Saturn Square Neptune Natal and Transit

Saturn Square Neptune 2015

Saturn square Neptune maximum orb 3°30′.

Saturn square Neptune natal creates tests and challenges in achieving your hopes and dreams. These tests and challenges can be psychological in the form of guilt, fears, and anxieties. You may also face delays and restrictions from other people or events.

This is a karmic aspect, so you may experience some hardships to raise your consciousness and liberate yourself from negative karma. Time, self-discipline, patience, and persistence will help you overcome any fears and lead to achieving your hopes and dreams. Neptune governs creative and artistic pursuits such as music, dance, and film. I was surprised to find so much creative talent among celebrities with this aspect very tight in their charts. There is real potential in drawing on some life lessons to help creative self-expression.

Fear, paranoia, and addictions are some things to avoid with this aspect. You may have to deal with more disappointment or tragedy than most others. These dark experiences will give you all the life experience and determination you need. Seeking further adventure in the dark through drugs or other forms of self-abuse is unnecessary. You will be more vulnerable than most to getting stuck in the darkness and unable to crawl out. There is no point in beating yourself up about things that happened long ago. Once you forgive yourself, then others will too.

Saturn Square Neptune Transit

Saturn square Neptune transit can bring sadness and disappointment as harsh reality shatters your dreams. The cold hard truth makes you realize you were deceiving yourself or being deceived by others.

Disappointments or setbacks are more likely to extend or deepen periods of grief or depression that we all experience from hardships. Even without hardship being placed upon you, it is likely that psychological fears or paranoia may overwhelm you leading to uncertainty. Either way, you may question whether you can achieve those things you have hoped and dreamed of.

You should avoid some things now so you don’t increase the odds of worry and disappointment. Drugs would certainly escalate any psychological problems right now. You should also avoid conspiracy theories, cults, or schemes that seem too good to be true.

This challenging transit aims to liberate yourself from fear, guilt, and worry. Patience, focusing on the basics, and expressing yourself creatively through dance or music will all help to raise your consciousness. You should take a more practical and defensive approach to life and not expect significant advances now.

The source of your worry may be guilt. It may be difficult to pinpoint why you feel shame, as it could be related to past life experiences. You may experience strange health symptoms that are difficult to diagnose. It is not paranoia if it turns out to be accurate, so this is a good time for a check-up. This will also help a good deal in eliminating worry and fears that can eat away your self-confidence during this transit.

Saturn Square Neptune Celebrities

Ian Shaw 0°03′, Jordan Peterson 0°06′, Ally Sheedy 0°07′, Joan Sutherland 0°07′, Michael Jordan 0°08′, Edwin Hubble 0°09′, Miles Davis 0°10′, Robert Creeley 0°10′, Maggie Bell 0°14′, Paula Abdul 0°16′, Jawaharlal Nehru 0°20′, Venus Williams 0°22′, Patricia Neal 0°23′, Ronaldinho 0°25′, Deborah Houlding 0°28′, Sir Robert Helpmann 0°37′, H.P. Lovecraft 0°42′, Queen Victoria 0°45′, Marilyn Monroe 0°47′, Mark Twain 0°48′, Azaria Chamberlain 0°48′, Allen Ginsberg 0°56′, Walt Whitman 1°26′, Joe Exotic 1°49′.

Saturn Square Neptune Dates

26 November 2015
17 June 2016
10 September 2016

16 September 2033
13 January 2034
25 June 2034

1 April 2052
6 July 2052
13 January 2053

178 thoughts on “Saturn Square Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. I know it is easy for me to say and i am only able to offer that as an empath I am one of mamy and i am feeling for and healing for alao as this aspect builds, Saturn is not just about the fear he is also respect, the global energiea have changed, realigned to its true nature and now the world is materialising or mankfesting thoae changes and it will occur with as little affect as possible before cause fear is the enemy and it will trigger as little as possi le so as nk to feed it. I dont have this natal i do however have a grand water trine with neptune in 1st house, chron in 4th house and Mercury in 9th, I also have a yod with Saturn at 28 cap at the nozzle withy cancer sun and leo north node my moon is conjunct Poseidon in li ra 12th bouse, there is nothing to fear but fear itself and it is only the mask of the wizard amd once remkved it is lkke the emporer’s new clothes you are never dwfeated while there is bope in your beart, dont let it win, dont ignore it, face it, take the mask off it and see it actually has mo su stance, because substance is only preaent from live and fear comes from a source that is devoid of love do gour work, honour it and be on the winning team where all are equal, by the time Saaturn reachea Pisces, havi g gone though aquarius rebealing what ks now equl or not. There is time.

  2. For most of december born babies will have this square. Like mine dontlike it though. Anxiety fears etc. What ascendant or which days of devember its effects will b less?

  3. oooh,.. hadn’t bothered looking at my SR yet,.. Neptune-Saturn-MC all hard to each other coming up. I just know this is gonna be a weird year,….

  4. I am approaching my Uranus opposition on May 2016. Ive just had saturn in scorpio in my tenth house for that long awful transit we all endured. I have neptune in my 2nd house so im very anxious I will have more struggle with jobs, finances. I changed career in 2012, went to uni again, unable to find work in this new avenue and have been doing casual work for the past three years. We are moving interstate (Australia) as its just been too hard and very self defeating. No new opportunities in a long long while. Never any career problems or struggles till I turned 39. I also have my north node square chiron, both my parents have their chiron conjunct my MC. When I look at all this astrology it makes me so depressed. Is it better to know or better to not know? Some of these struggles are not just transits, they are natal challenging aspects. Any ideas on how to navigate all this? It seems like wishing for a career change has been a disastrous move. Yet to evolve, grow, and to continue to expand and learn I just cannot do what Ive done for the last 20 years. Why does it seem like now in my life my career moves are being totally thwarted? I try to keep positive but Im afraid its a sinking ship now!! Many thanks for an insightful article xx

    • Hi Jo, my best advise is to ignore houses and focus on transits only for forecasting. Still use AC, MC etc but houses just confuse matters. At least ou know the stagnation or blockage is about to be blown away by Uranus.

  5. Wow Jamie, thank you for that. A big A Ha Moment when you said the blockage is about to be blown away by Uranus. It has made me laugh and cry. Thank heavens for Uranus!! Deep thanks for your positivity x

  6. I didn’t think I’d feel this so strongly, but I’m already experiencing a lot of fear (a lot of anxiety from past wounds to my current situation). Also, “fogging of the brain”, difficulty thinking clearly, missing energy (Neptune transits 1st house atm), confusion, crappy sleep… Although the sun in Scorpio (my sun sign) should give me plenty of boosts and the good aspects too should be able to amp up the great vibe, I’ve felt so drained and messy the past two weeks, like my brain is working on a whole other level or maybe it’s just gone for lunch. I don’t know.

    Somehow good old Saturn comes (as he f*cking alway do) and ruin the Sun’s party! GRRR!!! Saturn you douchebag! Yes you are. A douche! This is a douche move, mr. Ringed Planet when things are finally – after 3 years of hardship – are looking up!

  7. Dear Jamie, could you say sth on this future great conjunction plus Pluto? It seems to be sort of atomic-alchemic bomb hidden deep down in soil… Exact Jupiter Saturn conjunction is on 21.12.2020. What is the exact date of tripple humdinger?
    It will be in my 12th house, yikes.

    • Try having it on your Ascendant! Good question though Alice.
      Lunar Eclipse 20 Cancer, 10 January 2020
      Saturn Pluto 23 Capricorn, 12 January 2020
      Jupiter Pluto 25 Capricorn, 5 April 2020
      Jupiter Pluto 24 Capricorn, 30 June 2020
      Jupiter Pluto 23 Capricorn, 12 November 2020

      • Thank you for explaining this aspect…. as Saturn is currently squaring my sun (4.58), mercury (6.34) Would this Saturn- Neptune hit them? what about Neptune opposing my mercury (6.34) [third pass]?

        Not sure if I like the Lunar Eclipse 20 Cancer 10 Jan 2020 …it’s less than 1 degree from natal Venus…and on my 12th house…and it will trigger the natal square with Pluto and mid heaven as well as the sextile with natal Jupiter and Saturn … and Uranus will still be on my 10th house …sounds scary!

        As an aside I was wondering if this aspect can be felt +/- 10 days from date? Reading this “There will be an increase in the frequency and severity of disasters associated with oil, mines, drowning and extreme weather. Also suicide bombings, assassinations and massacres.” Paris came to my mind … and Saturn transit is particularly hard for France….

        Thanks 🙂

  8. I have this square in my chart but its approaching at 4, I do sometimes feel like im stuck in between what is real and unreal If it does affect me- yay… to another Victim signature lol. I do feel it in the skies though, everywhere I go, its almost like a Mercury Retrograde, a lot of people just burnt out. Stacks of stock left out in stores and a warriness about most people. I wake up and say Im gonna do this and this and this. Then I say, ok, vacation time!.

  9. I have Saturn and Neptune conjunct by 2 degrees in my chart. And just discovered yesterday my dad does too! Weird coincidence ha anyway…Will having this help me with this transit? I’m a little confused on how these planets work in conjunction.

    • Interesting family karma there Olivia. The conjunction will be similar but there is greater potential for a more positive manifestation, depending on other aspects. And yes, I think it will help you because you are so used to the energy.

    • Good question Coliberi. I see aspects as working like a bell curve. Much stronger on the days around the exact square. It is within one degree orb from November 17 to December 5. It is very easy to see the buildup of fear simply by watching the news on TV, with all the focus on the response to terrorism around the world, islamophobia, etc.

  10. Hi Jamie,
    So interesting. A friend of mine has natal Saturn in the fifth house at 6 degrees Gemini – directly oppose natal Neptune at 0 degrees Sag in the 11th house (which I also conjunct natal Jupiter at 29 degrees Scorpio). I can’t help but feel this square will directly impact her greatly. How do you think this could play out?
    Many thanks,

    • Sounds like this aspect affected something in your chart. But I would have expected another planet like the Sun or Mars to be involved to trigger such an acute attack.

    • I would only be concerned if this configuration directly aspected an important area of your chart, for example the Descendant which rules marriage, or Venus. I usually advise never to change plans based on what an astrology chart may say. Tempting fate is not such a good idea. Plus, over a week from the exact square means it will not be so strong.

      • Oh, I thought it was the exact date (I live in the US)! Whew! And thank you. I’m trying to make sure second time around is the charm!

    • Make sure that June 18th is not a moon void. If it is – it is almost guaranteed that you will part within 2-3 years. Google “moon of void for 2016” and see what it says. I can be reached at


      • That’s debatable. Void of Course relies on traditional Sign divisions which are actually imaginary.

    • Moon will be void from June 17th to June 19th until 4:00 in the afternoon

      June 17 12:33 Pm to June 19 03:57 PM – moon of void period

      Get married on the Monday 🙂 and you will be fine.


    • Avoid doing anything of great importance in life on a moon void – nothing will come of it.

  11. Hi Jamie. I’ve just looked at your charts carefully about the transits coming in June (12°) and September (10°). Does it mean that only Pisces D2 will be affected by these challenging transits or all decans? Thank you for your precious help.

    • Good question Sandrine. To start with, everyone feels the current aspects in the sky regardless of their chart, some more than others depending on how their particular chart is affected. Say for the June Saturn Neptune square, yes, Pisces decan 2 feels it stronger than most because of Neptune. But then Sagittarius decan 2 also feels it very strong because of Saturn. For this event there is also Jupiter in Virgo decan 2 making a T-Square pattern. You could even include Capricorn decan 2 with Pluto there, probably doing the best out of the situation because of the harmonious aspects.

      • Thank you very much Jamie.
        I felt this transit so strongly in November last year (I was not directly concerned, but my twin-brother was: therefore, I was affected too due to our particular bond).
        That transit was awful (pple’s cruaulty): we were both on our knees (our relatives and friends were shocked), but a few days later I dreamed of a beautiful “phoenix”…. and I was ready to fight back and help my brother!
        I can feel that my brother is still affected/surviving/weak/vulnerable (so am I), but I do hope Pluto trine our natal Moon until end 2018 will be of some help…
        Good luck for all Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius who will face this challenging transit in a few months.

          • Hi Jamie.
            Not so much actually.
            I’m the first twin, born 10 min before my brother.
            Both charts show: Sun 3′ Pisc 37′(me)/38′(bro); Moon 18 Vir 14/19; Mercury 12 Aqu 32/33; Venus 10 Pisc 35/36; Mars 21 Ar 4/5; Jupiter 5 Sco 57/57; Saturn 4 Tau 15/15; Uranus 8 Lib 4/4; Neptune 0 Sag 52/52; Pluto 26 Vir 38/38; Chiron 4 Ar 26/26. AC 22 Leo 30 (me); AC 24 Leo 17 (bro); MC 10 Tau 39 (me); MC 13 Tau 11 (bro).
            Our lives are so different: he’s married (divorcing since April 2015)/I’m single; he’s got 3 adorable kids/I’m childfree; he loves structures (he had been in the army for 18 years)/I love freedrom (I “belong” to no one…).
            The main challenge he’s facing is his divorce: his future ex-wife is a malignant narcissist!
            Due to her malignancy, I had to take my distance with my brother and his family in 2007.
            I’ve been back in his life since his divorce, knowing what she’s able to do (even to their children who are objectified for her to get what she wants. She’s unscrupulous. My brother may go to jail this year just because he wanted to live with his children 2 weeks/month (they also wanted to live with their father): she’d been to the police station in Nov 2015 to accuse him of harassment eventhough it’s untrue and she had no evidence to produce!).
            I’ve read your mars horoscope and I’m not surprised at all…
            I’ve read that when planet Mars is retrograde, the ideal way to handle this transit is “using passive-agressive techniques, manipulation, arbitration or subtle power play may be more appropriate at this time. Matters commenced while Mars retrograde will be frustrated and plagued with disruptions until they finally fizzle out. In legal matters, stoke your opponent into initiating the lawsuit first. It will be etched in granite that they will lose.”
            I hope Jupiter conjunction our natal Uranus in a few months this year will be of some help together with Pluto trine our natal Moon (starting next month).
            Thank you again for your precious support, Jamie, and all the details you give.
            When in trouble, I use to think about a writer who says: “obstacles are not there to prevent us from moving forward but to teach us how to overcome them” (Isabelle Filiozat).

            • So interesting for astrologers to wonder at what makes such differences. I know there have been a lot of studies into the astrology of twins. because I use fixed stars and not Signs or Houses, I can put such differences down to different stellar influences for AC, MC, even Part of Fortune and Vertex sometimes. Plus there will be a significant enough difference in your Arabic Parts. Thanks for the feedback Sandrine.

        • dear sandrine – your post was so beautiful and meaningful that hope comes like that. This happened for me too. dove.
          Know you are supported in thought by those reading your experience.

          • So kind of you: thank you very much for your support, CJ 🙂
            We keep on struggling and facing adversity, but most importantly we’ve got faith.
            Whatever happens, to the kids and my twin brother, it will ok.
            Perhaps, not this year, nor next year, but in the future, that’s for sure!

          • Good news yesterday: my brother will not go to jail 🙂
            His lawyer received the answer from Court: the case is closed for lack of evidence provided by his furture ex-wife.
            A huge relief for all of us…
            My brother is going to share this great news with his kids, and particularly with his little girl who was so anxious.

  12. Hi jamie, i really enjoy your posts, especially as a novice. Your writing is clear and easily understood and i use your library of transits as a resouce – thank you so much. On to my question if you wouldnt mind helping me with. I have a very good friend who has natal venus at 12 virgo in 8th house should she be concerned about this transit? She left her husband after 20 years for this new relationship approx 18 months ago ( pluto had gone over her ascendant and trined venus.) she fell madly in love. Whilst thier relationship so far has been great and they are both very much in love – there are some differences. They are currently separated due to his job, ive interpreted this due to the venus square to saturn transit (test of relationship, trials related to separation) ive warned her to be careful of being star struck (neptune – confusion, illusion etc) but this will be the first time it has aspected her venus , thanks in advance

    • You are right with your interpretation DiF. I have Moon at 11 Virgo and have taken a similar view about new relationships.

  13. Hi Jamie. What does saturn conjunct neptune transit mean if natal neptune is in 23:18 Sagittarius?

  14. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for reading for us, we appreciate it. You said

    “You are both being directly affected by Saturn square Neptune 2016 so read that article. Neptune is on your Mars and Saturn in on her Pluto.”

    So will this aspect get a bit easier or better for us ? Is so, by when ? I am trying several cures for my daughter and myself, what are the chances we will get well and feel better? Hoping this is not a long haul for us….please advice,

    Thanks a lot,

    Also pasting my original question below –

    Thank you, I understand. My child fell sick on March 11, 2016. Her DOB is 20th Aug 2002, New Delhi, India, 5:30 PM or there abouts. I also started having some problem after few days. My DOB is 30th April 1975, Calcutta, India, 9:16 AM. Both our conditions are painful without a direct cure in sight. There is lot of panic and paranio in our minds right now with high anxeity about how things will turn out to be, so was looking for an astrologer to shed some light as to when this will get over. Please help, an anxious mother.

    • Better for both of you once this major aspect has passed, after September 10. But will ease off in between June 28 and September 10.

  15. Hi! What does it mean that this June 17 square falls on my birthday? In my natal chart Neptune is in my third house and Saturn in my eighth, so I was not born with the square in my chart. But it seems like it would be important to my life that this year I have that aspect on my birthday.

    • Good question Cheryl. Even though neither planet may aspect anything in your birth chart, it is still very significant to have the major planetary aspect of the year fall exactly on your birthday. It will stay active for another twelve months because of your solar return chart. In fact, this basically is your solar return chart with the exception of the exact positions of Moon, Ascendant and |Midheaven.

  16. hi Jamie… i have Saturn Sesquiquadrate Neptune… i wonder how that plays with this transist… also i’m sun pisces, moon sag, and pisces rising… lately my life has been bitterer than sweet… i guess the transit and my aspect are related… thanks Jamie if you can comment, your article is objective and kind!

    • Yes Ana, you will feel this aspect more strongly if you have a natal contact between the two planets, even if not the same and even if they don’t aspect your planets. This was a very early method of prediction in astrology, seeing when aspects in the sky were the same as natal aspects.

      A difference between the sesquiquadrate and square can be that the sesquiquadrate represent a breakup in existing conditions due to a buildup in tension.

      • ohhh that sounds like catharsis… “a breakup in existing conditions due to a buildup in tension”… (at least I wish it sounded like catharsis…)
        thank you very much, dear Jamie…

  17. Duh duh duh! I’m not feeling down yet, but who knows how I may be feeling in day or two! That sounds very Saturnian and negative of me in nature! But I am dreading the possibilities of this transit! Reality checks, sadness etc… Also Jamie, one of the MP’s was stabbed in Leeds England today (the day before the EU referendum). I wonder if this stabbing has anything to do with any current transits? My sister thinks it’s bigoted and racist and that it make relate to people wanting to leave the EU and keep immigrants out. Also, there a really big storm here today – heavy rain, really loud thunder and lightning. I wonder if that has anything to do with what’s going on too (at the moment with transits, the EU referendum etc). I think that the weather is related to astrology too (bolts of lightning and thunder storms etc). Something brewing up – big change, upheaval, awakenings.

  18. I feel strangely well today. I was wondering about the astrology of today and now I’m a little confused lol. It also says the aim of this transit is to eliminate yourself of worry and from some probably kind of irrational fears.
    And that’s what I feel today, a healthy perspective. I feel a change from how I’ve been feeling. And even though it’s not over the top joyous or anything, it’s healthier, and I guess that’s why it makes me feel good.
    It didn’t aspect my chart directly though I do have Saturn conjunct Neptune natally and they’re both conjunct my MC.
    Just thought I’d share

    • Thanks Oliver, I’m glad you shared. You will feel this more strongly because of your conjunction on MC. And you have expressed it well with your spiritual (Neptune) wisdom (Saturn) being shared with the public (MC).

  19. Jamie, I enjoy your articles very much. I have written a few times. The Saturn Neptune square is alive and well in my life……..I finally got a job and I worked 1 month and she let me go on Thursday via a note when I came in. I have Saturn square my Sun in my money house, but, I have a lot more going on. I am trying to have patience and it is not easy. The door to my career keeps closing on me so there must be something else I should be doing. It’s funny as I have a stellium in my 2nd house and a stellium in my 9th, two important houses to me. My natal Jupiter conjunct Mercury is trine my natal Neptune, Aquarius and Libra………where is the money?? If you have time please look at my chart, I have been going thru a lot………I went from a nice way of living to moving into extremes with my daughter and her boyfriend who keeps bullying me…….it must all be karmic………I don’t know when my life will stabilize and afford to move out of here…….life has been very hard for me and I am now 66 years old and I have lost everything……please……HELP! March 02, 1950 Brooklyn, Kings, New York at 02:24am………..25 degree Sadge rising with a Capricorn interception in my first house and of course my 7th house as well………’s not easy……….I am hoping after October maybe things will settle down. I have not been able to move past my house foreclosure, I am having a hard time with that……I was a single mom since my daughter was 7…………..I would appreciate any help I can get……….
    Thank you for your articles, I enjoy them……..

      • Good morning, Jamie. You have my attention. Saturn square Sun transit will be active for me for the rest of the year. It isn’t any fun. Neptune conjunct the Sun has already made a conjunction with my Sun and will continue for some time to come as you know. I never studied the Yod. Please tell me the interpretation or what you think it is. I have been a door mat and in male relationships I still am. I am insecure but hide it well. The Moon in the 8th sextile to Mars in the 9th….what is the meaning. My life has always been hard, especially as a child and now at this age as an adult. Also, is my Yod a Boomerang with Saturn between my Moon and Mars? I need to find a way out. I was always a very good worker and good employee. I have always been quiet, but when I get mad I get mad and it is over with quickly. I keep trying to figure a way out to change what is going on. The men I draw in are never there for me. They don’t communicate their feelings and I never could depend on them. Any insight you can give me would be very much appreciated……..

        • First you have to research each of the aspects. I have some of them here from “Aspects” in the menu. Then read over the Yod article and there are many comments with example Yods. Like I said, better to ask questions about your Yod on that page rather than here.

  20. HI Jamie,

    I got my karma this week. Actually this month was a banger, is it over yet? sheesh

    • It will depend on your chart but I would expect so. The next exact square is 2 degrees away from this one. Just depends what it triggered in your chart.

  21. As you said the worst period in this year was between late May and early June.. Lost big confidence.
    I have Mercury square making Grand cross with all planets in Mutable sign.. Jaime be prepared for Saturn Square in 6month!. super bad. i suggest to do exercise..

    • You must be right because I have gotten so fate because of Jupiter return plus natal Jupiter trine AC. Thanks for the advice.

  22. Hi Jamie, I am a female and I have moon at 12 degrees Sagittarius. Should I be concerned about love relationships or only relationships with females in particular ..Thanks Again.

    • Good question Dana. I would think all relationships because Moon rules intimacy and emotional connection. Maybe more strongly with women and family member. especially your mother. I would also be concerned about your emotional well being and trying to stay in a positive frame of mind. Conscious awareness of these transit will help overcome any subconscious depression and confusion.

      • Thanks Jamie, I will try to stay positive 🙂 I can already feel the confusion in the new relationship. Approximately till when I will be affected by this. Thanks….

  23. Hi Jamie, you may have already answered this one.. but how long does this aspect/transit last in general? So for instance, the exact aspect on June 26 or September 10.. is it “on” for a week? a day? Many Thanks.

    • It stays within one degree orb from now until late September 2016, a very strong influence which will be obvious on the news especially in politics but also immigration and terrorism.

  24. Seems to me that this whole Brexit disaster has been ruled by this aspect. What can we expect on 10 September, that the UK will formalise its divorce from the EU or that the UK will realise that ‘you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave’ – that its hopes and dreams of ‘independence’ are unrealistic (the out voters have been sold a ‘too good to be true’ scheme by unscrupulous politicians) and that Europe is not the issue but the UK’s own obsolete political system? I do hope that people will start to realise that this is actually where change is really needed.

    • True and the June 4 new moon triggered a grand cross aspect pattern with Jupiter and Venus. Like I just mentioned in reply to Love444, this aspect stays within about one degree orb from now until late September so the tension apparent now is not going to ease up. The September 1 solar eclipse makes a T-square pattern this Saturn square Neptune so it should still be influential in the US election too.

  25. Hi Jamie
    I suppose this aspect has begun to create anxiety and fear in me already. Pressure at workplace is tremendous pushing me towards leaving a high paid job and a marriage proposal being looked forward is delayed beyond limits leaving me fearful of lonliness for the entire lifespan.
    Is any hope the other side of the tunnel? Am April 02, 1982 born 12.50 IST.
    Please give your comments.

      • I will look forward to Saturn trine the Sun! Jamie, when Uranus, (4th house) transit trines my rising sign, will that mean a move for me or does Mars have to aspect my
        4th house cusp or Uranus?

        • Uranus alone is enough but of course there will be plenty of other minor transits during that time that can help it along. I’m even expecting a move with Uranus conjunct Saturn transit in the next 12 months. With Uranus retrograde 40% of the time there is also a good chance there will be three exact hits of the transit.

  26. @ SuHu55

    The Brexit is definitely a “disaster” for the elites in the EU who desperately want to maintain their power and control.

    (See: “subverted religious fundamentalism” above).

    The dark, corrupt, and hopelessly deranged policies of the elitists in control of the EU is what led to the vote to leave. And it is just the beginning. The EU is toast.

    • @ Genaro
      Disagree. But you are entitled to your opinion. The EU is a great force for good having maintained peace in Europe for 70 years. The corruption is the lies fed to the British electorate which are now becoming unravelled. People preaching about ‘elites’ is my definition of ‘subverted religious fundamentalism’. Stigmatising groups or individuals is the road to division and more war. Isn’t it about time we learned to live in peace and acceptance of one another wherever we may once have come from? We are all immigrants, perhaps even from the stars…

  27. Well,.. just as Yeshua (Jesus) said in what we call “The Lord’s Prayer”… ” Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven”… saying to ALL with understanding… that the Heavens forecasts what is about to happen here on Earth..!! .. and I’m not merely speaking of dark rain clouds…!!..also, for the record, I’m
    Nondenominational..!!, just as Yeshua was!
    Man, his morals, and his level of technology
    are all converging to the point of utter destruction! The Heavenly Spheres are backing up the Bible’s book of Revelations.
    For the 8th and FINAL king (Pope/Beast) is now in office…(say what?..why are they called kings?)… because in 1929, the Vatican was granted Sovereignty, which made it a KINGDOM..!.. So the coming September-November should be a real World
    shaking time..!!

  28. Hello jammie m sag born 23rd nov 1975 at 4.20 am and i am really feeling feared and paranoid Abt some things like my getting feared and stressed

    • Yes, no wonder with your Neptune at 11°05′ Sagittarius.

      Saturn conjunct Neptune transit:
      05 Jan 2016
      24 Jun 2016 retrograde
      01 Oct 2016

      Things will improve soon plus you have Sun trine Saturn in your chart to help keep you grounded in reality.

      • Hi i would like to know when i am going to less stressed about all this transit i am a leo born 6 agost 1976 at 5:30am

  29. Jaime I have Saturn in Neptune at 7 degrees. 12/13/73 gmt -0600. These trNsits are difficult. Is the third one going to be worse? What to expect in the last one. What are the dates. I feel like I am being taken advantage of in a relationship.

    • This is already over for you Red:

      Neptune square Neptune transit:
      04 Apr 2015
      24 Aug 2015 Rx
      05 Feb 2016

      Saturn conjunct Neptune transit:
      09 Dec 2015

      I believe your relationships difficulties are due to the March 2016 lunar eclipse square your Sun. Especially as the strongest aspect in your chart is Sun opposite Saturn by less than one arc minute.

      That aspect so strongly defines you. Thankfully the tension is relieved by Sun trine Mars and Mars sextile Saturn.

      Saturn retrograde as your only retrograde planet seems significant too.

      • Jamie, I have a question after reading this. Natal Sun opposite natal Saturn…….My birth info, March 02, 1950……..Brooklyn (Kings, New York) at 02:24 am.
        Your comment about Sun opposite Saturn. Is this in her chart? I have this in my chart and as far as relationship problems (men) I was in a 23 year relationship and the marriage was pretty good for 20 years before I filed for divorce. My Sun I believe is weak in my chart. I have lots of fire and air and I lack earth, only Saturn in Virgo…….please respond, Thank you! Claudia

          • Thank you for responding. Jan 09, nothing was going on. June 16, I was let go at a new job and I really needed the job. I almost feel like not applying to any jobs until the transit is over after Oct. 6……… has been one hell of a year. Not easy…..this too shall pass. Thank you for your input.

            • Thanks for the feedback too Claudia. Seems that the retrograde transit was the big one which is common. I would like to hear back from more people who I do these dates for though.

  30. Thanks Jaime. The sun opposite Saturn does define me. Wow. I definitely don’t give up. Going to mark the sun Mars transit as that was a day when I met a very special friend who has helped me along and not related to the current difficulties in any way.

    So looks like these current difficulties won’t subside until the September 2016 eclipse? This has been lingering since the 2015 healing broken hearts one.

    • Yes, the last two solar eclipses were directly opposite (19 Virgo and Pisces) so it will be basically a whole year of similar issues.

      • Hello Jamie:

        You were so accurate about Mercury trines and sextiles in transits. Thank you …. somethings have worked out.
        I hope a millionaire funds your work.
        Sincere student,

  31. Hello Jamie, one thing I don’t understand is does everyone get affected differently depending on where in their chart Neptune and Saturn are? ie – I have Pisces Sun 17deg, Neptune in Sag 13deg, and Saturn in Cancer 26deg. I don’t understand if we will all experience this T-Square the same way, or whether it depends on where those planets are in your own chart. Sorry, very new to Astrology type of question.

    • Good question Donovan. Every living thing will feel the effects of this aspect, just as with all other aspects. There will be the general effects on the world such as the increases fear and terrorism. Then each person will feel it in more specific ways depending on how these planets affect their own birth charts. People with a planet in their chart around 12 degrees of any Sign are going to be most strongly affected, especially in Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn is close enough to your Neptune for you to feel extra sensitive to fear and disappointments.

  32. Last square in Sept until another 17 years! I’ll be glad when this energy is over, but I do believe it’s been happening for a reason. Especially to remove the wool from our eyes in some situations or our view of people and situations. Upsetting/uncomfortable at times, but necessary! Saturn Square Neptune – “been there, done that, got the t-shirt,” and survived! One more thrashing from these planets squaring in September and then it will all be over!

    • I agree with you about happening for a reason. This must have something to do with Saturn which is involved in the next major planetary aspect, Saturn trine Uranus from December 2016 to November 2017. Uranus should reveal what that purpose is.

      • I’ll have a read of that upcoming aspect. I was born with a tight conjunction between the two planets. I would say I’m a bit of both. Conservative and quirky. An unusual mix. But not too conservation. I think the Uranus energy is a bit stronger. I think I was aware of being odd or strange as a child. Doing my own thing, ignoring the status quo, absolutely loved shocking people (especially superiors) amd now I know why. The Uranus energy in my chart. It’s aspecting my Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars – can’t escape from it ????.

  33. Hi Jamie,
    What about the upcoming T-square, particularly for Pisces D1and D2?
    BTW, my brother’s kids will not live with their dad: we are sad and disappointed by the judge’s decision, but “you can’t always get what you want”…
    Thank you in advance.

      • To natal Sun (D1 – 22 Feb 70 Paris) and natal Venus (D2 – 10°).
        Do you think our Asc Leo D3 may have an influence on this T-square?
        For some reasons I cannot explain, I’m looking forward to this T-square, as if it’s going to destroy everything that is not good for us. I see it as an opportunity to start something new… (or maybe it’s our natal Uranus!)

        • Definitely affecting Venus but not Sun at 3 Pisces. The final Saturn square Venus transit is around September 21. I would struggle with that but then I have Venus opposite Saturn. Your Venus is not aspected no much easier to handle I suppose.

          • Thanks a lot, Jamie.
            We’ve been able to handle all those difficult transits since 2015: I guess my twin brother and I will be able to handle the final ones too, prior to moving forward. I keep faith. There’s always a solution!
            In addition, when we don’t get what we want, it’s bc what we want is not appropriate to us!
            I trust Saturn and its wisdom, more than Neptune!
            Thank you again for your support, and sharing your knowledge with us. Much appreciated!

  34. Hello Jamie,

    Thank you for your note and oh boy, how relevant it is and how it’s played out (with suicide bombings and political upheaval). It feels like the world is regressing.

    I am in a strange position professionally. I’m a very talented individual who works in freelance marketing consulting, but the contract ended in early July (then I celebrated my birthday and I feel generally very optimistic) and I just started looking again. It’s all hot or cold, quiet, nothing is happening. At the same time, i decided that it’s time to break free and build my own consultancy because I’m ready to break out. I find that it’s all up and down with me – one day amazing stuff happens, the next day quiet and desolate. Is this the Neptune-Saturn square and when might I see the light of day given my date: 11 July 1986 10:25 GMT

    Thank you

  35. Hello Jamie,

    This is meghashyam again m still feeling that some hidden enemies thr behind me and my getting feared is this bcos of saturn square neptune or really it can be true

  36. Jamie hello. Have I lay recently happened upon your site. I just spent far too much $ to get zero answers regarding this long transit from a well established astrologer here on the net. . I won’t take your time-any good news showing for me 🙁
    I don’t remember the last “feel good” times astrological ot speaking.

    Thank you kindly

    2:35am alameda Cty , ca USA

    • Hi Karen. I have a good idea but must double check because of differences between countries. Is your birth date 7 September of 9 July?

  37. I have a saturn square neptune i saw that on a website, but i dont know what that means. Work and career feels heavy and a big pressure. 31-07-1979 11:46 AM sneek, friesland, country: holland

  38. Hi jamie
    Can u plz write abt jup conj pluto transit as i will experience it again after 12 years from november 16 jup will conj my asc and square mine moon on MC what shud i expect looking forward to it after mine depressing year.thanx

    • I am having transit neptune opposing saturn ending in dec 2017 with lillith n chiron are in difficult angles, will this jup transit help me to get on my feet.

      • Good to see you getting so involved in astrology now Proudmum. I remember you learning the basics and now you are working with Chiron and Lilith. Well done!

    • Yes i will add it to my list. I should have all aspects done within 18 months. I actually have this natal aspect, Jupiter conjnct Pluto by 4 degreeees.

      • I have Jupiter 29 Leo, and Pluto 26 Leo in H12. That’s 3 degrees. I’m a bit too intense for some folks. ???? Sometimes even for myself. And an exact natal square from Saturn 26 Scorpio in H3, Throw in my second Saturn return just for fits and giggles. Love your word humdinger.

        • I can see how Saturn might come in useful to tame that rampant conjunction on Regulus. All that energy could tire you out.

  39. Hi Jamie, i wanted to ask if the effect of Saturn Opposition Neptune similar? I have it at 7’21” on natal. Reading the write up i could quite relate to my conditions through 2015-16 and hence wanted to be prepared for what this will bring to me on 10th September,’16.

    • Don’t think of this major aspect as being all on September 10. It is significant but this aspect is having a general effect on each of us over the whole year. The date is more significant if you have a personal transit exact on this date.

      The 7 degree orb is too wide for an aspect between non personal planets. There are other reasons for what has happened in the last year. i.e. Saturn retrograde conjunct your Mars, with Jupiter retrograde square Mars transit. See Mars opposite Saturn is much tighter at less than half a degree. Therefore transits to both planets occur much closer in time compared to Saturn opposite Neptune. In the case of a Pluto transit it would be many years difference.

  40. Hi Jamie, big fan here, love your analysis. I can feel this aspect pretty strong, can you tell me how it affects me? 26 Nov 1986 – 5:36 am – Sofia, Bulgaria (GMT -2)

    • Good to hear from you Iana. I found the culprit and no wonder you have felt it so strongly. You have Saturn at 11°11′ Sagittarius so are experiencing your Saturn return. Not a very nice one either because of Neptune. I do plan to write about Saturn returns. This is basically your first mid-life crisis. Looking back at how responsible you have been, karma catching up with you. Added to this is Neptunian dissolution and confusion. Research Neptune square Saturn transit as well. You have been experiencing this all year but the exact dates for Saturn conjunct Saturn transit are:

      05 Jan
      24 Jun Rx
      01 Oct

      Following close is Jupiter sextile Saturn transit on November 3 to help you rebuild.

      • Thank you very much Jamie. To be honest, I had the mid-life crisis a couple of years ago. Could have been a Plutonian thing though paired with a Saturn transiting house 12 was a real disaster in all aspects but kind of necessary I guess to re-align to my higher self/life purpose. In any way I feel the dust settling this year and I have a positive outlook for this return. I read somewhere that you basically “reap” on the return and I think that I made so many positive changes in my life (quit smoking, “broke up” with an emotionally abusive parent, became financially independent, a loooot of awareness rising and enlightenment etc..). I just have this inner feeling that the return will bring me something good especially with the final date coming up. I have always thought this 11.11 Saturn house 2 had something major karmic to it because of that degree number. Do you have any take on that? Thank you again for you insight, really appreciate it.

        • No take on the numerology but I do agree about your Saturn return being good if you have already taken responsibility for so many things as you have. You seem to have being paying off any karmic debt you have, or going into credit even. Nice work and I love your positive take on Saturn.

  41. Is this the transit that is killing me? Or is it Saturn square my decan? I am a ‘woman on the verge’ experiencing nothing but adversity since 2013, most notably with my home, finances and my health. I am currently awaiting a decision on a second job I applied for in early July attempting to get out from under this debt and also complete my home renovation. I’m afraid to ask, but must: will I get the job? Or, if not this one, another? Every horoscope I have read had me dangling all summer long with the possibility, finally I arrive at your site providing insite as to what is wrong. Thank you, Jamie. me = September 7, 1952.

    • It is Saturn square Sun transit, not Saturn square Neptune so much. You don’t star your Neptune opposite Sun transit until March 2018.

      You have been through the worst of it because Jupiter square Saturn, with Jupiter conjunct your Sun was exaggerating the constricting Saturn influence. That inflating Jupiter transit ended late June now you have just one final pass of Saturn square Sun transit about November 12.

      You will actually come out of this much stronger because of Pluto trine Sun transit Jan to Nov 2016, last exact transit about November 19.

  42. This is EXACTLY on my MC on the 10th Sept (Neptune conj MC on that date) I’m scared! What does it mean on the MC? Shall I stay at home that day?!

    • Hi Tj, try googling “Neptune conjunct Midheaven Transit” and “Saturn square Midheaven Transit”. I have not researched them yet.

  43. Hi I’ve only just started reading about Saturn Neptune square. I’ve been having an incredible amount of upheaval lately, noticeably since 17 June. I don’t know a lot about my personal chart. My birthdate is 04/04/69 12.30gmt

    • Without place of birth and am or pm I can’t see why this would be affecting you so much. What is going to have a strong impact on you in the September 16 lunar eclipse right on your Mercury Venus conjunction, opposite Uranus.

      Research these aspects in your chart:

      Mercury conjunct Venus
      Mercury opposite Uranus
      Venus opposite Uranus

      • Thanks Jamie, very interesting reading. My time of birth is 12.30pm and place is Worcester uk

        • As it turns out I didn’t need place of birth because I missed the obvious lat time. Your Mars is at 13 Sagittarius so being hit by Saturn, draining your energy, frustrating your desires. It was not Saturn square Neptune making it worse but Jupiter square Saturn.

          Jupiter square Mars transit 19 Oct 2015
          Saturn conjunct Mars transit 05 Feb 2016
          Jupiter Rx square Mars transit 10 Apr 2016
          Saturn Rx conjunct Mars transit 15 May 2016
          Jupiter square Mars transit 07 June 2016
          Saturn conjunct Mars transit 01 Nov 2015

  44. No question is stupid if you don’t know the answer..If you’ve time..Saturn and Neptune hav been at 10 degrees for several days…what sets off the square that it is happening today?? Have we not been feeling this as it has been applying??

    Thank You……….If you’ve time

  45. Adding Mars conj Saturn to this square right now. My possessions have been in boxes and suitcases since November. Time for a reading methinks!

  46. I feel like im so stuck in every aspect of my life. thank you so much , i have been doing soo much healing, learning and reading the last few months/weeks in particular and it finally make sense. Soo much gratitude to you <3 any tips or advice of planetary influences or what not would be appreciated 🙂 <3 15\05\87

    Also when does this finish today? Or the end of 2016? Thank you kindly 🙂 Blessings <3 <3 <3

  47. Val Ross- Hi Jamie, I’m going through my 2nd Saturn Return and seem to be affected by the Saturn/Neptune Square more than I expected so I wondered how long this square will last for? I’m very grateful for all the good in my life but having a complete nightmare regarding employment and financial security. Can you see this changing for me soon? I went for my dream job recently but wasn’t successful. Born on 5/8/1957 at 1.10pm in Inverness Scotland.
    Thank you ????

  48. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to give you a little FYI regarding my September 10th Saturn/Neptune transit. My birth date is March 4, 1975. I went for a long bike ride even though the weather was terrible. I was certainly deluding myself about it being a good bike riding day. I got bored at an event I was required to go to and left early. I got a little more tipsy than I should have mid-afternoon, took a nap, and ended up having insomnia the day after the transit. I also dwelt on someone who used to be in my life but no longer is for much of the day. This kind of stuff seems par for the course for this transit. Hope this helps. Paul

  49. It feels like this transit won’t ever end. They are squaring each other from my IC and DC. I feel it trying to destroy my spirit through many disguises. This one has hit the core of my being extremely hard. I’m curious to see what will come out of all of this suffering.

    • Yes, by the very nature of these planets it had\s been drawn out ab\nd painful for many of us. It IS easing up now.

  50. Hello Jamie
    I have Saturn transiting my sun (born 20 Dec 1964 at 1:05 in the morning). Since December 2015 I’ve had lung problems (post-flu). I’ve had scans that show my bronchial tubes have narrowed a bit so am on asthma medication. However, I’ve always been very healthy (apart from having horrible chesty flu every December for the last 6 years, and when I was a child!) I also have lots of transiting planets in (or about to enter my 12th house :-/). I have natal sun conjunct mercury opposite north node in 3rd house. Is any of this significant or could this ongoing illness be due to my Saturn transit (and Chiron return)? Thanks for any enlightenment.

    • Hi Kate, when you give time of birth you also need to give place of birth. So without knowing your ASc and exact Moon, I don’t see Saturn square Neptune having affected you. Lungs are rules in medical astrology by the fixed stars from about 15 Gemini to 20 Cancer, so maybe related to natal Moon. Check you chart against the list of fixed stars.

  51. Hello Jamie
    Thank you for this info – I’ll look at my natal moon. Sorry I forgot birth place – it is Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK.
    Many thanks!

    • This is a good transit for you intuition:

      Neptune trine Moon transit
      14 Mar 2017
      06 Dec 2017 Rx
      13 Jan 2018

      Saturn conjunct Sun transit is one pass only 11 Dec 2017

  52. This transit has been the antithesis of freedom for me and all year i’ve been mentally tormented by men and the subject of love, or more like anti-love. I’ve been conflicted between love and anti-love all year long. It has left me asking myself some very ugly questions.

  53. Good morning Jamie, great gratitude for all of your shared work with astrology! Thank you!
    I have Saturn square Neptune in my natal and now a transit of Saturn conjunct my Neptune in the 6th, Saturn transit squaring my natal Saturn and soon Saturn approaching my 7th house cusp. I’d love any nuggets of advice or notes from you as to how to juice the most out of this Saturn saturated time. And perhaps when I might expect a bit of relief.. ; )
    Thank you kindly Jamie!

  54. Oops! here is my birth info: 03/03/1980 denver, colorado 11:34 in the morning.
    Thank you!

  55. I had Saturn transiting my 6th house in opposition to Neptune in the 12th.back in the day. A most difficult year ever for me as I was ill and temporarily separated from my children. I had left an abusive spouse but had to give up all my home, friends, pet and personal belongings and move across country with my children. There is never a clear picture ahead for one when Neptune clouds the present and future picture. It was a year I never wish to repeat but guilt in leaving my pet still haunts me. However, with work and patience one can overcome a messy situation and look back realizing one can overcome. Saturn gives work and responsibility and Neptune gives one faith and the spirit to carry on.

  56. Last June I lost my husband of 30 years..i am still reeling with grief and shock..I’m just treading water, and I was just told I have a Saturn square Neptune from feb 2019 to Nov. 2019. I don’t usually ask such questions..but the thought of any more heaviness feels almost more than I can handle. Could you possibly give me any details that might be positive and helpful about this transit. Thank-you so much Mimi

  57. Mimi, I have it in my natal chart and can suggest, even if you aren’t aware of having artistic ability, try. My first couple pieces were pretty bad but I found latent talent and ability that added to my life greatly. I began painting at a very low point in my own life without any training or even awareness that I could. Artistic expression may come in the form of community theatre or chorus, playing an instrument or producing tangible works by hand, or in cooking. Food is also an art. What you are feeling in your soul can be transmuted. These expressive forms do provide a respite from thoughts and inner dialogue as well as becoming something beautiful or resonant. I wish you all the best.

  58. Is this article talking about transit Saturn square natal Neptune?
    I see from the list below it that they may be talking about Saturn
    square Neptune at a present, specific moment.

  59. During 2020, Have transit Saturn in 4th house Capricorn, square natal Neptune in first in Scorpio. Also, this dances with Transit Neptune in 6th square Sun in 3rd. It’s HELL. I hate Hard Neptune… at worst it dissolves life and purpose.

  60. I have Sun in 12th house opposite Neptune in 6th. A Saturn transit in Aquarius is squaring both those planets from the midheaven. What should I do not to foul up too badly?

  61. Hi Jamie, How come there is a lack of the other way around aspect description. For example i am looking for Neptune square natal Saturn, but this description which is the only one available is the Saturn squaring natal Neptune but there isn’t one that’s the opposite way around?.

    Should I consider Saturn square Neptune the same as the aspect of transit Neptune squaring natal Saturn? Thank You and keep up the great work! This is my main astrology description site that I use. Love it!

    • Hi Harris. I am slowly getting to write all such transits. But it will be somewhat similar to the other way around.

  62. Ugh, Saturn in Aquarius 17 degrees will square my natal Saturn in scorpio in the 4th house a little later this winter, and the same square will square natal Juno tightly conjunct natal Saturn. And will be 150 degrees from natal mars 17 degrees Virgo. My husband died from cancer in August, right when Pluto at 24 capicorn was tightly conjunct my descendent, and neptune was tightly square my Sagittarius 20 degree moonwhich is tighlty conjunct the north node AND Lilith, all in 5th house. I have been grieving very deeply, his death really shattered me. This upcoming square looks like it could trigger more suffering over his death. I am having a hard time in every area of my life already, not sure if I can endure more. Is there any way to transform this energy into something more constructive? I have intensely suffered all my life from my mothers rejection of me…that’s how Saturn seems to have affected me. She was VERY cold, and disinherited 3 of her 4 children when she died at age 94 in 2020. My very toxic younger sister (her favorite who deliberately worked to alienate my mother from us ) got everything, Younger sister sent us a final hate letter from my mother that was embedded in her will via registered mail when she passed. So this could also do involve more persecution from my little sister too (mars is in the 3rd house). Any hope?

    • Hello Helen,

      God Speed

      Resolution #1.

      Practice doing nothing.

      Who is the doer?
      Who is the watcher?

      Do nothing,and just observe nature and watch.
      Let the mind(doer)do it’s thing and let it go.

      Go past the resistance.
      Feel the emotions coming up.

      No judgement,
      just feel and experience,
      it will pass and lose the momentum/unreleased energy.

      No distractions,no attachments,
      do absolutely nothing.

      Blood family here on earth,
      are just that.

      Unless you have and or had a connection,
      i mean here,present or past.

      Disconnect,from those who do not,
      tie in with your ‘being’
      and who you are.

      Know that,
      Past connections,
      the deceased,
      ‘ARE’ assisting you.

      Free your mind,the monkey mind,
      Feel and release emotions.

      Do nothing,
      get comfortable in this space.

      The answers will then come to you.

      Doors open.


  63. Saturn goes retro on 16 -17th June 2023
    It’s squaring my natal Neptune again. Neptune is close to my ASC. Could that be the reason why I have gained weight and it’s not going down no matter what I try? What rules the weight in medical astrology?

    • Hello Jo
      It’s my understanding that Jupiter…the planet of expansion…could be responsible for weight gain…I believe especially if possibly aspects or transiting your first house…maybe other houses too but I’m not positive…
      Medical astrology is quite fascinating and helpful to know…some family members I have are diabetic and Jupiter seems to be the culprit…
      Jupiter is currently in Taurus in my 9th house…(Jupiter rules 9th house)…I weigh more now than I ever have in my life…
      I hope that helps answer your question…
      Wishing you many blessings 🤲

  64. Hi Jaimie, I have this in Natal within .5 orb – GREAT description. This aspect is the choice between the lower or higher expressions of Neptune that one wishes to experience.

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