Fixed Star Deneb Kaitos

Deneb Kaitos at 2°35′ Aries has an orb of 2°10′
Fixed Star Deneb Kaitos

Cetus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Deneb Kaitos on March 22

The fixed star Deneb Kaitos, Beta Ceti, is a solitary star located in the tail of the Whale 0r Sea Monster, Constellation Cetus.

Magnitude 2.02, spectral type G9.5III or K0 III. The spectral class is on the border between G (orange giant) and K (yellow-white giant.) [1]

This star displays flaring activity that results in random outbursts that increase the luminosity of the star over intervals lasting several days. This is a much longer duration than for comparable solar flare activity on the Sun, which typically last for periods measured in hours. [2]

Beta Ceti is officially and traditionally named Diphda. from the Arabic phrase aḍ-ḍifdaʿ aṯ-ṯānī, meaning “the second frog.” The word Diphda itself is Arabic for “frog.” The Latin translation is Rana Secunda. The first frog is Fomalhaut. [1]

Astrologers use the other traditional name Deneb Kaitos, from the Arabic Al Dhanab al Ḳaiṭos al Janūbīyy, meaning “the southern tail of the Sea Monster.” [1]

The Chinese know Diphda as 土司空 (Tǔsīkōng), Master of Constructions. [1] Allen westernized Tǔsīkōng into Too Sze Kung, meaning “Superintendent of Earthworks.” [3]

02♈3503♈17Deneb Kaitos2°10′

Deneb Kaitos Astrology

Fixed star Deneb Kaitos has the spectral type on the border between G9.5 and K0, indicating the planetary nature of the Sun and Mars.

DIFDA. β Ceti. A yellow star on the Whale’s tail. From Al Difda al Thani, the Second Frog. According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn; and, to Alvidas, of Mars, Saturn and Mercury. It causes self-destruction by brute force, sickness, disgrace, misfortune and compulsory change. [4]

DENEB KAITOS. β Ceti. A giant orange star, spectral group KO. A change in brilliancy took place during the last century from magnitude 3 to a visual magnitude of 2.24. Deneb Kaitos is Arabic for the southern branch of the tail. The star imparts to its natives selfishness, a harsh cruel nature, a vindictive person, one who is self centered, subject to being melancholy, poverty, disgraceful actions, impulsiveness, idleness, a driver or one who is self-driven, one who accommodates. Brute force, ruination, losses. [5]

Deneb Kaitos, Beta Ceti. Deneb Kaitos, also called Diphda, is situated in the Tail of the Whale. Its property is that of Saturn. Associated with it are inhibitions and restraint in every way, psychologically and physically. [6]

Deneb Kaitos (Diphda or Difda) shows its martial nature by presaging compulsory changes. In medieval astrology, this star had a reputation for being correlative with misfortune, disgrace, and self-destruction through force. [7]

It has an alternative name from an earlier Arab source: Difda, Frog, strictly the Second Frog, Difda’l Thaniya, the First Frog having been the star we know as Fomalhaut. In some cultures, frogs are said to be warners of what lies before us, probably because they inhabit bogs and croak at our approach. Fomalhaut is the star of the Divine Messenger Gabriel, generally announcing a good event to come. Still, a whale often uses the slap of its massive tail upon the sea to warn its companions for several miles around it. Ptolemy gives this star the simile of Saturn, which fits the theme perfectly. The problem with a whale slapping its tail to tell other whales something is that it sounds its presence to human whale hunters, too, to its great peril, even if we are supposed now to have stopped whaling. Making big waves without considering the consequences is all too familiar an Arian problem, and people with this star less than well aspected on their charts really do easily trouble themselves by speaking too much too soon. But if well aspected, we find great people who initiate new projects and ideas. [8]

Fixed star Deneb Kaitos rules the back of the head, the eyes and the cerebellum. [9]

Constellation Cetus

The Whale is like Saturn. It is said to cause laziness and idleness but to confer an emotional and charitable nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. It makes one amiable, prudent, and happy by sea and land and helps to recover lost goods. [4]

Now called Cetus (Cet), the stars of this constellation are said to have a nature akin to that of Saturn by Ptolemy when writing in Tetrabiblos. However, he was likely referring only to Menkar in this regard; many of the brighter stars of this constellation have a Martian nature, confirming the opinion of classical astrologers that the constellation itself is correlative with the ability to command, especially in war. [7]

Deneb Kaitos, Beta Ceti

Deneb Kaitos, Beta Ceti []

Fixed Star Deneb Kaitos Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Barbara Hutton 0°01′.

Midheaven conjunct Deneb Kaitos: The Weeknd 1°15′, Imelda Marcos 1°37′, Augusto Pinochet 1°42′‚ Salvador Dali 1°57′.

Descendant conjunct Deneb Kaitos: David Koresh 0°10′, André the Giant 0°11′, Britney Spears 0°21′, Elizabeth Barrett Browning 0°38′ (and Venus), Winston Churchill 0°53′, Leonardo DiCaprio 0°53′, James McAvoy 1°31′ (and Mercury), Rudy Giuliani 2°02′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Sirhan Sirhan 1°05′, Kylie Jenner 1°29′, Vincent van Gogh 1°43′.

Sun conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Mental disturbance, some loss keenly felt, accidents such as burns, scalds and cuts, lean and infirm, many miseries. [4]

This conjunction imparts to its natives an inherent restlessness, be it mental or physical. At times this might seem that the native is impulsive and completely disregards the consequence of their acts. The native might lack foresight. At times these natives act on the spur of the moment, suddenly deciding upon specific actions that give the impression they are impulsive, even though they could have been sometime in arriving at their decision. The native wants to push forward, get the job done, and keep moving. At other times the native will sit idle, appearing to dream away the time, lost in their thoughts. Acting impulsively can create problems, such as auto accidents and domestic and romantic problems. There are times when the natives with this conjunction will appear to have mental issues, which in reality is a desire to be left alone and be uncommunicative. It is not exactly a withdrawal into a shell, but merely the fact that they are recuperating, getting ready for another spurt of action, another push forward towards their goal or next move. In cases where the celestial objects are adversely aspected to Neptune, this can create moments of depression for such natives. Natives with this conjunction will keenly feel any losses, such as a parent or family member. [5]

This affects the eyes, particularly a male’s right eye and a female’s left eye. It causes an imbalance of light coming to the eyes as one would be damaged, thus creating irritations affecting the back of the head. This results in eye problems such as nearsightedness and other similar eye malfunctions. [9]

John Wayne Bobbitt 0°10′, J. J. Watt 0°42′, Marcel Marceau 0°48′, Michelangelo 1°09′, Ronaldinho 1°38′.

Moon conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Pioneer, reckless, headstrong, violent temper, many quarrels, lean and infirm, many miseries. [4]

This conjunction imparts a certain amount of recklessness to the native, perhaps even becoming headstrong or seemingly impulsive, which they are not, but what they want done must be done their way or not at all. Selfishness and thoughtlessness signify these natives. They can give the impression they do not listen to common sense because they set their own standards of conduct. However, they are not at all bashful in expressing their own opinions. There will be evidence of temper or solid determination with this conjunction. If Mars is poorly aspected, there will be sudden temper flareups, impulsiveness and the native so affected can suffer business and/or domestic problems. There is also the possibility, under the conjunction, of legal entanglements. [5]

Wilhelm Canaris 0°26′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 0°47′, Heinrich Himmler 0°56′, Tony Abbott 0°59′, Salvador Dali 1°14′, Rolf Harris 1°40′.

Mercury conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Active mind, writer or speaker upon subjects of public welfare, seeks to enact laws of benefit to the community, favorable for social affairs. [4]

(+) The basic thought processes of these natives are more thorough than the impression they might present. These natives can excel in academic or business matters requiring concentrative efforts. They can also be quite outspoken and forthright. [5]

(–) Mentally these natives are active, however, there can be the tendency towards self-destruction. This can be exhibited through writings, actions, and conversations, and if Mercury is adversely aspected to Neptune, there will be a considerable amount of scheming, even mulling over fancied wrongs. [5]

Christopher Rice 0°13′ (and Venus), Nicolaus Copernicus 1°20′, James McAvoy 1°23′ (and DC), Kourtney Kardashian 1°32′, Hugh Hefner 1°43′, James Woods 1°52′.

Venus conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Reserved, passionate, many secret love affairs. [4]

Cnatives with this conjunction can be rash, headstrong, impulsive, and very ardent. Possible domestic problems. [5]

Christopher Rice 0°05′ (and Mercury), Stéphane Mallarmé 0°06′, Alexander Graham Bell 0°08′, Betty Friedan 0°15′, Tim Jarvis 0°16′, George Washington 0°36′, Billy Meier 0°41′, Arsenio Hall 0°44′, Liza Minnelli 0°48′, Gigi Hadid 0°50′, Steven Seagal 0°50′, Chelsea Handler 0°53′, Vicki Lawrence 0°54′, Bobby Brown 0°55′ (and N.Node), Mandy Moore 0°59′, Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1°28′ (and DC), Jeb Stuart 1°48′ (and Jupiter), Shakira 1°55′. 

Mars conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Passionate, violent, subject to accidents and injuries to the head, fevers, disgrace and ruin through own acts. [4]

(+) Natives with this conjunction will take chances or gamble with ventures and generally come out on top, even when it appears all odds are against them. [5]

(–) These natives can develop the habit of making decisions based on emotions, impulsiveness, and not logic. Turbulence is possible. [5]

These individuals would tend to cut their eyes through violence or accidents that cannot be rectified as the damage would be severe. Also, there may be a growth in the eyes, such as cataracts, as there would be a lack of fluids in the center of the brain. [9]

Prince 1°29′, Nigel Farage 1°57′.

Jupiter conjunct Deneb Kaitos: High legal or ecclesiastical position, but danger of reversal, treachery from secret enemies, loss through speculation. [4]

(+) Natives with this conjunction, if properly trained, can expect high preferment in religious matters, affairs dealing with the public, and legal matters. However, there is the ever-present danger of losses due to poor judgment, which could cause reversals. [5]

(–) Natives with negative Jupiter aspects can also find high preferment, similarly to the positive Jupiter aspects. However, they can suffer from treachery from those they choose as their friends. These natives will continually strive for some recognition but suffer from poor judgment or from being unconscionable in their dealings. [5]

Water on the brain is a possibility here due to an imbalance of fluids in the brain which cannot be remedied quickly. [9]

Sigmund Freud 0°59′, Jeb Stuart 1°03′ (and Venus), Phil Spector 1°09′.

Saturn conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Impure mind, worry, secret wrongdoing, inharmonious environment. [4]

There is a closing of the pupils in the eyes that would keep light from coming through. These individuals would live in darkness at some point in their existence. Persons could be born with this affliction but, at some point in their life, would have their sight restored through their own experience of soul love. The cure cannot come through surgery or other medical means. [9]

John Wayne Bobbitt 0°19′, Bella Hadid 0°27′, Walt Whitman 0°47′, Queen Victoria 1°17′, Bruce McLaren 1°53′, Jack Nicholson 1°59′. 

Uranus conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Quick mind, but slow expression, many losses, especially in Mercurial matters, restless, much travel, rarely remains long in one place, much energy, but accomplishes little, mind temporarily unbalanced, bad for love affairs and marriage, ailments affecting the kidneys or veins in the small of the back, peculiar death, probably alone in a forest or desert. [4]

Neptune conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Disagreeable, fixed opinions, mechanical and inventive ability, peculiar religious ideas, very zealous, domestic disagreements, sorrow caused through some secret, trouble through children, disagreement with or separation from a parent, harm through anonymous letters, loss through mercurial affairs and fire, death often by fire. [4]

Alan Leo 1°33′.

Pluto conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Ulysses S. Grant 0°09′

North Node conjunct Deneb Kaitos: David Duke 0°09′, Richard Branson 0°16′, Bobby Brown 0°35′ (and Venus), Mariah Carey 2°03′.

South Node conjunct Deneb Kaitos: Jeane Dixon 0°31′, Ernesto Miranda 0°48′, Sarah, Duchess of York 0°48′, Eric Burdon 0°56′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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      • umm…Pioneer, reckless, headstrong, violent temper, many quarrels

        Pioneer could be (people around me tend to say that I am)
        reckless no I meditate thounsand of times things before making a decision (maybe the opposition of natal saturn helps)
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        many quarrels ….many questions here! with who? …Family? Mother? House? Women?….I do have disagreements but I am very patient so people need to push my bottons

        Could it be understood as how other people react to me when a planet activates by transit this star?

        Thanks !!!

        • Maybe Venus sextile Jupiter takes away any violent traits. Same with Sun conjunct MErcury improving communication skills to avoid arguments. That”s just a quick scan of aspect. All the other fixed stars have to be taken into account. Where there are contradictions you can work out which factor is the stronger.

  1. Hey, sooo It’s conjunct my saturn and now i’m scared that i’m going to go blind hahahah, guess i better be a good person right?

  2. I have this fixed star conjunct my natal Chiron 2°33′. This year is my Chiron return. Bad? does not begin to describe the chain of events. I feel like I die every day, feel like I will literally die soon.

    • Jezi, wow, me, too – this fixed star is conjunct my natal Chiron at 2°25′… which is retrograde, and intercepted, and conjunct my North Node, to boot… And I’m also in my Chiron return year… Please know that you’re definitely not alone in this torture… I can relate… Stand strong… Do not let this overcome you.

    • Deneb Kaitos plays the long game. Aimé Maillart with sun on (now named Diphda) wrote an opera in which the woman eventually proved her loyalty. I have it on my Arabic Part of Identity in 6th house… I haven’t rushed to defend myself from haters online… I’m inclined to believe success is the best revenge… And it’s taken me very long time to create some huge innovations, I tend to get personal attacks in response. The people of this star may hide their light. It’s a kind of modus operandi. They want the buyers to focus on the product not on themselves. Eugénie Blanchard a nun has the moon on this star, she lived just short of 115 yrs. Eugenie used to give out candies to kids. There can be some related crusade with racial roots… For me, it’s dictionaries. Chuck Norris is part Irish and part Cherokee… he promoted developing the morals of the community and resisting drugs in his TV character the Texas Ranger… he exemplified the martial art strategy of learning from your enemy. Chuck Norris jokes are a thing.

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