Capricorn Last Week

June 29 to July 5, 2020

Monday to Friday increased power and influence brings positive change and success. Spiritual and personal growth, wealth and career advancement are possible. A strong urge to reform something in your life will coincide with an opportunity to do just that. Go with the flow and take full advantage of the opportunities that open up in front of you. You can inspire or motivate people to work together for the common good.

Saturday and Sunday is a time of excitement, positive change, and greater personal freedom. You should feel a strong urge to break free from routine, doing something totally different from your normal activities. Flexibility and open-mindedness bring pleasant surprises and thrilling experiences. Your consciousness will be open to higher vibrations, perhaps resulting in greater self-awareness or even psychic perception.

Capricorn Weekly Tarot Card

The Two of Pentacles is a card about balance, often also about partnership. You are likely to be trying to keep two broad areas of life in balance. You may have to juggle money and health, or love and work. This card is generally considered to be a positive omen.CapricornTwo main issues are foremost in your mind. You may need to pull back from trying to pay attention to quite so many things. Multi-tasking is not your friend now, you may need to cut down on the things you are doing in order to focus on your two main priorities. Your financial situation may need to be more balanced, be sure that you are paying attention.

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