Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus on 5-6 June 2012 is a rare event, and is made even more special because of the other astrological events with this Venus transit. We only get two transits of Venus about every 120 years, and they comes in pairs at eight years apart.

So the last transit of Venus was in 2004, and the next one will be in the year 2117. A transit of Venus is your normal Sun conjunct Venus we usually get, but in this case, Venus passes across the face of the Sun. You can see in the picture on the right, taken during the 2004 transit of Venus, that this planets influence on us and the earth must be intensified, just look at her being engulfed by the fire of the Sun.

2012 Venus Transit Horoscope

As mentioned, this transit of Venus is extra special because of a number of other astrological events. We have the strongest influence in over a generation with Uranus square Pluto on June 24. There is the June 4 Lunar Eclipse just a day before, and Venus is retrograde conjunct minor planet Chaos, and square Mars. I have looked back at the charts of previous transits of Venus, and none had the intensity of this one. I believe that June 2012 will really kick off all the drama that has been predicted in our 2012 Astrology Forecast. There is also mention of the 2012 Transit of Venus in the Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy.

How the Transit of Venus Affects Us

Sun conjunct Venus would generally make us “charismatic, charming, and lovers not fighters”, with our love nature intensified by the Sun, we will be much more in need of love and affection, and wanting to express love to those close to us, who we most care about. Venus Retrograde means that “our love lives enter a fated period where we may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues.

Old friends or lovers may reappear and there may be more difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection”. Venus and Sun square Mars will create anger and resentment, we won’t put up with any more crap in our relationships. This is a love/hate aspect, we may sort out the differences through passionate and intense sex, or through screaming and fighting.

Venus is usually thought of as peaceful and loving, but in some ancient cultures such as the Mayan’s, she was seen as the goddess of war, especially when retrograde. Now Sun and Venus square Mars does indicate conflict. Moon conjunct Pluto intensifies our feelings even further and represents emotional compulsion, emotional manipulation, jealousy and even pathological instincts.

Uranus square Pluto will only make this volatile set of aspects even more explosive. The dramatic change is now made very personal with the Moon on Pluto. The Moon also rules our past, and with Venus retrograde, some of us could be in for some intense encounters with old lovers and even current ones.

Neptune is on the fixed star Fomalhaut “enchanted and intoxicated by love”, and square the Moons Nodes would indicate some suspicions and mistrust involving family or other close relationships. It may also mean that we reach a critical turning point with negative habits, mainly drugs, but also keeping secrets from lovers such as affairs. Moon with Pluto also suggests crunch time for negative habits and compulsions. This was a theme that kept coming up in the Venus retrograde post.

The overall picture emerging is one of facing up to reality in our relationships. If you have been deceitful in some way, been playing around or have an addiction, then you will likely face a lot of hostility from your partner or even close friends. If you are with someone whose addictions are putting a strain on your relationships, whether gambling, infidelity, drugs or porn, then you may reach a stage where you cannot let it go on.

The great intensity shown in this chart means that any built up frustrations, resentment or anger, which has been poisoning a relationship, must now be released. It might get ugly, I can’t think of an easy way to deal with such things, Sun and Venus square Mars is conflict.

Venus conjunct the Minor Planet Chaos represents a struggle to find order, the conflict between good and evil, Michael and Lucifer. It opens up a gaping hole where we are confronted with all the fear and confusion of the unknown. It ties the picture together really, intense feelings of love and hate, exposing the evil, fighting it, then filling the void a higher form of love. The light at the end of the tunnel is shown by the Moon and Pluto sextile Chiron, the healing of the obsessions or bad habits which have been the source of the conflict.

The people who will feel the transit of Venus the strongest, and probably find it most difficult will be decan 2 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. However decan 2 Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius should do particularly well out of it.

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  1. this is a very sophisticated interpretation; this website is great

  2. my 14 year finally marriage disintegrated; my daughter 03.03.00 Pisces (London) was in the middle and my husband 15.07.75 (W Africa) was the culprit

    what happens next guys ?

    • You grow out of dependency in the institution of marriage and start to find out who/what you really are.

  3. Hi
    Does anybody know if the energy stored during a solar/moon eclipse in the birth chart planets involved will be triggered when another planet (mars or sun or?) hits that high energy spot later by conjunction or could this spot also be affected by other aspects (sq, trine etc.) and by any planet aspecting this spot, not just the personal ones. Thanks. Eva

  4. Hi
    Is anybody experienced in saturn transiting your venus 3 times (going retrograde) and if this is a process involving the same issue which will be finalized when saturn hits the last time? In my case love.


  5. Hi
    Is anybody experienced in venus return charts? If venus, sun, mercury and saturn conjuncts in 7. house + juno + vertex, could this mean love the year involved? and will this conjunction block be activated as in an ordinary birth chart. Thanks

  6. Hi
    If venus receives only 1 aspect from mercury (sextile) and no other aspects at all i nthe birth chart could this mean that this person is not able to receive love from others, lacking the venus quality? His venus is in aq in 12. house ….

  7. I am living intricately and profoundly through everything described in all these posts and pages here… and too dumbfounded and overloaded, angry and emotional about it all to share any details. All the pages I’ve read here are absolutely awesomely spoken and exactly on the bullseye. Wish I’d seen all this coming… but feel that weird sense that seeing it coming, I still would have landed up smack in the middle of it all. Fated… unavoidable… too much.

  8. You know, the odd thing about all of this is I know that it is true. Planetary movements effect life on earth, and the types of experiences we undergo however this specific transit did not effect me in this way. I think it is because I was dating this guy who refused to be faithful but I broke it off with him in April and since then I have been SUPER SINGLE (if ever their was such a thing). It was really hard for me to do but I knew it was for the best…my best that is…screw him. So I think because I broke it off wit him I may have bypassed everything that you all have experienced. I hate broken hearts. It hurt for about 2 weeks and now I’m good again.

  9. I really wish I knew about the effects this was going to have. I went crazy! Like a Banshe, ruined my relationship and now I think he will think I’m a complete nutbag. The week leading up to the transit was horrible, I felt like I had no control of myself.
    Even I would have thought that I was crazy. Is my life going to be shit until the next transit in 2017? Please say no.
    Also, a weird question…I have really strong hormones and normally am the girl in the group to make other girls get their periods. I can usually set my clock to my cycle and have typical PMS symptoms intensely. If I am really effected by this am I more perceptive to the universes movements?
    Might be completely silly but just thought there may be a connection.
    Also I am a Aquarian and the report said I would be more than likely affected positively. I might not see it now but it could be down the line but at the present time it felt like the world was caving in. My parents told me they were splitting after 30 years of marraige.
    My partner was scorpio, I know technically we aren’t that compatiable so that may of had something to do with it.

    If any light can be shed, this would be amazing.

  10. i have my sun in 15 Gemini30 min and i am Belgian (Europe)
    i was in Virginia Beach at the time of Venus transit on 5th June 2012 (about my astrological birthday)
    In the evening i went for the first time for a past life reading .
    The person told me that at that moment there was a Venus transit :
    I got a very special energy from the cosmic forces that filled up my whole body during about one hour ; i could also transfer this energy to the person who assisted for the past life reading; he said he could feel the flow of the energy that he got from me.
    I saw i nice horizon , blue sky ; circles with nice colours going higher and higher away into heaven ; after one hour everything has gone, but this power stayed into my body.

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