Venus Retrograde

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Venus Retrograde 2017

Natal Venus Retrograde

Natal Venus retrograde suggests you have some difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection. You may experience sadness in love or have to endure hardship or delay. Lack of self-love, social anxiety, shyness and even financial hardship are associated with Venus retrograde in your birth chart.

Often these challenges are a result of past life relationship issues. Due to the laws of karma, if you caused suffering or hardship to a lover in an earlier life, you shall experience something similar yourself during this life. Venus retrograde acts like Mars so perhaps you hurt someone you loved. Maybe you had an affair, walked out when they needed you most, or physically injured them.

Whatever happened in past romances, you come into this life with those bad memories etched in your soul. You probably don’t recognize them as memories but as déjà vu or unexplained guilt. Especially when young, there can be a repeating theme of challenging events related to your past.

Sadness and disappointment may come from unrequited love, forced marriage, sexual abuse, mental illness or physical disability. Learning to love yourself is critical in working through your Venus in retrograde issues. Other signs of natal Venus retrograde are poor personal hygiene and not caring about how you look.

Self love can start with beautifying your physical appearance. Using fashion, cosmetics and beauty treatments can greatly improve your self-love, therefore making you more lovable. However, natal Venus retrograde can also show as excessive use of makeup and jewelry or even disfigurement from cosmetic surgery.

The aim of Venus retrograde in your natal chart is to perfect those areas of your love life which once let you down. As your relationship skills improve with experience, your karmic debt will be repaid and you start to enjoy more loving relationships.

Venus Retrograde Transit

Transiting Venus retrograde occurs once every 19 months for a total of six weeks (42 days). This means Venus is retrograde only 7% of the time, the least amount of any planet. The next closest is Mars retrograde at 9% then Mercury retrograde at 19%. Therefore, Venus retrograde is the most strongly felt of all retrograde planets.

During Venus in retrograde your love life enters a fated period. Giving and receiving love and affection becomes more difficult. Old friends or lovers may reappear or you may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues. As Venus also rules money, it’s traditionally thought that Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items.

Venus retrograde in transit is a time of introspection and reassessment. You will likely become interested in someone or something of value that would bring you pleasure. Destiny encounters are possible and you may actually come into contact with your soul mate. If so, you should experience a feeling of inevitability or familiarity. However, it is better to wait until Venus turns direct to make your move.

Use Venus retrogrades to improve how you feel about yourself, to love yourself more. Think about what really brings you pleasure. Find the reasons for problems in earlier or current relationships. This is where old lovers reappearing can help you clear away the past to make room for new relationships. Even reminiscing about old partners will help to remove your karmic baggage and lighten the load.

Venus Retrograde Dates
  • 2017, March 4 to April 15 —27° Pisces to 13° Aries
  • 2018, October 5 to November 16 — 25° Libra to 11° Scorpio
  • 2020, May 13 to June 25 — 21° Gemini to 5° Gemini

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  1. Great analysis Jamie.

    I’ve been feeling a HUGE surge of sexual energy since Venus entered the shadow phase! For someone who had turned pretty much asexual over the last decade and has been single (and not dating) for a couple of years, it has been both exhilarating and scary. Sleep and appetite has been hit, much to my suprise. This energy will not be ignored it seems!

    I find myself attracted deeply and very intensely to someone I cannot have (without having felt this attracted to him before Venus entered shadow phase), it feels like an intense attraction at the soul level, like he can see into me and I can into him, goes far beyond the physical. I know he admires me for my mind and spirit, as I admire him for his.

    Have been open about my attraction and was surprised to find he admits to being attracted to me as well (though not as intensely), but we both agree that acting on it is off the table for us in this life. So I have started to turn this intense (and unsuppressable) primal energy around and probe my unconscious/shadow aspects to understand why this is happening. Much is coming to light now. Wounds relating to prolonged childhood abuse and neglect, and wanting deeply to be seen and accepted for all that I am seem to be driving this strong desire to mate on a spiritual level. My understanding of sex is also undergoing tectonic shifts, I am glimpsing what true spiritual lovemaking might be like.

    Could this incredible surge in sexual desire and energy be because Venus is almost conjunct my natal Jupiter at 10 degrees Scorpio? I wonder if it is a time for sexual healing from within, with or without a partner. I have also been feeling like my real partner is just around the corner, the one I’m meant to be with, I just haven’t met him yet but who knows!

    Venus will also be retrograding over my natal Pluto at 26 Libra this year, squaring natal Venus at 26 Capricorn. Will this retrograde help my lifelong issues with a very tight natal Venus square Pluto? Your analysis of natal Venus square Pluto helped me understand a while ago about what I needed to do to transmute that aspect – self-love. Is Pluto in this scenario this October/Nov the reason I am “rebirthing” into a whole new understanding of spiritual Union with a partner, where mind,body and soul meld?

    Thanks for your refreshing outlooks on aspects Jamie. I have found them to be enlightening at times, much gratitude.

    • Yes, Jan. It must be because of venus retrograde conjunct your Jupiter. When I started reading your comment I thought maybe it was conjunct your Pluto, but Jupiter exaggeration would explain the intensity you feel.

      • Ah, good to know Jamie. Surprised Jupiter is capable of intensifying things so much, I also thought it was Pluto!

        Interestingly, not long after I posted my original comment, I ended up experiencing a breakthrough around this uncontrollable sexual/sensual energy. I had thrown myself deliberately into trying to unearth what was driving this, since I am used to Inner work (have no choice with my natal Venus square my Mars Sat Pluto stelium, and opposite my North Node in a painful T square, it’s either transform or die for me), and the minute I hit upon the actual reason for this sexual surge, the energy dissipated soon after, like air being let out of a giant hot air balloon, whoooompf – which was a huge relief, as I could finally feel how exhausted and drained my body had become with lack of sleep and food.

        My intense attraction to my friend went down pretty quickly after that, which was also wonderful as I was struggling to not let it affect our close friendship.

        Interestingly I haven’t gone back to being an asexual – far from it! The energy has just rebalanced itself to comfortable levels, and I now find myself more at ease with my own sexuality than I ever have been. It’s wonderful! Feels like I was a Phoenix that got burnt in the intense flames of desire, and then re birthed itself from the ashes with some focussed introspection, better than ever. I am excited by the prospect of experiencing truly transcendent lovemaking now.

        Gotta say, I’m pretty pleased with myself, I’m still surprised that I managed to transmute such intense sexual energy into healing myself in some way. It took all my strength and then some (I have Mars Rx, Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx conjunct, read somewhere it is pure willpower when harnessed properly) but it’s so so so worth it to be on the other side of this breakthrough

        Hope my post and update helps others out there this Venus retrograde. I feel I have transcended a big part of my natal Venus square Pluto Rx (0 degree orb) which has been utterly brutal to live with since childhood. Yay! I wonder – how can it get even better than this? 🙂

        • How does Pluto Square Venus differ from Saturn square Venus? I can tell you that it is truly a cross to bear concerning relationships

          • Elyse, if you think that’s bad for relationships…. Try having both Saturn square Venus and Pluto square Venus natally! And throw in Mars square Venus for good measure. It’s enough to make you want to leave this earth a gajillion times. I was born into abuse and continue to suffer it till this day. Only my will keeps me alive, I have far more reason to be gone from this life.

            I have all three malefics in Libra squaring Venus in Capricorm AND North Node in Cancer – now that’s a 1,000 ton cross to bear! Guessing your chart is looking pretty good now eh? 😉

            • Sorry to hear you’ve had such a difficult time in this incarnation Jan, but are we playing a game of “can you top this”? I also have a Scorpio moon (void) but with Sun, mars and Venus in Taurus ( moon opposition Mars). It hasn’t been a picnic! A Scorpio moon is a bitch! Saturn square Venus ( one degree off of squaring my sun) has not been fun. The important thing is to never give up! I have that Taurus persistance. Hoping things get better for you!

            • Heh, nope not playing any games of who can top who Elyse. Have been searching for charts like mine on the net, just can’t seem to find many like it. I would so love to read somewhere how to handle my crazy stelium squaring Venus. I should be a cocaine addict by now for all that I have suffered , but I’m blessed with some inner strength I guess. Plus I was told when young, that I have one of the worst birth charts it is possible to have. Sadly my life reflects it! But a change is coming, and I’m determined to overcome my natal limitations somehow. Plutonian death and rebirths on repeat have tempered me and made me strong I think!

              Scorpio moon – ouch! That does sound difficult and intense. And to have it opposed by Sun Venus in Taurus can’t be much fun. Mars opposition Moon sounds pretty iffy too. Thanks for your wishes, and I wish you well too.

              As for your original question, I’ve been trying to think about it, and I’m not sure I can differentiate entirely between the two but I will try.

              Venus Square Pluto feels like repeated excruciating emotional death and destruction in close relationships that (if handled right) can lead to rebirth, but with much hard work on the Self. It can be very very difficult though, suicide seems much easier when in the throes of it. One has to face suicidal ideation and consciously choose each time to stay alive when crushed in love and relationships. Crucial issue is self-love.

              Venus square Saturn feels like suffering in love relationships with no purpose to me. IMO Venus square Pluto is far more brutal and will take you to the brink of death (or destroy your health in the process), but it holds the seeds for intense evolution. Coming out the other side can feel like a whole new You is born, with a higher and healthier perspective on love.

              Now that I’m beginning to overcome my natal Venus square Pluto (almost exact), Venus square Saturn doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s like this – you’re finally defeating a killer whale that’s been chasing you forever, so what’s a regular smallish shark going to do that you can’t handle? 😉 Saturn is no match for Pluto, and once you’ve got Pluto handled, Saturn can seem tame in comparison.

    • Hey Jan, this was strange…….I felt like I was reading about myself. Wow, is all I can say. Same scenario for me. Its anxiety at a level of taking your breath away. Curious, when is your birthday? So glad I came across this. Thanks for sharing.

      • Happy to read that my post helped you in any way Cindy. I have posted a reply to Jamie just above this, as an update. You might find it interesting.

        Yes the anxiety level was unbelievable! Like you said, I couldn’t breathe for the intense desire that surged through me. It was exciting but soon got to be too much to handle.

        If it helps, check out these blog links below (posting in a separate post because the browser won’t let me copy paste). I read a ton on how to use Sexual Energy to heal yourself, it made all the difference. Good luck!

        • Unable to post the links : Google the following,

          Loner wolf, Transforming Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy

          Calmdownmind, Channel Your Sexual Energy

      • On one hand ones horoscope is a blueprint of where your consciousness was at birth. I’m beginning to think that as we grow in self awareness that there is the possibility to take control. Nothing is written in stone. If it were what would be the reason of living if transformation wasnt possible?

        • Agree. That’s why I veered away from deterministic and fatalistic Vedic astrology entirely, it’s interpretations always sound like a death sentence to me – “this is your life, you were bad in a past life, you are being punished and there’s not much you can do about it. Give up meat, wear these gems on these fingers, and always put duty above personal desire and dreams.” Errrrm, no thanks.

          Western astrology, especially the kind that is based on psychology and psychoanalysis has been helpful to me. It also seems to have a much healthier and more empowering viewpoint on past lives than Vedic and other traditional streams of astrology. I find Jamie’s site to be interesting in this regard, there’s always some suggestion of how to take responsibility for yourself and ease, if not transform your difficult natal aspects.

          I’m pretty Plutonian, so I can throw myself into transformation. I don’t think I could tolerate my Life if I thought there was no hope for change. I don’t believe for one second anything is written in stone – Life is a combination of destiny (what I see as pre-planned incidents that are part of your soul plan, and cannot be avoided); and Free Will (your choice on how to respond).

          Natal aspects account for destiny, and sometimes a very high probability of how things manifest. But once Free Will is consciously harnessed, I believe it is possible to graduate to a level where difficult natal aspects start working in harmony. This to me is Alchemy – transforming “lead” to “gold”. But not much will happen merely by learning astrology, the real change happens when one works on the self.

  2. Amazing read!!! My question is on creative work. I moved from my city 2 months ago so i could work out of town, save money and be able to finance my creative interests. For some reason I wouldn’t let my self start anything creative. I would work on a collection and literally crumple it up thinking something ain’t right. Last week i was layed off and it all made sense why i wouldn’t commit to a project while out of town. Soon after starting the project i would have to leave yet again.

    Now i feel i can restart working on that project. I design women’s clothing you see. And ive read articles saying its not a good time to start on women’s business etc. While writing this im realizing that I’m not starting, I’m going over and redoing what i already started before and perfecting during the retrograde. My theme now is quite romantic and incredibly feminine.

    My question was should i continue with this collection. I think i know the answer. It’s time i finish what i already started.

    Thank you for your insights

    • Hi Samantha. It does sound like you were coming to a realization while you were writing this. I would just add that Venus stations retrograde on a very creative star, Alphecca. Then it stations direct on two extremely fortunate stars which are good for success, wealth and renown. Sounds like it should work out fine. Though it will depend on your chart and transits of course.

  3. To Samantha:

    Sex is much more than the biological method to ‘make children., isn’t it?

    I write this because when you want to be creative, or: are creative, it’s very important to know what your goal is. What you exactly mean by succes. Because the creation itself and the satisfaction you get from it, the feeling good, the heightened awareness etc are the main components of succes. When there’s a goal like starting your own brand, making a living out of it … you go outside the creative part and you enter the business part. This does not have to be a problem, but it is … different.

    What you need for it is being social, learning to know people and becoming someone people like to know. This is indeed very Venusian, and Jamie can tell you more about this. But : nothing is more boring to people than someone who only talks about themselves. You’ll have to show real interest in others – they sense it when it is fake – and somehow your creations may have to ‘please’. This can be, or become, a problem.

    I am *not* suggesting you can’t, but for a serious part of individuals from the creative tribe, this ‘pleasing’, the concessions one has to make, work as creativity blocks. At best they start repeating themselves. And potential clients notice this and stay away. So it’s always a balancing act between on the one hand staying yourself and deepen your creativity, and, on the other hand, not be that full of your own creativity that there is no more room for others.

    I personally have ditched the latter because it made me unhappy, and I now paint what I want, and when I want it. But I am not that snobbish that I would assume anyone has to be or do like me.

    Wishing you lots of succes. YOUR succes!

  4. Thank you Jamie for all your posts, i enjoy them each time.
    I’m looking forward for the upcoming roller coaster, Venus transiting natal IC, Mars Rx and South Node and upstairs Uranus transiting natal Venus, MC and North Node … all good
    I am intrigued as each time you mention the fixed stars and the interpretations are stunning. You are the only astrologer i know who works with them and i was wondering if you could give us some indication of where to find more info besides the mentions at the bottom of your posts, and where to be able to calculate them in our own chart, thanks in advance

  5. A book recommendation: “The Power Of BirthdaysBirthdays, Stars, & Numbers” by Saffi Crawford And Geraldine Sullivan, 1998

  6. 11/2/79-Me, 2/13/69- my partner. Wondering if we will permanently sever ties. we are currently in separation.

  7. Venus retrograde 2018 10° Scorpio.

    Friday October 5 at 12:04 pm LA, 3:04 pm NY, 8:04 pm UK, Saturday 0:34 am DL, 5:04 am SYD.

  8. Dear Jamie,
    I was wondering this…Recently I met a person (romantic date), it was during Jupiter transit on my natal North Node in Scorpio (Sep 21, sharp conj at 21 degrees), on a business trip. Now this person has started to slow things down, being reluctant at the idea of a long-distance relation (same country, but very far away)…Do you think this may be due to Venus Rx (I met him in phase 1)? Will direct Venus, after the Nov 15th, possibly unblock the situation? (I am a Cap, Leo asc…and to make things easier, I also have my natal Venus in Scorpio, at 27 degrees, conjunct my natal NN)…Thanks, really xxx

  9. Hello,
    Please, could anyone here help me understand what happened 5 of october because I don’t know how to interpret those energies I had felt. Here is my case:

    I am Divine Femine Twin Flame. We are 4 months in separation, no contact. We aren’t in other relationships, both singles. We haven’t had sex yet. I am 10 years in celibacy. Because of sneaky behaviors and deception from my DM in the past, I have some big trust isues due to him, I was carying big fear of being betrayed. I was doing a lot of inner work during this 4 months to get to union and to be a better person but I couldn’t leave this fear of betrayal. I have had some negativity from time to time in me because of DM deception.

    On 5 october I was smoking weed and was planing doing meditation and calming. After weed I am allways very peacefull and sensitive to energies that I can easily recognise. Also after smoking I have only love to my DM and I feel it from DM. But 5 of october I felt some sort of negativity from my DM. I felt rejection. Suddenly I felt very unsecure and horny. I recognize this was my DM. The unsecurity was bigger and in my head I started saing “no, no, You cant’ You can’t its sacred union, you can’t” and then I felt huge sexual tension. It all began. I was feeling that DM has sex with someone else, I had that inner knowing but I couldn’t believe it. It was so unreal but I was feeling it. I was feeling huge sexual arousal and unsecurity at once. I was feeling strange sexual energy inside of my body. It was very weird, beautifull, great and ugly. I was feeling like I am having sex without my permision. It was like great cosmic orgasm that was given to me but I didn’t want to feel it, like it was given without my ask. After all I was feeling very happy and ugly at once. Like after huge unwanted orgasm from betrayal. Then the negativity flow was unstopable all night. I was very unstable sad and angry.

    The day after I was feeling ugly energy in my body all day. Strange and dirty energy that wasn’t mine and I want to shake it. I was in denial it could happen. All day my head was looping one thoughts: “Why? How could you, how could You, we were so close to union, all of that hard work is gone, union is gone. I didn’t want anymore DM, union and all of TF stuff for 3 days. I lost faith and block everything saing it isn’t for me. My heart was closed and I was very, very angry. Now I am much stable, but so confused.

    Please tell me, what was that? Was it new cosmic energy flowing into my sacral chacra and unblocking it? Energy that I couldn’t recognise so it scares me a lot and I overeacted it with ego and big feer based mind projection? Or it was my DM with someone else and I felt DM sexual energy? Deep down I know, that DM will never hurt me but it was so real experience. Deep in my heart i know that wee love eachother and we are keeping our bodies “clean”, I believe that we have this silent commitment but I am afraid, that it could be some sort of karmic lesson for us. Please help, it is so confusing and sad. I feel betrayed.

    Best wishes Johny N

    • What you were feeling is the energy of the other woman he had sex with. Also because you are connected to him on an energetic level you could feel his sexual arousal through him. It was not a “cosmic orgasm” or an energy unblocking your crown chakra unfortunately. Your fear of being betrayed by him was legitimate as he was probably already seeing her since you went no contact. He probably thought he no longer has any tie to you and began dating someone else which is totally normal. The male Twin flames are always more stupid and less spiritually developed than us. The same thing happened to me with mine dating someone else for 7 years.During this Venus retrograde he still wants to have telepathic sex with me on the astral level. I had a similar negative vibe ever since he started dating this new bitch. It’s simply your awareness of them fucking someone else.

    • I also made the decision to remain celibate since I couldn’t really find someone else since 6 years ago when my male twin flame abandoned me. I have only dated one person but it didn’t really work and I also have no desire to date since my last trauma. My sex drive was really low up until this Venus Retrograde when this moron (my tf) showed up in my dream and said he wanted to have sex which is horrible of him because he is still in that same relationship. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. He wants to continue being with this other person and still fuck me on the side just because we’re twin flames.

    • I am also about to be done with him for life. I am seriously considering the possiblity that he is just a narcissistic abuser and this was all a huge mistake. I don’t give a shit about twin flames anymore. The way I see it it’s his choice to be with someone else and it’s extremely controlling to not allow someone to date someone else because they are your “twin flame” and you have a claim over him. Men are generally huge sluts, promiscuous, non monogamous. It’s plain biology. Twin flames or not, this is another person we are speaking of and they can live their life however they want. In our case, it’s literally impossible to ever be together physically so for a while I settled for having this spiritual connection. I decided to content myself with that little since he showed no interest in me last time. Upon further reconsiderations, I may even let go of the telepathic connection and completely cut him off since this isn’t really headed anywhere, he clearly prefers the other person so I just decided to give him up and the twin flame relationship. I no longer look forward to union. I advise you to do the same. PLEASE don’t stay celibate just because you wait for this man who clearly doesn’t respect you or the connection. Start looking for someone else and be happy. Screw “twin flames”

    • Hun if you connect when you smoke weed which it does do that for many people then what you felt was your higher self telling you to wake up from the dream of something that probably will never happen. Twin Flames are very very rare and when you do find yours, trust me there will be no distance. Love yourself enough to know that when a man loves you, I mean truly loves you, he will move mountains for you.

      Forget the twin flame stuff. If it’s meant to be, I promise it will be instant and forever. Good luck and best wishes.

  10. So my birthday is April 2, 87. His bday is sept 4 83. We started chatting oct 6th online. And within a day had already decided we wanted to meet. We met on oct 12th in person and had such a strong connection. Everything was amazing for about 5 days and then all of a sudden he stopped flirting. Turned quiet. Says hes “stressed, burnt out, and busy.” The app we were chatting on showed he added a new photo the same day he grew cold. I asked him about it and he says it doesnt mean anything and that hes still into me but just keeps saying hes busy. I even asked if hes just using that as an excuse to gently blow me off and he says no. I have a weird feeling about it. Ive seen this pattern before and ive always been right but id really like to be wrong. He went from offering me a key to his place to just “busy and stressed and overwhelmed”. If hes legit then i dont want to miss out on this opportunity, but if im right then i dont want to waste my time.

  11. Jamie, On November 8th, Venus will be conjunct Spica. How long will conjunction last? Thanks!

    • Hi Margaret. Venus is currently retrograde at 29° Libra and stations direct November 16 at 25°14′ Libra.

      Spica is at 24°05′ Libra so Venus does not come back quite far enough to pass over this star. But Venus is within Spica’s suggested orb of 2°40′ from November 7 to 25

  12. I was told not to make any drastic appearance changes during Venus retrograde. I am hoping to cut my hair 11/16… during the shadow phase. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Mike. That really depends on your own chart. If Mercury is making a difficult aspect to something important in your chart then yes, it would be better to wait.

  13. I strongly suggest that you may benefit by going to your general practitioner and asking for a referral to a mental health practitioner. This suggestion is not said with malice and cones from a place of concern. Take care

  14. Hi Jamie,

    I was foolish enough to start a relationship during a venus retrograde on November 8, 2018. it ended shortly after venus went direct. It felt inevitable and really familiar. I felt like coming home. The nodes changed signs on 6th November 2018, into Cancer and Capricorn. He is Capricorn and I am Cancer. We are no longer in a relationship but we are in contact. I know we have karma to sort. Did that brief period sort out our karma or is there still more to come? He felt like a soulmate. Do relationships that end after venus turn direct ever resurrect or they die to never rekindle again? Is there no hope of restarting at any point again?

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