Moon Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

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Moon Conjunct Saturn TransitMoon conjunct Saturn natal burdens the emotional life with hardship, sadness and guilt. This aspect can be made more difficult if either parent, especially the mother, was cold or mean towards you while you were young. Building up a feeling of emotional security is most important because you do have a tremendous urge to feel needed and valued. You may have grown up quickly, striving to learn all you could about close relationships in order to receive the nurturing that we all deserve.

Unfortunately, because this primal urge for emotional nurturing relies so much on other people, if you did feel alone when young then it is likely that you adapted by learning coping mechanisms. In your adult life, this can result in very objective or unemotional responses and reactions in your personal relationships. Being too strict on yourself can be turned into an asset so long as guilt is taken out of the equation, and you aim for emotional maturity.

Overcoming shyness and lack of self-respect should be seen as major life goals. Through positive reinforcement and leaving your comfort zone to open up to others, you can master the skills needed to maintain long-term intimate relationships. Showing others your deep emotions will turn isolation into companionship, and depression into satisfaction. As a parent you can express the very best of Saturn maturity and bonding for the benefit of your children.

Moon Conjunct Saturn Transit

Moon conjunct Saturn transit adds seriousness to the emotions and can lead to distance in your intimate relationships. You may have to deal with some challenging situations and negative attitudes which will feel worse than they actually are. These hindrances and restrictions will apply mainly to your home and family life. Some drama involving your home, parents, children or your partner will be very trying on your emotions and can lead to feelings of rejection and depression.

Women in particular may be the source of this sadness, or be subject to some hardship. Self-discipline and emotional maturity are called for, and feelings of guilt about past behaviors need to be overcome. Exposing emotional vulnerabilities and opening up to loved ones will enable the nurturing and closer bonding that is required to overcome the problem.

This interpretation for Moon conjunct Saturn transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon conjunct Saturn.

Moon Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Jimmy Hoffa 0°01′, Howard Baker 0°06′, Jay Leno 0°13′, Peter Sutcliffe 0°15′, Lucky Luciano 0°16′, Josémaria Escriva 0°21′, Jacques de Lescaut 0°26′, Alois Alzheimer 0°28′, Herb Alpert 0°40′, Scott Hicks 0°41′, Frederick the Great 0°42′, Joan Crawford 0°51′, Katy Perry 0°52′, Sheena Easton 0°53′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 0°57′, Linda Goodman 0°57′, Kathleen Ollerenshaw 1°00′, William S. Burroughs 1°06′, George Clooney 1°52′.

34 thoughts on “Moon Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie, the full in March will be close to natal Saturn 27 Virgo and at 2.32 in opposition to natal moon. Would the orb be to wide to feel it? Thanks!
    My natal Mars is at 29.16 Libra and natal moon at 2.32 Aries and Venus the ruler of Libra is in Cancer and its ruler (moon) is in Aries so curious to know about whether the orb is close to natal moon and natal Saturn. Thanks!
    The new moon over my natal Saturn in 2017 was really harsh and sad….

  2. Hello again, Jamie. When you write someone it makes me sit up and think! This applies at present to transit Saturn in Capricorn. The feeling of losing “faith”, being shunted off, overlooked or disposed of, is present quite a lot. These aren’t reality but supposed reality. Then there are lucid moments. Otherwise it is a feeling of grieving, having lost something you love unrequited. In a video of a zoo there was a koala female. A male koala had rejected her. She was so immensely sad!! When animals are sad there is a real reason for it.

  3. Hi Jamie
    Full moon in Libra in April, 29 degrees, is conjunction my sister’s natal Saturn in 5th house. Not too far from her natal Saturn is Pluto at 27 degrees. Her and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for some time now with no success. Am I right to think, this is not exactly good news? She also has transiting Saturn in her 8th house now.

    Thank you

  4. The upcoming full moon in Scorpio will be conjunct my natal Saturn. I found this post to be helpful 🙂 thank you!

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