Moon Conjunct Mercury Natal and Transit

Moon Conjunct Mercury TransitMoon conjunct Mercury natal unites your thoughts and feelings so that it is very easy for you to become emotionally attached to people, places, memories, or other things. This characteristic will gain you many friends who enjoy such a close and genuine emotional bond. Your personality also benefits from your level of openness when sharing your feelings, and this wins you respect and friendship.

However, on the downside, you may find it a challenge to get interested in things you do not feel this emotional attachment to. There is also the possibility that thinking rationally about your close emotional attachments becomes clouded by your strong feeling, which in a way actually become prejudices.

Your talent lay more with right-brain thinking, such as literature over mathematics, or psychology over science. You can excel in any subject or career in which you are able to express your emotions through writing or speech.

You are emotionally sensitive and can easily become anxious when under pressure. The intense drama may trigger such emotional anxiety and lead to rapid swings in mood. Even in your normal, settled state, you can be subject to changing emotions. Emotional sensitivity can also manifest as a very keen intuition or psychic ability. However, as with your emotional attachments, it may prove difficult to filter out prejudices when discerning how accurate your dreams or visions are.

Above all, you are a people person which good social skills. It is your genuine feeling for others that attracts friendship. Emotional sensitivity in the form of caring and sharing, sympathy, and understanding can lead to life-long friendships and lasting intimate relationships.

Moon Conjunct Mercury Transit

Moon conjunct Mercury transit creates a great deal of emotional sensitivity and changeable moods. You can more easily make close emotional attachments to other people, or enjoy reminiscing about the past with family members. Such strong emotional bonds at this time can cloud your judgment, so this is not the best time for making important decisions.

A more favorable thing to do with this sociable energy is to share your feeling through written or spoken words. This is a great opportunity to get things off your chest, especially relationship issues. Conversation with women and family members, in particular, will be emotionally nourishing.

Your emotional sensitivity can lead to a strong intuition and even psychic abilities, however, remember that emotional attachment may cloud your perception. Mood swings may be common, especially if you come under pressure in some way. Socializing is the best option though, where your openness and understanding promote genuine friendship.

This interpretation for Moon conjunct Mercury transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon conjunct Mercury.

Moon Conjunct Mercury Celebrities

Nevil Maskelyne 0°02′, Alan Villiers 0°03′, Guy Pearce 0°14′, Kenny Chesney 0°17′, Don Ameche 0°21′, Joseph Massart 0°25′, Neil Bogart 0°26′, Leon Blum 0°40′, Piero di Cosimo 0°45′, Regina Jonas 0°47′, Miley Cyrus 0°59′, Robert Redford 1°00′, Peter Finch 1°03′, Muhammad Ali 1°04′, Ringo Starr 1°08′, Jeremy Silman 1°11′, Carl Wilson 1°25′, Andreas Baader 1°28′, John Milton 1°42′, Jenna Bush Hager 1°49′.

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