Aries Last Week

November 30 to December 6, 2020

Mondays lunar eclipse is well-placed for Aries. It brings emotional support and nourishment from your home and family. This is a good time for being intimate in private but you should also have good people skills. Expect good relations with groups of people, the public, and women in particular. You can connect to people at the subconscious, the emotional level which is ideal for public presentations or self-promotion.

Friday to Sunday you should be feeling more romantic, sensual and spiritual. Extra energy and enthusiasm can be channeled into chasing your dreams and passionate desires. Love relationships will benefit from your magic touch, while dating will benefit from your sexual magnetism and charismatic appeal. You can confidently fight for moral and ethical causes or stand up for the underprivileged.

Aries Weekly Tarot Card

The Moon means that things may seem somewhat confusing to you now. You may find it hard to understand where you are coming from, much less what others are thinking and feeling! You need to try to sit with the uncertainty, don’t try to force things or people to do things before they are ready.AriesYou are definitely in a more psychic and intuitive phase than usual, so it will be important for you to trust your instincts and your impressions, even if you don’t know where they are coming from. Also, not that you need to be mistrusting, but it will be helpful for you to realize that when this card appears, it’s possible that all is not what it seems. If you feel you can’t trust someone, then you probably can’t. Go with your gut. If you are waiting for an answer from someone, it may, unfortunately, take longer than you would like for it to. Try to stay patient.

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