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Planet CeresFor the official opening of the climate change conference in Copenhagen in a bit over a week, the dwarf planet Ceres is at 24sco20. At 24sco34 was the last New Moon of November 16. The New Moon represents a focus for this period, now Ceres is center stage.

This will be the first Climate Change conference in which the two biggest polluters come with a positive attitude, America with a new progressive president, and China for the first time agreeing to reel in it’s CO2 output.

CERES “became an emerging archetypal in the social response of becoming aware of the recent Climate Change, and is entering our collective consciousness as a need to take care of our natural and irreplaceable resources in the 21st Century.” wiki.

In the chart you can see that Ceres is further thrust into the collective consciousness at this important moment for our future because she is the focal point of a very tight T-square configuration to the Moon Neptune opposition, most definitely an aspect of collective consciousness.

Copenhagen Climate Conference

Just been chatting with Gary Caton about this on his Goddess Astrology thread at The Mountain Astrologer Forum. He has confirmed this link with Ceres and climate change:

“Al Gore’s Academy Award winning documentary about Global Warming –An Inconvenient Truth –opened the month after the Ceres/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. In February and March 2007 there was a series of conjunctions between Ceres, the North Node of the Moon, and Uranus in Pisces. This is when the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its fourth assessment report. This scientific report finally confirmed what governments have been trying to sweep under the rug for decades: the fact that humans are responsible for Global Warming.”

This may also add weight to the argument to increase the status of Ceres and at least share rulership of Virgo. “spicifera est Virgo Cereris” — “The Virgin with her sheaf belongs to Ceres”. [Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, p.117]

Back to the chart, add an extra couple of degrees and there is a grand cross configuration by including Jupiter, Chiron, Sedna and the Vertex. We know the conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune is heightening our spiritual awareness in general.

Sedna, Eris and Varuna are still holding the same tight configuration within one degree that they were a couple of months ago during that spate of destructive earthquakes. The slow motion of the newly discovered planets does mean long term configurations that we are not used to. This fits so well with these trends in global warming and earth changes in general. It may be that whenever another planet, or lunar node and Vertex as in this chart, comes to the sensitive degree involving this configuration that something is triggered.

This conference is extremely significant for the future of life on this planet as we are fast approaching a critical tipping point. If we are lucky our leaders, under the influence of our collective consciousness, will put that Mercury Pluto conjunction to optimal use and agree on a serious solution to a serious problem.

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  1. It has been far too warm here. It’s only beginning to feel like a crisp Fall season, and we’re in December already.

  2. That picture of the underwear should actually be the reverse. Apparently wearing lighter bloomers is cooler and more hygienic in hot weather, since they don’t stick to you the way tiny bikinis do. We don’t know how to do anything in our culture.

  3. Haha! I now have an idea for a present for Marina when she gets to the beach in Australia.

    • I desperately need to update it too. This is one of the earliest articles I wrote. have leaned so much more about Ceres since then.

      • Yes, it’s all having the time, isn’t it! Beautiful picture now though!

  4. I ve noticed that ceres transits had an impact on my life lately…especially when transiting ceres made a conjuct with my MC. I suddently had interest on agricalture which is totally out of my interests…Ceres transiting on natal venus ,mars and chiron was not a pleasant experience probably because juno was in opposition to those points as well.Now I m curious to see what will happen (if I notice something happening) when transiting jupiter will hit my natal ceres (virgo 29.35). Hope no more legal issues regarding my daughter and her father. Deffinately Ceres is of great importance..

    • You should be feeling the effects now Marianna. I can’t offer too much as I have only really studied her mundane effects.

  5. When Ceres would take over the rulership of Virgo from Mercury, that would also mean that the house connections would change, right? Do you have experience with that? Or would you use both?

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