when he wanted to come, but i loved him, i felt we were soul mates from before we met.
          This was a long distance relationship, he did the driving every month. Than came 2011 february, he wanted to come and i meant to say absolutly, but turned some words, killed the English language and he thought my answer was no again. In truth i was waiting for him, getting ready, and i never heard from him till 3 month later. In the meantime Good Friday, one of my younger Arab mare had a stroke, than cloic, had to be put to sleep. My Mom had her first stroke. Long rehad after, was doing pretty good, Libra came to visit her/me in june around the 3rd i think. Than 2 more stroke, i had to have knee surgery, Libra and me tried to communicate, we were both hurt, he got involvad with an other woman, a taboo relationship, as it is a relative. I gone to Charlwston for the first time in August of 2011, we made the break official.
          My mom had a heart attack, i had to put to sleep 4 old and sick dogs within 2 month. In october Libra called out of the blue, asked me about my feelings, i told him i still love him, he said he is trying to come up. He did, Novemeber 13 with his cousin in tow. The next day i gave him his stuff what was still with me and said goodby.
          Thanksgiving morning, at 5.30 My Mom got out of her bed without me, fall broke her hi. Surgery, the same morning one of my great champion mare died. My mom had an other two stroke. After 3 weeks in hospital she had to go to a nursing home, for she needed special care. I was on a dating site from November also, Gemini wrote to me, first i refused telling him my situation with Mom, and i was just barely alive myself let alone dating. He persisted, we met on Dec 7th, just 3 days before the lunar eclipse and my Bday. We agreed to meet again, we both felt attravted, i was just worn out. He offred to come and cook for me, since i was with my Mom every day, and was just loosing weight, etc. He came to my house on Dec 26th, my MOm died Dec 28 am. He is a ret. newscaster from this area, but got in to financial stuff, and had to go back to work to an other carrier, on Febr. 13 he got the nes he had the job. I was at his house on the weekend of the 7-8, we had a wonderful time, i just made a mistake telling him i was falling in love with him. We met after that, we spoke every day, he called, every day, but had to train and work heavy hours. Around March 15tg, i asked him how he feels about me if we should continue dating and keep getting to know each other. On March 31 he told me, loves me as a friend, no chemistry between us, after that we ended up in bed all night. yeah no chemistry, well. We poarted the next day, i wanted it too, i was offended.
          we are writing to each other weekly, but i told him just yesterday, i can’t be a friend only. Over. In the meantime on May 13th i got a picture from Libra, with his daughter who just got married, on May 21st he called me, wants back in my life. There, the whole sordid story. Do i know what to do? NO, i feel i am love with two ma, i think the best is just walk away and fresh strt. I am better now, the loss of my Mom took me to the deepest hell, got through without depression drugs, she was my best friend, also a Libra.
          So there me and my eclipses and now Venus? Any feed back is welcome, and this was especially for you Eva.

          • Hi Eva
            Oh what a sad story you told me. I had to read it over again to understand fully. I think the situation with your mother’s sickness might have started when t. saturn conjuncted your moon and moreover saturn actually went retrograde right on your moon. A very tough aspect. During the same period uranus entered your first house which surely signifies strong and sudden changes, more or less “willingly” and uranus will be in your 1st house some time yet. However, I think it will be good for you when t. uranus trines your chart ruler mars (10 degr aries). As to the two men in your life, beside from astrology, I truly believe that if one cannot make out which of them you love, it means that you dont love any of them. True love can never be beaten. But this is only my conviction.Still, when t. saturn squares your venus I think love will be a definite issue in your life and you might reach a final decision reg. the men. BR Eva

            • Hi Eva,

              I just did not want to add to the size oof the note, but weeks later the Gemini man when i asked him what was the true reason for his sudden parting , as i knew it was not a lack of chemistry, he did say, he did not wanted to get dragged in to my drama, divorce, being so said after all the losses, so i thought, fine, i do not want to be a friend to some one who is so callous, unfeeling. So no, he is not true love, he just felt comfortable to be with.
              Right now, i just want to be alone and rest.
              I hope you figure out what happened in your case, i think we Sags are pretty loyal people if we like someone.

              I will keep you posted, Eva W.

  20. I have Sun/Venus conjunct and trine Uranus in my chart – based on the house placements and the fact I am not in a romantic relationship, I am guessing Venus’ influence for me now will be all about finances and money. My ex just dropped a bad financial bomb on me Thursday in fact.

    Jamie, do you see an alternate interpretation of the Venus transit with respect to money as opposed to love for those of us who are not in romantic relationships?

    I have actually just recently come to a new attitude about my relationship with money – while I have always tended to give everything away and go into debt, I have believed that my Uranus in the second house makes me a genius with managing debt. I have an excellent credit score for example even though my debt to income ratio is awful. But I’m not satisfied with the situation – my genius is going to have to stretch and extend to creating prosperity and freedom from debt. I enjoy giving everything away and there just needs to be more to give. Plus I enjoy surrounding myself with beauty and that does cost money. So, I’m sure Venus is about to show me how.

      • Venus does rule money and business and the transit of Venus is triggering all my earth houses from the 6th. I’m going mad job hunting and really hoping this Venus energy will give me the charm and and luck I need after having a cell phone faux pax as the CEO walked me to the door after telling me I was on the “short list” for the job I just interviewed for. On the other hand, my social life and life with my family is going to be in the forefront this week and next. Hanging with a friend I haven’t seen spent time with in ages among others.

  21. I’ve got Venus at 12 Aquarius, MH at 19 Libra (Venus ruled) and South Node at 15 Gemini. The Venus transit is in my 6th house and the entire retrograde takes place within my 6th. I had to make a spreadsheet on this because I had either email communications or live interviews for a job with a company that I had done a bit of business with in the years before the last Venus transit (what happened in between is a looong story). My Venus and MH and SN are all getting hit 3x each. You’d think this would have the juice I need to get out of 10 months of unemployment… The trine to my MH happened again this past week and … nothing. I feel and sense from FB chatter that the whole world is holding it’s breath.

  22. Loved this article! I’m posting it on my page if you do not mind. It’s clear and this is exactly what I feel right now. Feel free to check out my blog as well. 🙂

  23. My 30th Birthday is Tuesday. I share a birthday with my father-in-law; and my mother and my husband are both Sagittarius. I know all these factors will play some role in the coming days. My life has been turbulent since April and I hoping this alignment brings a change in fortune and settles the energy around me. Am I hoping for too much?

  24. My Birthday is on june 8, 1980. My gf broke up in March 11,2012. Where was the moon retrogation at that moment and what does it mean.

  25. my birthday is tm!!! june 5,1981…im so excited….. ready for love and positivity…

  26. No questions here. Being a Libra sun, and due to other factors, I know a powerful time is coming for me. Because it is retrograde it looks like I’ll be able to make good on things started before. I have a feeling I am going to be making some beautiful music.

  27. Hi,
    im oct 1 1978, 2am ish. the last full moon (scorpio) lots of changes or shifts happened..deaths and having to move house and my work location. this month the man of my dreams asked me out and everything is wonderful and we started dating on June 1st and its ON! I think the venus sun thing is really workingfor me…can you pls tell me more?

  28. I’m born on12th March 1964 at 9am and got remarried on the 6th June 2009 and my husband date of birth is 26th September 1962 at 5am how this transit will affect or have any any effect on our relation or on ourselves

  29. The Venus Transit is falling on my birthday, directly conjunct my natal Sun at 15º Gemini. Also conjunct the transiting Venus/Sun are my Mercury/Chiron/ASC. Plus all of the above is in opposition to my natal Uranus, which just happens to be in conjunction with the Lunar Eclipse at 14º Sagittarius.. I’m not quite sure what to make of all this.. Not too mention the additional natal aspects that I have involved with this transit of Venus, Any ideas??

    • wow! That’s a lot going on. You say you’re not quite sure what to make of it all – the fact that Uranus is involved should alert you quite suddenly but you can never second guess it. Uranus is ALWAYS unexpected so if you think it might mean so-and-so it won’t be that because it’s always something surprising. It usually gives you more freedom – if you are willing to take it. I’ve even tried to head off Uranus transits, or transits to Uranus but it’s never worked yet. (I was born with Sun opposite Uranus). However, all but one time have been very good. Only the one time when it was bad, it was very bad. I hope you will post again later to tell us what it amounted to in your life.

    • Hey, I was born on Jan 27th 1984! Send me an email or find me on FB!

  30. hi
    born wodonga aus 3/10/79 @ 22:20
    I am involved in a new work venture and so far weathering the delays fairly well, but i am desperate for it to be sucessful, will there be some help along the way.
    im also courious as to my love life its been very stagnant sice i left and moved away from my expartner 18months ago. will this transit be fruitful in these areas any response would be welcome

  31. Hi
    I’ve had a really bad six years,my father died 1 1/2 years later my mother died a year later my brother in law died,and in the last month me and my wife separated and I may loose my job,will me and my wife ever be back together.
    D.O.B 06/01/1967

    • Patrick, I’m not an astrologer but an Intuitive so, hopefully, someone with experience in astrology will answer your question for that aspect as well.

      Patrick, I’m so sorry for your experiences over the past few years. You’re not alone. Many people have been finding exits in their lives of people that they’ve loved in the most recent years.

      Deaths are always going to happen no matter what the stars and planets are doing as it is part of Life. The fact that you’ve had so many and such significant losses, is hard to swallow and deal with or even comprehend.

      Change is hard to deal with and I’m sure that the stresses of these losses has played an intregral part in the separation within your marriage. Things are and likely have been unbalanced for awhile now with the relationship. The added stresses have played a role in tipping the scales.

      You both have needed time apart to work on selves. This has been needed/heading in that direction for a few years but, moreso within the past 2 years or so. You both have needed some “space” from each other’s tensions to clear your heads (so to speak).

      While I don’t have your wife’s info to work with, I can say that within your energies, I feel that there is still love there that can be worked upon with your wife and a reconciliation. However, I feel as though your energies are “stuck” in terms of not being able to reach out to her and let her feel your emotions towards her as fully as *may* be needed. It’s possible that she needs to know that SHE is needed by you…not as support/comfort…but, as a woman, a partner and a wife.

      Look within yourself to see if perhaps, you may have been taking her for granted in terms of only dealing with the “rough ride” you’ve both been taking as opposed to treating her like she matters as a woman/wife. We can sometimes become complacent with that and feel that it’s “understood” when we get caught up in our own emotional mud.

      You may just find that you have been “absent” in the love department through all of the stresses and simply need to get back to treating her as though she is wanted, desired…a woman and valued greatly in those areas.

      Try re-dating her. Start fresh. Start as though you’re going back to your original love for her and let the rest go as much as possible.

      • Thank you Jamie for giving me your time I’m really touched ,your so right I haven’t grieved properly I didn’t speak to anybody about it I just bottled it all up,I did neglect my wife Diane 17/11/1970 it wasn’t done intentionally I’m not like that I love my wife so much
        , I just never realised it until it was too late thank you again Jamie yours Patrick

        • You’re most welcome Patrick. I wish you well in every way possible. YOu’ve been through a great deal already so, hopefully, you’ll be able to work things out with your wife and at least be there for one another.

          Love can sometimes take a back seat to grief so, perhaps, just letting her know that you weren’t shutting her out but, rather the grief and closed yourself off to her (admitting that to her) will set her wheels in motion again in giving things another shot.

          In quickly peeking into Diane’s energies (though not fully as she is not asking me to do so), I don’t feel/sense that the door is closed from her perspective on working things out between the two of you. I sense that there is “hurt” and “not understanding” why she’s felt the way that she has but, with a little explaining, honest soul talking between the two of you, I really sense that there’s a lot still able to be worked out and most of all…a lot of HOPE.

          My very best of wishes, Patrick!


          • Sorry to bother you again Jamie but I don’t think she will go face to face at the moment do u think if I expressed my feelings in a letter would be ok thank you Patrick

      • Hi Jamie
        I’ve read your comments to Patrick based on your intuition. Amazing quality to possess! Could you possibly also help me? BR Eva

  32. Pretty much since Venus has been Rx I have had the most vivid and informative dreams. Venus is opposing my 12th Neptune. My feelings for my partner, who I live with, have just dramatically shifted over the past months. I just don’t know that he is worth it anymore. Last nights dream—my kids, him, and I went out to eat. He saw a coworker and just walked away and sat in the booth with her leaving us standing there (he is not the most considerate person that is for sure!). The hostess sat my kids and I behind them. My boyfriend was having a blast playing around with his coworker. He didn’t bother to even look around for us. My kids and I ate, paid the check, and began to leave. He finally looked around and noticed us, jumped up and said “are you guys ready to eat?”—this is so how I feel in our relationship now! He is just so oblivious and rarely thinks. He’s just not that sharp. He claims he is just naive but that’s basically the same word for ignorant and I just don’t want such an ignorant partner, I feel too insecure with him as a result.

    • The thing about combining Venus with Neptune is that it’s like wearing rose coloured glasses – everything looks so wonderful, until, of course, the glasses come off. It appears that the retrograde opposition to your 12th house has done just that and you can now see all those irritating things instead. It’s been my perception that once you see past that, it’s very difficult to ever get back into what had been before. You don’t want to spend your life being made to feel insecure by someone else – bad enough we do it to ourselves. It’s also a bad example for your kids. Sorry to come off negative but I think leaving would be a positive thing.

  33. According to your report this transit is in orb with my natal Moon (0 Libra). I was born on October 28, 1940, 6:00 AM, in Havana, Cuba. Will this be a positive transit for me? I’ve had the worst luck since 2004 — I have lost everything, including my house and fortune. I’m freaking out, thinking that this event might repeat my disasters! Wow! I have nothing more to loose, except my health!
    Thank you for the answer!

  34. Cool! Nice to get the Astrological perspective. A couple of points, though:

    1. Though the photo may make it look like Venus is “engulfed by the fire of the Sun”, this is an illusion. Venus is no closer to the Sun during a transit than it is any other time. In fact, Earth is closer to Venus than Venus is to the Sun.

    2. It says that a Venus transit occurs every 250 years, then it says that the next one will be in 2117 — do the math: 2117 – 2004 = 113 years! 2117 is correct…250 years is not.

    3. Venus is always in retrograde during a Venus transit (this article says it like retrograde is unique to this transit)!

    Just keeping it “Nerdily Real” 😉

    • Yes, well thank you Nerd. I hope you’re right about the optical illusion, I was a bit worried we wouldn’t see Venus tomorrow. The 250 years was meant to refer to the cycle. I was a bit spaced out on pain tablets when I wrote this piece, just had surgery. Glad you didn’t find any holes in the astrological analysis.

      • Just doing my duty as a Nerd! 😉

        But, 250 years, even for the cycle, isn’t correct [the last few transit dates: 1874, 1882, 2004, 2012 Calculation of the cycle (two methods): 2004-1874 = 130, 2012- 1882 = 130] — unless this is some sort of Astrological cycle (of which I have VERY limited knowledge of).

        Sorry to hear about your surgery — hope it was a cure and that you recover quickly 🙂

  35. I Just find this Article.. so good, Thanks for the detail time of the Conjuction.

    I cheack my ephemeris, and on the Actual time of the conjuction. I will have a Sun transit Square Natal Sun and Transit Venus square my Natal Sun, Almost less than a Degree, should i worry ?

    I have natal Sun in Virgo on the 3rd House and the Transits of the Sun and Venus, comes from my Natal 12th House, i am not familiar with the 12th House and hidden Secrets? what can i expect of this Transit Conjuction Tks.

    September 08 1984
    01:15 am -05 GMT
    Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico

  36. does that mean us first decan virgos will not feel this transit at all?
    Or just not as strong as a second decan virgo?

  37. This transit of venus conjunct the sun is conjunct the composite sun of myself and someone I have been emotionally involved with in the past. Could this transit/eclipse bring this person back into my life, perhaps? We are still in touch, but don’t live near each other anymore.

  38. My birthday is sep19,1963 and my partner’s birthdy is Dec 6, 1961. I feel our thinking pattern and approach to life is totally opposite. He sleeps till noon, has no job since 2002, and no worries. He is self centered and arrogant, and does not care for the security of our kids, nor pitches in the household work. I am planning to file divorce and I want your advice what you see how the venus transition is going to affect me?

  39. My birth date is 1-29-71 and husband’s is 12-29-58. We have had trouble in the past. Do you you think this transit will help or hurt?

  40. hi,
    i was born on march 9 -1968, 1 pm. please tell me how will this transit affect my family and economical life.

  41. I have felt a tight pull on me today. Almost an overwhelming feeling of emotion. Does this having anything to do with it. My birthday in 6/15/79.

  42. i have lost contact with my love in 2011 may and she is not replying to me since than will this venus transit help me my date of birth is 31st august 1964

  43. I am born on 25.11.68 at 11.45 pm and my husband is born on 14,10.66, how will the venus transit affect our relationship and our new business. Do you see success? Do you see me in this business? We also have two children how does this affect them born 29.1.95 and 14.2.98.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  44. I was born May 12, 1973 at 1:05 in the afternoon. I am currently looking for a new career and my boyfriend was born December 30, 1970. Can you please tell me what this transit could possibly hold for my future?

  45. Hmmm! I’m born 6-5-68 4:41, Fayetteville NC and wondering what all this means for me, things have sure been interesting lately!

  46. i was born on Spt 4th, 1971. Been going thro bad times since 2 years. Will this transit bring any new person in my life and change in work.

    • DOB 31/5/1979
      time :- 06:10:00 am
      Place :- Delhi

      How it will affect me and my family life and career

  47. dob – 6/11/1955 @ 10:20am
    Can you tell me about my
    What a historic transit !!!
    I missed it.

  48. dob – 25-03-1975 @ 10:20am
    Can you tell me about my
    What a historic transit !!!
    I missed it

    • was born on march 25 -1975, 11.10 pm. please tell me how will this transit affect my family and economical life.

  49. I was born on 8th november, 1983, 2:45am. How will this transit effect my family and me

  50. DOB :- 31/5/1979
    Time :- 06:10:00 AM
    Place :- Delhi

    Family life ? Career?

  51. I’m born on 21st september 1977, at 1 pm, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and my husband on 18th August 1974 in Novi Sad, Serbia.
    He had problem with drug addiction in the past years and has been clean for a year and a half after short recidive period during my pregnancy in december 2010. We now have 1 14 months old baby, and I would like to know the potential of our relationship or should this be ended now.

    • I am not a professional astrologer, although I do study it a lot on my own, so keep in mind I am coming from that perspective. But simply from the point of view of intuition, ‘women’s’ or just basic intuition.. if your husband has been clean now for more than a year.. and you just had a new baby, unless you are still experiencing problems in the relationship, I would not be necessarily so quick to think that you HAVE to end it… but let an astrologer/counselor with more specific information come up with a reply too.. according to everything I’ve been reading on this website however, this is a time of volatility where we will be having doubts and thoughts about things… and we should not make any decisions during this time, but really take more than one look at things.. from all sides.. and see what we should really do.. my basic ‘women’s intuition says though that you do not need to be so drastic in your relationship at this time. Take it as it comes.. have some faith that your husband will pull through.. and keep on the path..

    • Do you know what house he has Neptune in? Neptune (as you may already know) is the planet that symbolizes addiction (among other things).

        • Tamara, I wish you and your family well and hope that your Heart wisdom will guide your future choices.

          As they say in my country kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui: When you find that things are difficult in life, Stand strong, stand tall and be of great heart.

  52. How will 3rd decan librans do out of this venus transit? are we going to be alright in our current relationships? my birthday is 21/10/1978 born seoul south korea at 6.13pm

  53. Hi
    Does anybody know the orb of the rare sun/venus conjunction to other planets? My descendant is 2,5 degr from the conjunction and my 7. house ruler mercury is trining the conjunction, but also with an orb of 2,5 degr. Does it count and will it affect my love life? Also, venus is my 5. house ruler … and presently travelling through my 5-6-7 house …

    • Yes, I would count that orb. I usually use tighter orbs but in this case, coming so close to the eclipse and being such a rare event I would give it up to 5 degrees.

      • Dear Jamie
        Thanks a lot. Counting from today for how long can something happen. I have read that eclipses can affect us up to six months … What about the sun/venus conjunction? I’m in a miserable waiting position probably because of t. saturn conjuncting my venus (25.42 libra, ruler of 4/5/9 house)

  54. I have natal Rx Gemini Venus @ 17 in the 11th, Libra IC at 14 /Aries MC, Sagittarius Vx @ 18 in the 5th, Libra Pluto@18. I am trying to remember 2004 (was 24y.o.)-was a hectic but nice year. Left abroad for a volunteer project and fall in love. Was the year I felt my life was totally changing and I was growing up in the same time. Im so curious about 2012!

  55. I have natal Rx Gemini Venus @ 17 in the 11th, Libra IC at 14 /Aries MC, Sagittarius Vx @ 18 in the 5th, Libra Pluto@18. I am trying to remember 2004 (was 24y.o.)-was a hectic but nice year. Left abroad for a volunteer project and fall in love. Was the year I felt my life was totally changing and I was growing up in the same time. Im so curious about 2012!

    • I personally don’t know, but here in the Western United States around the same time (strange), I and my boyfriend were both having trouble sleeping … in fact, I hardly got any sleep at all and I have been up since about 8:30 this morning and it is now 2:40 am and usually I would be exhausted by now, but I am still going strong… I have been all day .. there is some intense energy going on right now.. remember, we are experiencing, among other things, the powerful Venus in Transit.. as well as a lunar eclipse from Monday.. as well as asteroids and solar flares.. all sorts of things.

    • Hi
      Sun conjuncted venus (retrograde)early this morning. A very rare phenomenom … love is in the air … I couldnt sleep either and somehow completely lost track of time ….

    • Venus conjuncted sun on its retrograde journey. A rare phenomenom. I could not sleep either and somehow lost track of time …. love is in the air and the energy is running high …

  56. For some reason I had a nervous break down last night for no reason, never ever happened to me before, but I was crying non stop and even told my friends that I can not control it! Then i slept on it, and now I’m fine! Kindda still annoyed but not as much as last night! I hope this thing won’t affect Virgo this dramatically!

  57. Today is my birthday. Does this hold anything special for me in my life? I have been having a really rough time with love since 2003. Someone who I love very much but hasn’t returned feelings for me in the same way. He’s an Ares too. Any hope?

  58. My wife and I are both decan 2 Sagittarians and, besides meeting each other and getting married, have had a pretty rough go about in the last eight years. Last night, we experienced an odd purging of opinions during the second transit and communicated to each other in a way I can’t remember us ever experiencing. I am very interested to see what happens moving forward for both of us!

  59. @Ed: Wilhelm Reich would call that an Emotional Release. It’s a beautiful thing–a cleansing thing. It’s only this culture that gives it a negative connotation by labeling it a “Nervous Breakdown”. Because of this negative connotation, we tend to fear these events and thus miss the richness they possess. The only negative aspect of such a release is that it’s a reaction to this cultures suppression of emotion. Were we free to express (i.e. release) our emotions in a natural flow (without fear of social ostracism), they wouldn’t build to the point where such a massive release was necessary.

    But, please don’t fear such a release, or think it bad or indicative of a malady. It’s the labels, and the fear they inspire that is the malady, not the thing itself. In the presence of a shaman, your ‘condition’ would be handled as a healing and revival/rejuvenation/renewal would follow, rather than “recovery”.

  60. Dear Jamie and Marina
    I am pretty new on this site relating to “comments” whereas I have been subscribing to all your dark star astrology messages for quite some time, a most amazing world compared to astrology alone. However, one of your users recommends me to ask you if one of you could please check out my horoscope and a person who entered my life almost exactly at the time of both moon and sun eclipses late 2011 . Our horoscopes have many strong connections and might me karmic but our relation has been so filled with strange obstacles etc. ever since. Still I maintain the feeling of something “meant to be”? or something disastrous? I would be most grateful. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks. BR Eva

  61. i don’t mean to be rude, but do the ppl leave their birthdates expect marina and jaime to answer them all personally? i believe one can order a reading, as many of the questions r very specific and would require looking up each chart, etc. Perhaps i am mistaken and the comments r more like a forum where independent astrologers passing through may assist.

    • Thanks Bob! Its true if we answered all comments we wouldn’t have time to write blogs or do the readings. Plus we do have kids too. I do get quite astounded by some of the more aggressive hawkers. Sometimes it does work like a forum when someone will answer for us. But that’s rare. I like to see people attempt to interpret their own query 1st because it can be educational since they have the aspect or star. They have first hand experience. But people who just leave their birthdate!?! I think that is disrespectful of our time and clutters up the comments for people who genuinely want to participate in an astrological discussion. Sometimes if I just see a blatant date of birth from someone who has not contributed anything in the past. I just trash it! Brings out the raging Lilith in me.

      • I am sorry Marina. As I wrote I am new on this site reg. comments. I do have all the respect of your time, but just did not know how things work here. Now I do. Thanks again.
        BR Eva

        • I am new as well Eva and getting to know the site. Hopefully the people who are used to using this site could be patient with us new comers as we get acquainted and used to how things work.

  62. How can you counteract the negative effects of this Transit of Venus ?

    • by being aware of them and aware of ur tendencies and using it as an opportunity 4 self reflection in any manner that u feel comfortable

  63. i m born in hubli,india dob is23-12/1972 @21:05:00 how does this transit effect me i mean this transit is good or bad for me?

  64. Last night lived up to everything described above love-wise. My partner is a Decan 2 Gemini while I am a Decan 2 Pisces and I can confidently say that there was indeed a “revolution.” He opened up more than he ever has before, and we went through a long and intense discussion of the past, present and future. I am still in shock that it happened to be honest and I can feel without a doubt that this transit of Venus had a great deal to do with it.

  65. I was hoping you could give me some insight. Last night my partner 8/8/1978 Leo, Sydney Australia born, informed me that he was leaving me, after having reassured me all day that we were fine. He has now gone and I feel devastated, confused and scared. I am 28/11/1973 Sag, also born Sydney Australia at 00:45 am. I don’t know what to think, if because Venus is in retrograde we have hope of healing our relationship, or the eclipse has an air of finality to it. I just feel very sad because although I know we had some aspects that needed nurturing and working through, there was also plenty of beauty to our relationship. I also feel very unlovable and fear that there is something about me that will prevent me having a lasting long term relationship. Thank you for hearing me out. J

  66. I am still reeling from the energy of this transit. I think it began with the eclipse in May, in gemini and has come to a head here with this venus transit. Being a Libra, and venus in virgo, libra in mars.. I do not like war, to say the least…My lover who is Pisces and Aires moon however was on the war path for days, towards the world and himself. Such passion in reverse is great for love, but this transit brought out such intense conflict, that I am not sure I will recover easily with him. It seems that the deepest relationship wounds surfaced that need much healing. My own karmic connection to these wounds is also reflective for me, of now expanding past those blocked energies.

  67. I’m aquarian (22 jan 1972) with Mars in Aries and Venus in pisces and I have been through one of the worst times emotionally and relationship wse, especially coming to a head during this transit. My partner is an Aries (7 April 1964) Can anyone give me any insight as to why this has occurred please? And if the changes will be final or if things will go back to how they were?

  68. this is a very sophisticated interpretation; this website is great

  69. my 14 year finally marriage disintegrated; my daughter 03.03.00 Pisces (London) was in the middle and my husband 15.07.75 (W Africa) was the culprit

    what happens next guys ?

    • You grow out of dependency in the institution of marriage and start to find out who/what you really are.

  70. Hi
    Does anybody know if the energy stored during a solar/moon eclipse in the birth chart planets involved will be triggered when another planet (mars or sun or?) hits that high energy spot later by conjunction or could this spot also be affected by other aspects (sq, trine etc.) and by any planet aspecting this spot, not just the personal ones. Thanks. Eva

  71. Hi
    Is anybody experienced in saturn transiting your venus 3 times (going retrograde) and if this is a process involving the same issue which will be finalized when saturn hits the last time? In my case love.


  72. Hi
    Is anybody experienced in venus return charts? If venus, sun, mercury and saturn conjuncts in 7. house + juno + vertex, could this mean love the year involved? and will this conjunction block be activated as in an ordinary birth chart. Thanks

  73. Hi
    If venus receives only 1 aspect from mercury (sextile) and no other aspects at all i nthe birth chart could this mean that this person is not able to receive love from others, lacking the venus quality? His venus is in aq in 12. house ….

  74. I am living intricately and profoundly through everything described in all these posts and pages here… and too dumbfounded and overloaded, angry and emotional about it all to share any details. All the pages I’ve read here are absolutely awesomely spoken and exactly on the bullseye. Wish I’d seen all this coming… but feel that weird sense that seeing it coming, I still would have landed up smack in the middle of it all. Fated… unavoidable… too much.

  75. You know, the odd thing about all of this is I know that it is true. Planetary movements effect life on earth, and the types of experiences we undergo however this specific transit did not effect me in this way. I think it is because I was dating this guy who refused to be faithful but I broke it off with him in April and since then I have been SUPER SINGLE (if ever their was such a thing). It was really hard for me to do but I knew it was for the best…my best that is…screw him. So I think because I broke it off wit him I may have bypassed everything that you all have experienced. I hate broken hearts. It hurt for about 2 weeks and now I’m good again.

  76. I really wish I knew about the effects this was going to have. I went crazy! Like a Banshe, ruined my relationship and now I think he will think I’m a complete nutbag. The week leading up to the transit was horrible, I felt like I had no control of myself.
    Even I would have thought that I was crazy. Is my life going to be shit until the next transit in 2017? Please say no.
    Also, a weird question…I have really strong hormones and normally am the girl in the group to make other girls get their periods. I can usually set my clock to my cycle and have typical PMS symptoms intensely. If I am really effected by this am I more perceptive to the universes movements?
    Might be completely silly but just thought there may be a connection.
    Also I am a Aquarian and the report said I would be more than likely affected positively. I might not see it now but it could be down the line but at the present time it felt like the world was caving in. My parents told me they were splitting after 30 years of marraige.
    My partner was scorpio, I know technically we aren’t that compatiable so that may of had something to do with it.

    If any light can be shed, this would be amazing.

  77. i have my sun in 15 Gemini30 min and i am Belgian (Europe)
    i was in Virginia Beach at the time of Venus transit on 5th June 2012 (about my astrological birthday)
    In the evening i went for the first time for a past life reading .
    The person told me that at that moment there was a Venus transit :
    I got a very special energy from the cosmic forces that filled up my whole body during about one hour ; i could also transfer this energy to the person who assisted for the past life reading; he said he could feel the flow of the energy that he got from me.
    I saw i nice horizon , blue sky ; circles with nice colours going higher and higher away into heaven ; after one hour everything has gone, but this power stayed into my body.

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