Neptune Square Sun Transit

Neptune Square Sun TransitNeptune square Sun transit can be hard to come to terms with initially because it might slowly start to feel like you are losing your way or at least beginning to question what you want out of life. This is because Neptune and the square aspect tend to eat away at or dissolve your sense of self, which can be seen as weakening your ego. Neptune tends to creep up on you, so this is a gradual process, but at some stage, you will realize that you may not have as much drive or energy as you did a year ago.

The result may be an increased level of insecurity or confusion and disappointment in your personal or professional life. This can lead to a reassessment of what is important to you. There is also a heightened risk during this transit over over-idealizing people or circumstances, for instance, imagining that a prospective partner is more genuine than they are or expecting that problems will work themselves out and continue on a path that may not be right for you.

Deception and betrayal are more likely if you let yourself get involved in relationships that seem too good to be true. The same goes for financial matters, so it would be wise not to take significant risks, speculate on the stock market, or gamble during this transit. Any feeling of insecurity will only be made worse by turning to escapism through drugs and alcohol. The weird cosmic aim of this transit is to get you in touch with the real you without depending on a pile of material possessions, fake friends, or any other ego-boosting things.

You will find strength by turning inwards and having faith in yourself, which may involve a religious or spiritual journey of self-discovery. This is a personal quest in which you will find your spiritual truths, not those preached to you by a guru or someone who believes they have all the answers. As this transit progresses, you will become more secure and emerge with firm faith and self-belief.

Neptune Square Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 2March 2016February 2021
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 3April 2020January 2026
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 1March 2025March 2030
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 2May 2029February 2035
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 3July 2033March 2039
Leo & Aquarius Decan 1May 2038February 2044
Leo & Aquarius Decan 2July 2042April 2048
Leo & Aquarius Decan 3June 2047May 2052

80 thoughts on “Neptune Square Sun Transit

  1. Hi Jamie, Hope all is going well with you and Marina and family and that you are settled in and cozy.

    I was born with Neptune Square my Sun…Neptune at 25 Libra and Sun at 25 Cancer, so I thank you very much for your post 🙂 And I will tell you and your readers from my life’s experience with this natal aspect, the veil between projection and collective unconsciousness can be very, very thin. What I’ve learned and experienced every single time, as new and fresh is discernment and awareness.

    I often think of a line I saw in the movie about the Christ, when he says to his Blessed Mother: “See, Mother, I make all things new.”

    Yes. Don’t wait for the resurrection, it happens every day, every minute, every second…yes, even in the shattering.

    What I can offer others: in seeking there is finding. It has nothing to do with anyone or anything else. It’s for life and it is entirely personal.

    When I had a birth chart done many years ago, the astrologer told me that this natal aspect was the WORST aspect one could have in one’s natal char, especially because it is perfectly exact. Gee, just what one wants to hear. The astrologer did not, as you have chosen to do, offer any positive vibes as to this natal aspect. Glad you chose to do so.

    As for the transit, I have just lived through transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Neptune (and thereby squaring my natal sun) for what felt like eternity. What became of interest to me was the idea that if we go through unpleasantness there is always a rainbow at the end..what I learned is that this is not always the case, and yet we will love any of it and all of it because it is OUR LIFE, the only life we have.

    So, in terms of your comment, Jamie…”you will find strength by turning inward and having faith in yourself…find your own spiritual truths not those preached to you by a guru…” I find it to be spot on.

    Here’s my experience: one can find the self, if one chooses to, and it may not be dressed or look like what one expects or demands from one’s self, one’s god, friends, family, church/spiritual path, universe, the cultural stereotypes rammed down our throats by our “betters”, lol. This in itself can be shattering. If this is one’s experience, one may want to accept the shattering, because the shattering is the gift.

    Not the typical “sunshine and lollipops” we are progaganda’ed into believing. But real. And true.

    Best to everyone, and I look forward to reading others’ personal experience with this transit or natal aspect 🙂

    • I had to respond with thanks as I have been going through Neptune square my progressed Sun for at least a year and a half. Being an Aries with Leo Moon, Mars in Leo, having no energy and retreating to the degree I have, has been quite scary. Finding little meaning in any activities and not having interest in anything has been unnerving. I do have Pisces rising and Neptune is the highest position planet in my chart so it plays a significant role in my life. Periods of deep meditation, being a professional medium and teaching classes on developing one’s intuitive gifts have all been part of my Neptune experience.

      Though I have over twenty years in the field this life turning point has left me without direction or desire to move forward. I loved the way you explained how to use the energy. I also loved how HD responded. HD, I can totally relate to an Astrologer who cannot interpret a chart or transits in a useful and helpful way. What I had to realize early on is that ALL the energies have a purpose and it was up to me to learn what the purpose was and to use the energy in the best way possible. Usually for me there is a spiritual use.

      I will not say I have always been a stellar role model in using energies in the best possible way, I am an Aries and most of the lessons have included patience and surrender, no matter what the individual situation. This phase has included surrendering to the quiet and need for absolute peace without interference or distractions from others. Keeping myself out of what I felt were meaningless group interactions and empty social gatherings has been a huge change.

      I am still formulating what I value most and where to invest my energy, but I have reached some sort of gratitude that I could step away from everything and still survive. I intend on getting back to thriving as this year unfolds and Neptune wanes by the end of February 2013.

      Thanks again for posting in such an useful, intelligent way.


    • I have Sun conjunct Neptune (exact) natally in Sagittarius. And Bravo!!! You really seem to echo my feelings with regards to this aspect.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, he is currently trining, so am at least forewarned and hopefull prepared for the square at about retirement age. I remember the opposition as he entered capricorn well and not a good well 😉 I got engaged to a dark abusive man, it was 1984, but it was the ideal of marriage i was in love with and the delusion i could save him from his darkness thus it was a very dark time, the marriage began falling apart as neptune conjuncted my natal saturn and ending very traumaticly as neptune entered aqua in 1999 as I tried, naively to save it. As neptune passed over my IC a few years later at 5 aqua, i could suddenly see this man as he really is, which due to natal jup being conjunct my IC, gave me complete freedom from that illusion and able to forgive and let go.

    Hindsight, such a wonderful thing and astrology has been very helpful in clarifying it.

    Thanks for the article, enjoyed it

  3. Thanks, Jamie. You described my experience quite well. With my sun at 1 Gemini, this has been affecting me for quite a while. Thankfully I made the decision to go back to school to pursue a second career as a minister well *before* this transit began. I take this transit as affirmation that I’m on the right path, doing the work the universe intends for me — work that is far truer to my spirit. There’s been a gentle softening of my prior professional identity formed over a 20 year career…and slow merging of it with my new identity during this transit. Neptune is definitely working on me, closely aspecting my moon and Jupiter as well. Defintely a low energy period of my life, but this has afforded space for reflection and the quiet study needed for school and a major life transition. Thanks for offering an even-handed post relating to Neptune. Neptune can be a spiritualizing influence, provided we remain grounded and realistic.

  4. I’m a 2 degree Gemini Sun, in my mid-twenties, and in the height of this aspect right now. I am super-lost and don’t have a clue who I am anymore. Thanks Neptune!

  5. I’ve got an early Gemini Moon and mid-Gem Venus – followed by 0 Cancer Sun! Neptune is gonna have his way with me for years… 🙁

    Not sure I’m enjoying the trine to the Sun that much (very weepy, overly sympathetic, hard to stick to a schedule etc etc discipline just went out of the window). Don’t want to even think of the square.

  6. Hmmm, quick question – you guys use Sidereal Zodiac, right? I was using Western astro. Can you please clarify what the article applies to?

    • We always use the tropical zodiac for horoscopes and the position of the fixed stars.

  7. Now I understand (born may 22, 12.15 hrs. 1953 Groningen, Holland) why I feel so anxiouus and disoriented since april 2011, desparately wondering what to do with the rest of my life: Neptue. Does this mean that this will go on till 2017?? Where can I expect help, if any? I certainly haven’t noticed anthing from Jupiter. I have read that Jupiter is no so much a forunate influence, but that it magnifies everything, including negative things. Has anybody anthing to offer a lost Gemini?

    • Hi Anne,
      I went through this transit as I have 29 degrees of Taurus Sun and Mercury same degree and sign.
      This was a particularly difficult period for me, I was extremely sleep deprived for a total of 18months. I had just had my first child and my child was not a good sleeper, perfect in everyway but would wake 3 – 5 times per night (we tried everything) it was just how he was, now he is 2.5yrs old and I am finally getting sleep (but my immune system did suffer and now I am trying to get my health back). You have to watch your immune system and health with Neptune transits and stay away from addictions or alcohol as Neptune can tempt you that way.

      Also during that transit we were trying to find a new place to live while I was pregnant and desperate to move out of a tiny place; finally we found something when my child was 6months old. The new place was great for around 11 months when we all started suffering from EMF sensitivity from some problem within our building, we could not pinpoint the problem but we were suffering headaches and head pains sometimes it was worse at night. Thankfully after 3months of that hell we found a new place (this is a 2 year period or more in total all of this stuff happening) Neptune moved off of squaring my Sun and Mercury now thank goodness for that.

      There were numerous other irritations and repetitive stressful issues during that time, but the one main constant issue for me was sleep deprivation, exhaustion and house moves (Neptune was also transiting my 4th house).

      So also look at what houses in your chart will be affected to see how it could manifest for you.

      The one amazing bonus I seemed to get out of this transit, is it has really magnified my psychic abilities. I am actually an artist but since having a child I have less time to paint, but I have gone more in the direction of my spirituality and doing psychic readings for people. I find that my psychic impressions are very accurate. I have been working on that slowly for years now, but the Neptune transits really increased the intensity of the psychic side of my life. Good luck with yours and look after you health throughout as the effects can creep up on you especially towards the end of the transit and even after the transit is done effects can still linger for up to 2 years depending. This has been the case with me, I am working on my health full time now to get back to balance after those transits.

  8. Plagued by indecision, doubt and fatigue for what now seems like an eternity, I have been afflicted by a T-square of Neptune in Pisces 1′, Sun in Sag 1′, and moon in Gemini 1′. The doubt and fatigue have so lowered my ambition to develop my new career in conflict resolution, that I have procrastinated, avoided and withdrawn so much that I don’t feel like I can possibly catch up.

    After losing my job in May 2012, I was relieved to finally be able to pursue the things I really wanted, now for the past couple of months, I can barely envision what I really found inspiring in any of it. And, yes, wine and TV have been a distraction that leaves me feeling even more debilitated. As a practicing Buddhist, meditation and my spiritual practice have helped to keep me from withdrawing completely, but the financial burden of unemployment has left me feeling less than capable of managing my life and fearful of losing what’s left of my tarnished existence.

    I know that this is only temporary, but after Neptune moves forward it will square Venus 4′ Sag and then in June goes retrograde. This sucks!!

    • I know how hard this Neptune transits can be, but you really need to try to stay away from the alcohol as it weakens you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually and you need to try to negate the potential negative effects of these kinds of Neptune transits as there are from what I have seen with many people I have heard from on this issue – there are always some leftover health effects. Mine were completley out of my control, due to as I mentioned in my post, my child waking 3 – 5 times per night for almost 18months. That affected my health greatly and even a year or so later I am still struggling with my immune system and trying everything I can to get back to health. Good luck,.

      • Thank you for your response and advice. Being sleep deprived must have been an awful experience for you. I have noticed that I too, don’t sleep well sometimes, but it isn’t because of a crying baby….just a light sleeper. I know this pass.

  9. After pluto conjunct neptune last year I thought the worst is gone until i came across this!

    Being a sun opp saturn born, I will not only experience neptune square 6th house sun (6 degree gemini sun) but also neptune squaring my natal saturn the same time by mid 2013. DOOMMM 🙁

    I already feel so confused dont know where my life is going. I ve started questioning life and faith a lot. Its like i am just so lost in my thoughts all the time.

    And to top it off I have to make some serious lifer altering decisions this year like should I move to Canada?? should I start working on my masters program or not?? I feel like this is my chance to change my life for good but with this transit approaching I wonder if it would be easy.

  10. I’m having a double whammy of a neptune transit. neptune square midheaven the past 1 1/2 years and still in effect and now neptune squaring my sun for the next couple of years.

    deception at work, gossipers bringing my reputation down, underhanded tactics, career problems, etc. not a very pleasant time at all!

  11. I am currently experiencing transiting Neptune squaring my Natal Sun. With Neptune currently in my tenth house, I’ve been watching my 25-year hard-earned career implode around me. I’ve been unable to recover from spinal surgery I had on May 28, been stuck on disability and a WHOLE LOT of pain pills (Neptune). Morpheus has been my best friend throughout this transit since there is nothing I can do as I watch my life’s work crumble to dust. But guess what? I’m still here. I not only lost my career, I lost a false identity.

    Meantime, with my Natal Sun in my seventh house, I’m beginning to learn whether my spouse really loves me… Or, maybe it was just the money or that false identity he loved. Definitely not a warm and fuzzy time in our relationship. I hope it survives. I hope I survive. I never placed much value on my ego…seems I spend most of my life trying to overcome it. But when it starts dissolving right before your eyes, it’s sure disconcerting!

    So…NOW who are you?

    “Hahaha. Bless your soul. Do you really think you’re in control?”

    • no, we’re not in control, not much anyway. who am i?? well, i’ve been working on that for a few decades, fooling myself most of the time. i’m 5 deg sag, sun in 11th. been following ramana maharshi all that time, recently with nisagadartta, and now with eckharte tolle. today i just realised nept is sq my sun, and oh, for so long too. shingles has wiped me out since late july, mentally and physically. my mind needs to shut down before the plug is pulled for me. neptune in my 2nd and $ ok but not too brilliant. at the same time pluto is conj my venus in cap in the 12th house. a double whammy!
      anyway, a golden opportunity to be in the NOW. tolle is so good. time is of the mind. and soon, sat will conj my sun again.

  12. I’m a 1 degree sag. with moon and three other planets in scorpio- so I’ve been experiencing the neptune square for a least 7 years. It hasn’t been easy. There’s been a lot of change and confusion in my career (10th house sun), relationships, and the hardest has been my failing health. I’m hoping that the end of this transit brings clarity and well being.

    • I’m still recovering from Neptune opposite my Mars for a few years. Not really looking forward to it going opposite my Moon in a few years time either.

  13. Neptune represents water, waves, wave forms, the spectrum of vibrational frequencies from the most dismal and depressing (drugs, alcohol, self-pity, etc.) – all the way up to the highest vibrations of self-sacrifice, compassion for others, and eventual inevitable Enlightenment.

    Neptune aspects and transits offer us all opportunities to learn and evolve. Easy aspects are often wasted, while the hard aspects force us to confront our weaknesses and demons. The classic Neptune/Moon square is said to be more psychic and tuned into the invisible realms than the trine. The square forces us to learn how to handle these subtle energies, how to keep them from overwhelming us, and thus to use them for the benefit of others.

    I have struggled with my own Moon/Neptune square all my life. My natal Moon is in Capricorn in the 12th House – and squares my Neptune in Libra in the 8th. My mother (born 1908) was the 7th child of the 7th child, but she destroyed her rare gift in prescription drugs given to her by idiot doctors, who are still more aware of profits than long term side effects. Over the years, I watched her slowly sink into a strange drug induced form of dementia which kept her helpless, in fear and haunted, a bed-ridden prisoner for the last 10 years of her 90 year life! Watching her suffering broke my heart day in and day out. I’m still trying to rescue her in the ethers – and I don’t touch any prescription drugs.

    My Moon/Neptune square often puts me at odds with women, especially those women in areas of spirituality and esoteric studies such as astrology. Throughout my life many of my astrologer girl friends (in NYC) turned against me and maligned me for little or no reason. Neptune is always submerged, ambiguous, and reasons remain unclear.

    But in my 67 years of life, which have not been easy, I have come to see every heartache as an opportunity. Somehow a higher power within, a greater intelligence has been guiding me, saying … “Not that, not this!” My pain was in fact telling me I was headed in the wrong direction, I had stupidly taken a wrong path. And now as an old lady I am grateful for every setback, every loss and failure, the sleepless nights, every moment of anguish and all the many tears.

    Ultimately, we dissolve back into that which we emerged from. Neptune is the search of the Mystic through the Labyrinth of Delusion and temporal Illusion, the goddess as Shakti’s MAYA. Neptune’s trident represents the three metaphysical principles that generate the universe: Creating, Sustaining, and Destruction. Neptune is the mystery of the imperishable immutable ubiquitous ONE revealing to each of us our own origin. It’s all how you see it!

    If we stop feeling sorry for ourselves – always a complete waste of time and so boring! – we can look at these transits as God-given chances to change, to transform and become free from all self-imposed Delusion. The Bliss of Liberation is hidden in our own Heart. We put It there. Remember?

    • you may be saying the same thing. i see it as identifying with mind and body to our own detriment. there is only the ONE. you are it and they are it and i am it and that is that, as someone once said. there is only the pure awareness, timeless and eternally peaceful. we get sucked in to all the cyclonic ego delusions away from the calm heart centre.

  14. The above was in response to other previous posts. By chance my post arrived on a fresh page, and thus appears to be somewhat out of place – and perhaps should be more properly in a Moon/Neptune discussion. However, the essence of Neptune’s mysteries and endless opportunities to understand its subtle teachings are found in its connections to all planets.

  15. Speaking of Neptune afflictions…
    Those of you who still think SSRIs are OK, might want to watch this informative video:

    Published on Sep 17, 2013
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  16. When transiting Neptune squared my Sun (Transiting Uranus was squaring my sun at the same time, too) I got a sudden job promotion, pay raise, company car, and a lot of recognition of my talents (my dreams were and did come true). My wife and I also gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. My psychic perception was off the chart and I had some amazing experiences. I know this is different from most, but this was one of the greatest time periods in my life. In fairness, I have to say, I started preparing myself 5 years earlier with much prayer, creative visualization, etc. When the time can, I had a harvest of abundant fruit. The climax of those transits produced results for me for the next 14 years until Solar Arc Uranus hit my 4th house cusp. I am on a new journey now. Keep the faith!!

    • Wow. Noted! I knew that Neptune was not all doom and gloom. i am doing a lot of visualization myself now, in preparation of the future.

    • Wow – it’s great to read your positive experience!

      I have become far more spiritual while I have had Neptune Square Mercury the past few years, but somehow my decision-making has been off (especially when it comes to money and business – Mercury rules my second and 5th houses).

      My interest in astrology/psychology grew over this period, I sought hypnotherapy to heal anxiety/set boundaries/conquer alcohol addiction plus I consult periodically with an intuitive/psychic healer… I went through what I might call the bliss stage of a spiritual awakening. Uranus moving over my ascendant in taurus accelerated all these changes.

      Now, it feels like this Neptune Square Sun is exposing my poor decision-making, self-sabotagimg behaviours, lies, etc. I feel like I am about to lose everything I built over years… it’s as if all the healing therapeutic work was for null.

      The Sun rules my 4th house, so this has manifested in serious fear that I might soon lose my home, plus a realisation that I have some inner child work to do.

      There are a lot of of other transits in my chart challenging my IC and 4th house progressed planets in Leo, plus Saturn is currently conjunct my natal moon… on the whole, my life is a mess.

      I have tried visualisations and self-hypnosis but now I am in some kind of abyss… Nothing I try works. I am hoping this ends when the square wanes in 2026.

      I suspect you may have had more positive than negative transits during that time?

  17. I feel that my Neptune transit relationship with my Sun started way back in ’98. And this may sound very controversial, but even though at the time Neptune Aquarius sextile my natal Sun in Sag, it did incur some damage that unfolded in the progressive years. It definitely helped to make the current Neptune in Pisces transit to my Sun, that much more disorienting.

    In high school, when this transit started, I did a lot of theater productions and was deeply immersed in cultural activities. it didn’t occur to me that perhaps I should go towards the more cultural root than the conventional commerce that I studied.

    My whole high school academics were in constant flux; sometimes good and sometimes no so good. There wasn’t any particular field that I was interested in; Science? Maths? Computer Science? Not one that held as much interest to me as cultural activities and drama.

    But anyway, to cut a long story short, the calling back to “get on the right track” has always been there; even throughout my studies -where I used to sneak out of Economics lectures to see a drama production.But I didn’t want to “disappoint” my parents and eventually graduated.

    Now, in 2014, my “career” has got me nowhere;that is really more subjective because that’s really how I feel and how you feel is everything.

    And when Neptune started in on Pisces(2011),I started to feel a painful withdrawal and disinterest in where I was(professionally) and what I was doing. I felt my life was “wasted and really sought answers to very deep questions that few people understood.

    So last year, my contract with a previous awful job ended, and I found myself motivated to go back to school for a second career alternative; this time more in tune with my natal Sun-/ Neptune conjunction i.e Psychology. And perhaps I will also look into giving the creative Arts a second look.

    This was an essay..Sorry. But I think I am quite excited about the future as I believe that Neptune may be the answer to help me unlock all the dreams I’ve had and the person that I really want to be.

  18. Hi I am Amrita born on 26 Nov 1984 around 23:15 PM in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Is this effect still on me and how long it will stay with me?

  19. Hi my birthday is 02/12/1964 born at 16.20 pm in Mauritius is this effect still on me?

    • Still a way to go yet Lilia. here are the exact dates:

      20 apr 2016
      09 aug 2016 Rx
      18 feb 2017

  20. Hi, please comment on mine as well, June 8 1994 born 7:03 am, India

      • Oh. However, I feel all the mentioned characteristics even now. Of late, I have faced a lot of setbacks professionally and personal life is in tatters too. Can you please suggest what can be the matter to feel so lost? I really had an excelling career n happy life but last two years had been terrible all of a sudden. I feel v.insecure and restless and have reclined to smoke to calm myself. It’s like having no control of thoughts and feelings and over reality at times. Just that I analyse everything logically even emotions at times which lets me know this is happening possibly.

  21. My rising sign is Gemini decan 1 and I can definitely say that this transit has been having this effect on me since 2012. As i’ve been learning more about astrology recently, I’ve just realised that Neptune is squaring my rising sign as it’s trine my sun sign scorpio dean 1. It’s very unusual, as the last few years have been the most spiritual times of my life, but at the same time, Neptune squaring my rising sign, I believe has consequently been given me unusual and bad dreams for the last few years. The bad dreams came from nowhere, but I believe it’s Neptune as the planet rules dreams! I must say, I am looking forward to this transit being over. I had to deal with Saturn in Scorpio in 2012 onwards and then when it moved into Sag, I came in to my Saturn Return! The universe is giving it to me all at once! Near year will be much better. The neptune square will be over for me, as will my saturn return and Jupiter will also be beginning it’s transit in Scorpio!

    • Hi Katie, glad you talked about this because it can be very difficult to differentiate between two parts of your chart during a transit which affects both. Seems like you have a good understanding of the difference. I have a Mercury Venus conjunct which is difficult to tell apart when under a transit. the most confusing of all though is Moon square Lilith in my chart. I have given up and just look at my Moon. it may have something to do with how tight the orb is between the two connected natal planets. The wider the orb then the easier it would be to detect the different influences.

      • Hi Jamie. Neptune isn’t aspecting my sun, moon or ascendant natally. But because both my Scorpio sun and Gemini ascendant are Declan 1, interestingly, through certain periods in time, I’ll experience the Trine and Square from Neptune simultaneously. I’m a very observant person. I tend to reflect a lot. That’s how I’m aware of how the planet has and is effecting me in positive and negative ways. The spirituality/psychic abilities, but also the illusions that I believe no one can run from when experiencing Neptune squaring their Asc, Moon or Sun! I am looking forward to the square to my ascendent (gem decan 1) being over to be honest. The description you have wrote in this article is spot on! Neptune square Asc isn’t a very action orientated time. The person tends to be very wrapped up in their mind!

        • Also, as you mentioned Lilith, I’ve just noticed that Lilith has just become exactly conjunct my sun at 1.33 degrees in Scorpio. What would this transit mean for me at the moment? I don’t know a lot about Lilith.

            • I’ll read that, thanks. Yes, I’ve read a few of her articles as I found her link on your bio page. I really like her descriptions of aspects – very observant and interesting. I hope that she builds a bigger list of aspects over time, as I’d like to read more of her point of view on certain aspects that aren’t yet listed on there.

            • My natal Lilith is in Virgo, I think. How do I find out which planets it’s aspecting?

        • Good for you Katie. Understanding Neptune is a big effort and requires something that you cannot learn. One day I will get to writing up Sun quincunx Ascendant. That would give you a unique view of things.

          • I also believe on the positive side though – that Neptine gives us deep compassion. One astrologer said that Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Okay, I’ll read the article once you’ve written it. I love talking and reading about astrology!

  22. Hi Jamie, due to major losses & defeats in this past year I’ve become really interested in finding the answers as to why?? Why, is this all happening in my life. From what I see & am learning through your site I am gemini decan 1 & am currently experiencing this transit. Dob. 31.05.1968 birthplace Newcastle Aust. 5.35am. I’m just wondering as my birthdate is 31st does that mean I have an overlap with decan 2 or can I expect this wonder & uncertainty to be over with by 2017? Sorry if this is a dumb question….just searching for some direction.

    • Hi Ursula, you are at the very end of Gemini decan 1 with your Sun at 9°25′ Gemini. So when you read your monthly horoscope the final days of a transit will apply to you.

      Saturn square Neptune has been the reason for the hard times this year. You still have some of the Neptune square to go but I would say you are definitely through the worst of it.

      Saturn opposite Sun transit
      23 Dec 2015
      24 Jul 2016 Rx
      02 Sep 2016

      Neptune square Sun transit
      16 Mar 2016
      22 Sep 2016 Rx
      15 Jan 2017

      Have some fun in your life with Jupiter trine Sun transit climaxing on October 27 but lasting a couple of weeks.

      Research “natal Neptune opposite Ascendant” because that will explain a lot about your life.

      In time you can find the degrees of your planets in your free horoscope then find your fixed stars. You have a lot more than average of very strong stars.

      • Thanks for your reply Jamie, very much appreciated. So much to learn about myself, Thanks for giving me a starting point.

  23. Hi Jamie

    Hi my birthday is 03 Dec 1977 born at after 5pm how long will this transit stay with me ?

    Thank you

  24. Hi my birthday is December 5, 1960, born at 11:16 a.m. how long will this transit stay with me?

  25. Hi Jamie

    Hi my birthday is 03 Dec 1977 born at after 5pm how long will this transit stay with me ?

    Thank you

    • Hi Melanie. You have 5 exact squares between May 2016 to December 2017:

      12 May 2016
      17 Jul 20146 Rx
      03 Mar 2017
      20 Oct 2017 Rx
      25 Dec 2017

      Give or take a few days depending on time and place of birth.

  26. Hi, I was born June 1st 1992 at 11:47am on andrews air force base, Maryland. How long is this transit going to affect me and when will I reap the positive effects of this transit?

    • Wow. I was born June 2nd 1992 at around 10:30 am but very far away from your place. How’s your experience with this transit been like?

  27. Deception and treachery this I have already experienced with friends. not a good experience but managing.
    I am Sag decan 2 born 3 Dec 1977.

    thank you

    • Yes. For me, Neptune has been transiting my 11th house.

      I made a lot of bad friends over the years of Neptune in Pisces, frequently ghosting and blocking as their toxicity became clear.

      The recent ingress of Saturn into Pisces led me to cut all but two of them off!

  28. Hi I was born june 7 1996. This aspect has been affecting me for almost 2 years in my personal relationship .. I’ve experienced dissapoinment after disappointment in love . it been so tough I just want to hide my heart from everyone.I feel as if I’m deserving of love after all the heartache ive expiernced

    • June 7th here as well,
      Exact same relationship situation. Regrettable, yes. It’s been a boot to the neck for sure, but as difficult as it has been, is .. it’s for the best. This isn’t so much the Neptune transit as much as the Saturn transiting our 7th house of relationship.
      Which, good news in that regard, will be leaving in early December. Be warned though, Saturn is making a retro dip back into the 7th currently after a brief exit in March. Sort of a final exam to see if we learned our lesson. Stay strong.

  29. I need serious help, please. This period is just horrible..what is it’s purpose. to lose your ego and all material, human, love and support?

    Transit Neptune (6 th house) square sun in third. I suppose as Neptune takes 164 years to transit our solar system, such a square comes once every 82 years? As it is so often in retrograde the transit can be 2 years or so. ( bn. 10 Dec, 1956, 1:10 am Sydney Australia) . Neptune in 6th some say do humanitarian work?

    • Hi Andrew. It feels worse than just transiting Neptune square your Sun because of Jupiter square Neptune (test of faith). That climaxed on September 21 but transiting Jupiter was on your Sun October 3 which amplified everything. You are through the worst of it now.

  30. Hi I’m Mella, born Dec. 5. Is the transits in decan 2 already over or not? cuz 2018-2019 is the worst year so I hope in 2020 will be a good year for me.

  31. Hi I m farooq Ahmad born 11 June 1988 I want to know about that i have an important interview which will be on 14 april 2020 . Is 14th April for me a lucky day or it bring bad luck
    My email address is
    Please reply me

  32. I have neptune squaring my sun at the moment and I feel exhausted and very depressed!! I wonder how long this transit will last 😕 I know it might be quite a long one.

  33. I have transits… Neptune (6th) square sun( 3rd) , Saturn( 4th) Square Neptune (1st) , and Chiron (6th) Square midheaven.
    Hell in career, and life. ( Bn. 1am, 10 Dec, 1956, Sydney , Australia). Help, or tell me where I can find it. Will pay for help.

    • Hi Andrew. Lots of our careers have been hit hard by the pandemic. You especially because of that heavy Neptune influence. But the Saturn transit is waning and your outlook is very good. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late December 2020 in trine your Jupiter. That is a much stronger and longer-lasting influence than the other transits. See my readings page for more options.

  34. Welp, I was drawn to this article today, checked an ephemeris, and by golly today Neptune is square to my natal sun exact to the degree ON THIS VERY DAY.

    Working on a complete transition into a whole new vision of how I see myself and my place in the world. Maybe some of the persistant obstacles will finally disolve.


    Incidentally, my sun is exact opposite Donald Trump’s sun, which means he’s also getting an exact square transit today. I saw he was in the news for some long winded wedding toast..

  35. My god, I just found this today, I was born 14 June 1973, does that really mean I have another 4.5 years of this shit to look forward to?! I was hoping relationship bootcamp and self doubt were almost over 🙁

  36. Dear Jamie,
    I’ve been struggling with Neptune in square for year and the half already. I have stelium in Gemini Mercury Venus at 21 deg Sun 24 deg and Moon at 29 deg. It was very hard. In a few days Neptune square to my Sun will be exact. Neptune is in the 1st and Sun is in the 5th house.
    I wanted to ask is there a way to redirect the Neptune energy, to spend it because it caused me severe health anxiety and many other problems in previous months?
    Also at the same time I will have Saturn trine to the same stelium. So I wanted to ask will Saturn help in some way to ease that Neptune square? What energy should prevail Saturn or Neptune?
    Best Regards

    • Hi Dreamer. Spiritual work is a good way to redirect Neptunian energy, so it creative work like music and art. Charity and other acts of selflessness will also help.

      It depends on the specific transits as to whether Saturn or Neptune is stronger. Transits to the Sun and Moon are stronger than those to Mercury and Venus. Generally, oppositions are stronger than trines. But Saturn transits should be stronger than Neptune transits because they occur over a shorter period.

      The Saturn transits will help ground the dreamy Neptunian energy, and they will help materialize any spiritual or creative work into something practical.

    • Dreamer,that anxiety is love rising in your heart.
      Sit with it and don’t seek out distractions.
      The emotional charge lessons,along with the resistance.
      Focus on what brings you joy and lifts your spirits.

  37. Thank you very much for the reply! I really appreciate it. I’ll give it a try to visual meditation, hope it’ll spend a little of this neptunian energy

  38. Hi! Saggitarius 3rd decan (december 19th 1998, 3:30 AM (Horsens, Denmark). Been really feeling this Neptune square – really from october 2020 I feel. But dont know if that is also due to anything else?

    The transit says from April 2020 to January 2026 – will I feel this at a constant? I’m so beat up – Saturn has nothing on this, lol

  39. Currently going through a sun square neptune transit which is leaving me feeling incredibly overwhelmed by anxiety, disillusionment, confusion, all related to health matters. I’ve had a particularly difficult past 15 years with health issues due to pluto and saturn transits. I’ve utterly had enough of it and feel absolutely desperate for relief but fear none is coming. Life is a constant, relentless struggle and i long for peace. Finding it very hard to find any optimism or hooe with this current astrological climate. It’s been hard for a long time but this sun square neptune transit is horrendous.

    • I agree.
      This transit seems to have exacerbated anything inmy life which was previously only mildly “off”. Horrendous experience!

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