Pisces Constellation
Fum al Samakah Star, Beta Piscium

Fum al Samakah is at 18°34′ Pisces with an orb of 1°10′ Fixed star Fum al Samakah, Beta Piscium, is a 4.5 magnitude star in the mouth of the wes...

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Fixed Star Fum al Samakah

Alrisha Star, Alpha Piscium

Alrisha at 29°23′ Aries has an orb of 1°30′ The Sun joins Alrisha on April 19 Fixed star Alrisha, Alpha Piscium, is a 3.8 magnitude double star...

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Fixed Star Alrisha

Al Pherg Star, Eta Piscium

Alpherg at 26°39′ Aries has an orb of 1°30′ The Sun joins Alpherg on April 16 Fixed star Alpherg, Eta Piscium, is a 3.6 magnitude binary star ne...

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Fixed Star Alpherg