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The primary method of astrology forecasting is using eclipses and outer planet transits. Eclipses last for 6 months up to the next series of eclipses. I break the transit reading up into these eclipse phases and add in the planetary transits.

Pluto transits last about 18 months. Neptune transits 12 months. Uranus transit for about ten months. Saturn transits can last from 1 to 11 months depending on whether Saturn turns retrograde or not. I list the exact dates of each transit and their influence is strongest then but these are long-term transits with sometimes gradual, background effects. Jupiter transit lasts 2 or 3 weeks. However, I usually advise getting a natal reading first before the predictive readings like transits and solar returns.

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For Joe Biden

November 20, 1942, 8:30 am, Scranton, PA

August 1, 2021, to July 31, 2022

Pluto opposite Jupiter Mar 2021 to Nov 2022

Neptune opposite Midheaven Mar 2021 to Jan 2022
Neptune trine Mercury May 2021 to Dec 2022

Uranus opposite Mars June 2021 to Apr 2022

Saturn opposite Pluto Feb to Nov 2021
Saturn trine Saturn Mar to Dec 2021
Saturn square Mars Jan 16, 2022
Saturn square Mercury Apr 2022 to Jan 2023

Jupiter square Mercury Mar to Oct 2021
Jupiter square Sun May to Dec 2021
Jupiter square Venus May to Dec 2021
Jupiter conjunct South Node May 2021 to Jan 2022
Jupiter sextile Moon June 2021 to Jan 2022
Jupiter square Uranus Jan 16, 2022
Jupiter square Ascendant Jan 18, 2022
Jupiter square Saturn Feb 17, 2022
Jupiter trine Mars Feb 28, 2022
Jupiter opposite Midheaven Mar 30, 2022
Jupiter trine Mercury Apr 06, 2022
Jupiter trine Jupiter Apr 22, 2022
Jupiter trine Sun May 04, 2022
Jupiter trine Venus May to Dec 2022
Jupiter opposite Neptune May 2022 to Jan 2023
Jupiter sextile Uranus June 2022 to Jan 2023
Jupiter trine Ascendant June 2022 to Jan 2023
Jupiter trine Pluto July 2022 to Feb 2023

August 1 to Nov 19, 2021

May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse 05°26′ Sagittarius conjunct Ascendant (1°08′) makes you more sensitive to your own feelings and the feelings of others. Heightened emotions and intuition enrich your intimate relationships and attract new people, especially women or sensitive, caring men. They will appreciate how you share your emotions and genuinely care about their feelings and general well-being.

You will likely feel homely but will also enjoy a good public image and popularity. You can sense the mood of a group and connect with them and unify them behind a cause. People will appreciate your honesty, empathy, and emotional support and return it as favors or compliments. Dealing with women, in particular, is very beneficial to you. There is a good chance of forming a significant new relationship.

Potential problems can arise by acting and reacting out of habit. Without conscious self-awareness, you may regress into old habits and negative behavior patterns. There is a risk of being taken advantage of if you are too generous with your emotions. People who see your kindness as a weakness will drain your energy. Alternatively, you may become unusually moody or emotionally demanding of others.

June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse 19°47′ Gemini square Midheaven (1°14′) makes you more determined to meet your goals and get your own way. In your profession, you will be working hard and achieving a lot so long as it relates to your own personal goals. Others may see this as selfishness so arguments are possible. It is likely that your goals are in conflict with those around you.

You will be motivated by your own needs so must try to avoid alienating people around you. Even though you may not feel like it, you still have to fit in and be a team player. You can find a way not to work with others but don’t work against them. Try to see the other side if an argument arises. Don’t let your ego get in the way of progress.

Aug 08, 2021 Jupiter Rx square Sun (2 of 3) from July 31 to Aug 16 can create some tests and challenges relating to growth and luck, but it might just give you the push you need to make some great progress in life. You will feel the urge to expand your horizons, try new things, bigger and better things, to have more fun and make more money.

The trick here is not to spread yourself too thin, thereby wasting your energy and talents. The urge for personal or professional success should not be curbed but channeled into fewer, and not many projects. Jupiter tends to exaggerate and this will apply to your confidence and ego. You can get lucky and popular now, and it’s OK to be proud of your achievements, but being too proud or vain, and expecting too much of others may cause relationship problems.

Jupiter also rules over morals and philosophy, so these areas may be subject to some tension with loved ones or others, especially men in your life. Excessiveness, greed, or egotism shown by you or a partner may arise, which will take some higher and more spiritual thinking to resolve.

Aug 11, 2021 Neptune Rx trine Mercury (2 of 5) from Apr 07 to Sept 19 stimulates your creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and spirituality. While not such a good time for reading the fine print or studying factoids, your mind is ready to dream up fantasies or obscure theories. Your increased sensitivity to vibrational energy makes this a great time for working on anything involving harmonies, like poetry, music, and dance. Dramatic acting would also benefit from your closer interrelatedness with others or increased empathy.

All of your communication skills benefit from a non-threatening, caring and soft influence. People will want to listen to you, especially in person because of a sensual type of attractiveness. All of your senses are finely tuned so you can communicate effectively at the nonverbal level, through gestures, your eyes, and telepathically. Any psychic abilities will be enhanced and your intuition will be strong and accurate.

This is a good time for reading about such subjects where you don’t have to remember endless facts and small details. This transit helps you see and feel the bigger picture, then convey it in attractive and simple terms to others. You can spread the word about abstract theories, politics or religion.

Aug 28, 2021 Saturn Rx opposite Pluto (2 of 3) from Aug 13 to Sept 17 is good for relaxation, creativity, communication, and spiritual pursuits. Your words become soothing and can actually be healing to others. All of your senses become acute, enabling you to pick up a lot of extra information through your intuition. You may even receive spiritual information through dreams, meditation, your spirit guide, or chance encounters.

This would be a good time to do artwork or anything creative. You could write a romance or fantasy novel, but this transit is not so good for study or writing on technical subjects. You are more attuned to the larger picture and not focusing on intricate detail.

Relationships will benefit from your compassionate and spiritual nature. In fact, this would be a good time to learn more about astrology or other similar subjects. You should have vivid dreams and may even pick up a psychic impression when awake. If so, you can count on such spiritual information being fairly accurate.

Other good things to do under this influence include socializing, going to the theater or movies, listening to music, and generally relaxing.

Oct 04, 2021 Jupiter Rx square Mercury (2 of 3) from Sept 19 to Nov 15 signifies increased mental activity and a desire to communicate to others something that you consider important. Whether or not your message is important, you probably think it is, so you should take the time to see if that is true. There is no point in loading people up with your ideas and opinions unless they are worth something. And when you speak to others it is vital that you listen to their response. For although you have big ideas and plans, there is a tendency now to overlook details. You may be unwilling to listen to criticism, but if you listen and heed what you are told, this can be an excellent time for making decisions, planning, negotiating, and concluding deals or agreements. But this will happen only if you listen to others’ opinions.

This is usually a time of optimism and positive feelings. You have confidence in your ideas and are able to get them across. Communications of all kinds are important to you; for example, you may conceivably do some writing at this time.

It is also important not to overextend yourself. Make sure that your plans are no larger than your ability to cope with them. The pace of life may get pretty hectic because you have to handle many different affairs at once. This is when sloppy thinking can become especially dangerous.

You may encounter resistance to your ideas and opinions from a number of sources. It is a good time to examine your ideas and see how well they really hold up in an argument. It is a good time to change any views that do not hold up because you can easily enlarge your viewpoint under this influence. You feel no need to be petty or quarrelsome, but you do feel compelled to defend the ideas that are important to you. Any truly important beliefs will hold up during this confrontation and become more a part of your basic mental pattern than ever.

Oct 12, 2021 Uranus Rx opposite Mars (2 of 3) from Sept 03 to Nov 06 can cause outbursts of anger directed at those who have upset you in the past. The anger and resentment may have been building for some time, now you cannot resist the temptation to lash out and go on the attack. Impulsiveness and disregard of tradition can also lead you to break free of your responsibilities and obligations.

Just as you may express the anger and frustration of Mars in an unexpected and explosive manner, you may be subject to unexpected attacks on your character or goals from other people. Either way, whether it is you attacking your enemies, or your enemies attacking you, the resulting disruption and nervous irritability are bound to upset the routine of your life, most likely in a negative fashion. This is not a helpful transit at all.

The best use of this disruptive energy is to think twice before lashing out and to use some tact and strategy before reacting to provocation. If you use these tactics, you can find the freedom from restrictions that you so strongly desire right now. The likelihood of defeat in any battle can also be lessened by using more forethought and seeking guidance from trusted friends.

Oct 13, 2021 Neptune Rx opposite Midheaven (2 of 3) from Sept 05 to Feb 18 is a time of self-evaluation and contemplation about the spiritual meaning of your life and of life in general. This spiritual development will likely be in response to a disappointment or loss related to your profession or family. Or it could be that you simply lose your way or feel like dropping out of society.

Strange, suspicious, or deceptive events may lead to loss of employment. You could fall victim to some fraud or scandal like being cheated out of an inheritance. Maybe you will have to put your career on hold to care for a sick or injured family member. Perhaps you feel weak or ill but your doctor can find nothing wrong with you. Drug or alcohol addiction may be involved.

Even if you choose to retire or become nonmaterialistic and sacrifice modern comforts, you may become discouraged. You may also suffer confusion, weakness, low self-esteem, or a lack of faith. Even your physical home may not feel safe because of a build-up of mold, toxic paint, asbestos, or some form of negative energy. You will be extra sensitive to anything weird or eerie which could leave you feeling vulnerable, anxious, and insecure.

However, if you are already nonmaterialistic, spiritually evolved, an empath or mystic kind of person, this transit does not have to be so challenging. If other experiences in your life have already taken away the support structures in your life, you already know the feeling of being naked and alone. You will have already turned inward in search of spiritual meaning and have developed a strong belief system.

This transit as a positive manifestation brings spiritual enlightenment and development. You could recall past life experiences through dreams and visions. This would be a good time to keep a dream journal, have psychological counseling, or have a past life regression. You could heal broken family relationships through compassion, forgiveness, and empathy. Researching your ancestry could also be a healing experience for your family.

Seek spiritual guidance from your parents, grandparents, or a religion or other form of spirituality. You may discover special spiritual, healing, psychic, or creative talents you have inherited or developed in previous lives. This could also include creative talents like artistic and musical abilities.n

Oct 31, 2021 Jupiter square Mercury (3 of 3) continued, from Sept 19 to Nov 15 creates high hopes for the future but it is important to focus on the smaller details. A lack of concentration, or inability to focus, may lead to some errors of judgment or mistakes. Don’t promise too much or overestimate your abilities.

Nov 19, 2021, to Apr 30, 2022

Nov 19, 2021 Lunar Eclipse 27°14′ Taurus sextile Jupiter (0°59′) makes you want to be with other people and have fun. It brings cheerfulness, optimism, honesty, good fortune, and more harmonious family life. A willingness to share your feeling, plus an intuitive understanding of the feeling of others, makes this a good time for socializing.

New friendships are likely to be with genuine, honest, and even influential people who can help you succeed. Family members and people associated with religion, business, and the law may also be of valuable assistance.

In your professional life, a feeling for social trends makes this is the ideal time to make a presentation or work on marketing or public relations. Increased personal popularity means you can captivate a wide audience.

A more philosophical, progressive, and generous outlook could see you become involved in social welfare issues. This is also a good eclipse phase to expand your horizons through education and travel.

Nov 22, 2021 Saturn opposite Pluto (3 of 3) from Nov 03 to Dec 05 means you will have to work extra hard under challenging conditions just to get by. Powerful forces outside your control will create roadblocks in certain directions so you stay on the right path and don’t get ahead of yourself.

Dec 04, 2021 Solar Eclipse 12°22′ Sagittarius no aspects

Dec 21, 2021 Jupiter square Sun (3 of 3) from Dec 15 to 27 can make you feel extremely confident, proud, lucky and optimistic. But respect, moderation, and discipline are needed to avoid loss and embarrassment. Focus your energy on one or just a couple of projects.

Dec 23, 2021 Saturn trine Saturn (3 of 3) from Dec 13 to Jan 02 should be a period of stability and increased security in your life. You will have greater control over your destiny and understand who you are and what you are doing in the big picture. You can put to use the knowledge you have gained through years of experience.

Although this is most likely a period of preparation, laying solid foundations, you may still be rewarded for previous hard work. This is a good time for professional and career relationships, especially with men and superiors. Your work ethic now will earn your trust and appreciation because of your determination and sustained productivity. Achievement, recognition, and respect could lead to a promotion or more responsibility.

Dec 27, 2021 Jupiter square Venus (3 of 3) from Dec 21 to Jan 01 is ideal for having fun but not so good for working hard. You should be feeling happy, optimistic, generous, and very sociable. Problems will arise if you need to attend to more serious matters in which a responsible or conservative attitude is needed.

This is generally a good time for socializing and making new friends. Care must be taken, however, not to lower your standards if dating as this could lead to wrong choices or embarrassing situations. You may be more inclined to have an affair at this time and that would eventually backfire leading to stress in a marriage.

Dieters may have difficulty avoiding gluttony at this time. A tendency toward greed, excess, and extravagance also poses problems for drinkers and drug users. Moderation is required but that is difficult to come by when you are in such a jovial mood.

One more area of concern is your finances, as Venus rules money and Jupiter rules wealth. There will be a tendency to overspend on luxury items, fashion, cosmetics, holidays and entertainment, anything that you can actually do without if money is tight.

Jan 02, 2022 Jupiter conjunct South Node (3 of 3) from Dec 27 to Jan 07 brings the potential for good fortune and spiritual growth from destiny encounters or fated events. However, you may struggle to understand where you are heading and what you should be doing to fulfill your destiny. This can leave you feeling directionless. Have faith that your spirit guides are watching over you.

You may have developed some very definite views and now feel a responsibility to pass along what you have learned. This transit can give the urge to spread beliefs and contribute to moral standards. You may use your wisdom to contribute to social morals in a positive way or negatively, you might be narrow or forceful in your views.

Over-expansion is a potential problem. Major life circumstances may force you to put too much significance on social, educational, or religious/spiritual expansion and rely too much on optimism. You must learn to pace yourself and develop a more grounded, realistic outlook. Your ambitions and ideals are noble and grand but you should be aware of a tendency to lose yourself in the big picture.

Jan 08, 2022 Jupiter sextile Moon (3 of 3) from Jan 03 to 13 makes you feel quite good, optimistic, and positive about life in general. You have strong feelings of warmth and generosity toward others, particularly friends and those whom you encounter on a day-to-day basis. You feel that you would like to protect and care for everyone you meet.

You will derive uncommonly deep experiences from what appear to be ordinary, routine interactions with others. Your everyday surroundings, your family, and relatives will provide satisfactions that may be missing at other times. And these encounters will provide opportunities to grow and to enlarge your life. The usually confined limits of daily routine can actually become the vehicle for new chances and opportunities.

Cultivate your friendships, for there is a good chance that a friend will be able to perform a valuable service for you at this time. And it is just as likely that you will do the same for a friend. In either case, you will come out ahead. Friendships or other relationships with women quite often prove rewarding at this time, with various benefits.

You could have an emotional experience that enriches you or a business opportunity, or she could act as a guide to aspects of yourself that you do not normally experience, but which help you come to complete self-understanding. You could be in the public eye or have to deal with large groups of people in some way. In either case, you should be successful.

Jan 10, 2022 Pluto opposite Jupiter (3 of 5) from Dec 08 to Feb 10 will intensify your strong ambitions to succeed in your chosen field or with some philosophically driven project. You may have been working towards this goal for a number of years, now this transit represents crunch time, a culmination of efforts where you either reach the top and succeed, or realize you need to undergo a major transformation in your belief system and goals.

You should feel more powerful and do have the ability to make a big impression upon others, with more influence over the outcomes in your life. This transit will tend to dramatically increase your ego and lust for power. To harness the best of this transit, it is necessary to contain your ruthlessness and fanaticism, at least in the eyes of the public. You will need the support of others to realize your goals, so compromise is needed to make more allies and fewer enemies.

Enemies are a feature of this transit because your power and strength will bring about defensive reactions from others who feel threatened by your increasing power and influence. Making these people feel less threatened will further your goals. At least make them feel like you are listening to their points of view, you may even end up finding you take on some of the points from others if you realize that your sometimes righteous beliefs are not the only possibilities.

Jan 16, 2022 Saturn square Mars (1 of 1) from Jan 08 to 25 brings frustration and inhibition. Your desires and needs may grow stronger, yet you will find it harder to express your passions and succeed. The harder you pursue your goals, the more resistance you will face.

Authority figures and superiors such as your father, other dominant men, teachers, and bosses, may put you down, restrict your ambitions, and generally stop you from achieving what you want. It may be that general circumstances prevent your progress.

This is not a winning transit and the best approach now is a defensive one. Instead of starting new projects or hunting down your desires, it is better to concentrate on holding onto what you already have. Rejection or limitations will internalize the hot Mars energy and this can result in problems. Frustration and anger can result unless the energy is safely expressed. Patience and plodding hard work will get you there.

Risk-taking or bursts of energy will only worsen any problems. It may be better to work alone if possible and concentrate on things closer to home. This is not a good time for fighting or conquering new ground. This is a good time to sharpen your blades and strengthen your defenses.

Jan 16, 2022 Jupiter square Uranus (1 of 1) from Jan 11 to 21 can indicate a sudden change in life direction or sudden change in fortunes. Big opportunities could be close at hand. However, impatience and a strong urge to break free of restrictions could lead to unwanted disruption and unexpected events. So the key with this transit is to proceed with caution, choosing which opportunities to follow and risks to take with some moderation.

Extravagance and erratic behavior could lead to losses, so do not seek change just for the sake of change. The strong need to explore the unorthodox side of life can lead to more personal freedom, excitement, and flashes of insight. But again, caution is required because you are more suggestible to all kinds of weird and even dangerous ideas and schemes. Note below that two dangerous cult leaders had this aspect in their natal charts.

Jan 17, 2022 Neptune opposite Midheaven (3 of 3) continued, from Sept 05 to Feb 18 can make you feel insecure about the direction of your life, in particular your career and your home and family life. When encountering resistance, you may retreat rather than argue your case.

Jan 18, 2022 Jupiter square Ascendant (1 of 1) from Jan 13 to 23 is usually an excellent time for most kinds of relationships, but there are some pitfalls. Basically, this influence signifies a desire to grow and advance through contacts with others. Probably you are willing to give as much as you get, although in some people this influence triggers a desire for advantages through others without giving anything in return. In fact, as they get ahead, such people act arrogantly toward everyone, even those who helped them. This causes others to reject them, and when they hit hard times there is no one to help them out.

But this result is totally unnecessary, and all you have to do to avoid it is to keep a sense of humility and recognize what others have done for you. With this influence you have the potential to become a truly better person, but only if you keep these warnings in mind.

Quite frequently this influence brings a seemingly “lucky” chance through a friend or associate. But it is not luck so much as the fact that you are very sharply on the lookout for opportunities that can benefit you. Your sense of timing is very acute, and your sensitivity to others and their needs is greater than usual. That is one reason why it is so bad to ignore others’ needs because you don’t even have the excuse of ignorance.

Benefits can come to you in either your personal and domestic life or in your work. There may be an opportunity to make money or to make improvements in your home that will make it much more pleasant. Or you may meet people who will help you learn more about the world and expand your view of it in various ways. You have to be willing to let this happen, however, which means you must be receptive. This is another area in which being arrogant brings the risk that you will get nothing of lasting value out of this period.

Feb 17, 2022 Jupiter square Saturn (1 of 1) from Feb 12 to 22 creates inner tension as you face criticism or limiting circumstances in your life. Structures or long-held beliefs may break down leaving you feeling uncertain and unsure about your future. Any area of your life that has gotten out of control or is creating this tension will be subject to the strong hand of Saturn.

You could experience financial hardship in which case you need to limit spending on luxury items or entertainment. A relationship on rocky grounds may lead to a separation or major shakeup. Events may force you to reassess previously held strong beliefs. Destructive behavior patterns such as addiction may come to an end during this period.

To use addiction to drugs, gambling, or porn as an example, the withdrawal phase indicated by this transit may be painful and require you to withdraw from society. It will be a struggle and leave a vacuum in your life. Once through this stage, there will be many opportunities to fill the void with activities that allow you to express your creative side and bring greater satisfaction in life.

The above example can apply to any difficulties to experience during this transit. There will be an initial stage of frustration and uncertainty as a long-term problem reaches a crisis point. The next stage is a period of struggle where hard work and patience are required. The third stage is where all the hard work and determination pay off. Increased wealth, travel, and further education are all possibilities.

As you come through this challenging transit you may take on a more responsible position or outlook, but at the same time achieve inner contentment and happiness as the positive change and personal growth are achieved. There will be recognition and even professional advancement in the long run.

Feb 28, 2022 Jupiter trine Mars (1 of 1) from Feb 23 to Mar 05 increases your desire to compete to win. Almost any action you start now will turn out to be successful. This transit is one of the best indicators of successful action. Successes in war, sport, sexual conquest and business.

The good fortune you enjoy comes from your own strong self-belief and good intentions. Applying such bountiful and positive energy toward any righteous cause is bound to bring the benefits you desire. This is one of those rare times when risk-taking is advised.

Even with selfish intentions, you should get what you want, so long as no one is hurt along the way. Use your initiative and act on your instincts. This is the right time for decisive actions, making important decisions, taking the lead and increasing your wealth.

You can count on good judgment to take advantage of any opportunities for personal, material or spiritual growth that come your way. This is a particularly good time for dating and improving existing relationships. Other people will be strongly drawn to your sexual aura and confident presence.

Mar 07, 2022 Neptune trine Mercury (3 of 5) from Feb 07 to Apr 03 is good for relaxation, creativity, communication, and spiritual pursuits. Your words become soothing and can actually be healing to others. You are more attuned to the larger picture and not focusing on intricate detail.

Mar 30, 2022 Jupiter opposite Midheaven (1 of 1) from Mar 25 to Apr 04 is a time of growth and good fortune for your home and family. You may buy your first home, some land or investment property. Another possible form of expansion would be renovating or redecorating your home, or moving to a bigger home. You may start planning a family or welcome a new child. However, downsizing or selling a home would be difficult now because you want to feel settled and secure. It would be hard to let go of something you are so emotionally attached to, that you feel nostalgic or sentimental about. You want to feel comfortable with room to move so you can enjoy life.

This is a good time to invite a family member or friend to stay for a while. Another way to share your hospitality would be to host a big celebration and make sure your guests have an enjoyable and memorable time. You should feel generous, especially to those closest to you. Your parents or children may help you in some way and make you feel supported and valued. Fond memories of your childhood could also boost your sense of well-being.

Positive karma you earned in the past may manifest now as good luck, wealth, happiness and success. This is a time to expand your foundations as a way of building security, confidence, and strength. You should invest your time, energy and resources into your home and family to increase your level of comfort. The emotional security you build during this phase of inner growth will lead to prosperity and success in your professional and public life, in about six years at your Jupiter conjunct Midheaven transit.

Apr 06, 2022 Jupiter trine Mercury (1 of 1) from Apr 01 to 11 on its own brings optimism and good news. However, Saturn square Mercury at the same time overpowers this positivity with negative thinking and heaviness. But at the same time, the Jupiter transit does make the following transit less challenging.

Apr 07, 2022 Saturn square Mercury (1 of 3) from Mar 27 to Apr 20 can cause confusion, negative thinking, and communication problems. Your mind is slower than usual so you may forget things or make mistakes when adding up or writing. This is not a good time for research and studies or for making important decisions.

You will be tested mentally so the best approach is to keep it simple and focus on the basics. It will be difficult to see the whole problem or situation clearly. You cannot get the whole perspective because of a narrow point of view. It is hard for you to think, so people around you may accuse you of being lazy, stubborn or ignorant.

If someone pressures you for an answer to a difficult question, an important decision, or your signature, you should say “not now thanks”. Keep it simple and brief, you do not have to explain yourself. You need extra time because if you rush, you are likely to miss an important detail or chose the wrong option.

If you do make wrong choices, get lost, confused, or say the wrong thing, then the best thing to do is stop in your tracks. Do not go any further as you will only complicate matters and get more confused. Accept your misjudgment and say sorry. Leave it at that.

Rigid thinking and difficulty sharing your thoughts can lead to communication breakdowns. Arguments are possible and more likely with authority figures like parents, bosses, and teachers. You are also more inclined to have differing opinions with siblings, cousins, and neighbors.

You are not open to change or new ideas. It may feel like people are nagging you and you just want them to go away. If you are clinging to old-fashioned, outdated ideas and opinions then the nagging or arguments are probably a sign that you need to update those old beliefs. Learning to compromise will make Saturn square Mercury transit so much easier.

You are more likely to feel depressed, rejected, and isolated now. You will be seeing the worst of every situation and may dwell on all the bad things that have happened or are happening to you. It is common to fear the death of family members and basically think everything is going wrong and you have no hope.

If you consciously remember that Saturn is having this negative influence on your thinking you will cope a lot better. Things are not actually that bad, it is just your negative perception of things making you think this way.

Physical symptoms of this transit can include nail-biting, lack of coordination and slow reflexes, lethargy, tiredness, bad moods, and depression. Smokers may feel a heaviness, tightness, or pains in the chest.

The symptom that other people will notice the most is your negativity and nagging. It is so important to remain conscious of Saturn and try to stay positive. Think happy thoughts and nice things about yourself and your loved ones.

Ignorance of the effects of this transit can cause relationship problems. Feeling mean and grumpy all the time can result in your saying or doing the wrong thing. Minor errors in judgment are to be expected, but being intentionally nasty to others with insults or abuse would have serious karmic repercussions now or in the future.

Apr 15, 2022 Uranus opposite Mars (3 of 3) from Mar 28 to May 03 gives a strong urge to break free from restriction and rebel against authority. A tendency to act rashly without regard for the consequences can lead to great disruption or conflict in your life. Awareness of this dynamic energy can instead lead to inventive and creative breakthroughs.

Apr 22, 2022 Jupiter trine Jupiter (1 of 1) from Apr 17 to 27 usually represents a time of optimism and positive thinking in your life. You seem to be at a quiet point of balance that enables you to look over the affairs of your life and get a good perspective on them. Therefore, it is a good time to make long-range plans and to reorganize. You should use this time to gain new perspectives through education or travel or by participating in one of the consciousness-raising activities or groups that exist now.

This is a time of psychological and physical equilibrium. If you have recently been ill in either body or mind, this influence will help tremendously with the healing process.

This is also a good time to examine your ideals and your goals, for it may be possible to actualize them in various ways now. At other times there is too much tension in your life or too much resistance from others. If you are involved in any movement for reform, now is a good time to take some positive action. Or you might become more involved in religion or philosophy because you need to know much that is beyond the apparent order of things.

It is quite possible that you will do nothing during this time because it gives you a feeling of balance but no drive to do anything in particular. You have an unusual sense of ease and relaxation now. This is also a good time to travel, both for relaxation and for educational reasons.

The important point to remember with this influence is that it is fundamentally an opportunity. You will not feel driven by any energies, nor will you feel any resistance to your efforts to do something. You can make great use of this time, but you have to take the initiative.

Apr 30 to July 31, 2022

Apr 30, 2022 Solar Eclipse 10°28′ Taurus no aspects

May 04, 2022 Jupiter trine Sun (1 of 1) from Apr 30 to May 09 is a time of good feelings and well-being when you are likely to want to bask in the pleasures of doing nothing as the normal challenges and strains of life seem to fade away. But because this is a lucky transit that boosts your ego and confidence levels, it is the perfect time to make the effort to get ahead. There is less likelihood of facing opposition or challenges.

This is a fortunate transit but you do need to be conscious of the need to actually do something about it. Normally we only get off our butts because we are forced to do so under pressure from squares and oppositions. Don’t let this lucky streak go to waste because there is a great opportunity to make money on investments and all sorts of financial deals. Your personal relationships can be enriched by your positive attitude and sociability, as can your own personal growth and self-esteem.

Group activities and creativity are favored and this is also an ideal time for broadening your horizons and general knowledge through study and long-distance travel. A holiday sounds nice, but do remember that along with the growth and happiness, Jupiter can also fatten from gorging on food, and get wiped out by gorging on your favorite poison.

May 09, 2022 Jupiter trine Venus (1 of 3) from May 04 to 14 brings good cheer, optimism, and plenty of love. This is one of the most looked forward to of transits and is of special interest to those seeking love. It does make you seem more attractive but also allows you to relax and express the more affectionate and welcoming side of your personality.

This is obviously a great time for dating but also for mending any stressful relationships. Socializing of all kinds is favored and you should enjoy increased popularity. You will even find that you get more fun out of amusement parks and love all types of adventurous activities. It is the perfect time for starting a holiday because of your relaxed and stress-free state.

Shopping is favored because your finances should be in good enough order. You will have a good eye for fashion and value. Cosmetics, jewelry, art, and anything to decorate your home or office would be good to buy. Venus rules money and Jupiter rules wealth, so investments made now should increase your wealth.

Luck in love can be matched with some fortune elsewhere in your life. Gifts, compliments, and good offers may be in store. You would be wise to accept any offers during this transit.

May 16, 2022 Lunar Eclipse 25°18′ Scorpio trine Jupiter (0°57′) makes it very easy to share your feelings with loved ones. Your good mood and increased popularity make this an excellent time for socializing.

Intimate relationships will benefit from your openness and honesty. New relationships are possible and will be based on these same genuine qualities. Mutual respect and understanding can lead to very successful personal and business partnerships.

Your generosity makes this an ideal time for helping those less fortunate than yourself. You have the ability to attract generosity too, and can gain wide support for your chosen cause and enlist the help of influential or even famous people.

Your public profile will enjoy a boost that can help your career. Women, in particular, will have a strong influence in your life, usually one specific woman. This is a time of good feelings and happiness. If this is a moon phase and especially an eclipse, you can expect increasing material wealth as well as new and influential friendships. This eclipse lasts up to October 25, 2022

May 25, 2022 Jupiter opposite Neptune (1 of 3) from May 19 to 31 sparks curiosity and experimentation to alleviate spiritual growing pains. In your spiritual journey to understand the truth, tension may arise as a result of going to extremes in behavior and belief. There is an increased risk of negative consequences such as disappointment and loss due to over-optimism, addiction, or gambling, especially if there is a natal tendency toward these things.

There will be an increased tendency to over idealize other people, leaving you susceptible to disappointment in relationships or in danger of being taken advantage of. This is not the best time for investing as speculation of any kind could lead to heavy losses. Blind faith at this time means you are more likely to overlook important details that would otherwise make you wary.

Your personal, professional, and spiritual growth is being challenged at the moment. It is OK to keep an open mind if any offers or promises are made. Make use of your curiosity to learn all you can through study and travel but remember to take a common-sense approach if things seem too good to be true.

The discoveries you make now can lead to changes in your beliefs. This could range from changing your religion or spiritual outlook, to once strongly held opinions, prejudices or sexual orientation.

June 01, 2022 Jupiter sextile Uranus (1 of 3) from May 26 to June 08 makes you eager for positive changes in your life. You should have good fortune, freedom, and opportunities to make your life more exciting and interesting. This is a good time to tackle difficult tasks that have caused frustration or limitations in the past. Creative intelligence and experimentation can lead to new ideas and breakthroughs.

Any impatience you feel as this transit approaches will quickly be replaced by excited anticipation and unexpected opportunities. This is a good time for booking or starting overseas travel. It’s also a good time to start studies on something that has always interested you but seemed impractical or not essential back then.

You should take advantage of any investment opportunities because this is one time when taking a risk should pay off. The urge to make changes can also apply to social issues and politics. Your enthusiasm would be appreciated by groups of like-minded people in charities, human rights, or environmental movements.

June 04, 2022 Jupiter trine Ascendant (1 of 3) from May 29 to June 11 makes you eager for positive changes in your life. You should have good fortune, freedom, and opportunities to make your life more exciting and interesting. This is a good time to tackle difficult tasks that have caused frustration or limitations in the past. Creative intelligence and experimentation can lead to new ideas and breakthroughs.

Any impatience you feel as this transit approaches will quickly be replaced by excited anticipation and unexpected opportunities. This is a good time for booking or starting overseas travel. It’s also a good time to start studies on something that has always interested you but seemed impractical or not essential back then.

You should take advantage of any investment opportunities because this is one time when taking a risk should pay off. The urge to make changes can also apply to social issues and politics. Your enthusiasm would be appreciated by groups of like-minded people in charities, human rights, or environmental movements.

July 13, 2022 Jupiter trine Pluto (1 of 3) from June 29 to Aug 27 greatly increases your power and influence. You have the opportunity to use this power to positively transform your own life, your environment, and the lives of other people. You will feel in control of situations and may find yourself in positions of power or authority in group settings.

The biggest gains during this period come from maintaining high morals, and not acting selfishly. Gains will still come by putting yourself above others, but the gains will not have the lasting transforming qualities associated with this transit.

The transitions on the way could include promotion in your career, leading to increased wealth and power. Journeys made now will also greatly transform your outlook on life, and be remembered as once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Overall, a very satisfying and evolving phase of life.

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