Leo Last Week

May 22 to 28, 2023

Monday and Tuesday, you should have the energy and initiative to start new projects and take the risks needed to achieve large-scale success. But although your energy is positive, it may be coarse or tactless. The best way to harness this impulsive energy is to use forethought and strategy. Avoid acting rashly without considering the consequences of your brave actions. Choose your fights carefully.

Wednesday to Sunday is good for all relationships because you will be genuine, warm and friendly. You will be extra sensitive to the emotional needs of other people and will form a deep bond with them. Others feel more comfortable around you and are likelier to share their feelings. Someone may come to you for a shoulder to cry on. You can better understand your feelings and should trust your instincts.

Leo Tarot Card

The Page of Swords, like all court cards, can sometimes stand in for a literal person in our lives. If so, in this case, the Page will represent a person younger than the querent, likely to have hair on the darker end of the spectrum. Pages also often indicate that a message is coming; in this instance, it may not be what you hoped to hear.  Leo In general, the Page of Swords tells us that the querent may be trying too hard, pushing too fast, or in general, stepping on the toes of others. You may need to study the body language of others and consider how well you do (or do not) accept constructive criticism from others. You will likely have significant mental and physical energy now, and use it wisely.

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