Fixed Star Capella

Capella at 21°51′ Gemini has an orb of 2°40′
Fixed Star Capella

Auriga Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Capella on June 12

Fixed star Capella, Alpha Aurigae, is a 0.1 magnitude white star marking the goat carried by the Charioteer, Auriga Constellation. The traditional name Capella is derived from the diminutive of the Latin word capra which means Female Goat, thus Small Female Goat, or Little Goat.


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Fixed Star Capella Astrology

Fixed star Capella is of the nature of Mars and Mercury (high enterprise, combative, destructive). It gives honor, wealth, eminence, renown, a public position of trust and eminent friends, and makes its natives careful, timorous, inquisitive, very fond of knowledge and particularly of novelties. The name means Little She-Goat. Sometimes called Amalthea in honor of the nurse who reared Jupiter upon the milk of the goat.

Agrippa1531 Hircus.png  Capella is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a man playing musical instruments. It makes the wearer honored and exalted before nobility and cures toothache. Rules sapphire, horehound, mint, mugwort and mandrake. [1]

Capella, the “glorious crown”, was said to be the horn of the goat that nurtured the infant Jove. The horn was broken off in play by Jove and transferred to the heavens as Cornucopiae, the “Horn of Plenty”. Capella was the patron star of Babylon, and was known in Assyria as I-ku, The Leader. Capella is astrologically as the Sun. [2]

Capella is the main star in constellation Auriga (the charioteer), Alpha Aurigae means “little goat” or “goat star” called so because “the goat” carries “the charioteer” on her left shoulder. Capella also has a Mercury-Mars nature. The Mercury properties are more evident, and show in love of learning, studiousness and interest in research. These properties are accentuated if Capella is connected Moon, Mercury or the Ascendant. In plain people these properties make themselves known by persistent, annoying and inquisitive curiosity. According to tradition, this fixed star also makes people somewhat odd. This could be counted as another manifestation of a weak Neptunian influence. Connected to beneficial stellar bodies, natives will become popular, receive honors and have success in material enterprises. [3]

Capella, α Aurigae, means the Little She-Goat. It is very bright and cheerful to see. Its Mars-Mercury designation, like that of its longitudinally neighboring Bellatrix below it, shows up that same will to ‘have a go’, and calls for the same pause for thought to be sure what one is actually taking on. Great initiative and enthusiasm but caution and objective second thoughts are needed because of impulsiveness and recklessness. [4]

Capella star rules the 7th Vertebra from the top of the spine (Seventh Cervical) in the human body. [5]

Constellation Auriga

According to Ptolemy, the bright stars are like Mars and Mercury. The constellation is said to give self-confidence, interest in social and educational problems, and happiness, but the danger of great vicissitudes. The native is fond of country life and may be a teacher or have the upbringing of young people. [1]

Auriga is one of the most fortunate constellations in the sky, but may still portend earthquakes if situated unfortunately as regards a solar eclipse. [2]

4th Arabic Manzil – Al-Dabaran

Causes the destruction and hindrances of buildings, fountains, wells, gold mines, the flight of creeping things, and begets discord.

With Moon: Pursue business, travel, marry and take medicine.

19th Chinese Xiù – 畢 (Bì) Net

The Net includes Aldebaran and the Hyades cluster. Both the Hyades and the Pleiades were regarded as the mesh of a hunting net. Hunting forays in the old days of China were used as much for military exercises and training as they were to rid the land of vermin or to gather food. Hence, this mansion governs hunting, wealth (as a result of a good hunt), outlaws, deserters and traitors as well as trouble at the frontiers (border disputes and the like).

It is good for construction, funerals, and weddings. Burials on this day confer honor to the deceased. Building brings fortune. Children born of a marriage performed on this day will live to 100 years.

Capella Star, Alpha Aurigae

Capella Star, Alpha Aurigae []

Fixed Star Capella Conjunction

Ascendant conjunct Capella: Rash, very obstinate, ruined by headstrong and precipitate conduct. [1]

When Rising, its natives will be curious about all things and have an impatient eagerness to hear anything new. But care must be taken lest the native be overly anxious and take terror at even trivial bits of new information. [2]

Love of learning, studiousness and interest in research. In plain people, these properties make themselves known by persistent, annoying and inquisitive curiosity. [3]

April Ashley 0°23′, John Wayne Bobbitt 0°40′, Volodymyr Zelenskyy 1°08′, Drew Barrymore 2°28′, Jamison Twins 2°37′

Midheaven conjunct Capella: Changeable in business, military, naval or ecclesiastical connections and preferment, waste, dissipation, envy and trouble. If at the same time with Sun, Moon or Jupiter, ample fortune and great honor. [1]

Honors, especially in the field of military, sporting and political endeavors. Civic and military honors and wealth if in matutine culmination aspect with the Sun. (Conjunct Sun and MC with the Sun in the 9th house) [2]

Will become popular, receive honors and have success in material enterprises. [3]

Josemaría Escrivá 0°57′, Francisco Franco 1°11′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 1°54′, Tiger Woods 2°23′

Descendant conjunct Capella: When Setting; the curiosity of the native may lead him to reject and insult the underlying mores of the society in which he lives. The result could be the ill will of the populace, leading to death or injury from actions of the people, or even (especially if aspected by malefics) death by public execution. [2]

Bernadette Brady 0°30′, Bob Dylan 0°42′ (and Mercury), Richard Ramirez 1°23′, Donald Rumsfeld 2°06′

Part of Fortune conjunct Capella: Allison DuBois 0°16′, William S. Burroughs 0°42′, Vladimir Putin 0°56′, Nancy Spungen 1°31′, David Berkowitz 2°12′ (and Mercury, Mars).

Sun conjunct Capella: Vacillating, changeable, too loquacious, quick speech, misunderstood and criticized, martial honor and wealth. [1]

Will become popular, receive honors and have success in material enterprises. [3]

Anne Frank 0°04′, Jordan Peterson 0°22′, George H. W. Bush 0°31′, Boy George 1°27′, Donald Trump 1°50′, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1°52′.

Moon conjunct Capella: Inquisitive, loquacious, indiscreet speech, sarcastic, quarrelsome, many journeys and voyages, domestic disharmony, danger to sight, liable to accidents. [1]

Love of learning, studiousness and interest in research. In plain people, these properties make themselves known by persistent, annoying and inquisitive curiosity. [3]

Bruce McLaren 0°27′, Kirk Douglas 2°16′, Lionel Messi 2°37′, Imelda Marcos 2°38′.

Mercury conjunct Capella: Disagreeable experiences, legal action over writings and success after much difficulty. [1]

Love of learning, studiousness and interest in research. In plain people these properties make themselves known by persistent, annoying and inquisitive curiosity. [3]

David Berkowitz 0°11′ (and Mars, POF), Angelina Jolie 0°48′, Cecilia Bartoli 1°26′, Pierre Cardin 1°37′, Bob Dylan 2°00′ (and DC), Boris Johnson 2°01′, Mel B 2°05′

Venus conjunct Capella: Literary and poetic ability. [1]

Will become popular, receive honors and have success in material enterprises. [3]

This is a lovely place for the planet Venus. These individuals are usually very loving in their manner of communication. They know how to speak beautifully and affectionately to all those around them, and they thus bring beauty back to themselves. [5]

David Beckham 0°11′, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 0°54′, Courtney Love 0°56′, Megan Fox 1°51′, Elon Musk 2°27′

Mars conjunct Capella: Intellectual, learned, talents wasted on low subjects. [1]

Arnold Schwarzenegger 1°00′, Martin Luther King 1°01′, David Berkowitz 1°26′ (and Mercury, POF), Elizabeth I 1°48′, Dwayne Johnson 2°25′

Jupiter conjunct Capella: Legal or ecclesiastical connections, slander and criticism, too enthusiastic or zealous, many voyages, trouble with relatives. [1]

Will become popular, receive honors and have success in material enterprises. [3]

Alessandro Moreschi 0°01′, Marquis de Sade 0°58′, Theodore Roosevelt 1°11′

Saturn conjunct Capella: Shrewd, tidy, fond of luxury, many detrimental habits, makes much money but does not keep it, trouble from opposite sex and domestic disharmony, bad health at the end of life and afflicted in arms, legs or eyes necessitating restricted movement. [1]

(No orb): This restricts verbal communication with other people. These persons are unable to open up their hearts and give to others. They may be able to develop their mental abilities, but true giving from the heart would be restricted and others would see them as cold-hearted or dispassionate. This sadness is created in these individuals for they do not understand why they cannot be loving to others and why they feel so isolated. Others would avoid close contact with them, generally keeping them at arm’s length. Saturn here also creates difficulties with the shoulder blades. The sorrow these natives carry often appears through the shoulder blades because of congestion in that area. The energy is restricted and blood does not flow smoothly up and down the body. As the person ages, there would be an inflexibility through the shoulder blades. There would be a problem when they try to stretch their arms upwards. These persons must make an effort to release their negativity or the problem will become progressively worse. [5]

Jimmy Page 0°11′, Olivia Rodrigo 0°14′, Sirhan Sirhan 0°41′, Mick Jagger 0°53′, Keith Richards 1°53′

Uranus conjunct Capella: Eccentric, mentally unbalanced or insane, clever inventor especially in connection with electricity, dependent upon others, peculiar religious views, unfavorable for domestic affairs; children, if any, weak in intellect. [1]

Bill Clinton 0°02′, Robert the Bruce 0°07′, Liz Greene 0°27′, Ted Bundy 0°37′, Gianni Versace 0°55′, Alice Cooper 1°15′, Uri Geller 1°40′, Steven Spielberg 1°47′, Sylvester Stallone 1°55′ (and N.Node), George W. Bush 1°57′, James Woods 2°11′, O. J. Simpson 2°18′, David Bowie 2°26′.

Neptune conjunct Capella: Prominent psychological writer, high ambitions and moderate success, courageous, rash, studious, connected with inventions to do with methods of transit, many journeys, peculiar hygienic ideas, disharmony with brothers, unfavorable for children, accidents in early life, health collapses in middle age necessitating confinement but mental faculties remain active. [1]

Amelia Earhart 1°07′, Lucky Luciano 1°12′, Vito Genovese 1°17′, Joseph Goebbels 1°47′, M. C. Escher 1°57′

Pluto conjunct Capella: Salvador Dali 1°02′, Jeane Dixon 1°16′, Arthur Koestler 2°08′

North Node conjunct Capella: Donald Trump 0°17′, George W. Bush 0°30′, Virginia Giuffre 0°33′, Mary Shelley 0°36′, André the Giant 1°02′, Amy Winehouse 1°03′, Agatha Christie 1°25′, Sylvester Stallone 1°31′ (and Uranus)

South Node conjunct Capella: Miley Cyrus 0°40′, William Lilly 1°14′


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  • All fixed-star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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    What other factors in your opinion also need to be taken into account for MC conjunct Cappella?

  2. I think I have 5 stars conjunct my 22°28′ Gemini Mercury: Capella, Phact, Mintaka, El Nath, Ensis

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