Sun Quincunx Pluto Natal and Transit

Sun Quincunx Pluto

Sun quincunx Pluto maximum orb 3°30′.

Sun quincunx Pluto natal makes for a most complex and complicated personality. Every choice you make, and every personal encounter has a deeper meaning and more profound ramifications than other people experience.

Conscious awareness of this psychological cause and effect makes you earnest and mature. You have a deeper understanding of spiritual or karmic laws than most. Knowing how vital each turning point in life is, you try to affect outcomes using your considerable power and influence. Others can find this threatening and label you a control freak or manipulator.

You are, in fact, only trying to make your life and the lives of your loved ones better. What others see as interfering or obsessive behavior is your way of ensuring the best or safest outcome. Too much negative feedback or curtailment of your powers and easily result in low self-esteem. You are susceptible to self-hate and self-abuse as if surrendering your power to a darker force.

Periodic visits to the dark side can result in drug abuse, crime, prostitution, or violence. Yet no matter how dark you get, you can also tip the karmic scales to the light. As the intensity of neurotic energy increases exponentially to a crisis point, an event or person will intervene. An evolutionary leap occurs at this point as the threat of extinction nears.

With age and experience, the extremes in your life should moderate. You will learn your limits and seek compromise. Your life is a series of psychological transformations with the karmic aim of self-improvement and making the world a better place.

Sun Quincunx Pluto Transit

Sun quincunx Pluto transit is a turning point in life that often felt like a mini-crisis or threat. You may feel a buildup of pressure to an intense level that results in neurotic, obsessive, or destructive behavior.

An event or person may trigger this tipping point by taking away your power. In relationships, you could react by trying to control and manipulate the other person, resulting in conflict and bruised egos.

This is an evolutionary process with karmic causes and implications. Compromise is needed as there are no yes or no answers, only gray areas.

A positive response would be the sublimation of your ego and letting go, trusting in a higher power. A negative answer would be to cede your control to a darker force and prop up your ego with drugs, manipulation, or violence.

This crisis, turning point, or serious decision is best viewed as a self-improvement exercise. You can transform your life for the better and positively affect someone or humanity in general.

Sun Quincunx Pluto Celebrities

George Harrison 0°00′, Bernard Arnault 0°02′, Ron Jeremy 0°07′, Alois Treindl 0°08′, Augusto Pinochet 0°10′, Andrew Greeley 0°11′, Donna Van Toen 0°12′, Gregory Godzik 0°15′, Magda Goebbels 0°18′, Jane Fonda 0°18′, Anne-Marie 0°18′, Steven Forrest 0°18′, James Dean 0°19′, Rami Malek 0°21′, Robert Downey Jr 0°29′, Israel Regardie 0°35′, Steve Earle 0°35′, William Rowan Hamilton 0°42′, Kenneth Anger 0°43′, Edmond Halley 0°46′, Denise Richards 0°46′, Misty Stone 0°46′, Carmen Electra 0°47′, Christine Keeler 0°51′, William Hague 0°51′, Jim McGovern 0°53′, Jan Brożek 0°57′, Thomas More 1°03′, John Denver 1°09′, Crystal Gayle 1°10′, Jennifer Aniston 1°11′, Michael Avenatti 1°13′, Michael Nesmith 1°19′.

Sun Quincunx Pluto Dates

June 21, 2023
August 21, 2023
June 22, 2024
August 22, 2024
June 24, 2025
August 24, 2025
June 26, 2026
August 26, 2026

21 thoughts on “Sun Quincunx Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. Love! Love! Love this. Thank you so much, Jamie. Spot on, as always. I also have Pluto quincunx my natal moon (in Pisces of all signs) as part of that Yod. Ugh! It is so easy to come across as manipulative. I find that people often think I am “on their side” and that I “get them” when I’m totally not and certainly don’t. I get their motives, I get their view and that’s about it.

    • Thank you for the feedback Nicole. There is not much information on quincunx aspects on the internet. I think there are just as important as other major aspects.

  2. Interesting read, thank you Jamie, having sun at 0Cancer, this occurred when pluto was 0Sagg, so its forewarning and hindsight for this occurrence when he reaches 0Aquarius, the opposition was tough enough, but he does conjunct natal Saturn at 29 Cap first, so it will give opportunity to be enlightened as to whether I have found the mid point of honouring both my moral and ethical coding, without causing Karmic death again and the need for another rebirth with cycles of “groundhog day” teachings or a rebirth into something of more equal standing than befote, makes sense. Nor resting on any laurels, humans makes errors, so its a worthy excersize to not let thembecome mistakes of a more far reaching affect, given the ripples on the lake n all that jazz 😉 so again, thank you, forewarned is forearmed, to be ready to embrace good opprtunity as well as challenge, I would enjoy a fair go this time lol! Besides, I will stand firm and honour my values and ethics even if I die trying thus time, betrayal even of myself is simply, not an option to me any more.

    • Hi again Debbie. It is so true about your “groundhog day” reference. Repeating karmic cycles are one of the main effects if quincunxes.

      • Thank you for your reply Jamie, yes I have 5 i.comjuncts in my natal chart and have found that, indeed I have found that groundhog day effective in keeping one going through groundhog day, until one truly understands how even the tiniest details or differences may make the world of difference in ones life and indeed the world at large affected by the individual where an outer or transpersonal planet is involved, especially the unknown depths of pluto or the unseen periphery of Neptune, yet the “vicious circle” holds fast until it is a “fait accompli” of noble truth, or genuine, otherwise the mind remains chained, until the individual does so and the chains release of their own accords. Still working on it myself, and it is an ideal, yet an ideal worth aiiming for and working towards none the less 🙂

        • For me personally, being Cancerian sun with a Venus ruled chart, the the quincunx between my Natal Venus in Taurus 7th and its earthy choice to express myself in War or Love and my 12th house Libra Moon’s “humours” or what we call hormones these days, is what holds all of them fast, until my authentic sense of such is fairly in harmony? My moon is also sextile BML in 10th house Leo, amping up the raw power, thus its has always been a challenge to keep rebalancing myself walking the very fine line between light & dark and remain devoted to re-establishing my aim tipping the balance towards the light potential on a daily basis, yet it is becoming easier these days.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this.

    I have sun in Gemini quincunx Pluto in Scorpio natally, its on 6-11th house. You are absolutely dot on right about the leap and karma, everytime the leap happens i emerge back as strong. Comparing myself my situation my struggles with others, i can definitely relate to your writing.

    I have a trans uranus square natal moon, hope that pass well.

    • Thanks Ann I hope you found it useful. I can relate to it myself just have having Sun conjunct Pluto and a quincunx also involving Pluto.

  4. I posted a question here yesterday (When does this transit take place?) and no one answered. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank You.

  5. i have pluto stationary in my chart!!

    sag sun pieces 2nd house
    leo moon
    Capricorn rising 5degrees
    does this transit effect me in a more intense way?
    i feel its effecting all areas, which should i focus on most.

  6. Donald Trump will have this transit close to exact on election day also conjoining his vertex. Fascinating.

    • Hi Carol. I will post about the election transits for Trump and Biden. They both have a mix of helpful and unhelpful influences I think.

  7. Jamie,
    Been tracking Trump but not Biden. He does seem to have a lot going down. That transit stood out to me. I could see it. His chart is so reflective him. Being rather psychic these days I get that he is on a path of self undoing. But that may seem obvious in even the daily news. Look forward to your post on the election.

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