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China Astrology Chart, China Horoscope

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China is tipped to overtake the USA as the dominant world superpower in the next few decades, they have just this year surpassed Japan to become the second largest economy in the world, and China is the largest funder of the massive USA public debt. The People’s Republic of China was proclaimed on 1 October 1949 in Beijing. This date is celebrated each year as China’s national day.

We do have an accurately timed source for the proclamation from “video tape of the ceremony and accounts in Xinhua yuebao and Xinhua newspapers…As interpreted by Guanghui Zhou…3.01.36 pm” [1]. I’ve tested this time against the first nuclear test in China (see horoscope) and it looks excellent, especially with Jupiter conjunct the IC, very time specific. There have been three hard aspects from transiting Pluto to the angles in this China astrology chart since its founding, and each has marked major turning points in the history of the nation.

Pluto square Midheaven in 1953 saw the start of the first five year plan. Pluto square Ascendant in 1985 was the signing of the Sino British Joint Declaration where it was agreed to give back Hong Kong. The exact transit was 8 June, and the declaration was registered with the UN on 12 June. The most recent hard aspect was in 1992 with Pluto conjunct Midheaven, when China and Taiwan signed off on the 1992 Consensus, or “One China Policy”.

Pluto and Saturn are the big players in mundane astrology, and on 8 October 2010, transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct the Sun in the China horoscope. This exact same day, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to imprisoned Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo. The Sun represent the ego, and Saturn gave the Chinese ego a bruising here. Some kind of news was to be expected, with the 7 October New Moon conjunct the China Mercury. China is very sensitive to criticism, and that can be seen in the horoscope with Mercury conjunct Neptune.

China Astrology Chart

China Astrology Chart, China Horoscope

China Astrology Chart

The Republic of China was founded on military action, the Chinese civil war. China has the largest army in the world, and the second highest defense budget behind the USA. We would expect to see a strong Mars influence in the horoscope and we do, with Mars conjunct Pluto. This aspect gives ruthless domination and intense ambition. The Ascendant, which represents the actual country is also influenced by a Mars natured fixed star. Altair is the brightest star in Aquila the Eagle, “hardiness, courage and generosity, especially if on the Ascendant… tries with sincere conviction to reach out for his aims with utmost will-power. He will avoid nothing in order to achieve them. Altair is good for advancement of lawyers and military men” [2].

With Moon conjunct Ascendant we get population and women’s issues being prominent in China. The One-Child Policy which began in 1978 was aimed at keeping the billion plus population in check. This social engineering has worked, but also led to twice as many older people than younger people. Many females were terminated, it’s estimated by 2020 there will be 30 million more men than women. The upside to this is that Chinese women are now highly sought after, they have the power, “Half of world’s richest women are Chinese” [3].

Mercury conjunct Neptune results in spying, deceit, treachery, lies, poison and all manner of underhand tactics. On the fixed star Algorab there is terrorism.


2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.67.
3. China Economic Review.

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  1. “China is very sensitive to criticism, and that can be seen in the horoscope with Mercury conjunct Neptune.”
    perhaps not surprising then that the reaction to the Nobel prize was so stinging as Mercury is also conj Algorab the old beady eyed Crow star of ill repute – “A Mars-Saturn star that can show up the more troublesome side of Libra, a variation on the truth when an excuse looks to be safer.”

    “I see 2012 as a difficult time for China with transiting Pluto square Sun all year, the last exact is in December 2012. Also occurring in December 2012 is the Jupiter Yod. The last time a similar configuration occurred was during the 1989 Tienanmen Square protests.” – Pluto is also currently at the reaction point of the China Chiron Moon Uranus yod, which looks like a heavy ongoing refusal to recognise human rights – also Lilith is at the midpoint of Moon and Uranus and opp. that Neptune Mercury conj – so perhaps the women of China will have more power than meets the eye in shaping China’s future (Lilith conj north node) – I wonder if the voice of China will try to drown something like this out when Saturn conjuncts China Neptune South node, Venus conjuncts China Chiron, Moon squares Sun and opposes Saturn around Jan 12th…..

    • Robson says Algorab is an “agitator”, and that’s what originally made me investigate the terrorism link.

      Glad you pointed out that Yod, Uranus is revolutionary. I get Pluto opposite this Uranus all next year, starting January 2010, ending November 2010. Will have to look at the synastry with the USA, looks like a currency war about to start. Pretty sure the USA Venus is near China Uranus.

  2. not to mention that all these hot spots fall within the Gauquelin power points in the chart – power wave of China rising will cause ripples…..

  3. I love the Scorpio Midheaven. Misunderstood, suspected, secretive. And the Sabian is “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired man”. It doesn’t mention the red book but it may as well!

    Aquarius rising is interesting too – stubbornly going its own way against outside criticism. Moon rising often needs attention from the world, China often gets it for all the wrong reasons. Aquarius is provocative, I think sometimes China is too. Mars/Pluto ruling that Midheaven conjunct in Leo says grandstanding to me in its relationships with the world – put on a good show, all those military parades, show the world what we’re made of and the military might we possess. Let no-one mess with us. The Scorpion has a sting and won’t hesitate to use it. If I saw that horoscope in an individual, I’d think twice about entering a relationship!

    • Good point about individual charts. I think it’s a good way to look at mundane charts. Mercury communication, Sun ego…

  4. Scorpio Midheaven also indicates a suspicion of the outside world, encouraged by the country’s leaders. Everyone else is a threat. And a dogmatism that characterised the “red book” era. There’s only one true voice (the “inspired man”) and woe betide you if you didn’t come down from the mountain to listen to it. Citizens caught without the book would, apparently, be beaten.

    One more observation which I love – Aquarius rising, Uranus in the 5th. What better symbol for a Cultural Revolution? Uranus in Cancer, the sign of the people and in the Sabian symbol “At a Railroad crossing an automobile is wrecked by a train”. I just got the shivers reading that, seeing that young student in front of a tank in Tianenmen Square. This is what happens if an individual stands up to the collective and says “no”.

  5. That’s it! USA Venus and China Uranus are on the same star. Next post “Currency Wars – USA China Synastry”. (Don’t panic Marina, will finish that reading first).

  6. Mao’s Moon was on Algorab (like Hitler’s Saturn) + Algorab has strong esoteric associations…..

    viewing a country’s chart as if a person works quite well – China is vast tho and I have often wondered just how does the State enforce its directives across such a largely rural and often remote area – call it State control (see below, Saturn) there is power at work beneath the surface – I would expect an individual with this chart to be very guarded of this quality, whatever its basis

    the other yod, that goes some way to explaining this, the patriarchal ‘leanings’ of the State and the sensitivity to outside interference is between Saturn Venus and Lilith with Lilith + North node at the action point and with the Neptune Mercury Algorab stellium + South node at the reaction point – even tho Venus is a 6 degree orb it still works

    the thing that intrigues me about China is the esoterics – there is in this chart a lot of historical, accumulated esoteric knowledge that underlies the whole surface application + this Lilith yod has a hidden yin aspect about it – the other (Uranus) a hidden yang energy, these being the esoteric qualities of the two- healing with natural energies is in both and visible, and this has now been exported successfully into the west – Taurean Pars Fortuna on the IC shows this – we do not see the shadow so much in this dissemination – a State the size of China will not hesitate to employ this tho – its also at the heart of USA governance – astrology and all, very much look forward to the USA China post Jamie

    isn’t it funny how this chart is slowly opening out – persistent focus and probing beneath the surface is what China likes to avoid, but, being the big player and ‘in’ the world now will change all this and make the sensitive points worth watching for transits – also I would personally be more interested in the China Tibet issue myself as the wholesale refusal of human rights, the invasion and suppression, are already there for all to see – thinking I will do a post at ‘owlmirror’ on this – China is now under the beady eye….CAW!

  7. Here’s my winge. I’ve been looking for a frock for a special occasion on You used to be able to get great designer bargains off shopaholics who wore things once and then got rid. Now its totally overrun by Chinese cheap and nasty rip-off designer dress merchants. They are imports and you have to wait 40 days at least for their delivery. You have to scroll through THOUSANDS of them to get to one uk person. Totally not the spirit of ebay.
    CAW indeed!

  8. “Finally, China is on the verge of a financial collapse of unprecedented magnitude. This is due to China’s policy of paying bank depositors low rates of interest in a manner similar to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s zero interest rate policy. These low rates send Chinese investors in search of higher yields elsewhere. Because of capital controls, Chinese citizens are not able to invest in foreign assets such as U.S. or Canadian stocks and bonds. The only investments available to most Chinese other than low-rate bank deposits are gold, real estate and so-called “wealth management products.” These wealth management products are offered by banks but are not guaranteed by them. Investor assets are pooled into the products and then invested in commercial projects with the proceeds shared among the investors.”

    An interesting read about the state of China’s economy and over reliance of Chinese citizens on white elephant investments. Mars retro in Libra coming soon may create some interesting scenes. I’d be really happy to buy something which didn’t say made in China on it!

  9. Plus China’s Leo planets will have Saturn retro squaring them – Saturn sq Pluto = depression, and tr Saturn is conjunct natal Venus also in that square.

  10. PROC natal: Asteroid 586 Thekla, 10°Sco09′, “Lucky escapes like Jupiter in the 12th”.

    I found this short definition of Thekla amusing since the China chart has, indeed, Jupiter in the 12th house, quintile Thekla.

  11. Did you notice that the new moon was on their moon in aspect to their sun and uranus. Take this disease seriously.

    • Uranus also square their Moon and Jupiter square Mercury. Not to mention the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on their Jupiter and Mars/Mercury/Neptune forming a yod to their Mars/Pluto conjunction. According to the “Rulership Book” Mars and Pluto rule infectious diseases.

      You’re totally correct to spot this, I can hardly believe what I’m seeing in these lunation charts in aspect to this China mundane chart. The previous New and Full Moon (eclipse) charts also have a whole range of aspects happening, over the period that the disease came to light.

      Anyone really wanting a scare might check out the coming Full Moon in Leo chart – it’s bang on their Pluto 🙁

  12. PROC Rectification, Cosmogenesis, Jupiter-Saturn Heliocentric Artist Proof.

    Who would of imagined the Progressed PROC chart is rectified to my Only astrology clients Birthday?

    The key date is October 1st 2014. I had visited Steven on Salt Spring Island in September that year. There was a real glow at that time. He was happy, I was happy, we were building something pretty cool. December 5, 1949 is his birthday. Later, during the ensuing few years, his life synchronized to the Chinese growth phenomena.

  13. Now that the 2020 Election has passed, can we look at when China invades US officially? That Pluto looks up to no good come 2022 onward.

  14. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction was conjunct China’s Jupiter (global) in it’s 12th house of pandemic.
    China is no more. They have done a Hail Mao and bought everyone that could be bought in the west.
    The grand collapse of China is at hand. Couldn’t be soon enough for the Chinese people enslaved in this
    evil regime.

    • Revisit this chart. Uranus squaring Mars and Pluto. They are self destructing. They don’t have Creativity Quotient (Google this term). They don’t understand that this is where the West derives it’s power from. As you said, deception, poison and terrorism. But even The Art of War cautions that deception only wins if your opponent doesn’t recognize the deception. That’s not the case here.

      By next year Uranus says they are cut off from the rest of the world. Not their choice. By 2024 this chart is over. But they’d be wise to take time to figure out a new government so they aren’t doomed to repeating this bad chart. How many times in history has this same story happened – involving foreign trade, manipulation and then isolation, financial collapse and starvation which leads to their own revolution?

    • Well, take the Pluto return into consideration, it’s probably the US who’s on its way to the grand collapse and not China. I’m interested to know what you guys think about the current situation now.

  15. I notice that the current transiting Uranus, mars, NN conjunction is square to mars/Pluto and opposite Venus. Wondering what your take on that is, especially after threats about Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan?

    • Hi Susana. She visited today. Still waiting for a response from China. Maybe something unexpected with Uranus stationing retrograde square China’s Pluto. It also brings the possibility of accidents.

    • China’s current SA fits the orb of a Quintile, and lucky for us the strongest Natal Quintile is Venus-Ascendant.

      from the same link…

      Chiron Transits to Venus seek to sensitize you to human vulnerability in new ways. Your needs in relationship might shift, and you might find a craving for a certain kind of safety and security from another person. It could also be that someone else suddenly needs this from you. You might also meet vulnerable, insecure people who expect rejection, and their fears won’t make sense to you because you see the wonderful things about them they can’t see through the haze of fears of rejection or abandonment. However it’s working in your life, the point is for you to evaluate how and why you have relationships. Some possibilities include that you realize someone else’s refusal to take responsibility for him- or herself is something you just can’t deal with any longer, or that someone tells you that something you routinely do affects him or her in deep, painful ways. This is a time to take reflection about how consciously you allow pain and suffering to affect your relating style, and what you do in response. Take the time to be aware of your own patterns so you can see others’ patterns as showing you something important, not just a sense of annoying white noise.

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