Gemini Last Week

September 19 to 25, 2022

Monday to Thursday, you may feel a strong need to be your own person and to stand out from the crowd. And you should have more freedom to explore life and make the most of any opportunities. Your behavior may be changeable or odd in some ways, but not too threatening to scare off other people. This is an excellent time to follow your intuition, especially for on-the-spot decisions. You may receive flashes of insight through meditation, dreams, or even in waking states.

Friday to Sunday, you can draw on a tremendous drive and endurance to achieve your long-term goals. The perfect blend of patience and ambition makes you determined to do the best you can, no matter how long it takes. You gain the respect and admiration of superiors, especially men, because of your strong work ethic, attention to detail and trustworthiness. This should also be a time of loyalty, security and stability in your close relationships.

Gemini Tarot Card

The Nine of Swords is often a card about anxiety and fear. Look closely at what you are worried about. Try not to blame people or situations for how you are feeling. Pay attention to your breathing; this helps with a feeling of calmness. GeminiYou will need to guard against a feeling of anxiety. If you are feeling anxious, take a good look at whether or not any of that is under your power or control (and thus, you could lessen it) or if other things or people in your life are contributing to this anxiety. If it is the latter, take a good look at that, and see whether or not something in the relationship can be changed to make it more workable for you. Something about this time can cause people to feel like their life should be, in some way, “more” or “bigger” than it is. Try to take comfort and joy in ordinary things. That’s where the beauty is.

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