Uranus Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

Uranus Square Ascendant

Uranus square Ascendant maximum orb 4°30′.

Uranus square Ascendant in the natal chart makes you very creative with a strong need for personal freedom. Personal appearance is often the first thing others notice, making you stand out. You may pay much attention to your arrival to express your creative and unique character. First impressions are of an eccentric or flamboyant personality.

The degree to which you differentiate yourself from usual societal standards mirrors the level of uniqueness of your personality. The more extreme the difference in your appearance, the more powerful your need for personal independence may change at a different time in your life. The significant effect of your different kinds of personality and self-expression is on your intimate relationships.

Although very creative, original, and brilliant, Uranus, in harsh aspects, can lead to nervous irritation and spontaneous impulses. This can make you unpredictable, outspoken, and rebellious, leading to drastic changes in life associated with relationships.

If you contain your uniqueness in some way through a strict routine and self-discipline, then it is likely that you will seek a partner who is eccentric and fills your need for excitement and spontaneity. This would lead to a build-up of nervous irritation and erratic behavior on your part because of the other person’s lack of commitment or abusiveness.

On the other hand, if you don’t resist the urge for freedom to the level of rebelliousness and selfishness, then finding happiness and fulfillment in a relationship would be most challenging. Your partner would then find you uncooperative and changeable in your emotional commitment. If you feel they try to exert some freedom of their own, you would regard this as a threat to your independence. This, together with poor timing and aggression, could lead to you subconsciously sabotaging the relationship.

The key to this challenging aspect is to find a balance of personal freedom and self-expression within close relationships. Some self-control is required, but not to the degree of smothering your creativity. You are being tested in this life through your partners to moderate the extremes in your personality.

Uranus Square Ascendant Transit

Transiting Uranus square Ascendant means you are in for a shakeup in your life. The changing conditions in your life will be challenging if you resist change, but you need to be tested through change to make a positive leap now. These challenges may be in any area of life but will have their most significant effect on your personal freedom and self-expression and your close relationships. You may discover new and original ways to express your true identity. A behavior, attitude, or addiction may be broken, which frees you up to live a more stimulating life.

If you are single, you may encounter new contacts of the type you are not used to. You can widen your circle of friends by joining groups or clubs. A new relationship would provide much fun and excitement, broadening your outlook on life. Numerous relationships may be formed now, but some may come and go depending on what your soul requires. A long-term relationship is possible in the long run, but commitment is unlikely during this transit.

If you are already in a relationship functioning well, some adjustment may still be needed so you can more fully express your unique identity. Your partner will have to be willing to give you more space or be flexible to some changes which will affect them.

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, the bond may not be strong enough to withstand your increased need for freedom. The harder you try to hold onto such a relationship, the more extreme the tests and challenges will be.

Uranus Square Ascendant Celebrities

Angelina Jolie 0°06′, Jason Donovan 0°13′, Angus Young 0°21′, Leon Rooke 0°34′, Germaine Greer 0°36′, Jennifer Gibbons 0°37′, Julius Evola 0°39′, Ritchie Valens 0°50′, Dolly Parton 0°52′, Johann Wolfgang Goethe 1°10′, Timothy McVeigh 1°12′, John Wayne Bobbitt 1°14′, Kathy Bates 1°26′, Pamela Anderson 1°27′, Alicia Silverstone 1°32′, Niccolo Machiavelli 1°37′, Maureen O’Hara 1°37′, Dua Lipa 1°46′, Brad Pitt 1°50′, Giorgia Meloni 1°56′, Tina Turner 1°58′.

34 thoughts on “Uranus Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. I have this transit right now but haven’t noticed any major changes so far. I am single so perhaps there is not such a strong effect compared to being married. Will update as things change!

    • I had Uranus trine Ascendant a few years ago. I can only comment 1. A boost in energy, 2. not realising that you have upset others or the status quo and 3. that’s just too bad, coz this is the real me. Although destructive to some relationships, they were the ones that were holding you back anyway. I also remember feeling happy as though a huge burden had been lifted. Go out and meet people (casually) and have some fun for a change, you won’t feel like staying at home.

      • Thanks Angel. I have to agree about having more energy and feeling happy, and that is a surprise. One other thing I realized is that I have an appointment for a nerve conduction study soon. Lots of nerve pain and spasms in my lower back at the moment.

  2. Well Jamie,you have that one pegged with great accuracy unfortunately.Add that aspect to a cardinal grand cross with Sun/IC Capricorn & Moon/DC Aries & Mars/AC….and you have a whirling Tasmanian devil with a heart of gold.

    • You from Tassie? I was married to someone with this aspect so had some extra insight. The transit would be difficult if you had this natally I suspect.

  3. Accurate interpretation:) I have this aspect in natal chart. Can i suggest more celebrities with Uranus square ASC?:) Russell Brand and Angelina Jolie could be on your list:)

    • Thank you Capleo, I can’t believe I didn’t have Angela in my files. Tightest aspect we have too.

  4. When Uranus by transit conjunct my 4th house cusp, February 23rd, I had to move out of a home I loved as it was foreclosed on and sold on February 24, 2016. The Saturn transit was square to my natal Neptune which conjuncts my 10th house cusp. I am now living in extremes. I live in a bedroom and I am living in extremes from cock roaches, you name it I’m living with it. I was staying with a friend 2-3 nights per week as I just got a job, (that has changed as she can not have anyone staying with her in a 1 bedroom apartment, so for now I will be traveling 1 1/2 hours for a clerical job completely different from my career and I don’t like it. I don’t care for the people there either. My feeling is, Uranus is still not done with me. I would not wish this on anyone. Uranus is currently at 23 Aries on my 4th which is trine my 25 Sadge Ascendant. Not sure what to expect…….I need my own place and the rents are more than my mortgage was……can’t see the forest through the trees right now……so I am trying to live day by day. The problem is I am 66 years old……..I have been going thru hell since the man I worked for 31 years sold his business and I have not been able to get back into it…….needless to say, the nice paychecks ended and have not been able to get back into the field…..
    The moral to the story, you never know with Uranus, good aspects or not, you never know!

    • Thanks for this feedback Claudia. I’m in the middle of this transit now with nothing to report as far as relationships. It does look like a major move to another city could be in store before the transit has finished.

        • Yes Claudia, thanks for asking. This small town is getting a bit too small, especially for the kids as they get older. More opportunities for them in a larger town or city. I don’t mind staying here but will be happier if the kids are happier.

  5. I have this in my chart Uranus in Capricorn at 17° and my Ascendant in Aries at 20° how can I use this energy to better benefit myself in the work place? The irritatability is affecting me at work.

    • I would be trying to get a position with lots of freedom to work your own hours etc. Best of all would be self employment. Otherwise working in Uranus ruled field like computers, aviation or science.

  6. Hi Jamie,

    I am looking for a write up on Uranus conjunct ascendant. Can you direct me to it? Thank you

  7. Hi Jamie, I have a question about Uranus transits. I will have Uranus 1 degree away from crossing my IC the same time Progressed Sun conjunct my MC. Could this be significant? This is happening in a few days. Also, transiting Saturn is 5 degrees away from crossing my Ascendant. Not sure if this means anything or if all these have to be exact for an event to occur. I find it crazy that these are all happening, well sort of, at the same time. Thanks for taking the time to read this. All the best, Lilah

    • Good questions Lilah. Try not to worry about transits or progressions triggering a particular event, especially if you a prone to negative thinking like me. Our minds are influenced by planets and our minds are so powerful they can make events happen in our lives.

      Progressions are supposed to work on a different plane or higher dimension than transits but I’m no expert on them I rarely look at my progressions. Saturn 5 degrees away is too far to matter just yet. For accurate timing of transits like Uranus on your IC why not try precession correction. I explain this on the fixed stars page.

  8. Great post Jamie! As always. I have Uranus 3 Scorpio square AC-DSC axis 5 degrees Aquarius-Leo. Plus Mars 5 degrees Leo. And now soon Uranus will Enter Taurus and I just can t think what will happen. Am I going to have wars with everyone around? Omg. What are your insight about Uranus ingress into Taurus? I ’ve got big stellium there…

  9. I have this natal, although I don’t know to what degree, and it resonates when you’re saying ” finding happiness and fulfulment in a realtionahip would be difficult”. Maybe beacuse its not the only avenue to find “happiness and fulfilment”..

    Also the last paragraph: ” you’re being tested in this life through your relationships” is very accurate. I feel this way.

    And its interesting to see in hindsight, that Brad & Angie each had this aspect… Wonder what went on in thier relationship…

    I expect it becomes better for me with time ( Im 42 now), and am involved and have been feeling that this relationship is the most mature I have ever had ( been in it for 5 years now), its far from perfect and its as much about me than it is about him ( he is the person I choose after all) and I have every hop that the next one and the next one after that will be better ( For me, I will be feeling better in them), although I may not be the type of girl that finds “happiness and fulfilment through relationships”. Maybe only through my relationship with myself ( massive improvement on that front).

    Hope for all.

    • I’m 68 with Uranus conjunct MC Cancer-AC conjunct Mars….and i’m still single.Been a rough road with 2 failed marriages and only 3 or 4 relationships since.I eventually decided i needed much work on myself before i ever tried another serious relationship,and i doubt i will have one in any traditional sense…having said that,my chart is HEAVILY CHALLENGED with a cardinal grand cross on the angles,so this aspect has been a real doozy….i wish you good luck!

  10. When Uranus first squared my asc my daughter quit speaking to me suddenly and hasn’t spoken to me for over a year. Then Uranus went regtrograde and when it went direct and squared my asc again my son died.

  11. I have this placement natally and during my Saturn return, close to exact conjunction I left an abusive relationship of 8 years that I didn’t even think was ever possible to escape. Amazing transit. and what you’re saying about balancing own expression through relationships especially with my libra sun is something I have been coming to learn and realize over past couple years.. big one!

  12. Hi Jamie, oddly, my progressions work like clockwork, with an event occurring when a progressed personal planet is conjunct a natal planet of mine. This has happened several times. I only found out about this when I looked back at major events in my life.

    I do have a solar arc conjunction coming up exact in June, which is when I will have transiting Uranus squaring my ascendant. Obviously I have no idea what to expect but my life has been stagnant for a long time.

  13. It is my understanding that I have Uranus squaring both my Leo Ascendant and my descendant and I think there’s a square with Eris too. I am highly agitated in my work environment that is extremely micromanaged and no room for promotion. I have been ready to just walk out a couple of times and not come back; but that’s not the typical me. I have already applied for another position after a company’s HR person found me on LinkedIn. I am patiently waiting to see about a next interview or where it will go from here. I am ready for a positive shake up in my life. Plus, I am in my Chiron return. Lots of unknowns at this time. Everything will all turn out fine, it’s just allowing the pieces to fall where they may and allowing the Universe to give me the long held gifts I’ve been waiting for. 🙂

  14. What degree is your Leo ascendant? I also have a Leo ascendant. Saturn is conjunct mine right now. Nothing earth shattering happening currently

  15. I have found that the desire to ‘do your own thing’ can manifest in the workplace with this transit. As aresult, combined with other chart qualities one’s lack of following the rules (being late, calling out, trying to make thier own hours/rules) would them seen to one getting “fired/let go”, so that they can carry out that Uranus energy and become their own boss, or, create a situation where they can work within their own unique set of rules, so to speak.

    Now, in my chart, I have very prominent mercury, placements, with mars, and also with Pluto in 3rd house. So, I was always diplomatic in recreating my 9-5 role. Plus, I worked in an industry where ‘hours’, weren’t really “counted/tracked”. Again, other elements of the charts created cooperative circumstances.

    But, ultimately, still, with this placement, eventually one will have to ‘do their own thing’ , depending on the circumstance. Great accurate write ups, as always.

  16. Jamie, ditto with the transit! I see yours was 2015. How are you now? I’m 19Aqu rising . So the square is current, from third house/4th. Awful back pain for the last month and a general feeling of agitation at times about reaching out, connecting with folk. I’m scared of being immobile, but feel like I go into freeze mode trying to reach out. 2015 was a tough year. Hope you’re okay.

    • Hi Lynney. So long ago I am having trouble remembering. Pretty sure it had an adverse effect on my relationship status. This reminds me to add my experiences more often for transits.

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