Phoenix Constellation Meaning

Phoenix Constellation

Phoenix Constellation [Stellarium]

Phoenix Constellation is a minor constellation in the southern sky named after the mythical bird. Phoenix Constellation spans 30 degrees of the zodiac from 4° Pisces Sign to 4° Aries Sign. It was included in Johann Bayers 1603 Uranometria but ancient Arabian astronomers knew it as a griffin or eagle.

In the Middle East, the constellation was called Al Rial and Al Zaurak, the latter of which means “the boat.” This terminology makes sense, as the constellation is located nearby to Eridanus, the “river” constellation. [1]

Al Rial is from Al Rial ath Thaalith, which means “third little ostrich” in Arabic. [2]

2000BStar NameMag.Orb
04 ♓ 53
ι Phe4.691°00′
05 ♓ 19η Phe4.361°00′
09 ♓ 38ε Phe3.881°10′
11 ♓ 36λ1 Phe4.761°00′
12 ♓ 22ζ PheWurren3.941°10′
14 ♓ 30κ Phe3.931°10′
15 ♓ 29α PheAnkaa2.402°00′
15 ♓ 48μ PheAlrial II4.591°00′
20 ♓ 25β PheAlrial III3.321°30′
23 ♓ 23ν PheAlrial IV4.821°00′
23 ♓ 36δ Phe3.931°10′
28 ♓ 08γ PheAlrial V3.411°20′
01 ♈ 18ψ Phe4.391°00′
04 ♈ 51φ Phe4.97

Phoenix Constellation Astrology

In astrology, Phoenix is said to give a pioneering disposition, ambition and power, together with a long life and lasting fame. [3]


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