Sun Square Sun Transit

Sun Square Sun TransitSun square Sun transit can represent a crisis in confidence because of challenges from events or other people, most often from men or bosses, teachers, etc. They are testing you and your goals, forcing you to justify your identity and what you are doing.

Your ego is on the line, coming under pressure from others through arguments or challenges to your authority. This may be a reaction, as they feel you are too pushy to assert your will over them.

This is not a favorable time for getting your way, certainly not if you want to maintain harmony in important relationships. Over-assertiveness may upset others and cause added pressure on you.

This interpretation for Sun square Sun transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Sun.

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    • That is up to fate. We are forced to move during the hard aspects and it can be uncomfortable or stressful. If we are meant to move during the soft aspects then it feels like we chose it our self and it is easier.

  1. Right now I not only have this transit but also a hard Saturn Venus transit. Since my sun is in Taurus in my 7th house, both aspects involve my sun and speak of my husband and I. Let’s just say the chickens are going home to roost.

    • Hard Saturn Venus transits are about the hardest to deal with, alongside Saturn Moon transits. I have had Saturn on my Venus for ages it seems.

  2. Hi,have transit sun sq sun and I have an unfair dismissal conference tomorrow against my ex boss! I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Please do. I had the last solar eclipse square my Sun and have had some challenges for sure.

  3. Had the Solar Eclipse on May 20th square my sun by about less than 5 minutes of a degree, with natal Sun (0 Virgo 15’31”) on Regulus. The Eclipse degree was also about 3 and a half degrees or so off of my natal descendant. The eclipse was also square transiting Neptune in Pisces.

    My experience: So far since the Eclipse, despite efforts put in, just about every goal of mine has been frustrated, blocked and thwarted, with many delays built into daily routines in-between. Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings on the matter :/ …

    My solar return South Node also landed right on the Eclipse degree, and the blockages seem to have not only amplified since then, but I also got sick right on my birthday and lost the whole weekend (at least I saved some money though by not going out!)… Unsure what to expect once the sun hits 0 degrees Sagittarius the next time when the Sun itself squares my natal Sun again (this will be around Nov. 22 2012, after the next Solar Eclipse).

    November 2011’s solar eclipse in Sagittarius was also conjunct my ascendant and squared my sun at that point too, and I also faced delays and blockages, but not as severe (It was an orb of 2 degrees for the square on that occasion).

    Solar Eclipse square natal sun appears to be very potent and quite a trial by fire.

  4. What’s with the dates of these postings and responses. They are all a year or two old. Shouldn’t astrology readings be current???

  5. Last Tuesday I was given an appointment for this Thursday by supervisor and uber-supervisor for meeting with HR to discuss “counseling”. Given 10 days to think about this is absolute stress. You just put my worries to rest describing the upcoming event in vivid HD quality. After my cold plate of humble pie, I am going to show them this. Aquarius – Decans 1, I do indeed get along grandly with everyone. Thanks much.

  6. I have sun conjunct venus, mercury and jupiter and saturn has been squaring sun since September last year, pluto is also transiting 8th house…it’s been a really really hard year for me so far, I feel like I have been in a deep hole trying to climb out but keeping falling down. Problems with my abusive father then with mother bring out much frustration and tears, then with best friend, breaking up with my boy friend, being in debt (luckily to my aunt so she doesn’t push me much but treats me like dust), and couldn’t get a job. Interviews fail time after time – I either show up as lack of energy due to the depression I have from private life or perform badly with anxiety or the interviewers say I’m over qualified…Old company also got down sized so I couldn’t come back after quitting it for higher education. My hope is gone, my life is stuck and I feel scared when I think my career crashes, doubt my ability so much! I think my life was blessed and smooth until pluto transiting made conjunction to natal neptune 3 years ago, I decided to quit my job, had a loan, studied then saw problems with joint finance, power abuse, inner death and crisis. Thank you so much for such a wonderful article that is so correct in my case. Please excuse me for any language mistakes I’ve made in this comment as although I’ve tried, English is not my mother tongue.

  7. 20.11.72 – I am just not looking forward to this negative phase in lfe, I am already in a conflict with my husband as he is attracted to a woman from his past. Please suggest how can i overcome this time?

    • Sun square Sun always brings a test or challenge 3 months before and 3 months after your birthday. With a full moon this time it means the challenge is emotional and in the home, involving women. The best option is to approach square aspects as opportunities to resolve a problem. As the problem is already there, it can only get better.

      • My natal sun is in the 3rd house and I currently have sun square sun being amplified by the full moon. Very true I am currently dealing with problems in the home and with my wife. Does this transit last longer than regular transits due to the fact it’s amplified by the full moon?

        • That’s right Michael. Sun square Sun would normally last 2 or 3 days. As part pf a full moon it will last 14 days up to the next new moon.

          • Does that go for new moons as well? I’m having this transit today. I had to send in a job application this morning: Tell me it’s not doomed!

            • Yes this applies to a new moon. Its means you face a test so it makes sense to apply for a job, a very testing situation for most people. No one said you have to fail this test.

  8. Hi Jamie, I hope you are doing good. ..
    I am just confused and lazy or hesitant and afraid to search for new job. Current job is not good, less pay but I have no motivation to even look outside. My DOB 18 Feb 1977 , India around 530 am . Can you pl advise whether I will get a new job. I fear of failure. I am very good at my work but lack confidence and motivation.. Thanks in Advance..

    Take care.

  9. Thanks Jamie.. Times are getting from bad to worst in my personal well being and not any better at work too!! I wonder if there is any light at the end of the tunnel. I have missed the boat in my life due to my own wrong actions and choices. I am totally at fault so I guess I have to be reap what I had sown and not blame my stars really !
    Thanks again,


  10. Hi, I have a partner that has Sun Square the upcoming Solar Return (26 Feb 2017). My birth date is the 28 Feb with the return occurring about 38″ from my Sun. Have been ‘feeling’ very different since the start of January already.

  11. I have been having issues of harassment with my manager at work and the Sun Square Sun Transit period is making me feel very nervous. Please suggest how I can deal with this period. My dob is 20 nov 1972

  12. What i read here just scares me.My in Virgo is at 8 degrees and the transiting Sun in Dagitarius will be at 8 tomorow squaring my natal Sun.My problem ist that there is a Fullmoon Elipse in Gemini at 8 also Squaring my Sun. I have hard so many problems for the last 5 years.Am asking myself what should i now espect this time round??? Just waiting to experience!!!

  13. Natal Sun 8 degrees Virgo
    Transiting Sun 8 Sagitarius
    Fullmoon Eclipse 8 Gemini.What to expect? Can someone please calculate this for me?

    • Hi Mwanyule. The November 30 lunar eclipse is square your Sun. So while the Sun is square your Sun, a stronger influence comes from Full Moon square Sun transit. How it plays out depends on other aspects in your chart too. But squares do not have to be scary. They do force you out of your comfort zone so you make the effort to get better at whatever may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Challenges become opportunities.

  14. Now,the coming Solar eclipse In Sagitarius Trines my natal Fortuna at ,23, Ascendant at 24 leo and sextiles my Venus at 24 libra. What is that to say in my life?

  15. I have this aspect tomorrow and I’m getting my second Covid Jab. Since sun often relates to health, it sounds like this might make me feel off colour for a few days.

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