Venus Retrograde Natal

Venus Retrograde Natal

Venus retrograde natal suggests you have some difficulty in giving and receiving love and affection. You may experience sadness in love or have to endure hardship or delay. Lack of self-love, social anxiety, shyness, and even financial hardship are also possible.

Often these challenges are a result of past life relationship issues. Due to the laws of karma, if you caused suffering or hardship to a lover in an earlier life, you shall experience something similar yourself during this life. Natal Venus retrograde acts like Mars so perhaps you hurt someone you loved. Maybe you had an affair, walked out when they needed you most, or physically injured them.

Whatever happened in past romances, you come into this life with those bad memories etched in your soul. You probably don’t recognize them as memories but as déjà vu or unexplained guilt. Especially when young, there can be a repeating theme of challenging events related to your past.

Sadness and disappointment may come from unrequited love, forced marriage, sexual abuse, mental illness, or physical disability. Learning to love yourself is critical in working through your Venus in retrograde issues. Other signs of natal Venus retrograde are poor personal hygiene and not caring about how you look.

Self-love can start with beautifying your physical appearance. Using fashion, cosmetics, and beauty treatments can greatly improve your self-love, therefore making you more lovable. However, natal Venus in retrograde can also show as excessive use of makeup and jewelry or even disfigurement from cosmetic surgery.

The aim of Venus retrograde in your natal chart is to perfect those areas of your love life which once let you down. As your relationship skills improve with experience, your karmic debt will be repaid and you start to enjoy more loving relationships.

38 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde Natal

  1. Where art thou other half?

    It would be nice if true love was around the corner.
    Since embarking on this Spiritual journey in 2015,
    there’s always been this feeling of lack.
    I thought id found someone just like me in 2016,
    but sadly,she thought she was not made for relationships.

    This in turn,sent me down a dark path searching for 2yrs.
    That is ‘searching for the wrong love’,with 50% self gratification.

    Relocated to an excellent small country town in 2018,
    and i am very grateful and very grateful for all i have.
    Then a psychopath moves next door,
    intimidation,camera surveillance,threats,false allegations,police etc etc.
    Which has had me up and down along the way,
    but also grown in strength,for which i’m thankful for.
    I hold no grudges or grievances against this person.
    Just wish they’d awaken,stop and see the error of the ways.

    I’ve shed alot in the last few years,
    and grown mentally,physically and spiritually.
    It would be nice if my lessons are coming to the end of the road,
    harmony on the home front and love with a likeminded soul.

    I won’t hold onto that thought or pine,
    it would be nice,that’s all,
    to freely express fully,
    and channel the fire within.

    At the Crossroads,
    with the psychopath next door,
    and the rising feeling of lack,
    along with the rising fire,
    i contain.
    Signed Stifled,Torn & Co.

    • Dear Nomadic Soul,
      Patience,and Destiny along with your Spiritual beliefs can change your life.

      I do feel for you,its not easy to find true love.
      But we must begin with ourselves.
      What is lacking in us,what are we looking for.

      And what type of relationship we need.
      Reading Pam Grout a
      “Course in Miracles”has changed my life.
      Highly recommended.

      We must lose victim consciousness,and what has gone is not meant for us.

      Expect something Wonderful to happen every day.
      Warm regards.

      • What a kind, wise and positive commet Shoanaaa 🌹know, that it is having a great value for others. sometimes your words can positively change someone else’s life. I wish you all the best and luckiest! Stay healthy, safe and happy! 🤗💝


  2. With Venus ruling our intangible and tangible values, on which our fundamental or foundational beliefs, probably a better one given that fundamental has a more negative fear based connotation in modern times, I sense that she may also be coming back to help ‘the people’ by exposing subversive or perverse tactics and indecent proposals, for what they are, especially where a persons right to believe as they will about both the known and unknown worlds, thanks to Jupiter’s assistance, including the right to say yes or no about any beliefs being imposed on them, or where they have tried to force themselves on others and most likely as in the story of Persephone and Pluto, this will also highlight where some may have fallen for the charmers “Pluto” and their “wicked ways” under false pretense or their “evil spell” which of call can be inherent in all areas and aspects of our lives. To me, perhaps this will be reviewing our moral and ethical values base (Pluto in Cap), through these challenging times of adversity, because perhaps it isnt what times of enormously challenging adversity we face in and through our lives, these happen through life, there is always a season for them, sometimes for them, some times for us, sometimes for you, sometimes for me, it is perhaps more relating to how we handle them. I sense this will be somewhat of an ice bucket challenge of a different nature thus purpose for those who really do need to wake up to themselves and become aware of just what they are dealing with and what they have been willing to make a deal with and she has the power for negotiating a better settlement in favour of harmonised democracy, than just about any of them. I think this will be interesting, because Venus by virtue as a Goddess, also has spears of ice at her disposal, you wont see them coming and they leave no evidence. Stealth? yep she’s got you covered. There will be some among the population who think they have won, indeed prided themselves on it, boasted about it, well it seems they’ve been playing with themselves a little too much again 😉 Tell them they must be dreaming, cos no one does it better.. the Lady has style & a style all of her own…. Pluto squaring my 26 Libra Ascendant has forced me tolerate being targetted by those with the intention of “making an example of people like me” by use of fearing and shaming methods and threats to ruin my character and reputation, fortunately I am not one to react or respond to mockery or believe I have the right to take Karma into my own hands, so her stationing and turning retro, squaring my ascendant, may shine a little more light on where the shame actually lies…if the shoe fits. Evil only succeeds when good folk do nothing…I dont want to see anyone hurt or harmed any more than we already have been, hopefully this is the turn around we all need, for the overall well being of us all. I genuinely do believe, it remains possible at the very least. Quite a humbling experience I would imagine.

    • Thank you Jamie for the post, and thank you Debbie for your thoughts. I truly hope this can see a return to the heart, to love, to unity. I hope this is the turning point for humanity where the light of what is true, good and beautiful can shine out and cast away the shadows that have been trying to manifest for many years but never more blatantly so than these past almost two years. Love, not fear, and a life well-lived from the heart in joy and wonder. Blessings to you all!

  3. Just an added aside, when it comes to patient/doctor relationships “concordance” between must be reached/achieved before any course of treatment may be commenced. This may have good bearing on what happens, next.

  4. ETA Jamie, I think you have a typo, as you have written that the New Moon occurs just prior this, where as I believe it is the Solstice Full Moon around that time?

  5. Hi Shonaaa,

    Yes,in regards beginning with ourselves.

    Always a work in progress.

    Regards ‘A Course in Miracles’.
    I have the one by Alan Cohen in my collection,
    A course in miracles ‘Made Easy’,
    along with the combined version 3rd edition.

    Regards ‘Expect something Wonderful to happen everyday’,

    i have no expectations.

    Life is wonderful.

    Thankyou for replying,

    and wishing you all the best!

    • ”Regards ‘Expect something Wonderful to happen everyday’’,reminds me of something i read re jup/chiron transit.
      allow tomorrow to be better than today .
      i’m trying.

        • Ps.And in good stead,a motto to live by ‘Everything happens for a reason’-there is neither good or bad,but a lesson to be learnt for our highest good on moving forward.If we observe nature and the seasons,we are no different,other than our minds that complicate things.Practice doing nothing with gratitude and just observe to quieten the mind.

  6. and my saturn is 15 cap . after sat return, con mars/venus, square mc, and now close to dc this makes for extra fun! + sun square pluto activating my natal pluto /sun op which i share with the man who broke my heart. who’s bd is a week from mine. and he’s sat con venus transit , and venus con sat.
    fated alright 🙁

  7. I hear you loud and clear. Serious ebb and flow, false starts, and false promises. And then wanders in the psychopath
    I too have trapsed through the tulips a few too many times with the kind you mention. Its been a long dark night, but there are other transits that will make up for this Venus one. Hang on a little longer, keep fighting the good fight, take care and honor you… and then I do believe, the right person will appear. Magic is real when you get the formula right.
    You have what you need- most precious being the wisdom from those hard ass lessons that you endured.

    • thank you.
      not sure it’s gonna happen in this life time.
      not a psychopath.
      we both have sun pluto op natal and between us. i just read this elsewhere :

      You are drawn to the Pluto person in a way that can be hard to verbalize. >After meeting him or her, you feel like a fish out of water if that person is not around! < The fascination is mutual, in fact, … although your partner tends to have the “upper hand”, so to speak, when it comes to the ultimate fate of the relationship. Why? Because you feel intensely expressive and unique special, if you will as a direct result of the Pluto person’s attention, and he or she may feel the need to control that expression as the relationship passes the initial stages (which is likely to have been characterized by intense mutual attraction). Your partner can sometimes feel threatened by your displays of independence, ego, pride, and autonomy. He or she has an extraordinary window into your soul, and can easily see both your strengths and vulnerabilities. … What your partner does with this privileged perception is the question. He or she can certainly help you grow, but there can be a temptation to subtly undermine your confidence if your partner would rather keep you dependent.

      it sure has been a transformative time for me . 4 years of saturn transits so far.
      can’t help wondering what will happen during sat in 7.
      jupiter con chiron too , uranus square asc and ciron moon. neptune con merc. i don’t know how i am alive and half the time i sure don’t want to be.

      i’ve battled with suicidal feelings/depression my whole life already. 61 years.

    • @nicolemdesmond

      I see you and yes to Magik.

      When the ducks align,the pond is refined.

      When the cats away,the mouse will play.

      The cat is back home.

      Thanks for your message.

      Signed Leo,Limelight in the Cave.

  8. Haha @ reading this again,
    Excerpt ‘ the victim of possessiveness, jealousy, stalking or spying.’.
    Psychopath neighbor!

    Anyhow,if any of the above rings true,
    i won’t be bitten,tempted nor enticed by a con,

    head over zeals!

    Unconditional Love,Holy transparent union,

    just one authentic genuine real deal thanks,

    two into one.

    Sacred Honor/Sacred Union.

    To the moon and back.

    Signed Taoist-Secrets of Love.

  9. Twice in two days,i feel myself being drawn back to ‘The Dandenongs’.
    The only place,that lifted my heart and soul,
    along with the people.

    Though it’s great where i live now,
    i am not getting the same vibe or feeling.

    Or am i being magnetically drawn elsewhere?

    Time will tell.

  10. Mars retrograded on my Venus in Aries last year while Saturn sat right on my Saturn which squares my Venus, so squaring Mars retrograde also. Now Venus retrogrades right on my Saturn, so squares my Venus, but now with Pluto joining the crew… I admitted to someone I worked with 8 years ago (Venus cycle lol) and have talked to in an interested way multiple times that I’ve tried to stop thinking about them, but I can’t. We’re both tangled up in previous stuff still, I’m more out than he seems to be. When I’ve seen him it feels like fated stuff for sure. Seeing 2222 as the address we met at and some random glass breaking when we kissed. His favorite artist comes out with a song about getting her heart broken in the city I live in. Wtf. I don’t have a good memory, but I do when it comes to him, I barely dream, but can easily remember long dreams with him involved. I’m excited tho for this transit, I want some god dang movement in this thing, he’s supposed to be back in my city soon but who knows maybe someone else will walk into my life lmao COME ON UNIVERSE, WHAT OTHER CRAZY SHIT YOU GOT FOR ME?! But seriously I’ve also been really working on my self love game which I know was the issue from the start so if we could just get on with this already that would be great.

    • @ M,you want to let this longing for this person to go.
      Otherwise,you go around in never ending repeated cycles.

      Obviously,you have a longing,an ‘attachment’,to love,to be in a relationship etc etc.

      Let this go,along with other attachments and addictions etc etc.

      Focus on yourself and strengthen your spirit(will)power.

      What is meant to be,will be.

      Spirit helps those,who help themselves,moving forward.

  11. That period when Venus slows and slows, nearing stationary retrograde…

    And you and your new girlfriend decide to drive to the liquor store. Spiking your arousal, having missed a turn, she says “You’re Passionate”

  12. What a kind, wise and positive commet Shoanaaa 🌹know, that it is having a great value for others. sometimes your words can positively change someone else’s life. I wish you all the best and luckiest! Stay healthy, safe and happy! 🤗💝

  13. Dear Joan,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation.
    Yes indeed ,our love and support for other’s, also positively affects our lives.
    What you give out , comes back to you,it has a boomerang affect.
    Wishing you too ..blessings of the utmost high.
    And Agape Love.
    Something Wonderful will happen to you.
    Hugs from India🤗💕

  14. Dear Jamie,
    So happy to see you made it thru! Thank you for all you teach us all.
    Merry Christmas my friend! T
    Toast: To our renewed strength! Cheers!

  15. Natal Venus Rx in Aries in the 4th house. I’m guessing that’s why I had a bit of a troubled childhood, haha. I’m still trying to overcome some things and I’ve just turned 29.

    Trying to become aware of what this aspect in my chart is teaching me, along with my Jupiter Rx in Libra in the 10th house, and I suppose the Pluto Rx in Scorpio in the 11th. I want to overcome what they’re doing, but I worry it might not be in a state of fulfilled until my next life.

    • try 62!
      still dealing with abandonment/abuse issues.
      i’ve only just found what i incarnated for. as for ”fulfillment” ?!
      next life seems about right.

      • How did you find out what you incarnated for? You’ve got plenty of this life left, especially knowing why you’re here now!! Hopefully some self-love and therapy can help with the abandonment issues 🌻

        • in the 80s i had a vision that i would do something of some significance at this time.
          i’ve done therapy earlier but these last 5 years or so have been 1 big therapy session, many saturn transits after another, also chiron,uranus, pluto. not done either. i realised not long ago that all me life i’ve felt toxic, contaminated , like a leper, that my love was worse than other people’s hate, due to abandonment and abuse experiences.

        • anyways, recently the man i love cast me out of his life, intensifying my suicidal tendencies and so on. i found lorie ladd, actually first someone recommended ” emotional clearing ” to me. good but dry.
          lorie’s videos are very accessible. i stated medicating agin, having visions and realised that i am part of the shift. and all before was needed to get to this stage.

  16. In the Magi chart and the Cosmogenesis chart. the symbolic Age of Pisces ‘Alpha and Omega’, both have Venus retrograde. “Venus is retrograde only 7% of the time”, meaning the odds of this occurring ‘unrelated’ is 0.07 * 0.07 = 0.00049. But Magi has been around for millennium. So the odds should be factored ‘dependant’, with the odds increasing as Pisces ages to ‘Singularity’, sorta-like a reverse mortality table.

    • 0.07 * 0.07 = 0.0049

      Careful with those zeros. A mistake like that may mean you fail Universe Design paper. End up grousing under a bridge-beside a river-inside a van. But at least these days there is a lot of company.


    There are dozens of articles covering the smearing of the Louvre ‘Gioconda’ . This one stood out because, in my humble opinion, it captures the essence of the Purpose: to biblically (publicly) acknowledge the timing of the Magi astrology.

    ‘museum visitor, Klevis, 26, from Albania questioned: “What were the odds this would happen?”‘

    And 20 year old Luke says ‘the moment was once in a million’.

    The Gioconda Smear turns out to be the Fiddle of an Art Critic Riddle, functioning on multi-levels. the question: Have you done an inventory?

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