Last Week

March 20 to 26

The times below are for New York.

Monday, March 20

04:12 pm – Sun sextile Pluto from Saturday to Wednesday increases your need to succeed, making you feel more determined and purposeful than usual to achieve your goals. Your obsessive or compulsive tendencies can be harnessed to complete a difficult task. Extra power and influence will benefit you if you don’t abuse it.

05:24 pm – Sun enters Aries.

Tuesday, March 21

12:01 pm – Moon enters Aries.

01:22 pm – New Moon March 2023 at 00♈50 extends the influence of Sun sextile Pluto for another four weeks, up to the April 20 Solar Eclipse. It deepens your interest in solving mysteries, learning about occult subjects, and studying personal interactions from a psychological perspective.


Weekly Horoscope

Wednesday, March 22

09:13 am – Mercury semisextile Venus from Monday to Thursday has a relaxing and harmonious influence, especially on relationships. You will likely be friendly and outgoing even if you are shy. This is an excellent time to talk with a loved one and bring up sensitive issues without causing embarrassment or defensive reactions. Creative skills are enhanced, especially with your hands and your voice.

10:59 am – Sun semisextile Saturn from Monday to Friday brings determination and a strong work ethic to reach your long-term goals. Mutual respect and understanding improve relationships, especially with men and superiors. You can take on more responsibility without any added stress.

Thursday, March 23

08:14 am – Pluto enters Aquarius.

02:41 pm – Moon enters Taurus.

Saturday, March 25vbv

07:45 am – Mars enters Cancer.

09:33 am – Mars quincunx Pluto from March 21 to 29 gives an intense longing to achieve your strongest and most passionate desires. You may become more assertive and competitive as you strive to get what you want. This can cause strong resistance from others that reduces your chance of victory.

08:41 pm – Moon enters Gemini.

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