Aries Last Week

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Aries Last Week

April 8 to 14, 2023

Monday and Tuesday, the solar eclipse in Aries brings energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. It is perfect for new beginnings. Increased confidence and initiative help you reach your goals. You can make a good impression on those with the power and influence to make a big difference in your life.

Wednesday to Sunday, your thoughts are in harmony with your intentions to make ideas flow easily into words and to make conversations pleasant and fruitful. Because you can express yourself so clearly and smoothly, this is the ideal time to negotiate a better deal in any area of life, business, work, or personal relationships. You could also play an essential role as a mediator if there have been any difficulties between friends or family lately.

Aries Tarot

The Ten of Cups is one of the most uplifting cards you can receive. This card points to happiness in general, perhaps in a more mature, grown-up, global way, as opposed to the more personal, less global wish fulfillment promised by the Nine of Cups. Either way, it’s a good card.  AriesThe Ten of Cups speaks of a happy family life (even if you are single) and general well-being beyond yourself to include those you are most concerned about – parents, siblings, children, etc. Being spiritually fulfilled is also part of the picture here. This is an excellent card to see, regardless of the question.

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