Saturn Square Neptune Natal and Transit

Saturn Square Neptune 2015Saturn square Neptune is the strongest planetary aspect occurring in late 2015 and for all of 2016. There are three exact squares between November 2015 and September 2016 which I will show at the end of this article. Before that, I will talk about the natal aspect and transiting Saturn square Neptune. We have to wait until 2020 before the next Saturn aspect of real significance. This involves the great conjunction (Jupiter conjunct Saturn), as well as Jupiter and Saturn conjunct Pluto. A real humdinger.

Natal Saturn Square Neptune

Saturn square Neptune in the natal chart creates tests and challenges in achieving your hopes and dreams. These tests and challenges can be psychological in the form of guilt, fears and anxieties. You may also face delays and restrictions from other people or events in your life.

This is a karmic aspect so you do experience some hardships in order to raise your consciousness and liberate yourself of some negative karma. Time, self-discipline, patience and persistence will all help in overcoming any fears and lead to the achievement of your hopes and dreams. Neptune governs creative and artistic pursuits such as music, dance and film. I was surprised to find so much creative talent among celebrities with this aspect very tight in their charts. There is obviously real potential in drawing on some life lessons to help in creative self-expression.

Fear, paranoia and addictions are some things to avoid with this aspect. It may appear that you have to deal with more disappointment or tragedy than most others. These dark experiences will give you all the life experience and determination you need. Seeking out further adventure in the dark side though drugs or other forms of self-abuse is not needed. You will be more vulnerable than most to getting stuck in the darkness and not being able to crawl your way out. There is no point in beating yourself up about things that happened in the long past. Once you forgive yourself then others will too.

Saturn Square Neptune Celebrities

Ian Shaw 0°03′, Ally Sheedy 0°07′, Joan Sutherland 0°07′, Edwin Hubble 0°09′, Miles Davis 0°10′, Robert Creeley 0°10′, Maggie Bell 0°14′, Paula Abdul 0°16′, Jawaharlal Nehru 0°20′, Venus Williams 0°22′, Patricia Neal 0°23′, Deborah Houlding 0°28′, Sir Robert Helpmann 0°37′, H.P. Lovecraft 0°42′, Queen Victoria 0°45′, Marilyn Monroe 0°47′, Mark Twain 0°48′, Azaria Chamberlain 0°48′, Allen Ginsberg 0°56′.

Saturn Square Neptune Transit

Transiting Saturn square Neptune can bring some scary experiences with the darker side of life. Disappointment or setbacks now are more likely to extend or deepen periods of grief or depression that we all experience from hardships. Even without hardship being placed upon you, it is likely that psychological fears or paranoia may overwhelm you leading to uncertainty. Either way, you may end up questioning whether you really can achieve those things you have hoped and dreamed for.

There are some things you should avoid now so you don’t increase the odds of worry and disappointment. Drugs would certainly escalate any psychological problems right now. You should also stay away from conspiracy theories, cults, or any schemes that seem to good to be true.

The aim of this challenging transit is to liberate yourself of fear, guilt and worry. Patience, focusing on the basics, expressing yourself creatively through dance or music, will all help to raise your consciousness. You should take a more practical and defensive approach to life and not expect great advances at this time.

It is possible that the source of your worry is guilt. It may be difficult to pinpoint why you feel guilt as it could be past life related. It is possible that you may experience strange health symptoms which are difficult to diagnose. It is not paranoia if it turns out to be real, so this is a good time for a check up. This will also help a good deal in eliminating worry and fears that can eat away at your self-confidence during this transit.

Saturn Square Neptune 2015 – 2016

There will be an increase in the frequency and severity of disasters associated with oil, mines, drowning and extreme weather. Also suicide bombings, assassinations and massacres.

Society will struggle for liberation from traditional or authoritarian rule, which will include religious freedom and the rights of refugees and women.

The biggest struggle will be for the most basic of human rights as a result of subverted religious fundamentalism.


Saturn Square Neptune Dates

26 November 2015
17 June 2016
10 September 2016
16 September 2033
13 January 2034
25 June 2034
1 April 2052
6 July 2052
13 January 2053

162 thoughts on “Saturn Square Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. It feels like this transit won’t ever end. They are squaring each other from my IC and DC. I feel it trying to destroy my spirit through many disguises. This one has hit the core of my being extremely hard. I’m curious to see what will come out of all of this suffering.

    • Yes, by the very nature of these planets it had\s been drawn out ab\nd painful for many of us. It IS easing up now.

  2. Hello Jamie
    I have Saturn transiting my sun (born 20 Dec 1964 at 1:05 in the morning). Since December 2015 I’ve had lung problems (post-flu). I’ve had scans that show my bronchial tubes have narrowed a bit so am on asthma medication. However, I’ve always been very healthy (apart from having horrible chesty flu every December for the last 6 years, and when I was a child!) I also have lots of transiting planets in (or about to enter my 12th house :-/). I have natal sun conjunct mercury opposite north node in 3rd house. Is any of this significant or could this ongoing illness be due to my Saturn transit (and Chiron return)? Thanks for any enlightenment.

    • Hi Kate, when you give time of birth you also need to give place of birth. So without knowing your ASc and exact Moon, I don’t see Saturn square Neptune having affected you. Lungs are rules in medical astrology by the fixed stars from about 15 Gemini to 20 Cancer, so maybe related to natal Moon. Check you chart against the list of fixed stars.

  3. Hello Jamie
    Thank you for this info – I’ll look at my natal moon. Sorry I forgot birth place – it is Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK.
    Many thanks!

    • This is a good transit for you intuition:

      Neptune trine Moon transit
      14 Mar 2017
      06 Dec 2017 Rx
      13 Jan 2018

      Saturn conjunct Sun transit is one pass only 11 Dec 2017

  4. This transit has been the antithesis of freedom for me and all year i’ve been mentally tormented by men and the subject of love, or more like anti-love. I’ve been conflicted between love and anti-love all year long. It has left me asking myself some very ugly questions.

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