December 21 2012

Michael PaintingThe Internet is awash with predictions based on the astrology of December 21 2012 because the Mayan calendar apparently ends on this date. The frenzy of predictions range from spiritual enlightenment and ascension, to all out global war and the end of days. There are some very significant astrological events leading up to December which we mentioned in the posts 2012 Astrology, Uranus square Pluto and Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy and I share the interest in this speculation particularly.

I am fascinated the Yod aspect pattern, and on 21st December 2012 there is a very special Yod aspect pattern to the planet Jupiter which is conjunct the important fixed star Aldebaran. In the last few hundred years, there has only been one Jupiter Yod similar to the December 21 2012 Jupiter Yod. That was in May 1989, so I will look at what manifested from that, and then take a closer look at the December 2012 Yod. For an explanation of the Yod aspect pattern see Yod Astrology.

1989 Jupiter Yod

Saturn sextile Pluto causes those things rules by these planets to work together energetically with a common purpose. Saturn is the security and structure given by governments and organization, law and order, the framework for society to function in. Pluto is like a big brother to Saturn, Pluto is ultimate power and control, the multinational corporations and global political and private organizations, the new world order. Working together we could see this as the UN, IMF, dictatorships, global partnerships such as communism and the alliances of the West. Pluto is also secret and underworld, and tied to conservative Saturn we get global groups such as Freemasonry, Opus Dei and Al-Qaeda.

Jupiter is philosophy and religion. The moral code of the society, more to do with the rights of the individual than Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter is optimistic and freedom loving. It rules judges and clerics and the rights of people in the society. So Saturn and Pluto bear down their joint forces on Jupiter via the quincunxes. Jupiter must express the energy somehow.

1989 Jupiter Yod

1989 Jupiter Yod

In 1989 we have a number of examples how this occurred, with far reaching consequences. The Yod was most exact on 18 May 1989, when The Chinese government declared martial law in Beijing to deal with protesting students in Tienanmen square. Jupiter was at 13°25′ Gemini. The most significant events relating to this Yod did not occur for another 16 days when a New Moon occurred at 13°12′ Gemini on 03 June 1989, activating the Yod action point.

Less than one hour after that New Moon, Tienanmen square had been cleared leaving thousands dead. Saturn and Pluto control and domination squashed Jupiter hopes. One hour before that New Moon on the Jupiter action point, Ayatollah Khomeini died in Tehran from an operation 2 weeks earlier, when the Jupiter Yod was close in aspect. The next day, the Vatican backed Solidarity Movement won the Polish elections, the first of the anti communist revolutions.

These events show the effects of Saturn and Pluto on Jupiter. Global entities such as the Catholic Church and Communism. Less obvious but still working behind the scenes would have been Western capitalism supporting the Chinese students and the Solidarity Movement. I see Jupiter here as the rights of the people, standing up against the power of authority as represented by the anti-religious, anti-freedom communist governments.

Jupiter always wants to expand, and at the focal point of a Yod, the issue is forced, this time by the heavyweights of global movements, organizations and governments. The communists lost in Poland, and won in China. The people won in Poland and lost in China. So Saturn – Pluto was stronger in China, represented by the autocratic government. But Saturn-Pluto was also strong in Poland with the influence of the Catholic Church and Western governments. It seems that Tienanmen square was a negative manifestation of this Yod, while Poland was a positive manifestation of that same energy.

December 21 2012 Astrology Chart

Based on the events of 1989, we may expect the big global players to be involved in some power struggle again. The way things are going at the moment, multinational corporations may be the cause of some uprising expressed through Jupiter. One factor not in play in 1989 was the internet which has brought us all closer together to share our thoughts. I see this a very Jupiter, expanding horizons. People power will be stronger with this networking and sharing of information.

December 21 2012

December 21 2012

The 2012 Yod has no lunation near by to activate it like occurred in 1989, so that may weaken the effect. However there was no fixed star at the action point in 1989. In 2012, Jupiter will be on a major fixed star for this Yod and this will give it a lot of strength.

Aldebaran and December 21 2012

The fixed star Aldebaran is one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia. It’s effects have been studied and documented for thousands of years. It will add extra energy to this configuration as it gives extraordinary energy. When looking into the effects of this star over the last century, I found a definite link to the Jupiter themes discussed about the 1989 Yod. Aldebaran is linked to the social rights of society. This is supported by research from Nick at Lunar Planner Forum. “Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, specifically for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran Antares axis can express into the business and political arenas and is of their leaders”.

Like 1989, this might work out positively and negatively at the same time. At best we could see governments and corporations listening to the global community and working to fix the mess of consumerism and environmental disasters. At worst there could be massive uprisings against the corruption of power in governments by the corporations. Religion will again be an issue. Islam has gone more extreme since 1989 and the West is viewed as the Christian Crusaders more than ever now in the Middle East. Aldebaran is a military star and some see it as the energy of Archangel Michael, “Military Commander of the Heavenly Host”, and with Jupiter it gives “Great ecclesiastical honor and high military preferment.” So at worst we could see an escalation in religious wars.

At best we may see the raising of global spirituality to a new level of acceptance and understanding. We may well see the best and the worst at the same time, and this polar extreme is something common in the effect of the Royal Stars. As Bill Tierney wrote about the Yod: “arriving at a fork in the road and having to proceed in one direction rather than another without knowing where it will lead to.” Some of us will take one road, and some the other. We will be presented with an opportunity for peace.

The action point of a Yod comes under intense pressure, and has to release the energy somehow. When there is a planet opposite the reaction point, that’s where the energy heads to find expression. In December 2012, Venus will be opposite Jupiter. Venus is the reaction point of this Boomerang Yod, so all that combined energy of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will be condensed and focused on Venus, peace and harmony. That day Sun will be sextile Neptune which will impart a positive spiritual energy to the whole dynamic.

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  1. Hello lovelies…..great article on the 2012 chart..couldn’t help but notice that the mars in the chart is conjunct the US pluto….curious…..

  2. Well I have a boomerang Yod.

    Saturn Scorpio
    Mars Capricorn 8*
    Mercury IC Gemini 8*
    Moon IC Sag 8*

    I think I am taking a very big trip in 2012

  3. Looking for a suitable place to inform people of a site with healing discussions (May to Aug) in particular Jim Self one time presidential advisor and channel er of Metronome ? on 2012’s attributes and expectations. Look for Lauren Galey radio blog, facebook or linkedin.

  4. I’ve been away from astrology for years and only ended up here because of some research on the date Dec. 21, 2012.

    I was surprised at how much the 2012 chart touches on my natal chart. I have five planets in Gemini with my Sun at 7 degrees, Mercury at 15 degrees, Venus at 18 degrees, Moon at 21 degrees and Uranus at 29 degrees. I also have a Saturn (29Leo) sextile Uranus (29 Gemini) inconjunct Jupiter (2 Aquarius) yod in my chart. My Mars is at 21 Taurus and Neptune is at 12 Libra. I have 23 Sag rising. Literally everything in my chart will be touched that day. Does anyone have any insight into what this could mean for me.

    I personally think that Dec. 21 will be the start of Satan’s reign over a one world order. When I was young I prayed to God to let me be there to fight against the evil. It looks like I may get my wish.

    Whatever happens that day, it looks like it will affect every area of my life. If nothing else — it should be interesting!

  5. And Venus being in the 9th house, as I can see!

    Let all of us have Peace!


  6. “…. it is fascinating this yod thing. What I find stunning, is that there wasn’t one like this for over 500 years, then we get 2 within 23 years. It’s like the 1989 one was to give us an idea on what to expect in 2012.

    Why the 12,000 years ago timescale? I am sure we have that hardwired genetic memory.” Jamie


    I didn’t know that …. truly fascinating.

    Loved your analogy too Marina of 2 riders, whip and horse to describe the yod.

    I don’t have a yod in my birth chart, but maybe I need to pay attention to this December yod as I have my ntal venus in Gemini (1st house) at 8 deg. 30′ so transiting Jupiter will be conjunct this, with transiting venus – “the whip” – opposing my own venus.

  7. This will be my 28th birthday! And the start of my Saturn returns. Ooooh the excitement!



  10. What I find most facinating and would like for you to touch on is that in the 1989 chart, both Saturn and Pluto were in there signs of rulership and Jupiter in Gemini. In the 2012 chart, Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception and again Jupiter in Gemini. To me, it’s as though this is in a way the “Jupiter return” of the 1989 chart and Saturn and Pluto have agreed to cooperate!
    I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  11. 1989 Yod was on my birthday, I was in the quake of 89 in San Francisco.
    Transit Neptune was conjunct my Mars that day.

    I have a natal yod that will be exact overlay of 2012 Yod.

    with Mars Capricorn, sextile Saturn Scorpio, both inconjunct to Gemini Mercury MC release point Sag Moon and IC

    All to the degree, Im thinking another earthquake this time I am not so lucky.

  12. Hi Jamie
    That Yod definitely seems to express the energies that are building at the moment. How do you view the predictions about Earth entering the Photon Belt? Where we would either encounter several days of darkness, or blinding light, and 5 years of no electricity (as we know it). And the higher our spiritual vibration, the easier the transition?
    Does astrology have a field of reference for this? I suppose it should do… 😉

  13. Dear Jamie,
    If we were to admit that the stars are in control of our destiny then we are to admit that stars and the planetary systems they belong to are God! For my self I can clearly say that the stone that makes up the stars is not my God and certainly this stone can not possibly influence any of my decisions and actions in any way!
    On the other hand the greatest gift from God to man is his FREEDOM, his freedom to choose. Lord Jesus will not have the moral right to pass on judgment on people (at judgment day) whose lives and actions were “written” in the stars because all people will claim in His presence -innocent of their actions- for they had to do it because it was all written in the stars!
    Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically but THERAPEUTICALLY.

  14. I’m inclined to connect the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake of Oct 17 with what may occur in the aftermath of this second Jupiter Yod. After the precursor quakes that occurred in late August 1989, when a mirror almost fell on my May 28, 1989 baby in San Jose, CA, we moved to Fresno, “where there are no earthquakes” on Oct. 1, 1989.
    Unfortunately I have heard that this one may be much much worse, possibly happening at 4pm on a Friday, catching many on the freeway system.

  15. this star is on my moon! i wonder what will happen. my moon is in house 3, with neptune! opp my sun in house 9. any thoughts?

  16. Great article! Noting the connection between the 1989 yod and Tienanmen Square it immediately made me think of what is going on now in China, with the once in every 10 year government/leader change. And how there seems to be a lot of tension and secrecy surrounding it. And given that China has changed so much since 1989, including changes to the populace caused by the Internet and social media sites like Weibo (Twitter equivalent), it makes me wonder how these energies of December 21 may manifest there.

  17. The stars present us with a dynamic picture of Fate – no more, no less. The wise person can use this information by which to steer successfully through the tides and currents of life. Also care for the Land and seek out its mysteries; love your neighbor as yourself. Blessed be.

  18. That weekend of May 18, 1989 was a MAJOR Love and Music summit/event/watershed in my life and career. A Mozart moment on SO many levels. Pluto was on my ASC, Neptune was in my 3rd house conj. my Eros and trine my Moon (actually Neptune-Pluto formed a Kite to my natal Moon-Pluto-ASC-Neptune-Venus). Jupiter was in my natal 8th house (it will be late VIIth this year).

  19. I find it interesting that this full moon eclipse on November 28, forms that same yod formation with mars also conjunct Pluto and Venus conjunct Saturn, with the Sun opposition moon also thrown in as a counterbalance. Perhaps then these eclipses act as the pivotal launch into December 21, 2012 and catalyzing events prior to rather than post.

  20. I will be in Italy, near Venice on Dec 21, 2012. I notice the Yod line crosses where I will be. There have been earthquakes in Bologna, which is very close by. What can I expect. I’m afraid I don’t know much about astrology charts.

  21. Wondering how it will affect me (I assume it will)….

    My natal Aldebaran is 9.17 Gemini; Antares is 9.15 Sag; My PoF if 6.42 Sco and my Vertex is 4.21 Cap (although the orb of this one might be too much). [Lilith is also 4.07 Sag; Uranus 8.21 Libra; Venus 10.45 & Eris 10.10 Aries as well as a few other aspects.]

    Was thinking about starting a blog, job search, ? on the 14th, but maybe I should wait til the 21st.

  22. Hi,
    I’m a sagittarian, Sun/Mercury/Eris at 18 to 21degree(5th house), ASC/Moon 18-22 degree in leo (1st house), MC 25 degree in aries and Saturn 18 degree in aries(9th house). Though there are nice grand trines in my natal horoscope my life has been a struggle. Perhaps the misery depends on Saturn opposite Mars or Sun opposite Mean Lilith in the grand trines in my natal horoscope or the yod with Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus sextile Neptune and MC as the focal point for the yod). Regardless of what, there have been a lot of tears and sacrifices in my life. And it feels like it doesn’t get better. Since spring I have been in a serious conflict with a senior male coworker who stole one of my ideas I have been working on some time. And more disturbing and chocking: my boss, who I had faith in, has been involved all the time in this theft. I have started a juridical process in November but everyone says I can’t win and I have been informed that people have never won in similar cases though there has been convincing evidence. Hierarchical and traditional ways seems to justify this kind of immorality and ruthlessness. I have just recently found your home page and I am somewhat surprised how much impact the astral events from November seem to have had on my personal life. The upcoming astral events and the Yod December 21 seem somewhat reassuring that justice will favor my struggle. But will it? Perhaps it is my past history or the Saturn in me that talks, is there a hope for the future?

  23. Do you really think the west want(ed) to really help the students and human right in China or to try to destabilise China and destroy it? Do you really think human rights=Washington=Jupiter (=secrects jails for muslims, guantanamo, humanitarian bombings & collateral damage=hundred of deads) I would rather say that Jupiter represented the other side. In the last 20 years China attacted, bombed and occupied Iraq, Afghan, Kosovo… ?????? Who is represented by Pluto in the cases of Afghan, Guantanmo prison?????

  24. Hi Jamie, If I recall correctly, the Mayans used Venus in their calendar, so they would have understood its passage across the activation point of this boomerang yod. And I think that Mercury runs through this point first, on 17th December ? A very testing time indeed.

  25. “Islam has gone more extreme since 1989 and the West is viewed as the Christian Crusaders more than ever now in the Middle East”– aah, the rampant ignorance of this website (of both authors and commentors) is just killing me. A good place for sociologists to observe how mainstream media brainwashes people of the west. Please read about 10 sentences about the history of the Middle East or extremism in Islam, that’d be enough to change your make-up world history.
    I really wish you good luck with your 21st century orientalism, because you’ll really be needing it. What a new age mind! This new orientalism sauced with Islamophbia of the West always makes me laugh. Maybe you should follow other news resources other than CNN, which knows nothing about the Middle East and comes up with the most retarded and irrelevant comments about all developments taking place in the MidEast.
    I bet you don’t even know where the Middle East begins and ends, geographically. Or the kinds of Islam in different mideastern countries.
    “Middle East seeing the West as christian crusaders”… this was the most idiotic thing I read in months, go to middle east and then get back to me if you can find 1000 people seeing the West as christian crusaders. I guess the last time you read about history was…well, in 1989.

    • I’m straight out of a Muslim/Christian home , so I get a feel of both worlds and with a boyfriend who is Kuwaiti, studying in America, I feel validated in that I agree with the above comment.. While I do appreciate astrology and find meaning in it.. I don’t think religion or religious views should be thrown about lightly, especially not in cases like these.. Yes, it could become an in depth topic but that is the very problem at hand, is that it’s all too complex to discuss in such a forum and to fully and “correctly” express all views.. I am neither Muslim nor Christian but I do feel that both sides have been wrongly portrayed by (well both sides) because the world is round and everyone has their individual opinions and in this century, I don’t believe that it’s quite possible that whole groups of people as in “the whole mid-east” could be brainwashed into believing that Christians are all against them and such.. At the root of it all, are extremist groups turning both sides sour towards each other, not the religions themselves. More over, it contradicts certain Islamic beliefs to say that Muslims are against Christians, as they share a few common aspects.. You’ll never find a devout Muslim portraying Jesus in a bad light because Jesus too is revered by Muslims (little known fact by lots of westerners) No, I’m not being pro-anti here.. Just saying, above comment is true in a way and religious comments should really not be thrown out there so superficially – Also, my guy is devout Muslim, has American flag in his home back in Kuwait coz the country has offered him much in the way of education, opportunity and friendship and a lot of his mid-eastern peers would agree.. Mwah love and light to all!

  26. no wonder the new world order or” the old world order ie bankers ” are so interested in 21/12/2012 they will use it to manuplate the masses as usual but with greater effect since the power is lined up and we have two ways to go so i guess the masses will look at the 6 o clock news and make a dicision based on what they hear there.
    Mankind has been led to the slaughter like sheep (sheeple)for thousands of years by there real masters the international bankers the black nobility etc. So what are there plans for us now ww3 and then bring in the new world order after we are all on food stamps long enought to say yes to plan they offer up. 2013 should be interesting allright. plenty of false libya style take overs leading to ww3.

  27. Jamie, your chart links are disabled. Btw, the yod is activated now by the Ultima Thule flyby. In a similar vein the Pope Francis election yod is activated too. So now we rise in a spiral until a culmination, Jupiter transit Gemini.

  28. I would love to know what you think about all this now, Jamie!!
    Many people have said to me, pah, 2012 was a lotof bull. I always reply, are you blind?? 2012 was just the beginning and we’re still not done with it.
    My Mars is on Aldebaran. He makes a yod with my Pluto with the South Node at the apex.
    Isn’t 2012’s South Node on Algol?

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