Sun Conjunct Jupiter Natal and Transit

Sun Conjunct Jupiter TransitSun conjunct Jupiter in the natal chart shows up as a larger than life personality. These people express the Jupiter qualities of optimism, faith, luck and generosity through their identity. Jupiter is expansive so they can overdo things, going too far which can lead to difficulties for this otherwise fortunate aspect.

Interest in religion and morals, long distance travel and education are also themes of this aspects. These people are hardly reluctant divas, happy to be worshiped and idolized. They command respect by their regal, benevolent and sunny disposition.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter Celebrities

Donna Summer (0°03′) has a very prosperous life, great success as an entertainer, another Jupiter theme. She is known for being extremely extravagant. Overseas travel has been a big part of her life, she met and married her husband in Europe, living and working there. Starting out as a Gospel singer, religion has been a major part of her life and she has been accused of taking it too far, even claiming that AIDS was God punishment for gays.

Eddie Izzard (0°49′) was born in Yemen, lives in Britain and has traveled the world performing extravagant and jovial stage shows. He is also interested in religion, expressing his views through his performances, acting out conversations between Jesus and God. Interestingly his expression of Sun conjunct Jupiter extravagance remains on the stage, and he lived in modesty in a small one-bedroom flat.

King Louis XVI of France (0°55′) was a shining example of extravagance. With Marie Antoinette, his rampant over-indulgences and wastefulness led the loss of their heads, and the end of the monarchy in France.

Others include Bruce Lee 0°05′, Princess Victoria 0°05′, Kurt Tucholsky 0°19′, Garth Brooks 0°44′, Brook Shields 1°03′, Ronald Isley 1°09′, Maya Angelou 1°19′, Mary Tyler Moore 1°33′, Adele 1°37′, Natalie Cole 2°32′, Jeffrey Archer 2°37′ and Kayne West 2°59′.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter Transit

Transiting Sun conjunct Jupiter is about the best of the solar transits as it gives a general feeling of well-being, happiness and optimism. Good luck at this time can be seen as an opportunity for growth, personal, professional and spiritual. You should feel this as an urge or strong desire to do all you can, experience everything to the fullest. Just as you may be the beneficiary of compliments, gifts or money, you will also be more generous and bubbly in nature.

The keyword expansion applies to all areas of life, from relationships to wealth. This is an excellent time to begin new studies or long distance travels. New relationships, investments, or the beginning of any new projects are favored. Generally, things started now will turn out positively in the long run.

However, depending on other aspects or fixed star conjunctions, there are some potential negatives to beware of with this transit. The Jupiter tendency toward growth and expansion can equally apply to negative character traits such as boastfulness and greed. Remaining conscious of this potential for extravagance and waste will allow thoughtfulness and moderation to ensure you make the most of the many opportunities this transit brings.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Jupiter transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Jupiter.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter Dates

26 September 2016
26 October 2017
26 November 2018
27 December 2019
28 January 2021
5 March 2022
11 April 2023
18 May 2024
24 June 2025

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  1. Hi Jamie, I’ve just started investigating my chart, and it looks like I have Saturn at 3 degrees Libra. Could you tell me how this is likely to impact the Sun conjunct Jupiter transit? Much appreciated!

  2. With Pluto direct around the same time, thus along with the usial let up, he is finally beginning to move on from the square to my 14 Libra 12th house moon as well, I have been having tears of relief occurring from nowhere or any obvious reason, There truly were times, with my Sun at 0Cancer, Mercury 8 Cancer, Chiron at 5 Piscea opposing Pluto at 5 Virgo and moon as mentiomed, that the unrelenting threat of emotional, mental and physical breakdown, where I really had tp work on accepting, that I may not survive it, to remove energy.from the fear of death/unknown so it wasnt able fo kill me and be so only if intended to be while remaining hopeful of the much better possibilities at the same time. I have not ever been so grateful for an astrological change as this final turning point…bring on the feast nlow please )

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Please guide me which house in my chart Jupiter occupies and how it impact on my life? Does the Sun conjunct Jupiter transit good for my job etc?28.3.1966.time 7:45PM Sincerely.

  4. That conjunction is trine natal Venus in Gemini, and 30 degrees from natal Jupiter in Virgo.Same day I started a job teaching English to foreigners

  5. Just realized the sun conjunct jupiter transit on October 26 will conjunct my natal Pluto @ 5 Degree Scorpio 11th house.

    Natal placement: Pluto sextile Neptune (2nd house)
    Pluto trine Venus (7 degree cancer) 8th house.

    Totally looking forward to the transit.

  6. new house, moving tomorrow.
    this is my favorite house out of all of them so far and we move around a bunch.
    /sun jupiter 9th close to my MC 9 scorps yayayayaya life is gooood

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