Moon Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit

Moon Opposite Neptune TransitMoon opposite Neptune natal causes misunderstandings between you and others that can lead to all manner of confusing feelings and problems in your life. This is one of the more challenging natal aspects that needs a high level of self-awareness and analysis to deal with. Once you come to terms with your weak spots you enjoy fulfilling relationships and success in life just like anyone else.

The main difficulty comes from your imagination and over-sensitivity. You tend to imagine things that are not real. For example, someone may innocently say “what are you doing today” in order to start a conversation. But you may feel they are accusing you of some wrongdoing then get defensive and feel persecuted. At the other end of the scale, you may think they are showing romantic interest and start fantasizing about hot sex and a lifelong relationship. Paranoia and over idealization are just two of many confusing feelings that are possible with this deceptive influence.

Deception itself is something you must address. Your insecurities and anxieties are obvious to people who would take advantage of you. You may have a tendency to deceive yourself and others which can be subconscious or inadvertent because of your confused feelings. Your instincts and psychic impressions can be misleading and you should avoid involvement in séances, extreme religions, and cults.

Being misunderstood, victimized, or rejected can lead to fear, disappointment, isolation, and self-pity. Mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, and poverty are symptoms of this aspect. If you do suffer such debilitating symptoms the best option is to treat the causes which are the initial confusion and misunderstandings. The conscious realization of how Neptune influences your subconscious is half the battle won.

Increased self-awareness will help you better differentiate between truth and fiction, reality and illusion. When you interact with others you must make sure they understand exactly what you mean. Ask questions if you are unsure of what they think and feel. Accept that you are a sensitive, caring, and compassionate person and have no reason to feel inferior or guilty. You must also protect yourself against negative influences. You are more susceptible than most to deception, scandal, infection, and poisoning.

Moon Opposite Neptune Transit

Moon opposite Neptune transit increases your emotional sensitivity to such a level that you can misunderstand others and become confused about your own feelings. You should take extra care in your dealings with other people because you are likely to get the wrong impression and they will get the wrong impression about you. Your intuition and psychic impression will tend to be negatively influenced by your subconscious fears and be inaccurate. You may experience strange feelings or have nightmares and should avoid hypnosis and psychic activities like seances.

You may over idealize someone and ignore their negative character traits. This would leave you vulnerable to deception and scandal. You should be very clear and honest about your intentions and avoid gossip. Do not take too seriously your feelings about what people think or say about you. You could easily become discouraged, paranoid, dissolution, scared, or feel guilty and weak. Take extra precautions if you are not feeling well as you could be more susceptible to illness and infection. Alcohol and drugs will likely have a stronger effect and cause poisoning or overdose.

This transit stimulates your imagination, creativity, and compassion. Good things to do under this influence include charity work and visiting sick or elderly friends and relatives. Relax with a movie or music or try singing in the shower. Try to relax and not take life too seriously.

This interpretation for Moon opposite Neptune transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon opposite Neptune.

Moon Opposite Neptune Celebrities

John Wayne Gacy 0°14′, Robert Downey Jr. 0°19′, Kate McGarrigle 0°19′, Diane Arbus 0°31′, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan 0°53′, Paul Verlaine 1°00′, River Phoenix 1°17′, Marc Bolan 1°32′, Rolf de Heer 1°44′, Debby Boone 1°50′, Emma Thursby 1°52′, Mary MacArthur 1°59′, Lyle Menendez 2°44′, Barbara Hutton 2°54′, Billy Jean 3°00′.

7 thoughts on “Moon Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. You are spot on with this transit interpretation. i’ve had this transit the last few years and it’s almost concluded. i suppose you’ve had it too Jamie since your moon is on Zosma as well. Psychic capacities have increased however, I’ve experienced a lot of delusional thinking, confusion, and poor relationships with women. The lines between myself and others blurred quite a lot and I’ve really been tested to move away from my mind ruling me in favor for the heart and compassion in sometimes painful and embarrassing ways. I also relapsed on heroin under this transit so that’s been intense. It’s definitely been a rough couple of years but, as will all challenging transits, I ultimately feel that i’ve grown for the better.

    I would add for others who may be experiencing this transit now or soon, that your mind is not really to be trusted during this transit and I think it’s really urging the individual to move closer towards their heart rather than the mind; expanding out of the prison of the soul and towards development of group consciousness and your spiritual center, whatever that may be for you.

    Great article! I’m curious what you’ve experienced Jamie, since we share our moon on Zosma…

  2. Whoops i meant that comment to apply to Neptune opposite my Natal Moon which has last about 3 years not Moon opposite Natal Neptune which would only be a few days.

    • ive got this aspect in my Progressed chart, a separating aspect, the Moon moving into exact opposition the last few weeks. So it is more difficult to trust my own mind, like Michelle says, and writing a bunch of stuff on the internet may curtail here. The Moon is 9th house cusp, and it’s orthodox religion time, starting with Julius Africanus.

  3. Moon in 12th house in Gémini opposite Neptune in 6th house … does this article match these placements on natal chart ? Thank you

  4. my son has both neptune and uranas opposing his moon natally and with the upcoming lunar eclipse is acting as a major ass. from cancer moon in 8th house mom

  5. All over the map. Visited dead relative to try to make amends by us both being weak . Hope that helps.
    I m off for years any deadeners but i lack easy courage to handle life. But I try. So I read now that thats what tauruses are supposed to do. Learn to look after themselves. Really, thats great. I m getting better by far. Then I was reading osho and understood why people have been telling my to pray.
    Its a love thats not possessive. Just short definition.
    Another inch gained and i listened to 3 segments of Greta as she took us with her and her guides to hot spots in nature and whats happening. She and my grandaughter born same years same week. 18.
    Both had huge health issues and more. But the pain is there too. So not got it beat yet this aspect. Cheers
    Ps after listening to Greta and her 11 million followers and her discouragement of no change I began to muse on us grandparents supporting her with our own 11 million. But I m not very cardinal.

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