Fixed Star Alpherg

Alpherg at 26°39′ Aries has an orb of 1°40′
Fixed Star Alpherg

Pisces Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Alpherg on April 16

Fixed star Alpherg, Eta Piscium, is a binary star near the tail of the Northern Fish of Pisces constellation. Even though a dim star, it is still the brightest star in the constellation. Magnitude 3.61 (3.83 + 7.51), spectral type G7 IIIa.

The ancient Babylonian name for this star is Kullat Nūnu, with Nūnu meaning Fish and Kullat referring to either a bucket or the cord that ties the fish together.” The traditional name Al Pherg is from the Arabic تدفق المياه (Al Fargh) which means an outpouring of water.

21♈5722♈39Baten Kaitos1°30′

Alpherg Astrology

AL PHERG. η Piscum. A double star in the cord near the tail of the Northern Fish. Associated with the Greek Head of Typhon. Of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It gives preparedness, steadiness, determination and final success. [1]

KULLAT NUNI. η Piscum. A double star near the tail of the northern fish. Spectral class G5, yellow. The magnitude of the companion star is 11.0. The effect of the companion star has a notable effect on the main star. This star imparts to its natives determination, many difficulties, steadiness and final success; one subject to honours and preferment; a constant struggle, obstinancy and piousness. [6]

The star Alpherg is indicative of success through determination. [2]

Kullat Nuni or Al Pherg is the only star in constellation Pisces that is used in fixed stars astrology. It lies in the shorter, northward running arm of the string. It crossed the vernal point (0° Aries) in 1846, the same year that the planet Neptune was discovered.

The origin of the Babylonian name Kullat Nuni is a little obscure now, but was long thought to be, again, ‘Cord of the Fish’. There is good reason, however, to interpret this as ‘Home of the Fish’. This brings to mind the Sagittarian star Nunki (Pelagus), the ‘Voice of the Sea’, symbolizing the guidance which directed the early survivors of the Great Disaster to make landfall and a new civilization in the region later to become Babylon. So the ‘Voice’ and the ‘Home’ of the ‘Fish’, those who came from the sea, have much more in common than the mild similarity of the names Nunki and Nuni. It is further significance that the astrological Fishes themselves, both in and out of the Zodiac Signs, are known specifically by the stars in their mouths, Fomalsamakah and Fomalhaut, in other words by their voices.

Kullat Nuni’s later name, Al Pherg, is of course Arabic, properly Al Fargh. The term means an outpouring of water, and the mouth or lip of any vessel used for water (or anything else). So there is the connotation of, again, something coming out of its container onto the earth and for the use of Man. Water inside a vessel is very much a hidden thing; we don’t even know for sure that it is water until it is poured and tasted. Folklore abounds, of course, with tales of wine and water interchanging by magic within the flask, or emerging poisoned, or as the fire-creature the Jinn (or Genie) when Al Fargh is uncorked.

So this star of mysteries to be revealed to us, about ourselves, our distant origins, our Creator, was well classed by Ptolemy as another Saturn-Jupiter type. Those with it well placed in their horoscopes have ready access to , and understanding of, what the Church loves to call ‘The Mysteries’ (but is reluctant to reveal to us, if it knows them itself). Let those who have Al Pherg poorly aspected beware of the Genie that may emerge if they uncork it by mere dabbling for occult kicks. Nothing that happens with a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is on a small scale, neither enlightening revelation nor pathological obsession with the past. [3]

Al Pherg rules the top of the head, between the top of the forehead and the crown. [4]

A focus on health is called into play with Al Pherg. Along with a cautious approach to money. Watching your weight and ensuring your body gets plenty of movement through exercise is of utmost importance. To maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. This a slight warning that if not taken care of, health issues will turn serious. Leading to fatal circumstances.

This is a challenging and incredibly influential fixed star. Al Pherg encapsulates the drive for wealth through any means possible. But this star has a curse to deliver misfortune wherever possible. When found in a natal chart, these people are predestined for a life of dishonesty and mistrust. Due to their own lack of moral and spiritual character.

Although this fixed star has a mainly negative influence, it can, on occasion, bring great wealth. It is a testing star from the angels. If you’re pure of heart and display spiritual morals towards your fellow man, plants and animals. You are rewarded, as this star predicts the change from a young soul to a mature soul of the universe.

When appearing in an astrology chart for a full moon, Al Pherg fixed star releases steady and determined energy which promises a successful outcome for any matter recently undertaken. But be aware that there are limitations to this energy, so attempt only what is safe and sound at this moment in time… practice a calm watchfulness and allow the universe to work its magic. [5]

Constellation Pisces

Ptolemy makes the following observations: “Those stars in Pisces which are in the head of the southern fish have the same influence as Mercury, and, in some degree, as Saturn: those in the body are like Jupiter and Mercury: those in the tail and in the southern line are like Saturn, and, moderately, like Mercury. In the northern fish, those on its body and backbone resemble Jupiter, and also Venus in some degree: those in the northern line are like Saturn and Jupiter.” By the Kabalists Pisces is associated with the Hebrew letter Pé and the 17th Tarot Trump “The Stars.” [1]

Pisces portends events concerning the sea, especially those that affect the destiny of kings and large numbers of mankind. [2]

Al Pherg, Eta Piscium

Eta Piscium, Alpherg []

Fixed Star Alpherg Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Alpherg: Robert Watson-Watt 0°42′.

Midheaven conjunct Alpherg: Honor and preferment [1]

Pablo Picasso 0°06′, Richard Branson 0°46′.

Descendant conjunct Alpherg: Courtney Love 0°01′, Jimmy Carter 0°20′, Adolf Hitler 1°25′ (and Mercury).

Imun Coeli conjunct Alpherg: Charles Bronson 0°15′, Jane Roberts 0°33′. 

Part of Fortune conjunct Alpherg: Barack Obama 0°57′, Charles Chaplin 0°59′, Hans Fritzsche 1°00′, Immanuel Kant 1°07′, Kate Hudson 1°20′.

Sun conjunct Alpherg: Natives with this conjunction will encounter many obstacles during their lifetime;  some will be difficult to overcome unless the native recognizes and makes corrections before tragedy strikes. Possible domestic problems. Honors and preferment in government affairs possible. [6]

Émile Durkheim 0°06′, Peter Ustinov 0°09′, Nikolay Gumilyov 0°09′, Beatrice, Princes of the UK 0°16′, Elizabeth Montgomery 0°18′, Linda Perry 0°22′ (and Venus), Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 0°25′, Spike Milligan 0°36′, Pope Benedict XVI 0°38′, Henri Mancini 0°38′, Jeffrey Archer 0°39′, Hugo Grotius 0°48′, Emma Watson 1°15′, Kourtney Kardashian 1°18′, Ernst Thälmann 1°24′.

Moon conjunct Alpherg: Native has great determination and drive to succeed. Final success is assured, the native will eventually reap the harvest of their efforts. Obstinancy is indicated. Leadership qualities evident. Negatively such natives will operate within or without the law. [6]

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 0°13′, Pablo Escobar 0°18′, Kamala Harris 1°19′.

Mercury conjunct Alpherg: (+) Natives with this conjunction can obtain high preferment and success in  religious matters, sports activities and all matters connected with public affairs. These natives are  determined and can succeed.

(–) Natives with this conjunction will be very determined, but they will also tend to be a law unto themselves, possibly very opinionated and could develop into loners or private persons. The natives direction is affected by their early training. Turbulent actions are possible. Domestic and romantic problems are possible. [6]

Adolf Hitler 0°24′ (and DC), Vincent van Gogh 0°50′.

Venus conjunct Alpherg: The native can appear outwardly calm, almost pious is the impression these natives can give, seemingly unruffled. Negatively, they can become loners. [6]

George Takei 0°10′, Marshall Applewhite 0°19′, Melville Davisson Post 0°26′, Linda Perry 0°39′ (and Sun), Patch Adams 0°54′, David Berkowitz 1°05′, Jack Nicholson 1°11′, Mariah Carey 1°13′ (and Saturn), Sigmund Freud 1°23′.

Mars conjunct Alpherg: Walt Whitman 1°17′, Marquis de Sade 1°25′.

Jupiter conjunct Alpherg: Kirk Douglas 0°00′, Rihanna 0°00′, Che Guevara 0°20′.

Saturn conjunct Alpherg. This affects the pineal gland. These are persons who would put extra seasoning on their food as there would be difficulty in tasting the foods they eat. This position dulls the senses, thereby affecting the tips of the fingers causing a numbness there. This can also affect the gums, tongue, and the sense of smell. The vision can be effected through what is commonly referred to as tunnel vision. [4]

Hunter Schafer 0°01′, Mariah Carey 0°35′ (and Saturn).

Uranus conjunct Alpherg. The effects of this planet on this degree do not show up often. The nervous system is affected at this point so that spiritual development would be difficult. This is what can be described as “short circuits” in the nervous system affecting different areas of the body. The result would be pain in those areas of the body involved with other harsh planetary aspects. Lacking in spiritual development, the individuals would not have flashes of their past or their future through psychic experience. [4]

Yuri Gagarin 0°41′, Roman Polanski 1°25′.

Neptune conjunct Alpherg. These persons would not be able to put their thoughts and movements together in proper coordination. They are unable to organize their thought processes in order for the body and mind to function together properly. Difficulty would be experienced in their attempt to put any type of communication together, whether verbal or physical. [4]

Leon Blum 1°25′.

Pluto conjunct Alpherg. This point causes irritations in the pineal gland. These persons experience burning headaches that can blind the persons at times, due to pressure and severe pain. This is a karmic position relating to the person’s misdeeds in a previous life. The pressure at this point can cause swollen blood vessels and disruption in the flow of blood in the head. The blood actually seems to boil as there is a great amount of heat at the top of the head that can cause hemorrhaging at this point. [4]

North Node conjunct Alpherg: Sigmund Freud 0°29′, Winston Churchill 0°46′, Warren Buffett 0°57′, Mark Ruffalo 1°04′, Billy Joel 1°28′, Gavin Newsom 1°37′. 

South Node conjunct Alpherg: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1°12′, Tim Burton 1°25′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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