Currency Wars

Currency Wars

Currency Wars

The currency war 2010 between China and the US is in response to the financial crisis of 2009. This currency war should last through 2011. The only other big currency war the world has seen was in the 1930’s in response to the Great Depression. During a currency war, two or more competing countries reduce the value of their money through competitive devaluation. This helps exports and keeps jobs in the country. The US, China, Japan and Euro zone are involved in this war, though the heavyweights are the super economies of the US and China. Because trade is so much more global than during the Great Depression, all countries are going to be effected with this currency war.

China has kept tight controls on the value of the Yuan, which the USA says is unfairly undervalued. Now the US is printing money, making it worth less. This is so America can compete on the global market with cheap Chinese exports. America is doing this because her economy is in bad shape, high debt, high unemployment and low growth. China looks to be in better shape with high savings, high growth and lower unemployment. The economic experts can’t agree on who will win this currency war, or even if it has started, though most agree that it will hurt most countries and the global economy as a whole.

Looking at the astrology of China and the US through their national horoscopes gives us some clues as to why this currency war is starting now, and what the consequences may be. The prime mover in in the global economy is the planet Pluto, how it aspects other planets in the sky, and how it aspects planets in the horoscopes of nations.

Pluto was part of the cardinal crisis earlier this year, “a time with many great challenges and dramatic changes”, and this currency war is one of the repercussions. Because the June lunar Eclipse was conjunct Pluto, the effects of that cardinal crisis will last through to December this year. Looking further ahead, Uranus is square Pluto for three years from 2012 to 2015. This will result in major global changes in society, politics and the economy.

Why this currency war is beginning now, and why China and the US are the major players, is because of Pluto. China and the US share a common fixed star in their horoscopes. The star is called Tejat Posterior in constellation Gemini, now at 5 degrees Cancer. China has Uranus here, and the US has her Venus here. Pluto is about to oppose Tejat Posterior for all of 2011, we are just seeing the opening shots in this currency war, and it will last all through 2011.

US Horoscope

Venus rules money, and with Pluto starting to oppose the USA Venus we will see destruction of the US dollar, and this has already started. Some economists say that by reducing the value of their dollar, the US will solve its economic problems by creating more domestic demand and jobs, helping narrow the huge trade deficit. Other economists say the economic problems will not be solved by a currency war because the unemployment and massive debt is more of a structural problem, that the economy itself is broken. I agree with the later, because in the USA Horoscope you see Venus is conjunct Jupiter, over optimism, greed and extravagance, spending more than is earned. Excess borrowing from other countries is the issue, and after Pluto has finished kicking the dollar down, it will start opposing the US Jupiter, kicking down growth, prosperity and wealth. A lower dollar makes paying back the bills more difficult. Major transformation is the result of hard Pluto aspects like this, fundamental changes are going to be required in the USA economy, changes that pumping paper money out of the presses won’t solve. The USA dollar as the global standard may have to give way to another option.

“Currency war” – two words, and two planets in astrology. Venus is the currency, Mars is the war. In the US horoscope, Mars square Neptune suggests that taking the non direct route in conflict results in negative outcomes. We have seen this in military campaigns waged by America. Invading the prosperous sovereign nation of Iraq, based on a lie, has backfired. The war on terror has now cost the USA one trillion dollars, and the largest foreign owner of US currency is China, it’s current economic rival in the currency war. By printing money instead of addressing the major structural problems in the economy, the USA is likely heading for a negative economic outcome from this currency war.

China Horoscope

Pluto opposing the China Uranus points to powerful forces demanding major changes. The crawling pace of change on the floating of the Yuan is a major reason the US is devaluing the dollar, the Yuan is not appreciating enough to narrow the trade gap. The Chinese economy is geared toward export growth, and changes will have to made, but dramatic changes here as suggested by this transit may lead to social unrest, a Uranus trait, because there will be job losses. Moon quincunx Uranus in the China horoscope also points to the inherent radical changes in the Chinese society, a continual re-balancing, changing policies effecting the people. The swing from state control to a capitalist style market is an example.

With Mars conjunct Pluto in the China horoscope, there is no misconception about the motives of China. Power hungry, direct, in your face actions, one party state, absolute control. This is a powerful aspect and favorable for fighting wars, but disregard for human rights and the needs of others will results in stiff opposition. We see the results with frustration in the US at the lack of progress on lifting the value of the Chinese currency.


No one wins in a currency war, though I believe the USA is going to suffer more because it is her Venus being transformed by Pluto. Venus is much closer to home than Uranus, she is more personal. The USA is by far the largest economy in the world, and it is the problems in the economy there that have caused the current global financial crisis. Pluto is demanding the USA address the Venus Jupiter issues of excess spending. Interestingly this November, Venus and Jupiter both station direct on the same day, 18 November 2010. This is a rare event, it only happened once in the 20th century, on 15 February 1966. That day marked the beginning of a 16 year bear market, and the day before Australia converted to decimal currency. Perhaps in 2010 it will mark the time when economists all agree the currency war is on.

50 thoughts on “Currency Wars

  1. Again, what a piece of astrological work!

    Just to join the game… with the remaining tokens:

    – Cérès joining Pluto on one side, the north node on the other… Could it be that Cérès also relate to currencie?

    – And Saturn, transiting positions in Libra on China map… The two majors (USA & China), after a while, could again be motivated in finding mutual arrangements on the back of other nations?

    An impressed reader

    • Hadn’t thought about Ceres here, interesting. There is a big move by the IMF to get these two countries working together on the global economic problems.

      The big things in the synastry between USA and China are USA Venus conjunct China Uranus, and USA Saturn conjunct China South Node. Not sure if that is so helpful for working together. But it is in both countries interests that they both have healthy economies.

      • I only just caught up with this! Jamie you did a great job of making something like economics (Something I usually yawn at) a really great read.
        Is cash the new form of warfare then?

        Tsilikat, a really good point about Ceres. I think she IS related to currency. When you think about it. Ceres and Venus (Money) both share a certain earthy Taurean quality. They are both about abundance and the fruits of the earth. Venus is the natural ruler of the 2nd, but I think Ceres would equally feel at home there.
        2nd house is personal finance and it’s opposite the 8th house (which happens to correspond to Pluto.) is other peoples money – the Banks!

        So now we understand why Pluto is such a big player in Economics and why this is all coming to a head this year with this meeting of Ceres (Personal cash) and Pluto (World Banking)

        Jamie isn’t it time for you to start putting Ceres in charts? Give the lady some recognition Mr Pluto! Maybe I’ll start getting into Mundane stuff more then.
        You can’t get more “Mundane” than Ceres, she is very specifically of this earthly world.

  2. Yes, not so helpful indeed. I was just thinking about Saturn making it harder for China on its own side… and maybe less reluctant to accomodate in some way, gaining time.

  3. USA is also coming up on a Saturn return, Dec 2010 – not only Venus but Jupiter with Venus in USA chart is conjuncting US Uranus – wealth comes into question as an ideal and is going to be making China’s idiosyncratic version of capitalism in practice an issue – they will need more than linguistic translators to work together, esp as the process is challenged by China’s visions for the future through the strength of its past with S node + Neptune in negotiations – US Saturn will bring things to a head for them and will show who has the balance of power in determining world economic structures to a large extent – US Chiron conj China Lilith (+N node) puts China even more in the driving seat tho – the behind the scenes diplomacy would be fascinating to see…..

    • You’d love to be a fly on the wall in those negotiations. I was thinking that atleast they are fighting it out in a more gentlemanly way than firing missiles at each other.

      • nah just kidding – better than being a leech on the heart of peoples well-being though, or a clamp on their mouths…

        these guys “fighting it out in a more gentlemanly way” still produces casualties, millions of them – we need a sea change – curbing currency trading practices would be a beginning – but, this conflict will only be self defeating if it does not lead to evolution of the global financial system, which seems inevitable – now, wonder how that might happen…..

        could be some fireworks then when Uranus squares Pluto in June 2011, still on that hot spot!

        • You’re right. I was thinking as I wrote that, the last currency war in the 30’s didn’t end up too gentlemanly. You should check out the chart for the Uranus Pluto square in April 2014. Real nastry grand square with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer.

          • just checked this April 2014 grand square – looks like big alchemy, another cardinal square, pretty tight too – if you check out the Sabians for the cardinal planets involved and add in the nodes symbols it really does read like the collapse of the old paradigm, a traumatic return to Eden, with strong birth pains as Mars is retro – they even mention terrorism! – and its constant through a pair of eclipses that month as well, April 15 and 29 – Oct 2013 lunar eclipse is going to open the field up for this on the exact opposite degree to the April 15 one – well, the coming decade after this has been touted as the do or die field change – guess ‘currency’ will have a whole new meaning by then.

        • Rob,

          Just a check on your date; the first exact square of Uranus (Aries) and Pluto (Capricorn) is in June of 2012 at 8d24m on the 24th. In June 2011 they are still 2+ degrees apart (Uranus at 4d Aries and Pluto at 6d Capricorn). I’m using the American Ephemeris for the 21st Century by Michelsen and Pottenger. If you are using a different source, I’d be curious to know if it puts the exact square in 2011.



          • Hi Phil
            I am not looking to highlight specific dates here, more so the significant and lasting influences on the field, a more mundane overview of process – however I am working with a waxing orb of about 2d for the slow movers, which I consider tight enough in this context, and the following lunations and crosses starting in early July (Venus/Pluto/Moon+Saturn/Uranus to begin with) are on a workable enough orb for me – you may prefer to be exact, for precision – depends on what your applying it to……

          • Rob,

            I definitely think the “heart of the matter” will be a duration between 2012 and 2015, with felt effects expanding out to 2008 and 2020. I just wanted to make sure I had not missed a date because the way I read your comment seemed to suggest the first exact square. I would say we’ve been feeling the square effects for some time, peaking here in the US with a man flying a plane into a Texas IRS building (back in February when the orb was 8 degrees) and another bulldozing his home to keep the bank from getting. These actions, I believe, are precursors to more dramatic and larger scale actions we will see leading up to and after the 2012 Presidential election.

  4. of course its the China Uranus that is in question….the US Uranus just makes them look like they habitualy ‘speak with forked tongue’

  5. “Perhaps in 2010 it will mark the time when economists all agree the currency war is on.”

    I felt this one too Jamie. It’s in the waters. I even had a heated debate with a good friend over the state of the global currencies and who’s ahead of the game. I loved testing my crazy hypothesis with this guy, who has outgrown asperger’s and is an expert at alienating other people with his idiosyncracies. Like you, we both strongly agreed that nobody wins in a currency war. Thus, the currency that steers clear of this war will come out a step ahead. And I believe that’s the Euro-GCC currencies. That’s excluding Saudi Arabia and the UK.

    The US could possibly maintain its currency leadership in the next decade if it comes out in a leveraged position after a favorable outcome with its war in Afghanistan, commitment to rebuild Iraq and the sustained capability to enforce the sanctions against Iran.

    The tipping point for China could be the strength of its relations with its neighbor countries, namely NK’s new regime in the near future.

    I told my friend that the economists might have to re-write the book.

    But then that’s only us, two lunar water babies talking, on our respective lunchbreaks.

    • All the other smaller countries around the world will be tweeking their economic policy to fit the changes I’m sure.

      Australia is an interesting one. Rob mentioned the translators and behind the scenes negotiations, Australia’s foreign minister, ex PM Kevin Rudd used to be a diplomat in China, speaks fluent Mandarin. Very close economic ties. Australia has good growth, low unemployment, didn’t really feel the financial crisis, thanks to China buying our exports mainly coal and iron ore. Even having closer joint military exercises.

      • Yeah Australia could come out a very strong contender, especially when its energy sector(mainly gas) picks up as much as Indonesia.

        But then Australia had been predominantly exporting to its neighboring Asian countries in the food sector – milk, beef, fruits, grains, etc. These cluster of SE Asian countries are fast becoming techno hubs (low salaries, high competencies). So the entire Asian cluster and its neighbors, while having fostered close interdependencies for raw materials and agriculture over the years, will gain so much based on this relationship.

        I am curious about the future of the ASEAN. I think nobody has looked into its astrological aspects. Founded on August 8, 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand. Almost all of its member states have fared well over the years. Note that neither Australia nor China are members but these two biggies have been like the “godfathers” in a good way (whichever interpretation one considers would be best taken with a grain of salt). In the looming currency war involving China, I’m curious how the ASEAN and Australia (indirectly) reacts based on its astrological tendencies.

        • Good points. Austalia and New Zealand are well placed for the future. I do want to look more into the astrology of the region, was actually thinking of looking at Malaysia next. India and China are just powerhouses of economic growth and other Asian countries are coming along well too. Hopefully I’ll find a time for that ASEAN founding.

          • That would be great Jamie. One thing to note though, India while it’s technically an Asian country, its economy is quite self-contained and whatever significant external economic relations it has is closely tied up with the Middle East, US and Europe in that order but not with the rest of its Asian neighbors. We would have to consider Singapore an exception as it’s more of like the melting pot of the SouthEast. I think in all external indicators and appearances, China and Australia prevented India from setting ground in any Asian country other than Singapore. But then these interrelationships boil down to what each country can offer each other in the least possible cost and optimum gain to one another – normally termed as economic advantage. Case in point, I would expect to find Australian milk in a typical Hongkong grocery rather than Swiss cheese. It all goes down to trade relations. And this currency war between the US and China really started from there. China had been the US largest subcontractors and subsuppliers. It is the US’ self-undoing. I wonder if it is a 12th house thing?

  6. Fascinating indeed Rob. I’m also in a wait and see mode. Something caught my eye with your post though – Chiron conjunction Lilith. I’ve read them everywhere and picked up some of its vibe. It’s also in my natal chart. I have it in Aquarius very close to my 7th house cusp. Jesus and Magdalene, saviour and slut. A partnership with two extreme personalities, working for a common goal. What if the goal has been achieved? Does it signal the dissolution of the partnership? Or an implosion perhaps?

    • America literaly cannot afford to dissolve the ‘partnership’, with China backing up the global dollar reserve – US printing money is wallpaper over the cracks – a question is ‘will China be able to withstand external and internal pressures to change before America collapses?’ Lilith might remind bombast US policy makers that their own economic healing is necessary before a stable relationship can continue……and Chiron might remind China that its free spirit has a voice too, which it will continue to stifle so long as it has internal strength to do so. Lots of unhappy bankers/joe-publics in China….

      • Right about USA needeing China, but China also needs Americans to be buying their exports. They really do need each other econimically speaking. If things do go pear-shaped then all eyes will be on Taiwan. Another thing I noticed in the news is that the Republicans are tipped to make gains in the midterm election, if they get more influence in the government then that can’t be good for compromise.

  7. To Jamie and Rob:

    It dawned on me that we may have to look into the founding date of the World Bank, the IMF, the G8, ASEAN, US and China. There must be something in there that would clue us in as to where this currency war would unfold and end. Really very curious this time.

    • Just did a quick google and it looks like no one has done a chart for IMF or the World Bank. Looks like we are it. The astrology forums don’t have much happening lately regards mundane astrology either.

        • I’d just like to add this. I think we also have to look at Citigroup and HSBC. Most likely the actual battleground would be covered by these two.

          • Just in the news today:

            Goldman Sachs quarterly profits fall 40%

            Bank of America in $7.3B loss

          • I think this war is unfolding right before us. This would be the first time that I’m going to look at this kind of event in an astrological point of view.

    • Yes, China is happy to invest and trade without interfering in politics in the other countries. It does open them to criticism but they do have a maintain this approach with all countries.

  8. A good piece on a subject which is fascinating me at the moment.

    The US is about to devalue it’s currency by about 10% (issuing an expected further $500 billion when there are already $6.2 trillion in circulation).

    It ultimately affects us all as there is no corresponding increase in the availability of commodities and so prices are rising as fast as the dollars roll off the printing presses, whilst incomes are not.

    Part of the current economic problems is that money is based on nothing but a promise of future goods and services rather than something tangible like gold or silver…. will the US be able honour their 7 trillion promises and if so, how so?

    While the US is increasing it’s debt, Europe is desperately trying to cut its own.

    Look to the collapse of the Roman Empire and the devaluation of their currency or to Zimbabwe and how their currency is simply not accepted and you can see where this can all end… back to using gold and silver to buy goods.

    If one were to follow the modern masters of sociology then we are in a Kondratieff B Phase and in the transition from US as Wallerstein’s Global Economic Hegemon to who knows, both of these events traditionally require a massive war to conclude.

    e.g Following the UK’s fall from being the dominant world power Germany and the US battled it out for the title (otherwise known as World War I & II which lasted for 30 years 1914 to 1945) or the thirty years war which established the United Provinces (now called the Netherlands) as hegemon.

    All of which ties in nicely with Neptune entering Pisces in 2012 heralding the birth of new ideas, and Saturn entering Scorpio forcing one to take sides.

    Currency war or actual war waged sporadically for the next thirty years (maybe those wars have already started)?

    Russia being blessed with vast natural resources may be the next hegemon… any hints from their chart?

    It’s interesting but I remember the ancient chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’.

    • You raised more economics than I knew of 🙂 It is a complex tangled web which makes preidction so difficult. We are in interesting times, glad we’re all here to watch the show.

  9. Another first salvo: I think China will patiently allow the balance of power to shift without jeopardizing the long term economic relationship. As the US continues its decline and struggles to find a new balance (progressed Mars opposes progressed Venus currently in the US chart with pMars on top of nSaturn as tSaturn approaches and pVenus is on top of nChiron), China will exert more economic policy leadership. I think the relationships described in the synastry comments above might suggest that China, for the time being, is happy to “allow” American to think she is still the global leader. The continuing debt problems will also continue to hollow out the rhetoric of American until you have a Straw Man left.

    I would suggest that until energy costs to transport items overseas force production back into America, America will become the land of vacation homes for any parts of the world with fiscal solidity and the American worker will continue to be servicing its own and other worldly wealthy individuals. The emerging question for China will be the evolution of its own work force once that work force figures out that it controls the means of production and there is no other cheap labor/strong infrastructure to replace them (India has labor but no infrastructure). China is already seeing cracks in its own cheap labor resources Truly amazing times in front. If a World War does not break out, we may get to see how the economic policies of the 1930, which are essentially being repeated now, would have played out without the interference or “saving grace” of WWII.

    • Thanks for those progressions, something I haven’t looked at. Seems to support what the transits show. Things seems to be changiing daily, definitely a very fuid situation, all countrie sseem to be acting pre-emptively, knowing there is so much at stake. There was even talk today in Australia of intervention to weaken our very strong dollar.

  10. Hey Jamie, is it possible to activate a “follow comments” option. I’d like to get an email when people post to this discussion so I know automatically when new comments have been added?

    • it is kinna making sense. but you know china growing base on chinese will be surprise if i tell you this. most of big counterfeit chinese companies have been running by chinese government. More than half china industries have been making counterfeits including military stuffs. Instead of banning counterfeits china gov has expanded them. These imitations has brought china 100 billions $ every month. According to studies, the # of counterfeits have increased more than 15% yearly. Every country has at least 30% or more china counterfeits. I don’t think china is a qualified country and should not be allowed to trade with other countries around the world. what can we do?

  11. More Ceres – initiated on ‘karmic contracts’ FMoon – “China cutting ‘rare earth’ exports, by up to 33% in coming year” – rare earths essential to green technology and computers – Saturn transits natal China Ceres + Neptune, Mercury and SNode, throughout coming 12 months – says it all…..

  12. 4 November: “The Federal Reserve will pump an extra $US600 billion into the US financial system to try and boost the country’s ailing economy…official interest rates are as low as they can get – currently between 0 and 0.25 per cent. So with conventional ways to stimulate the economy exhausted, America’s central bank has resorted to an urgent, almost last-ditch, solution…We are in a deep, deep hole here. And if anything things are getting worse…We’re wasting a lot of money on defence. Weapons don’t work against enemies that don’t exist. You could cut back that with actually strengthening the American economy” US money printing no ‘magic wand

    • Currently military employment is our quiet social services program, basically the entitlement program of the Republican party. Its a shame we didn’t get a more sweeping victory from the Republican party, not because I think their policy making would be an improvement, but rather to show the complete failure of any political party to stop the boulder that is rolling down hill. Cuts, tax increases, and a new redistribution of wealth/resources are in order, but no one in leadership has the stones to stand up and say we’ve overindulged and we’ve taken more than we deserve and now its time to make fundamental changes in our BEHAVIOR. Instead, the preferred path is the chaotic one; the head in the sand. Try as they might to keep talking about growth, all the fancy number sleight of hand is a very thin veil over contraction and deflation. One writer I recently read even proposed the idea that we have achieved and passed over peak consumption. If that idea holds true, then we are in a world of hurt, ideologically, since we really have no rhetoric or plan for sustainability and conservation over a long haul and as a “way of life.”

      All along, I continue to see the imminent square dance with Pluto and Uranus starting in full force in 2012 and continuing until 2015 as rock bottom. I suspect the debt will finally come home to roost and we may see actual debt defaults at the the national level. If not, we’ll have to start thinking about making a real change in the retirement age, say from 60 to 75 (not this laughable 60 to 62 that got France in an uproar). We will have to tell people they’d better start eating healthier and relying on local community support because the big systems are going bankrupt and we’re not exactly doing the things to pull ourselves from the brink. We will need to live in smaller homes, redesign cities and transportation, consolidate and conserve energy use … change our BEHAVIOR. That’s the one change Americans are really afraid of, maybe all people. We could dramatically change our health care system by having massive numbers of people stop drinking soda and eating crap day in and day out.

      We can do this consciously with community/government will, but we desperately need to change our attitude about government, which has been playing the villain in the US, profoundly since Nixon and emphatically since Reagan. Or this change can be done for us as foreclosures, cuts in services to programs that are more vulnerable than the military (more likely to see cuts in Medicare and Social Security before the Military), resource depletion (peak oil, fresh water, tillable soil) against population increase, and so on.

      These are indeed interesting times.


    Looks like a stalemate among G20 countries in the summit in Seoul which starts today until tomorrow. I wonder if astrology can make a defining sway with the summit’s outcome.

  14. This is a comment by Jerry which he posted on February Horoscope 2011

    Hi Jamie,

    I found this on the web…….

    Food Supply Disruptions and Currency Fluctuations

    Financial Crash by March 2011?

    In view of the ongoing reports of the precarious state of the US dollar and concern about the Euro, one needs to take the following info seriously.

    It is a christian radio broadcast, but the info and content in this interview are convincing.

    The subject under discussion revolves around the secret meetings held among world leaders last August for an introduction of a new world currency beginning sometime between March and August of 2011. This
    decision was taken due to the expected impending collapse of the US dollar and Euro. The information provided is purportedly substantiated by several different reliable sources.

    The Astrological aspects of last summer and the potential reactivation of those aspects in late March, early April seems to support the trends outlined.

    Friday January 14, 2011
    Guest: Nathan Leal, Augusto Perez, and P.S.
    Topic: Impending collapse of the US and Euro
    Running Time: 59 minutes

  15. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for re-posting this in a more appropriate thread. Exploring the subject a little more in depth; Jude Cowell in her Stars Over Washington astrological blog, posted a video clip about a year ago of a Washington insiders comments on the US governments anticipation of an impending collapse of the US dollar and plans for the introduction of a new currency. Remarkably, the time frame given in this video falls within the same period of time stated in the Christian audio tape. Here’s the 3 minute video clip…….

    Jan 8, 2010

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