Moon Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Moon Conjunct Midheaven TransitMoon conjunct Midheaven transit brings on strong feeling that are difficult to hide. Public displays of emotion are likely which is okay so long as you don’t become too self obsessed, or carried away by your emotions.

Extra sensitivity mean you are likely to feel vulnerable and defensive. You could damage your social standing or reputation at work if you were to overreact to others. If you do struggle with your feelings at this time it would be better to avoid large groups and social gatherings. Your decision-making could also be clouded by fears and subconscious biases.

If you handle the spotlight well or have a well placed natal Midheaven then can be a positive transit. You will be more in touch with the public mood and could excel at public relations. This is a good transit for dramatic acting and public performances.

This interpretation for Moon conjunct Midheaven transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon conjunct Midheaven.

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